Shura's Wrath

Chapter 750

Shura (4)  

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Qi Yue did not confirm or deny Ling Chen’s words, nor did she panic. Instead, she bewitchingly smiled. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep little master in the dark. My own selfish desires are indeed involved, but I want to help little master make a decision more… don’t tell me little master has decided that he will never become a Shura 

“I know that what little master wants most is to awaken lil sis Shui Ruo, and after becoming a Shura, not only will you be able to obtain a Shura’s tear, but the power you will gain will also allow you to easily kill the 10 ancient demon beasts, and it will be quite simple for you to find the 3 Saint Orbs. Obtaining the Moon Goddesses’ blood will not be difficult either. Moreover, since little master is able to conquer the Lunar Scourge with his mental energy, I’m 99% sure that little master won’t lose his consciousness after becoming a Shura, and you will only receive the Shura’s power.”  

“Enough, you don’t have to say any more,” Ling Chen once again cut Qi Yue off as he raised his head and said calmly, “Qi Yue, from when we met until now, you’ve never said so much, nor have you acted so eagerly before. It looks like you greatly want me to become a Shura.”  

Qi Yue: “……”  

“I knew from the very beginning that your goal was for me to find the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs and step onto the path of the Shura. Perhaps it’s for revenge or for your freedom… I don’t know, nor will you tell me. However, I can’t deny that even though you’ve been using me, you’ve given me incredible help over the past period of time, so deep down, I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful to you. Moreover, you even gave me your virginity, which let me confirm that even though you’ve been using me, you don’t want to harm me and even feel guilty about using me.”  

Qi Yue: “……”  

Ling Chen stood up as he made an incredibly important decision, but his expression remained absolutely calm. “Now, it seems that you will only achieve your goal if I become a Shura, and I will be able to leave the Lunar Sky Hell and awaken Shui Ruo. Since it’s like that, there’s no reason for me not to become a Shura.”  

Ling Chen raised his right wrist, looking at the Lunar Scourge and its 12 God Orbs as he said, “Qi Yue, how should I use the Lunar Scourge’s power to become a Shura? You should know. Since that’s the case, do it – I won’t resist. I’m sure…” Ling Chen said as he said with a serious expression. “Even if I gain the Shura’s power, I won’t lose my consciousness!”   

At that moment, Ling Chen finally firmly made his decision, and it was much earlier than he had expected. Moreover, this is what Qi Yue had wanted the entire time. However, facing Ling Chen and his determination, Qi Yue did not reply for a long time. After 10 or so seconds, she said in a very soft voice, “You’re willing to become a Shura… partially because of me?”  

Ling Chen smiled. “I guess so.”  

Qi Yue once again fell silent before lightly laughing, “I won’t forget what little master has said today. In that case, since little master has made his decision, don’t regret it. In actuality, to little master, turning into a Shura is not scary at all. All little master needs to do is calm down and close his eyes. When you feel the Lunar Scourge’s power spreading throughout your body, don’t resist it… that’s all.”  

Ling Chen sent his pets back into Pet Space and put away his weapons. After deeply breathing in, he closed his eyes.  

Shura’ was a name that had completely stunned him when he had first heard of it. Afterwards, he had heard about how the Shura 10,000 years ago had massacred 10% of the Forgotten Continent’s creatures, causing his shock to become even greater. However, when he obtained the Lunar Scourge and realised that he might one day become a Shura, he was very resistant to the idea…  

Anyone would feel awe towards such a legendary and powerful existence, but to any rational person, they would not accept becoming such an existence. This was because even though Shuras were incredibly powerful, what was the use of having that power if you are a demon who lost your nature and only knew how to kill and destroy?  

However, this day finally came, and he had made the decision willingly.  

Becoming a Shura… would at least allow him to leave the Lunar Sky Hell, allow him to come closer to waking Shui Ruo up, and allow him to take revenge on the Moon God Clan and obtain invincible power… lose his consciousness? His mind did not crumble even after 3 years in Heaven. Since the Lunar Scourge was unable to turn him into a puppet, why would he not be able to resist the Lunar Scourge?  

Since I’ve decided to walk on this path, there’s no use resisting or worrying. Qi Yue’s right – with the Shura’s power, no matter if it’s completing the Lunar Scourge or obtaining the Moon Goddesses’ blood, the Demon Emperor’s soul, and a Shura’s tear, I will be able to obtain them faster and easier. Since that’s the case, why shouldn’t I try to obtain the Shura’s power now…  

“Come.” Ling Chen said softly as he relaxed his body, these reasons causing him to calm down.   

As his words sounded out, the silent Lunar Scourge let out a brilliant light. It was not the silver light that he was familiar with, but a dark light that was darker than the deepest abyss.  

The Lunar Scourge quickly trembled, and the dark light instantly covered Ling Chen’s body. After moving around him for a short while, it rushed into his body as if there was a powerful attractive force.  


The instant that the dark light moved, a gigantic wave of pain travelled through Ling Chen’s mind, causing his body to stiffen and for him to hoarsely scream. He felt as if he was simultaneously being pierced and slashed by tens of thousands of blades, causing him to experience a hellish pain. What’s more, this feeling was not in his body, but in his mind… it was an incredibly mighty power that was mercilessly trying to destroy his mind. It was even more intense than when the Lunar Scourge had tried to devour his mind back then!  

Even though the dark light was pouring into him, the amount around him was not decreasing; rather, it was instead increasing. The berserk power madly rushed into every corner of his body like a flood, but he could no longer feel this. All he could feel was the massive pain within his mind that threatened to destroy him at any moment. Ling Chen tightly gripped his head, which felt like it was going to explode, and his body was no longer able to maintain its balance, causing him to heavily kneel on the ground.  

“It’s like this… again… heheh… heheheheh…” Sweat poured down Ling Chen’s body, and his face violently twisted under the pain. However, he was laughing – the pain caused his laughter to become incredibly wild and arrogant. “This sort of mental stimulation… those years… I experienced thousands of times… tens of thousands of times… this sort of thing… will never break my mind!! Arghhh!!!!!”  

This roar caused the space around him to tremble, and the dark light around him slightly quivered, as if it was fearful of something. The speed at which it entered Ling Chen’s body also slowed down. At this moment, the Lunar Scourge flashed, and the dark light it released became even more complex and dark to a point that normal people could not even comprehend it, and it quickly flooded towards Ling Chen’s body.  

The mental assault continued, and Ling Chen desperately held on, not allowing his mind to collapse even a bit. At this moment, an even more berserk power slammed into his mind, causing Ling Chen’s pupils to dilate… rage, berserkness, bloodthirstiness, arrogance, brutality… all sorts of negative emotions took root and grew within his mind, and in just an instant, boundless killing intent filled his consciousness, mind, and nerves… even every blood vessel, every drop of blood, and every cell…  

Wuaaah…. Arghhhh….”  

Ling Chen grasped at his hair and roared like an animal. An incredibly vast and terrifying killing intent radiated out from his body, causing ripples to appear in the air around him. As the killing intent within him rapidly grew, it slowly started to dominate his mind, trying to devour the last of his rationality. The trace of consciousness inside his head told him that this was the Shura’s power trying to turn all of his emotions and desires into killing intent, and once that happened, he would be like the Shura from 10,000 years ago – he would become a bloodthirsty Shura who would only know how to kill.  

Ling Chen loudly roared, desperately resisting the power. However, no matter how hard he tried, the killing intent within him grew and grew, and he was unable to be suppressed at all… slowly, a river of blood appeared before his eyes, and he could see a boundless mountain and sea of corpses, bones, and broken limbs… he felt that this scene was incredibly beautiful, and the screams and wails sounded pleasing to his ears. In fact, he started to want to join this scene and pick up a butchering knife to destroy even more bodies, cause even more blood to flow, and release even more screams and howls…  



Ling Chen’s roars became more and more terrifying, and the killing intent and bloodlust that he radiated turned into a wild gale, causing the eerie Lunar Sky Hell to seem even more chilling and horrifying. In the distance, vicious beasts would come near, but upon sensing Ling Chen’s killing intent, the powerful beasts reacted as if they were a mouse that had seen a cat, trembling before howling and running away.  

This was the Shura’s killing intent, and it was a killing intent that normal people could not even imagine. Just the killing intent was something that even ancient ferocious beasts could not withstand, let alone humans.  


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