Shura's Wrath

Chapter 646

Killing 3 Heaven’s End 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

By now, all of Ling Chen’s cooldown times had reset. He leisurely went over to the Eighth Fiend and activated War God’s Fury and Soul Sacrifice before he raised his weapons. A light of strength burst forth from his body as he cast a [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and [Eight Direction Annihilation] towards the Eighth Fiend’s round body. In the distance, Xi Ling shot out a [Solar Laser], hitting the Eighth Fiend the same time that Ling Chen’s attacks hit it.

3 gigantic damage figures floated up as the Eighth Fiend instantly lost over 10% of its more than 100 million HP. Its body flew 100 meters as if it was a rubber ball that had been kicked, and it smashed onto a wall of ice at the boundary of the Ice Purgatory.

After being attacked, the Eighth Fiend woke up and radiated a vicious air. Because of its immense power, the space around it seemed to freeze, and a strange, sharp howl sounded out. 100 meters away, the Eighth Fiend’s body turned into a perfectly-shaped ball, which had 8 spikes on it. It then suddenly released a storm of energy and shot out like a bullet towards Ling Chen, who was in the air… it traversed the 100 metres between them in just 2 seconds.

Ling Chen narrowed his eyes and quickly descended using a [Moment of Elegance], dodging the Eighth Fiend’s attack without taking any damage. At the same time, he released a [Moon Shadow] from his right hand, freezing the Eighth Fiend in the air. He then leapt up and continuously chained skills as he hit it, while Xi Ling also shot her flames towards it. 5 seconds later, Moon Shadow’s effects ended, and the Eighth Fiend fell to the ground pitifully. By now, it had lost more than one third of its HP.

“Snow Cherry – Thousand Illusion! Illusory Moon!”

Snow Cherry rushed over to the Eighth Fiend in the blink of an eye. The Eighth Fiend, which had been beaten savagely, was extremely furious. The spikes on its body lit up with a dark light and then became longer and stabbed towards Ling Chen… however, before it could move, it saw a blur before its eyes. Its target suddenly divided into 2… then into 4… then 8… then tens… then hundreds…. In just an instant, Ling Chen’s afterimages filled the entire space and rushed towards the Eighth Fiend from all directions. The Eighth Fiend was utterly confused – every one of the afterimages looked exactly the same, and all of them gave off the same aura. It was simply impossible for it to determine which one was its true target, and because it couldn’t decide where to attack, it froze on the spot from indecision.


Thousand Illusion was used to make sure the enemy would not know where to attack, making it difficult for them to attack. It was incredibly powerful because it caused the enemy to panic, making them reveal openings.

Ling Chen’s attacks savagely hit the confused Eighth Fiend, sending its body, which had just stood up, into the layer of ice on the floor. Its body was buried into the ice and then sent flying back up by another one of Ling Chen’s attacks. Just like that, Ling Chen continued to ruthlessly attack it within the afterimages.

The War God’s profession’s attacks not only had incredibly power, but they also contained massive force. The more damage the attacks dealt, the more force would be released. In his most powerful state, Ling Chen’s attacks were like thousand-kilogram hammers smashing onto the Eighth Fiend’s body, causing its body to be blasted back, fall over, and roll around. It was unable to maintain its balance and could not attack Ling Chen even once. Its HP also continuously fell incredibly quickly, from 60%, to 50%, to 45%... 40%... 35%...

“Goodbye!” Seeing that the Eighth Fiend had about only one third of its HP remaining, Ling Chen slowed down his attacks as he casually raised his right hand, casting a [Soul Demise].


The Eighth Fiend’s body suddenly became stiff as it unpleasantly cried and then powerlessly fell to the shattered ice floor.

“Ding… you have successfully killed the LV70 Heaven’s End grade Boss [Eighth Fiend], Fame+70,000, SP+70,000.”

“Ding… congratulations, you have levelled up to LV59, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV59…”

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er has levelled up to LV59…”

“Ding… your pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV59…”

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV59…”

“Ding… your pet Cai’Er has levelled up to LV51…”


“Ding… your pet Cai’Er has levelled up to LV54…”

Ling Chen had easily killed the Demon Skeleton Dragon, and even killing the Eighth Fiend hadn’t taken too much effort, much less an intense and dangerous battle. Looking at the Eighth Fiend’s corpse, Ling Chen tapped his nose… Goddamn, I’ve become so OP.

The EXP rewards for killing Heaven’s End grade Bosses that were higher level than him were simply enormous. Even with the Heaven’s Jealousy debuff, Ling Chen had levelled up after killing each of the Heaven’s End grade Bosses, while Cai’Er had levelled up 7 times. Xiao Hui walked forwards and collected the spoils of war before starting to devour the Eighth Fiend’s corpse.

The Eighth Fiend had dropped 9 pieces of equipment in total: 7 of them were Gold grade, 1 was Celestial grade, and the remaining one was a Heaven’s End grade equipment.

[Slasher]: Type: Gauntlet, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any Warrior or Shield Bearer profession above LV70. Dark gauntlets made from the Eighth Fiend’s spikes. They are completely black and are heavy and cold. The killing intent they possess is immense, and the backs are covered with sharp spikes. After equipping, Attack Power and Critical Chance will be greatly increased.

Stats: Defence+300, Physical Attack Power+200, Agility-20, Critical Chance+10%, Pierce Chance+10%, Darkness Resistance+5%. When attacking, adds a 7% chance of slashing open a wound and dealing continuous damage for the next 5 seconds.

Although it did not give any skills and the Critical Chance and Pierce Chance were useless to Ling Chen, the Physical Attack Power+200 stat was a pleasant surprise for him. It had to be known that his strongest weapon – the Heaven’s End grade Chilling Star – gave him 1000 Attack Power! It was a pity that the gauntlet’s level requirement was LV70, and even with the LV9 Item Manipulation Technique, he was still unable to equip it.

The Heaven’s End grade item dropped from the Eighth Fiend was surprisingly a jewellery equipment!

[Stone of Resentment]: Type: Necklace, Grade: Heaven’s End, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV70. An item of evil and darkness that absorbed the resentment of countless Undead where many Undead perished. It contains boundless power of hatred.

Stats: Darkness Resistance+5%. When attacking, adds a 5% chance of doubling damage, a 3% chance of tripling damage, a 1% chance of quadrupling damage, and a 0.1% chance of dealing 10 times damage.

The Stone of Resentment was threaded on a black thread, and it was about as big as one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs. It had black wisps of air surrounding it, giving off an uncomfortable, eerie feeling. However, its stats completely shocked Ling Chen. The Stone of Resentment indeed deserved to have ‘resentment’ in its name and to be Heaven’s End grade. Its effects could double his damage or even multiply it up to 10 times… in his most powerful state, the damage he could deal was simply unimaginable!

If it activated during crucial moments, it could deal a miraculous blow!

After feeling quite delighted about the Stone of Resentment’s stats, Ling Chen casually glanced through the stats of the other pieces of equipment before throwing them in his bag. Now, almost every Chinese player had a full set of Gold grade of equipment, so he did not have even a bit of interest in the Gold grade equipment.

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui has successfully devoured the Eighth Fiend, HP+900, Defence+180.”

After devouring the Eighth Fiend, Xiao Hui’s horn flashed as he spat out a black pearl, looking like the one he had spat out after devouring the Demon Skeleton Dragon’s corpse.

[Pearl of Revenge]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Heaven’s End, Attributes: Darkness, Stats: reflects 35% of all damage received.

This Heaven’s End grade Pearl had a shocking stat – a powerful reflective ability. This sort of item would be heaven-defying on any player, but to Ling Chen, this sort of thing wasn’t very useful. After all, his Attack Power was simply too powerful, and the damage that would be reflected simply couldn’t be compared to the damage that he could deal. Moreover, with his skills and abilities, it was almost impossible to hit him. It wasn’t worth it for Ling Chen to give up the 15 Movement Speed from the Wind Chasing Stone for this.

After dealing with the Demon Skeleton Dragon and Eighth Fiend, taking down the remaining Ice Soul Undead Wolf was no problem at all. This was because although the Ice Soul Undead Wolf was a Heaven’s End grade Boss, it posed no threat to Ling Chen. The reason was very simple… all of the Ice Soul Undead Wolf’s attacks were of the Water element, and it was weak against physical attacks.

As for ice and water attacks… even the Mysterious God grade Ice Demon Beast was unable to harm Ling Chen at all, so how could this Heaven’s End grade Ice Soul Undead Wolf hope to even scratch him?

Ling Chen moved over to the sleeping Ice Soul Undead Wolf and smashed an attack down onto it, waking it up. Following this, Ling Chen didn’t even bother activating Moon Shadow or Soul Sacrifice, and he simply launched vigorous attacks with his 2 weapons. Naturally, the Ice Soul Undead Wolf was enraged and cast various powerful Ice attacks towards Ling Chen. In just an instant, a snow storm started blowing as ice blades flew around, turning the place into a true Ice Purgatory. However, Ling Chen completely ignored all of these attacks and chased down the Ice Soul Undead Wolf with his superior Movement Speed. Throughout the entire process, he did not stop attacking the Ice Soul Undead Wolf at all, because when the ice attacks hit him, green numbers would float up. The Ice Soul Undead Wolf simply couldn’t harm him at all.

When the Ice Soul Undead Wolf finally realised this, it chose to attack with its claws instead. Ling Chen did not bother evading, and he instead met its attack with his body. When the claws slammed onto his chest, a ‘-3240’ damage figure slowly rose up from the Ice Soul Undead Wolf’s body.

A player at this stage of the game dealing this amount of damage would be considered decent, but for a LV70 Heaven’s End grade Boss to deal such damage, it was simply trash. Ling Chen couldn’t help but smirk and didn’t waste any more time, activating both Soul Sacrifice and War God’s Fury. He started beating down the Ice Soul Undead Wolf in his strongest condition, reducing its health to 30% in less than half a minute. Finally, just like the other Bosses, he finished it off with a [Soul Demise].

Whew, give me a few more of these Water element Bosses… Ling Chen thought to himself as he looked down at the fallen Ice Soul Undead Wolf.

“Ding… you have successfully killed the LV70 Heaven’s End grade Boss Ice Soul Undead Wolf, Fame+70,0000, SP+70,000.”

“Ding… congratulations, you have levelled up to LV60, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.”

“Ding… your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV60, HP+800, MP+150, Defence+50, Skill [Eye of the Holy Spirit] has been raised to max level, [Holy Spirit’s Aura] has levelled up to LV13, [Holy Spirit’s Pearl] has levelled up to LV2, [Holy Spirit’s Gift] has levelled up to LV4, [Holy Spirit’s Shield] has levelled up to LV4.”

“Ding… under the effects of your pet Xiao Hui’s skill [Holy Spirit’s Gift], your skills [True Lucky Hand], [Heaven Wind Technique], and [Item Manipulation Technique] have been levelled up to max level. [War God Technique] has been levelled up to LV11, [Broken Shadow] has been levelled up to LV9, and [Vanishing Shadow] has been levelled up to LV9.”

“Ding… your pet Leng’Er has levelled up to LV60, MP+100, Magic Attack Power+20, Defence+10, skill [Soul Lock] has been levelled up to LV2.”

“Ding… your pet Snow Cherry has levelled up to LV60, HP+1000, MP+300, Physical Attack Power+100, Magic Attack Power+60, Defence+50, and has entered into her six-tail form. Skill [Godly Fox Sky-Toppling Dance]’s effects have changed accordingly.”

“Ding… your pet Xi Ling has levelled up to LV60, HP+100, MP+2000, Physical Attack Power+20, Magic Attack Power+800, Defence+1, skill [Heaven-Burning Flames] has been levelled up to LV9, [Solar Laser] has been levelled up to LV9, and her normal fire attack’s effects have become more powerful.”

“Ding… your pet Cai’Er has levelled up to LV55…”

 “Ding… your pet Cai’Er has levelled up to LV57, HP+1000, MP+1000, Physical Attack Power+10, Magic Attack Power+200, Defence+10.”

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