Shura's Wrath

Chapter 636

World Of The Dead

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ghastly Grounds.

If Ling Chen continued towards the east, he would reach the Lonely Spirit Ridge where he had first met Xi Ling. If he kept going even further east, he would reach the Nameless Ridge where he had found the Dwarves. He had come to this dangerous region many times, and each time he came, he felt quite rueful.

The Ghastly Grounds was where Xiao Hui had found the Underworld Entrance.

After leaving Ling Tian City, Ling Chen had directly come to this place. Since he had made this decision, unless something incredibly important happened at Ling Tian City, he wouldn’t be returning before he found the next Orb… moreover, if he truly entered the Underworld of the legends, he wasn’t sure if he would even be able to leave as he wished.

However, the prerequisite was that he could enter.

The first time he had met Qian Gun Gun, he had been told that the Underworld was a world of the dead, and that humans were unable to enter… though Qian Gun Gun was an exception.

Not too long later, Ling Chen came to the place he remembered, and after clearing a large crowd of Zombies, the dark and flat ground beneath his feet suddenly slid open as a black hole appeared in the ground.

That’s right, this was the entrance!

Ling Chen did not hesitate and walked forwards and then stepped into the entrance. He walked down a flight of steep steps, and soon he had descended completely into the ground.

“Ding… you have entered the ‘Ghastly Passageway’. At the end of the Ghastly Passageway is the Underworld Door connecting to the Underworld. The Underworld is a world of the dead, and any living creature that goes there will quickly lose their lives. At the same time, those with an aura of life will not be able to open the Underworld Door. Please proceed with caution.”

Ling Chen: “……”

After entering the passageway, it was completely dark in front of him without even a glimmer of light. Ling Chen came prepared, and he took out a small luminous pearl he had bought from the Item Shop, the white light it emitted allowing him to see roughly 5 metres around him.

This was a narrow and long passageway. It was 2 or 3 metres tall, and it was less than 2 metres wide. Ling Chen summoned Xiao Hui and slowly advanced. The further in he walked, the more turbid the air became, and the heavy and suffocating feeling in his chest increased.

This suffocating feeling… could it be…

-300, -300, -300…

Looking at the red damage figures continuously rising above his head, Ling Chen frowned. He had continuously lost HP at the Ghastly Grounds because of the miasma, but that was only 50 HP per second. In here, it had increased to 300 HP per second!

Qian Gun Gun had said that the miasma from the Ghastly Grounds leaked from the Underworld Door. If it was already so terrifying outside the Underworld Door, just how bad would it be within the Underworld itself…

Ling Chen immediately cast away this thought and resolutely continued to advance. Because of Cai’Er’s powerful healing abilities, he would be able to easily withstand this sort of HP loss. However, Cai’Er was a Light-type creature, and this was a place of death, and it was a Darkness-type environment, which countered Cai’Er. As such, he didn’t dare to summon Cai’Er in this sort of place because she might be in even greater danger than him.

-450, -450… -500, -500…


As he advanced, Ling Chen’s HP fell even faster, causing him to occasionally drink some Dew of Dawn. At this moment, Xiao Hui, who was scouting ahead, barked and stopped walking. Ling Chen also paused and then walked slowly until he reached Xiao Hui’s side. With the luminous pearl, he was able to see a tightly-closed, large, dark door.

[Underworld Door]: A door to the Underworld in one of the various places in the Forgotten Continent. The places it appears in always have a dense deathly aura, miasma, and low-level Undead. Only medium to high level Undead can pass through the Underworld Door. When medium to high level Undead come close to the Underworld Door, the Underworld Door will automatically open. If new Undead beings enter the Underworld Door, they will be sent to a safe region in the Underworld.

Underworld Door… only medium to high level Undead could pass through… that meant that living beings couldn’t open the Underworld Door!

Ling Chen took a step forwards towards the Underworld Door and stretched out his hand, pressing it against the cold stone door. Because he was so close to the Underworld Door, a powerful suffocating feeling swept towards him, making him feel incredibly uncomfortable, and his HP loss rose to 1500 HP per second. However, no matter how hard he pushed the door, it would not budge or react at all.

Ling Chen quickly took a few steps back and drank a drop of Dew of Dawn before he took a few deep breaths and was finally able to breathe properly again. He silently looked at the tightly-closed Underworld Door, wondering how he could enter… putting aside passing through the Underworld and reaching the Underworld Blood Lake, this Underworld Door was already a major issue.

Now, Ling Chen desperately hoped that Qian Gun Gun would suddenly pop out from there… as a living person, Qian Gun Gun could freely enter and exit the Underworld – he definitely had some sort of special method! If he could find Qian Gun Gun, he would buy that method no matter how great a price he had to pay. However, meeting Qian Gun Gun depended on luck, and he couldn’t just meet him whenever he wanted to.

Qi Yue had refused to leave Ling Chen’s house, so he couldn’t contact her immediately. Otherwise, perhaps she would know of a method to enter…

“Ding… your pet ‘Leng’Er’ is requesting to leave the Pet Space. Do you accept?”

Leng’Er? Why did she want to come out? Wait, that’s right! Leng’Er was an Undead creature, so perhaps she would be comfortable in such an environment.

Ling Chen did not refuse and summoned Leng’Er.

After Leng’Er appeared, she did not turn to face Ling Chen, but she instead stared at the Underworld Door. She liked dark environments, and a faint black light danced within her abnormally dark eyes. Every time Ling Chen saw her eyes, he would feel as if he was looking at a boundlessly dark night. After a while, the half-spirit girl finally moved, and she tightly hugged the doll in her arms as she looked forwards and spoke in a gentle and hazy voice, “What… a strange… feeling…”

The instant Leng’Er appeared, the suffocating feeling and the HP loss that Ling Chen was experiencing suddenly disappeared. Even Xiao Hui stopped losing HP every second. As he wondered what was going on, a system announcement sounded out:

“Ding… because of unknown reasons, when your pet ‘Leng’Er’ is summoned, all negative effects from the environment to you and your pets will be nullified. Because you are in an Undead region, please keep your pet Leng’Er summoned.

Summoning Leng’Er could give him immunity to the negative effects from the Undead environment? Leng’Er had such an ability?

While shocked, Ling Chen was about to say something to Leng’Er when a sound came from in front of them…


This rumbling evidently came from the Underworld Door in front of them. As Ling Chen watched on in shock, the tightly-closed Underworld Door slowly opened… soon, it was fully open, revealing a dark, foggy world.

“Ding… because of the influence from your pet ‘Leng’Er’, the Underworld Door has been opened. While Leng’Er is summoned, you will not be negatively affected by the Undead aura, and you can safely enter the Underworld. However, the Underworld is the world of the Undead, and living creatures will be in grave danger. Please proceed with caution.”

It was open! The Underworld Door that he was just worrying about was open!

Looking at the stone door, Ling Chen was so excited that he felt like picking up Leng’Er and giving her a big kiss. It turned out that Leng’Er being an Undead creature had such a useful aspect.

However, until the Underworld Door was open, Leng’Er’s gaze was fixed forwards, and when the dark world behind it was revealed, her dark pupils started to tremble. It was as if her body was attracted by something, and she slowly floated over.

“Leng’Er?” Ling Chen took a step forwards as he called out.

Hearing Ling Chen’s voice, Leng’Er stopped and lightly turned to face him, her eyes looking quite hazy, “Master… I feel a familiar and warm feeling… I want to… go inside.”

Leng’Er was a special type of Undead creature, so perhaps the Underworld was the best place for her and was something that attracted her… Ling Chen held Leng’Er’s small hand and said, “Let’s go inside together then.”

After speaking, he breathed in and stepped through the Underworld Door, a large and small body vanishing within the boundless darkness.

After passing through the Underworld Door, Ling Chen felt like he had been in the completely dark world for an extremely long time, and he closed his eyes. When he felt his surroundings settle, he opened his eyes and found that he was no longer in that completely dark world, and there was instead some faint light.

“Ding… you have entered the special region ‘Underworld’. Since you are the first player to enter the ‘Underworld’, Fame+900.”

The ground was black, and the sky was completely grey and seemed extremely low, giving off a feeling of suppression. The entire world was dim and silent to the point that Ling Chen could almost hear his own heartbeat. Beside him, Leng’Er stared with her lips parted as if she was shocked at what she saw. Ling Chen turned and looked at his surroundings. To the north, there were a few small mountains; to the south, there were rocks and stones; to the west… there were rows of damaged houses… looking like a ruined village.

The system announcement told Ling Chen that when first entering the Underworld, he would be sent to a safe region. Ling Chen had no idea where in the Underworld this place was, or how he could reach the Underworld Blood Lake.

He also discovered a big problem… he and Leng’Er had been sent here by the Underworld Door, but there were no transportation channels or other Underworld Doors here… how would he leave this place?

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