Shura's Wrath

Chapter 599

Devastating Beauty

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Dia Wu,” Ling Chen suppressed the terrifying thought he just had as he slowly stretched his hand towards her face, trying to lift the cloth. “After all these years, my Dia Wu has grown up. Can you let me see the grown up Dia Wu?”

“No!” Xuanyuan Dia Wu grabbed onto Ling Chen’s hand, looking both frightened and worried. She lowered her head as she said in sorrow, “Don’t look, it’s very ugly… worse than a demon…”

For her to say in front of her lover that her face was even worse than that of a demon’s, Ling Chen could almost hear Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s heart breaking.

In that moment, Ling Chen finally understood why Xuanyuan Dia Wu had been avoiding him all this time. He lowered his head as he spoke in his softest and gentlest voice, “Dia Wu… what happened to your face?”

Xuanyuan Dia Wu held onto Ling Chen’s hand tightly and didn’t raise her head. She simply couldn’t allow Ling Chen to see her face. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she softly spoke, “13 years ago after I heard that you died, I fell into utter despair. I promised to be with you in life and death, so I wanted to fast to death and be with you…”

“However, I am my father’s single daughter, and my mother passed away when I was still young. I hadn’t repaid my father yet, and it would be too selfish of me to die then. As such, Xuanyuan Dia Wu died and departed with my big brother Ling Tian and I lived on with a different identity… afterwards, my only reason for living was to repay my father for all that he had done for me, and live up to the nurturing that the Xuanyuan family had provided me with. I dedicated myself to training with my sword, and spent all of my time training… perhaps it was because my heart had died and I didn’t have anything to distract me, my sword intent progressed incredibly quickly. By the time I was 14, there was no one within the same generation in the Xuanyuan family who could compete with me.

“When I was 15, because I was improving so quickly, there was no one who could even put up with me in the same generation. The family decided to make me the young master of the Xuanyuan family, and I became Long Tian Yun’s personal bodyguard both in the real world and the virtual world, following him wherever.” Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s voice paused for a moment and continued to speak with a slight tremble in her voice, “As someone from the Xuanyuan family, how could I know what sort of person Long Tian Yun was? He’s much more lascivious than most men, and before he was 20, he had toyed with countless women. Since I had to stay by his side, I was afraid that… so… so… I used my sword… to cut my face tens of times…”

“Don’t say anymore!” Ling Chen yelled.

He used all of his strength to hug Xuanyuan Dia Wu, the pain in his heart suffocating him. He felt as if he was going to burst into tears. When Xuanyuan Dia Wu mentioned that she was chosen to be Long Tian Yun’s personal bodyguard, he had a bad feeling. From his memories, he remembered that Xuanyuan Dia Wu was incredibly beautiful, and if she stayed by Long Tian Yun’s side, it was inevitable that he would set his sights on her… when she spoke of the cruel things she did to herself, Ling Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

She had cut her own face… a girl’s face had been cut tens of times… tens of gouges, tens of scars would completely ruin her appearance and make her incredibly ugly. She had wanted to maintain her purity for the ‘dead’ Tian Ya and would not allow anyone to taint her.

To almost all women, the most important thing to them was their beauty. If a woman’s beauty was destroyed, it was almost equivalent to their entire life being destroyed. No ordinary woman wouldn’t care about their appearance… Xuanyuan Dia Wu had desperately wanted to meet Ling Chen, but because her looks had been ruined, she didn’t have the courage to stand in front of him. She felt that she was no longer good enough to be by his side, and would be a blemish by his side… at the same time, no woman would want their lover to see her looking incredibly ugly. At the very least, if she didn’t reunite with him, he would still have that beautiful image of her.

Ling Chen immediately realised that his reaction had been quite intense, and he was afraid that it would upset Xuanyuan Dia Wu. He hurriedly calmed himself and held her shoulders as he looked at her, “It’s fine, it’s all fine. That’s all in the past. As long as my Dia Wu can return to my side, nothing else matters. No matter what my Dia Wu looks like, you’ll still be the most beautiful girl in my heart, forever.”

Xuanyuan Dia Wu didn’t say anything and continued to grip Ling Chen’s hand. She understood Ling Chen’s heart, and she understood that his feelings were just the same towards her. However, with her face, a face more terrifying than a demon’s, would he really not care at all? Would the people by his side not care at all? Could she not care at all?

It was impossible… completely impossible.

No matter how deep one’s feelings were, when facing an incredibly ugly face, they would naturally feel repulsed and disgusted. This had nothing to do with love – it was something natural for all creatures.

Humans could control their emotions, but they couldn’t control their nature.

The beautiful Xuanyuan Dia Wu and the ugly Xuanyuan Dia Wu could never be the same.

“Dia Wu, can you let me look at you?” Ling Chen had a warm and gentle smile on his face. There was no nervousness or worry on his face, only a sense of heartache and comfort. “Trust me, no matter what Dia Wu looks like now, I’ll still like you now and forever.”

No matter how scared she was, or how much she tried to run, she wouldn’t be able to hide her face from him forever… now that they had finally reunited, was there any reason for her to continue hiding her face… even if she hid it, it wouldn’t be able to go back to what it was like before.

“Mm…” She absentmindedly replied. Since Ling Chen had said those things, she couldn’t hide her face forever. She raised her face and put her hands on the cloth covering her face. As both her hands trembled, she slowly took off the cloth as if it took all of the strength in her body.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s face after 13 years was revealed to Ling Chen. In that instant, Ling Chen’s pupils couldn’t help but contract as his vision became blurry… what he was afraid of wasn’t seeing Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s destroyed looks, but that when he saw her face, his heart would ache to death.

Finally, his vision cleared as Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s face was revealed in his eyes as he stared for a long time…

It was a very, very white face, like a piece of white jade. It was even more resplendent than snow under the sunlight. The whiteness of her face was partially because she had covered it up for so many years, but it was also because of her natural looks.

Her slim eyebrows were like beautiful crescent moons, and her eyes were clear and deep like a mountain stream. Droplets of tears hung from her long eyelashes, and her cheeks were glossy and tender as well as slightly red from crying, making her look incredibly beautiful. All of these were arranged perfectly on an equally perfect face. Her long hair was dark and glossy, and fluttered in the wind, making her beautiful white skin seem all the more striking. Her watery eyes looked like the bright stars in the dark night sky, which looked at him with an expression of anxiousness. 

So beautiful… within all of Ling Chen’s emotions, 2 words floated around in his mind. This incredibly beautiful face reminded him of Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s face when she was younger, but was much more beautiful than Ling Chen had imagined… in fact, she was comparable to even Yun Meng Xin.

“Am I… very ugly… and terrifying…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu bit her lips as she said in fright… however, she couldn’t tell what Ling Chen was thinking from his expression.

“No!” Ling Chen shook his head and smiled in an incredibly relaxed manner as if all of the pain and gloom in his heart were swept away by a gust of wind. Ling Chen stretched out his hand and touched Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s face, carefully caressing her skin as if she was the most perfect work of art in the world. “My Dia Wu turned out to be such a devastating beauty after growing up.”

“Big sister’s so pretty!” Shadissika also cried out as she gave a cute smile. “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a pretty big sister.”

“Eh?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu was stunned. She had thought that Ling Chen’s words were meant to be words of comfort, but this little girl… such a young girl wouldn’t be able to say such things with such an expression. Normally, little girls would react negatively to ugly appearances, but this girl did not cry out in shock or fear and instead praised her… what was going on?

“Dia Wu, you need to believe that there are miracles in this world.” Ling Chen was reluctant to take his hand off Dia Wu’s face. He took out a small mirror from his bag and showed it to Xuanyuan Dia Wu and smiled as he looked at her.

Within the mirror was a ridiculously beautiful young woman who was almost too beautiful for words. The instant Xuanyuan Dia Wu looked into the mirror she was sent into a daze, and after a brief pause she cried out and brought her hands to her face.

The girl’s face in the mirror was covered by a pair of cloth-wrapped hands.

“Is this me… Is this me… Is this me…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu was so emotional that she was at a loss for words, and when she felt around her face, she could not find those scars. Instead, she could only feel smooth, supple skin.

Ling Chen saved the mirror as he smiled, “This is a real mirror; your big brother Tian Ya bought it for a whole 6 gold coins, so I can confirm it’s definitely real. What you’re seeing in that mirror is definitely yourself.”

“But… But… why’s it like this… I…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu was once again at a loss for words. She was filled with joy and shock, but couldn’t believe that this was real. 

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