Shura's Wrath

Chapter 733

The Incredibly Trash Aries Orb (2) 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Currently, Ling Chen had 11 of the 12 Mysterious God grade Orbs and none of the 3 Saint Destroyer grade Orbs – he only knew that one of them was in the Moon God Palace. Ling Chen gripped his new Orb, excitedly wondering whether it was the final Mysterious God grade Orb or… one of the 3 Saint Destroyer grade Orbs!!

Ling Chen lightly breathed in, opened his hand, and looked at the Orb’s description:

[Aries Orb]: Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: Light, Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: Nullifies all consumption costs and negative effects from skills.

After looking at the Aries Orb’s effects, Ling Chen’s gaze and expression froze. After a while, his eyes widened, and he looked at the Aries Orb’s effects a second, third, fourth time…

No matter how many times he looked at it, the Aries Orb’s description remained the same: Nullifies all consumption costs and negative effects from skills.

That’s right, this was one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs, and it was the final Mysterious God grade Orb. Now, all 12 orbs of the Zodiac have been gathered by Ling Chen. He had retrieved all 12 of them within a single year, much sooner than Qi Yue had said it would take – this was simply a miracle. Normally, Ling Chen would be cheering right now, but after looking at the Aries Orb’s effects, Ling Chen’s expression froze, unable to smile.

This was because the Aries Orb’s effects… were simply too trash!

Qi Yue had told him before that the Aries Orb was the weakest of the 12 Mysterious God grade orbs under normal circumstances. Only when the Lunar Scourge’s master became a Shura would its effects become truly powerful. However, when Ling Chen had heard those words, he had not paid them much mind because all of the effects of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs had completely shocked and surprised him every time. Each time he had obtained one and socketed it into the Lunar Scourge, his overall strength had greatly increased. This was so for every Orb he had obtained so far, and the Libra Orb’s effects could be said to have surpassed the limits of Mysterious God grade. As such, even though Qi Yue had told him that the Aries Orb was the weakest orb, Ling Chen believed that it wouldn’t be too weak as one of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs. At the very least, it would be worthy of being socketed into the Lunar Scourge and being called Mysterious God grade. At the very least, its stats would be lower than the others or the effects would be a bit less useful.

However, after seeing the Aries Orb, Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. This sort of stat could be counted to be Mysterious God grade? This sort of stat deserved to be on one of the Lunar Scourge’s Orbs?

Nullifies all consumption costs and negative effects from skills…. This stat wasn’t just weak but absolutely trash! In fact, in terms of stats, it was inferior even to the Super Speed Crystal that gave an extra 15% Movement Speed!

This skill’s effects were quite easy to understand: sometimes when using powerful skills, there were MP costs or other costs, such as an HP decrease or a temporary or permanent decrease in stats. Ling Chen had 3 of these skills in total: [Soul Sacrifice], which reduced his HP to 1, [War God’s Fury], which lowered his Defence, Evasion, and Maximum HP by 50%, and the Lunar Scourge’s [Moon Sacrifice], which reduced his HP by 1 each time.

There were also some skills that had negative effects on the caster after taking effect on the enemy or when failing to use a skill. A classic example was the [Shura’s Death Domain], which permanently reduced Ling Chen’s level and stats. There was also the [Soulstealing Curse] and [Soulkilling Curse], which would cause him to suffer a backlash and a permanent decrease in his Comprehension if he failed.

In other words, this Aries Orb would only be useful to a few of Ling Chen’s skills: his HP would not decrease after using [Soul Sacrifice], his stats would not decrease after using [War God’s Fury], he would not lose 1 HP after using [Moon Sacrifice], and he would not suffer a backlash or a decrease to Comprehension if he failed at using the [Soulstealing Curse] or [Soulkilling Curse].

However, with Ling Chen’s abilities, any enemy that could force Ling Chen to use [Soul Sacrifice] and [War God’s Fury], 2 incredibly powerful skills, would have to be at least Heaven’s End grade. Against such an enemy, they would be able to casually insta-kill him – there was no difference between being at 1 HP or max HP. As for Defence and Evasion, those did not matter at all either.

As for the 1 HP that was required to activate [Moon Sacrifice]… now that Ling Chen had nearly 130,000 HP, what difference did that 1 HP make to him?

Furthermore, Ling Chen could only use the [Soulstealing Curse] and [Soulkilling Curse] a limited number of times. Let alone the low chances of him failing, why the hell would he use such precious skills on targets he wasn’t sure that they would succeed on?

All in all, to the current Ling Chen, the Aries Orb’s effects were… completely… useless!!

After seeing these stats, Ling Chen felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on him, completely extinguishing any excitement he felt.

In fact, Ling Chen began to wonder whether this was a well-made imitation product! With this sort of effect, was it qualified to be the Lunar Scourge’s Orb?

“What? You’re so excited that you’ve forgotten how to smile? Or… were we swindled by that big fat cat and given a fake item” Seeing Ling Chen’s stiff and twitching face, Fey raised her eyebrows in curiosity.

Ling Chen moved his gaze away from the Aries Orb, unable to continue looking at it, as he said sorrowfully, “It’s indeed the Lunar Scourge’s Orb, but its effects weren’t what I expected.”

In fact, it was completely different to what he had expected. However, no matter how trash it was, it was still one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs. Ling Chen took out the final crystal within the Lunar Scourge – the Super Speed Crystal. Before, whenever he replaced a normal crystal with one of the Lunar Scourge’s orb, he felt incredibly excited because each of the previous orbs had shocking effects. However, when he replaced the Super Speed Crystal with the Aries Orb, he felt an immense pain within his heart. The Super Speed Crystal gave him an extra 15% Movement Speed, while the Aries Orb was completely useless to him!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted another Lunar Scourge skill, he definitely wouldn’t have done this.

“Ding… the [Aries Orb] has been successfully socketed into the Lunar Scourge. All consumption and negative effects from skills will be nullified.”

“Ding… the Lunar Scourge’s unique lunar skill [Eternal Moon Flare] has been unlocked.”

“Ding… all 12 God Orbs have been socketed into the Lunar Scourge. Lunar scourge’s unique lunar skill [New Moon] has been upgraded into [Crescent Moon].”

“Ding… all 12 God Orbs have been socketed into the Lunar Scourge; ultimate destructive skill [God-Killing Moon] has been unlocked.”

Although the Aries Orb’s effects were so trash that Ling Chen didn’t want to look at them, socketing it meant that all 12 God Orbs had been retrieved, causing 3 new lunar skills to be unlocked. This lessened the disappointment Ling Chen felt towards the Aries Orb, and he looked at the 3 new skills: 

[Crescent Moon]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar soul skill. When activated, the Lunar Scourge’s lunar energy forms a crescent moon in the sky, giving off a mysterious moonlight. Can be activated at any time and cancelled at any time. Can be cast for a maximum of 20 minutes per day. No MP cost.

With 6 God Orbs, [New Moon] had been unlocked, and with 12 God Orbs, [Crescent Moon] had been unlocked. In that case, each of the Saint Orbs will unlock [Half Moon], [Waxing Moon], and [Full Moon]. With [Crescent Moon] unlocked, not only will the lunar skills’ power and range increase, but the amount of time that the moon can last for will also be doubled.

[Eternal Moon Flare]:  Instantly turns a pure and gentle moonlight into a berserk and piercing light of judgment. Mercilessly destroys all targets’ vision and sends them into an eternal nightmare of light.

Effects: A super long-range dazzling skill, and its maximum range is determined by the form of the [Moon]. Cannot be used with no [Moon], [New Moon], or [Crescent Moon]. Maximum range is 3,000 metres with [Half Moon], 10,000 metres with [Waxing Moon], 30,000 metres with [Full Moon], and 600,000,000 metres with [Broken Moon]. Once activated, the light of judgment will cause all targets to lose their vision forever. Cooldown time: 1 month.

“Lose their vision… forever?”

Even though Ling Chen expected the newly unlocked [Eternal Moon Flare] to be as savage as the [Eternal Moon Shadow], after reading its effects, Ling Chen was still deeply shocked. Even though [Eternal Moon Shadow]’s effects were incredibly domineering, they were not truly ‘eternal’. Once the [Moon] disappeared, all targets would be unfrozen. However, [Eternal Moon Flare] was different – its effects were truly eternal… once casted, all targets within the range would permanently lose their vision! What’s more, it ignored any resistance to being Blinded! 

Just how terrifying was this ability?

Despite having such a terrifying effect and range, its cooldown time was only 1 month!

However, it was disappointing to note that [Eternal Moon Flare] required at least [Half Moon] to be used just like [Eternal Moon Shadow]. Currently, the Lunar Scourge could only create a [Crescent Moon]. In other words, Ling Chen would only be able to use [Eternal Moon Shadow] and [Eternal Moon Flare] after he had retrieved a Saint Orb and unlocked [Half Moon].

Ling Chen’s gaze fell on the Lunar Scourge’s third skill, and his heart started to race… within the system announcement, the [God-Killing Moon] had been described as an ultimate destructive skill.

This undeniably meant that this was the Lunar Scourge’s most powerful skill! It was a skill even more powerful than [Moon Sacrifice] and [Eternal Moon Shadow]! How could Ling Chen not feel excited after hearing such a thing? Moreover, Ling Chen was delighted to hear that the Lunar Scourge’s ultimate skill could be unlocked even despite not having any of the Saint Orbs.

[God-Killing Moon]: The Lunar Scourge’s ultimate destructive skill. Condenses heaven’s power, gathers moonlight, causes demons to weep, slays gods, and destroys buddhas. Requires the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] to activate. Attack Damage: ???? (Unable to be determined), range: ???? (Unable to be determined). Can only be used with [Full Moon] and [Broken Moon]. After using this skill, the [Moon] will immediately disappear, and the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] will not be able to be used for 3 months (cannot be nullified by the Aries Orb’s effects). Cooldown time: 1500 years (cannot be refreshed by the Libra Orb’s effects). 

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