Shura's Wrath

Chapter 630

Dia Wu’s Arrival

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Ling Tian City’s fame had skyrocketed, but Ling Tian had become quite low-profile, rarely appearing in public. The name ‘Ling Tian City’ inevitably caused players to think of him, but evidently the beautiful Lady of the City held a far greater allure.

Ever since Shadissika had arrived in the real world, Ling Chen’s family ate in bliss every single day because of her incredibly shocking and amazing cooking. They almost swallowed their tongues in every meal. Tian Tian’s monstrous appetite became even larger, and she begged Shadissika to teach her how to cook such delicious food every day. Not only Tian Tian, but even Qi Yue would come to every meal, not to mention Chao Ying and Chao Xi who used various excuses to join them… because comparatively speaking, the food they made or bought tasted simply disgusting.

10 or so days after Shadissika joined the game as a player, she finally left the Novice Village and came to Ling Tian City. She stuck onto Ling Chen tightly, going wherever he went, and she never allowing him to leave her sight. Even when Ling Chen was spending some alone time with Xuanyuan Dia Wu, she would silently stay beside them as a third wheel, making Ling Chen feel quite frustrated. 

However, he enjoyed being together with Shadissika. He would take her and Tian Tian around to play and occasionally train together… with Xi Ling’s incredible mass-killing ability, their progress in just 2 hours was far superior compared to other players who would need to spend days to get the same results. As such, although they hadn’t spent much time training and Tian Tian was continuously leeching EXP, Ling Chen’s level still rose quickly. Soon, he had reached LV57 and was quite close to hitting LV60. Tian Tian, on the other hand, did not have the EXP debuff from the Lunar Scourge, so she was now only LV50, entering the top 50 on the Player Level Rankings. 

Su’Er’s cooldown time for her Heaven’s Secrets abilities was coming, so Ling Chen knew that the peaceful times would soon be over.

One day.

“Ling Chen, play games with me!”

Shadissika grabbed Ling Chen and placed a wireless game controller in front of him. Ling Chen was currently holding a story book, looking for stories that he could tell Leng’Er. As soon as he heard ‘games’, he stood up with a ‘whoosh’ and said in a serious tone, “Even though I want to play with Sha Sha, I suddenly remembered that I have something important to do, so I need to go right away… Tian Tian, come and play games with Sha Sha!”

“Eh… ah? I-I-I… I’m going to the toilet!” Tian Tian, who had just walked out of the bedroom, quickly ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Play games with Shadissika? What a joke!

Before Shadissika had come here, she had never played video games before, so during the first 3 minutes she was incredibly unskilled and lost miserably. However, 3 minutes later she started to improve, and 10 minutes later… Tian Tian was unable to win even once. As such, the expert, Ling Chen, was sent in, but he was completely annihilated. Afterwards, no matter if it was Tian Tian or Ling Chen, neither of them ever won again.… they couldn’t even retaliate.

She was a natural-born monster at playing games!

She had terrifying skills in cooking, and she had completely destroyed Tian Tian and Ling Chen her first time playing video games… Ling Chen simply couldn’t understand how this girl, who he had picked up from the game, could be so ridiculously overpowered.

Just as Ling Chen was preparing to run, a gentle voice suddenly sounded out from outside, “Tian Ya, are you inside?”

Upon hearing this voice, Ling Chen’s body trembled as if his heart had been gently bumped by something soft. He almost rushed out at full speed as he said, “I’m in! I’m in!”

After rushing out, Ling Chen immediately saw a beautiful figure by the bamboo forest. She was silently standing there, creating the most beautiful scene within the heavens and the earth, and even the jade-green bamboo around her seemed to become dim. The cool breeze caused her clothes to flutter, creating a dazzling scene.

Although they had spent so much time together in the virtual world together, that was only a virtual game, and what they saw and touched were merely virtual bodies. Even their voices were artificially transmitted. At that moment, Xuanyuan Dia Wu had finally seen Ling Chen in the flesh after 13 years, and despite spending so much time with him in the game, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Seeing his body and his expression just an arm’s length away from her, memories that had engraved themselves within her heart chaotically flooded into her mind. Countless thoughts of longing and passion burst forth as Xuanyuan Dia Wu rushed towards Ling Chen. Although she was incredibly hurried, she still looked just as beautiful and intoxicating as a goddess dancing.

She crashed into Ling Chen’s embrace, and the instant she felt that warm embrace, Xuanyuan Dia Wu felt a sense of bliss that made her feel as if she wished for nothing more in this lifetime. All of the despair and pain, as well as her heart that had died for over a decade, were completely healed, and they became almost negligible.

Ling Chen tightly hugged the woman in his embrace, feeling her existence. In his life, the person whom he owed the most was Xuanyuan Dia Wu, and he felt like he would never be able to pay her back. Now that she had returned to his side, the wounds on his heart completely closed, and his heart was so jubilant that it almost started burning. Ling Chen closed his eyes as he subconsciously murmured, “Dia Wu… Dia Wu…”

The last time he had hugged her was 13 years ago under the moon in the sky. Back then, she was still a young girl. Now, Xuanyuan Dia Wu had become a goddess whose beauty could topple nations, but the connection between their souls was just like it had been back then.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu slowly raised her head, her beautiful face stained with tears. She smiled as she cried, and she cried as she smiled, looking at Ling Chen in a daze, “This time, I will be where you are, and we’ll never be separated.”

“Even if you want to leave, I won’t let you go,” Ling Chen said as he smiled, tightly hugging Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s delicate figure.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were already there when Xuanyuan Dia Wu had arrived, and they watched on from the distance with tears in their eyes. They had long since known about Ling Chen’s past, and they knew how much he loved Xuanyuan Dia Wu. They knew why he had refused to give in and die despite suffering so much back then. They knew why he had desperately tried to kill Instructor Hell to leave. They knew why he had gone crazy and charged into the Long family’s residence all those years ago… nor would they forget how the world seemed to collapse for Ling Chen when he heard that Xuanyuan Dia Wu had died…

Afterwards, they did not dare to mention Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s name in front of Ling Chen because it brought a stabbing pain in his heart.

When they saw these lovers, who should have been separated by death, embrace each other, they were moved to tears.

“They are indeed an ideal couple; a match made in heaven that can bring envy from anyone.” Qi Yue came to the door, a smile on her face as she looked at the 2 of them.

“Mm, that’s right.” Beside her, Shadissika nodded her head, “Such a good big brother like Ling Chen and such a good big sister like Dia Wu deserve happiness. If anyone dares to harm them, even the heavens will not forgive their sins.”

Qi Yue: “……”

“Hehe, this is great – we have another pretty big sister now.” A delighted smile appeared on Tian Tian’s face. After spending some time with Xuanyuan Dia Wu in the virtual world, Tian Tian came to likely her immensely, and she even found a sense of peace and warmth from her that she had felt from Shui Ruo.

Ling Chen and Xuanyuan Dia Wu had been reunited for about a month. However, Xuanyuan Dia Wu had only just arrived here in the real world – not because she wasn’t eager to come to his side, but after deciding to come to Ling Chen’s side, she would never be able to leave him. As such, she had to take care of some things on her heart before coming here. She returned to Beijing and met her father, Xuanyuan Dao… after all, he was her father. Afterwards, she determinedly left. The Xuanyuan Dia Wu from back then was dead, and the current Xuanyuan Dia Wu only belonged to Ling Chen.

However, there were few perfect things in this world. Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s arrival caused Ling Chen to feel incredibly happy, but after he calmed down, he discovered something that soon caused him a headache… Xuanyuan Dia Wu liked Tian Tian a lot, and anyone would like Sha Sha. Moreover, Xuanyuan Dia Wu was also on quite good terms with Chao Ying and Chao Xi. However, as for Qi Yue…

With her demoness-level looks and airs as well as her charm that could seduce men in an instant… any woman would feel negative towards such a woman staying by her man’s side. This was so even for Xuanyuan Dia Wu, who had reunited with Ling Chen after facing death and did not mind him having other women by his side.

After all, even Li Xiao Xue felt the same way when she first met Qi Yue. When Xuanyuan Dia Wu saw Qi Yue, the warm and joyous atmosphere solidified and turned cold…

Following this, the 2 women smiled, amicably introduced themselves to each other, and started talking warmly like sisters… but from the cold atmosphere in that moment, it would be strange if they actually felt a sense of closeness!

In order to learn about how Shui Ruo really died, Ling Chen could only allow Qi Yue to stay in the real world. However, he desperately hoped that she would return to the virtual world and not come out anymore because the longer she stayed in the real world… the more likely it was that something would happen!

After all, no matter how strong a man’s self-control was, there was always a limit!!!


The next day, Su’Er’s cooldown time for using the Heaven’s Secrets power finally reset. She logged on into the Mystic Moon world quite early, and she went to a peaceful area. She raised her head, looking up at the sky as her lips slightly moved, and drew a semi-circle in the air with the Heavenly Star Horsetail Whisk.

In the air, a thin cloud slightly trembled and slowly dispersed as if it was blown by wind. In the air above Su’Er, 3 words appeared:

Underworld Blood Lake!

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