Shura's Wrath

Chapter 651

War God vs War God

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

They stopped talking, and the air seemed to solidify during the silence. The War God held his sword across his body, but he did not move. As the mighty War God, with his pride, he would not take the initiative to attack a junior who was evidently much weaker than he was. Ling Chen tightly gripped his trembling weapons, the backs of his hands covered with cold sweat. However, he did not attack for a long time… the War God remained as still as a statue, and his stance was not a battle stance but an invitation. He seemed to be full of openings, and if it was anyone else, Ling Chen would have attacked with a lightning-fast strike.

However, while looking at the War God, he suddenly couldn’t find any openings when he chose an angle to attack from. This sort of terrifying feeling told him that no matter where he tried to attack the War God from, he would be rushing to his death.

Even the terrifying Instructor Hell hadn’t given him a feeling like this.

“Are… Are you going to fight? That old grandpa looks so strong; will big brother be able to beat him?” Cai’Er nervously covered her mouth with her hands as she spoke anxiously. She had always lived in the peaceful Fairy Realm, and she had only experienced the outside world with Ling Chen. She had no battle experience, so meeting the War God, who was Mysterious God grade, did not make her feel the same amount of pressure that Ling Chen felt. However, she instinctively could tell that he was quite strong… moreover, Xiao Hui’s fur was completely standing on end, and Xi Ling was not flying in the air and had not made any sounds, instead standing behind Ling Chen motionlessly. Only the flames on her body gave off some small sounds. This told Cai’Er that the person in front of them was exceptionally dangerous.

Ling Chen did not say anything as beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead. He desperately thought of different possibilities, but he found that in the face of absolute power, any items or tricks were completely powerless.


Xi Ling flew high into the air, spreading her crimson wings as they erupted with flames. Below, Snow Cherry also spread her pure-white wings, rushing to the sky. Under his extreme suppression and following the changes in Ling Chen’s thoughts, they all entered their battle states. Since they could only choose to fight, they could only give it their all… even though the silent old man in front of them was the strongest enemy they had ever faced and was a peak-level existence that they had no hope in defeating, this was the only choice before them.

Cai’Er, who had the lowest sense of danger, felt that the battle was about to start, so she flew to Ling Chen’s ear as she asked, “Big brother, what should Cai’Er sing?”

“Clear Dream In A Peaceful Night,” Ling Chen said in a low voice as he gritted his teeth.

“Okay, got it!” Cai’Er nodded her head and flew a small distance away before closing her eyes as her lips parted, a song that was like a clear breeze filling the space that was already filled with the air of suppression.  The Song of Tranquillity sounded like it came from a beautiful heaven, and it was gentle and intoxicating to listen to. Anyone who listened to it would feel as if their worries had dissipated, leaving them in a peaceful and blissful world.

“Why do you not attack? Are you afraid?”

Hearing the Song of Tranquillity, Ling Chen gradually calmed down. However, a cold voice dispelled the atmosphere of peace and wonder that the Song of Tranquillity brought. The War God remained emotionless, and there weren’t any changes to the look in his eyes. The Song of Tranquillity, which had easily lulled 3 high-levelled Heaven’s End grade Bosses to sleep, was completely ineffective on him.

“Eh?” Cai’Er stopped singing and stared at the Undead War God with her mouth open wide, “Eeeeeehhh? How come he can still talk? He should be asleep!”

Ling Chen did not reply to Cai’Er. He didn’t have too much hope in the Song of Tranquillity – how could someone with mental state that sharp be affected by the Nature’s Songs? Ling Chen met the War God’s gaze and coldly replied, “I am indeed afraid because I don’t want to die.”

“Fearing death and not being baptised by battles of life and death will make it so that you can never become a true War God. You have disappointed me.”

“Fearing death? Heh…” Ling Chen laughed. “There are many things that I fear in this world, but the thing I fear the least is death! You’re indeed much stronger than I am, but do you think you can kill me so easily?”

Ling Chen’s body burned with battle intent as he activated [Soul Sacrifice] and [War God’s Fury]. Ling Chen’s attacks in his most powerful state wouldn’t be too inferior to those of the Mysterious God grade War God’s, and instantly, the pressure from the War God was reduced by more than half. The weapons in his hands also stopped trembling and once again shone with their original lustre. 

“Snow Cherry, Xi Ling, prepare to fight. Cai’Er, go somewhere safe and sing the Song of Passion. Xiao Hui, do your best to protect them. Leng’Er, don’t go too far away!!”

After speaking, Ling Chen finally moved. While mounted on Snow Cherry, his Movement Speed was 431, which allowed him to shoot out like an arrow towards the War God. Before he came near, the Lunar Scourge shined with light from [Moon Shadow], freezing the War God’s body in place.

Although the War God was not affected by the Nature’s Songs, he would never be able to resist the Lunar Scourge’s power. [Moon Shadow], which could freeze anything in place, was Ling Chen’s initial show of strength to the War God. He and Xi Ling mercilessly rained down attacks on the War God’s body, and at the same time, Cai’Er’s [Song of Passion – A Brave Heart] reverberated in their ears. The song caused all of the blood in Ling Chen’s body to boil, and their Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power drastically increased.

-1,216,000, -1,216,000…

With the Song of Passion, Ling Chen’s Heaven Destroying Slashes dealt over 1 million damage each time. Xi Ling’s flames were a perfect counter to Undead, and her Solar Lasers dealt even more damage. However, despite launching such powerful attacks together, they could barely see any changes to the War God’s HP bar. With 3,200,000,000HP and a regeneration of 1,500,000HP per second, it was difficult for Ling Chen, even in his most powerful state, to deal much damage.

5 seconds passed very quickly, and as soon as the silver light completely disappeared, the War God’s sword moved. His sword slashed downwards towards Ling Chen’s body, the jet-black sword drawing a white arc through the air. As the sword in the War God’s hand moved, a wave of battle intent filled the entire space, causing anyone who felt it to tremble. Those whose power or minds were weak would not be able to resist the battle intent at all, and they would not even have the strength to move a finger.

The instant the War God attacked, the skill’s information was captured by Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit and was sent to Ling Chen’s mind, making him feel incredibly shocked.

This casual attack was actually the [Extreme Heaven Destroying Slash]! When Ling Chen used the Heaven Destroying Slash, his power would explode out, using his weapon to heavily hit his target. However, this extreme form of the Heaven Destroying Slash gave off no special airs at all. In the next instant, the War God’s black sword, which seemed quite slow, seemed to leap through space so that it was right in front of his chest…

Although Ling Chen was quite surprised, he did not panic. The Lunar Scourge once again shone with light as he activated [Moon Grief]. At the same time, he quickly jumped out of away, escaping from the trajectory of the War God’s attack.

The downwards strike suddenly stopped. Under the effects of Moon Grief, the War God’s Extreme Heaven Destroying Strike was cut short. However, this only lasted for an instant – no, it wasn’t even an instant. As Ling Chen’s pupils dilated, the downwards strike suddenly reversed, drawing out a black arc and piercing towards his body in mid-air, causing him to feel the icy coldness of death…

“Moment of Elegance!”

Using the Moment of Elegance’s dash, Ling Chen’s body suddenly shifted 10 or so metres away, dodging the War God’s first attack. After coming to a rest, waves of shock crashed within his heart.

Anyone who suddenly felt that they couldn’t move their body would be incredibly shocked. However, after Moon Shadow’s effects ended, the War God had instantly attacked without any hesitation or panic… under Moon Grief’s effects, he had forgotten all of his skills – normally, players would stand with their weapons raised, a look of confusion on their faces with all of their battle spirit gone. And yet, although the War God’s [Extreme Heaven Destroying Slash] had been cut short by [Moon Grief], he had not reacted in dismay. He had instead immediately chained the attack into a normal attack, causing Ling Chen to almost be hit while he was in disbelief.

The War God was indeed the War God. He had simply experienced so many battles during his lifetime to the point that he himself had lost count. These battles not only increased his strength, but they also increased his battle sense and experience. Although Ling Chen’s battle sense was amazing, he had only fought for 10 or so years, while the War God… had thousands of years of experience! At his level, ‘battle sense’ wasn’t just a sense but a terrifying instinct. This sort of instinct could allow him to perfectly react to any scenario in battle.

Currently, the War God had forgotten all of his skills, but he remained just as calm without even a hint of fear or confusion. To Ling Chen, the War God was still a terrifying existence even without his skills because even his normal attacks could split mountains and tear the earth.

 How could Ling Chen deal with this peak-level existence who had no openings?!

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