Shura's Wrath

Chapter 736

Time Domain

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The Nature aura within the Moon God Palace was even denser than the Nature aura outside to the point that it was almost unbelievable. And yet, it was incredibly mild and gentle, and it did not show any signs of becoming an Elemental Storm.

At a glance, fog and clouds filled the setting, making it seem like a heavenly realm – perhaps, this really was a heavenly realm. Looking up, there were structures floating above the clouds, all of them giving off a mighty pressure that dissuaded people from going close.

The beauty of the scenery here was almost impossible to describe. Rare and beautiful flowers, exquisite jade, dreamy fog and clouds… everything made this place seem like a paradise. The ‘luxuries’ on earth and in the Forgotten Continent could be bought with money, but the luxuries here were given by Nature, and they were things that could never be bought in the Forgotten Continent no matter how much money was spent.

“Perhaps even the ancient emperors of China wouldn’t dare to dream of such a paradise,” Fey said as she sighed in awe. As she walked, she felt more and more shocked every second, and she even felt a bit intoxicated.

“It’s much more beautiful than the Bamboo Sea Wonderland I’m staying at… hmm, what do you think about this: I have the Lunar Scourge, and you have the Lachesis. When they’ve fully developed, perhaps we’ll be able to stand up against the Moon God Clan. When that time comes, what do you think about taking this island for ourselves? Heheheh…” Ling Chen laughed evilly.

“I think that this big demonic pervert wants all of these pretty little sisters rather than the island itself. All of those Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives were outstanding beauties, and they could cause the downfall of countries. To a big demonic pervert like you, this would be like heaven,” Fey said with a teasing smile. However, she did feel quite interested in Ling Chen’s idea of taking this island for themselves.

“How about we invade this island together in the future. I’ll take the island, and all of the Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives will belong to you. How about that?” As she spoke, Fey had an earnest look on her face, and there was expectation and excitement shining in her eyes. This caused Ling Chen to stagger.

As long as Ling Chen did not cancel his Vanishing Shadow or was attacked, he could maintain it indefinitely, and this was the same for Fey. After entering the Moon God Palace, they walked noiselessly, and they even perfectly concealed their auras. They passed by many Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives, but none of them detected them.

Even though Ling Chen and Fey’s strength made them invincible among other players, it was far from enough to be able to deal with the Moon God Clan. However, their concealment abilities were far superior to their battle abilities. Ling Chen’s Vanishing Shadow skill was the most powerful concealment skill of the Feng Chen Sect, and it was this skill that Xiao Feng Chen had used to freely enter and exit the Moon God Clan… however, that was because the 3 Moon Goddesses had not been present. Ling Chen had no idea where Fey’s concealment skill was from, but it was definitely not inferior to Ling Chen’s.

Of course, another reason was because, like Ling Chen had said, the Moon God Clan was too powerful, and as such, these Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives had let down their guards. They believed that no one had the ability or the courage to enter this place.

Just like that, Ling Chen and Fey travelled unhindered as they passed by Shrine after Shrine. Moreover, the locations they passed were exactly the same as on the map that he had. The further they walked, the more at ease Ling Chen felt, and he soon felt that he could rely on the map. According to the map’s descriptions, the First Shrine was at the centre of the Moon God Palace, and they walked closer and closer to Fey’s ‘3 kilometres’.

“If the map is correct, there’s still about 1 kilometre until we reach the effective range. Even though this distance is nothing to you with your Broken Shadow, it’s best that we go as close as possible to increase our chances of success,” Fey said.

Ling Chen nodded, agreeing with Fey’s words. Just as he was about to speak, a voice sounded out, “Humans who have dared to intrude into our clan’s territory, reveal yourselves.”

It was an incredibly soft and gentle woman’s voice. This voice was so soft that it could directly enter one’s heart, and it was even more calming than the gentlest and warmest wind. It made the person want to use their all to protect the owner of this voice to the point of death.

This voice was monstrously bewitching, and it was to the point that even Ling Chen and Fey, who had incredibly powerful mental energy, felt their minds weaken. At the same time, a haziness appeared within their hearts… following this, their expression changed.

There was no one around them, and yet this voice was clearly speaking to them. Following this, a formless, mountain-like pressure descended on them, causing Ling Chen and Fey’s minds to buzz, and their bodies almost crashed to the ground.

“Crap! We’ve been discovered!” Ling Chen said anxiously.

Ling Chen had faced the Cherry Blossom God Representative and the Forgotten God Representative before, and Fey had also faced the Forgotten God Representative. Their strength was undeniable, but the pressure they gave off definitely was not terrifying to such a level, nor would their voices seem so heartrendingly enchanting. There was only one possibility: that the owner of this voice was one of the 3 Moon Goddesses!

Their high-grade concealment skills, combined with their own talents in stealth, made it so that their passage through the Moon God Palace was perfect. And yet, they were still discovered. What was even more terrifying was that the 3 Moon Goddesses were most likely in the First Shrine, which was many kilometres away. To be able to detect 2 stealth experts from so far away – just how powerful were they?

“It’s the Goddess Fate’s voice… there are intruders in the Moon God Palace!”

The sounds of Moon God Representatives’ voices filled the air. However, there was no panic within them because there was nothing in the world that could cause the Moon God Clan to panic. To them, someone intruding into the Moon God Palace was completely laughable because there was only one ending – that person would be severely punished!

Many Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives stopped what they were doing and flew up, releasing their senses and searching every corner of the Moon God Palace. Ling Chen and Fey pressed tightly against an unremarkable-looking wall, staying completely still. It was not that they did not want to move, but that it was difficult to breathe under the immense might, let alone move.

“What do we do?” Ling Chen asked Fey through gritted teeth.

“The Moon Goddesses have already locked onto our position, and they will most likely arrive soon. We’re still 4 kilometres away from the First Shrine, and it’s going to be impossible to get within 3 kilometres, so we’ll have to go all out!” Fey raised her right hand and said quickly, “I’m going to create a Time Domain that covers 4 kilometres. However, with such a range, the time it lasts for will be reduced to 8 minutes…”

“8 minutes… that’s enough! Otherwise we won’t have any time at all!” Ling Chen yelled. After discovering them, the Moon Goddesses could appear in the next second, and the best case scenario was already impossible… 4 kilometres, 8 minutes… with the map it would definitely be enough!

Fey did not dally, and the ring on her middle finger shone with a yellow light, covering her entire right hand. She raised her hand and pointed upwards as she yelled, “Lachesis, make everything here fall silent… Time Domain!”

The yellow light instantly shot out and descended around them. In an instant, the entire world seemed to go silent.

All sound from the Moon Ladies and Moon God Representatives completely vanished, and even the sound of the wind blowing disappeared. It was as if they had just gone from a noisy world into a dead silent world. Everything remained fixed in place, and no person or object moved an inch.

Even the terrifying pressure weighing down on Ling Chen and Fey disappeared. Although Ling Chen had personally seen the Lachesis’ control over time when they were dealing with the Forgotten God Representative, witnessing the massive Time Domain and experiencing the silence around them caused his heart to greatly tremble.

Fey slowly closed her outstretched hand, and the ring on her middle finger lost its yellow lustre. Fey’s face also became incredibly pale, and her body swayed, then fell. Even her concealment skill wore off.

“Fey!” Ling Chen stretched out his hand and caught Fey.

An incredibly weak hand softly hit Ling Chen’s body. Fey pressed one hand against the wall as she said hurriedly, “Don’t worry about me! Go immediately; you only have 8 minutes. We only have this one chance, so you can’t waste a single second!”

“Alright… I’ll definitely come back within 8 minutes!”

Even though Ling Chen felt quite worried about Fey’s condition, he simply couldn’t afford to waste any time. He gave Fey a deep look, then summoned Snow Cherry and activated [Broken Shadow], quickly going forwards like a white blur.

In his fastest state, Ling Chen’s Movement Speed was 3600, and if he could move in a straight line, it would take him less than 30 seconds to traverse 4 kilometres. The map was clear in his mind, and the fastest route to the First Shrine appeared within his mind.

Fey had desperately bought him eight minutes, so he had to succeed no matter what.

After passing by Shrine after Shrine, he came closer and closer to the First Shrine. There was still no sound in his ears, nor did that powerful pressure descend again. It seemed that even the powerful Moon Goddesses could not resist the Lachesis’ Time Domain.

Just as he was only a few hundred metres away from the First Shrine, a purple figure appeared in the air a distance away from the Moon God Island. 

It was a celestial beauty. She wore an exquisite purple dress, and she had a slim waist and petite body. Her hair was bound up using a jade Moon God Hairpin, and no matter if it was her wrists or neck, they seemed to shine with light. The scene of her floating in the air was simply too beautiful to be described. Anyone who even saw her hazy figure from far away would be able to tell that she was beautiful to the extreme.

The woman drew near at a shocking speed, and as she came closer, it was possible to see her face. Without a doubt, her face was that of a goddess, and she was incredibly enchanting. Her eyes were clear and still as water, but they had a bone-piercing coldness within them. It was as if she would be able to seal everything in ice with a single glance. It seemed as if nothing in the world could escape from these eyes that were colder than ice.

It was Purple Dress – one of the 3 Moon Goddesses who controlled order.

After taking care of matters in the East Ocean Continent, she had immediately returned to the Moon God Palace. However, when she was right above it, she suddenly stopped and looked down with a bone-piercingly cold look.

“Time Domain? Hmph!” As the Moon Goddess who controlled the order in the Mystic Moon world, how could she not be able to control time? She immediately recognised the Time Domain that covered a portion of the Moon God Palace, and she frowned as she stretched her hands downwards. “Reverse Time Domain!!”

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