Shura's Wrath

Chapter 753

Shura (7)  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Shura Skills:  

[Shura’s Gaze]: Cannot be levelled up. Uses the Shura’s baleful and merciless eyes to gaze ahead. All of those who meet the Shura’s gaze will tremble in fear and have a high likelihood to fall into a ‘Feared’ status, and they may even run without fighting.  

[Shura’s Merciless Slash]: Cannot be levelled up. A terrifying attack that contains the Shura’s power. Once hit, it deals destructive damage to the target, and it may even shatter them into nothing. Effects: Single target attack, damage is equivalent to 2000% of Physical Attack Power, and it has a 100% chance of activating [Rupture] against targets below the Heaven’s End grade, 50% chance towards targets at the Heaven’s End grade, and 10% chance towards targets at the Mysterious God grade. Costs 10 MP, no cooldown time.  

[Author’s Note: Rupture: Cleaves the target into 2 or more parts, killing them instantly]  

[Shura’s Exterminating Slash]: Cannot be levelled up. A berserk attack that releases all of the Shura’s power, dealing destructive damage to a large area in front of the Shura. Effects: Indiscriminately attacks all targets 30 metres ahead of the Shura; damage is equivalent to 1000% of Physical Attack Power, and it will knock all targets back by at least 3 body spaces and have a 20% chance of Stun them. Costs 10 MP, no cooldown time.  

[Sacrificial Slaughter]: Cannot be levelled up. The Shura, in his fury and rage, harms himself to mercilessly destroy his enemies. Upon releasing the skill, the Shura explodes 30% of his HP to deal 30% of all targets’ HP within 300 metres around him, regardless of level, grade of Defensive stats, or techniques, and makes it so that targets cannot regain HP within 3 days. There is a 25% chance of instantly killing Mysterious God grade beings, and a 100% chance of instantly killing all beings below the Mysterious God grade, shattering their bodies and creating a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. Costs 30 MP, no cooldown time. Cannot be cast on a target multiple times within 2 hours. After using the skill, maximum HP will be decreased by 1000.  

[Purgatory Blades]: Cannot be levelled up. Blood-red blades condensed from the Shura’s power that descend from the sky, mercilessly slaughtering and destroying all creatures and terrain around them, turning the area into a purgatory of destruction. Effects: Causes prolonged indiscriminate attacks within a large area. The range is within 500 metres of the user and deals damage equivalent to Physical Attack Power every second, and it can last for 30 seconds. While activated, it consumes 5000 HP per second, and it can be stopped at any time. Costs 50 MP, cooldown time: 600 seconds.  


Shura Ultimate Skills:  

[Burning Heart Blood Massacre]: Cannot be levelled up. When activated, the Shura destroys his consciousness and seals his 5 senses, entering a [Burning Heart] status, turning into a terrifying killing machine. All skills’ ranges are increased by 200% and the force behind his attacks are increased by 200%. All skills’ MP costs are ignored, and all attacks will have Absolute HIT, Critical Chance, Pierce Chance, and they will not have any attack delay. Physical Attack Power+200%, Attack Speed+200%, Critical Damage+50%. When activated, the user loses consciousness and all 5 senses, going into a [Berserk] status, unable to differentiate from friend and foe, and he will not be able to stop the skill by himself. Lasts for 300 seconds. Costs 0 MP, no cooldown time. After it is activated, Spirit is permanently reduced by 100.  

[Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation]: Cannot be levelled up. Condenses the Shura’s power, berserkness, ruthlessness, and bloodlust, instantly dealing a terrifying, hellish strike towards a single target. The strike has Absolute HIT and damage is equivalent to 9999% of Physical Attack Power. It has a 100% chance to destroy equipment below Mysterious God grade, and it has a 30% chance of activating [Rupture]. Costs 60 MP and 2000 HP, cooldown time: 1 minute.  


Shura Forbidden Skill:  

[Extreme Shura’s Death Domain]: Cannot be levelled up. An ultimate killing attack comprehended by Ling Chen due to his extremely high talent and comprehension after his profession was changed to Shura, integrating the Shura’s Death Domain that he used in the past. This skill is so powerful that it can cause the heavens and earth to lose their colour and demons and gods to revel in shock – a strike that can even kill a True God. Upon casting the skill, the Shura’s power locks down the surrounding 3000 metres, making it impossible for all targets to escape. The Shura’s power then explodes, mercilessly destroying all locked down targets. Damage is equivalent to 99,999% of Physical Attack Power and has Absolute HIT, Critical Chance, and Pierce Chance, and it destroys all equipment and weapons below the Saint Destroyer grade. Costs 90% of HP and MP, and after activating, Strength, Constitution, Agility, and Spirit are permanently reduced by 50 points each, and level is reduced by 10 levels. Can only be used once per day.  


Shura Final Skills:  

[Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]: Cannot be levelled up. One of the Shura’s unique final skills. Upon coming close to death, and when all hope is lost, the proud Shura abandons everything, mercilessly burning his own life, spirit, rage, willpower, and thoughts, turning them into a crimson-red demonic flame, receiving the extreme power to destroy everything. As long as he can destroy everything he wants to destroy, even if his soul is obliterated, he will not hesitate. When the crimson-red demonic flame that should not exist in the world appears, even the heavens and earth will tremble in fear, and the Shura will become a demonic god of destruction that the heavens and earth cannot tolerate. However, the crimson-red Shura demonic flame is the Shura’s lifeforce, and it is the Shura’s final, beautiful light.   

Effects: Physical Attack Power+2000%, Magic Attack Power+2000%. Loses all consciousness when activated, and HP-10% every second and cannot be recovered, lasting until death. The Shura will also be struck with the most powerful tribulation lightning. Lasts for 80 seconds. Costs 0 MP, no cooldown time.  

[Bloody Dusk]: Cannot be levelled up. One of the Shura’s unique final skills. Turns everything within the Shura’s vision into nothingness, with the Shura’s body and soul being destroyed as the price. Can only be activated at dusk. Damage and range unknown.  


“Ding… your Shura’s power is too arrogant, and it cannot co-exist with the other powers within your body. [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]’s effects cannot be used with [War God’s Fury] and [Soul Sacrifice]. Because [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]’s are vastly more powerful than [War God’s Fury] and [Soul Sacrifice], if they are simultaneously activated, [War God’s Fury] and [Soul Sacrifice]’s effects will be suppressed.  

The Shura’s power was clearly displayed to Ling Chen. No matter if it were the stats, passive abilities, or skills, they were all completely shocking. Every single word within those descriptions could cause his heart to quiver. Ling Chen looked over the Shura profession’s stats and skills over and over again, unable to calm himself down. Even though he had heard many legends about Shuras, this strength exceeded anything that he had known before. The War God’s profession, which made him almost invincible among other players, seemed incredibly weak and pitiful before the Shura profession. He almost couldn’t believe that this profession really existed and that it was actually his. 

“The Shura’s power didn’t let you down, right, little master?” Qi Yue’s image lightly floated over and said into his ears.  

Ling Chen closed the stats page and looked up as he calmly said, “Before entering here, the 3 Moon Goddesses said that my strength was too weak and that I could not compare to the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor from before. Even if I became a Shura, I wouldn’t be able to threaten them. Are you sure I’ll be able to cause a crack in the Lunar Sky Hell with my current power now?”  

Qi Yue looked completely at ease and smiled as she replied, “The Shura’s power is in his attack power, and his other stats are quite ordinary. That’s why, overall, your power cannot compare to any of the Moon Goddesses. A Shura by himself might be able to defeat a single Moon Goddess but defeating the 3 of them together is simply impossible. However, the Shura also has the Lunar Scourge. With the Lunar Scourge, the Shura’s most terrifying attacks that require his life to activate can be used continuously, and they also give the Shura terrifying destructive power. With that sort of destructive power, if it wasn’t for the tribulation lightning back then, the Shura would have been able to kill even 10 Moon Goddesses, let alone them 3.  

“Back then, I told little master that the Aries Orb was the most useless orb before becoming a Shura. However, after becoming a Shura, the Aries Orb becomes incredibly powerful to the point that it surpasses the Saint Orbs. Does little master understand now?”  

As if it was agreeing with Qi Yue’s words, the silent Aries Orb suddenly flashed with a silver light.  

Ling Chen did not need Qi Yue’s reminder – after seeing the Shura’s skills, Ling Chen realised what a massive – no, terrifying – effect that the Aries Orb had!  

Apart from the Shura’s 2 most basic skills, [Shura’s Merciless Slash] and [Shura’s Exterminating Slash], all of the Shura skills… [Sacrificial Slaughter], [Purgatory Blades], [Burning Heart Blood Massacre], [Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation], [Extreme Shura’s Death Domain], and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] all had negative costs and effects – the more powerful a skill, the greater the cost. Once [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] was activated, he would become a berserk demonic god, and he would lose his consciousness and 5 senses. The [Extreme Shura’s Death Domain]’s cost was even greater than the [Shura’s Death Domain]’s, and the most powerful skill was evidently [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], a ‘final’ skill. In other words, once activated, the Shura’s life would enter its final hours because it burned the Shura’s lifeforce. Those last moments would be the most powerful that the Shura had ever been.  

However, with the Aries Orb, all of these negative effects and costs were nullified, meaning that Ling Chen would retain his consciousness despite using [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and that he could continuously use [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], which made him tens of times more powerful!  

“Before obtaining the Shura’s power, little master’s overall strength was indeed far below the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor’s back then. However, the path that little master walks is one of extreme power, and little master’s attack power is not at all inferior to his. Also, the most important thing is…”  

A strange light gleamed in Qi Yue’s enchanting eyes, “Little master obtained the White Tiger’s blessing and received the [Thunder God’s Bulwark] – this means that little master will not have to fear the tribulation lightning at all! A Shura that does not fear any lightning and even has the Feng Chen Sect’s survival skills… is enough to make the 3 Moon Goddesses feel despair!”   


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