Shura's Wrath

Chapter 593

Irreconcilable Hatred Curse

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Feng Chen Curses were only good for screwing people over and tricking them. They had no real uses – that was what Ling Chen had originally thought about them. However, this view had greatly changed over time. The might of the Feng Chen Curses had been displayed through various applications. The Cherry Blossom God Representative was incredibly powerful – if Ling Chen was to directly fight against her, even 10 of him would not be enough to deal with her, and yet, under the Utter Despair Curse and Soulstealing Curse, she had become Ling Chen’s pet.

The Ice Demon Beast was incredibly powerful, and yet she had committed suicide because of the Utter Despair Curse.

As for these normal players, the Feng Chen Curses were even more effective against them. 1 million troops? They were nothing in front of the Feng Chen Curses.

This was the first time Ling Chen had used the Deity Curse. He looked down at the leaders kowtowing and worshipping him, feeling incredibly delighted. He grinned as he looked at Long Tian Yun and said arrogantly, “Long Tian Yun, now you know that you’re trash and scum, right?” 

Trash and scum… no one had ever dared to call Long Tian Yun these things before. Even the Gu family’s 3 brothers didn’t dare to say such a thing. To humiliate him like this, no matter how large their backing was, Long Tian Yun would definitely make it so that they would not be able to live within China anymore. However, Long Tian Yun’s body froze as he lowered his head and hurriedly replied, “Yes… Yes… In front of you, I’m merely trash and scum. Please forgive me…”

Crash… countless glasses fell to the ground.

Upon hearing Long Tian Yun say this sort of thing, Flame Shadow and Cang Yan felt as if they had been struck by lightning. Flame Shadow scrambled over as he hollered, “Young master! Young master, what happened to you? How could you say such things? Did he cast some sort of witchcraft on you? Young master, please wake up!”

Just as he finished yelling, Long Tian Yun suddenly turned to look at him, his eyes filled with anger, killing intent and coldness. “Flame Shadow! I’ll say whatever the hell I want to; what gives you the right to tell me what to say? Piss off, and if you dare to continue to utter nonsense, I’ll rip apart your mouth!” 

That expression, aura, tone and attitude were undoubtedly Long Tian Yun’s. It didn’t look like he was being forced to do this at all. Flame Shadow’s mouth dropped open as his face paled, not daring to say anything. Long Tian Yun turned and when he faced Ling Chen again, his expression became incredibly excited and emotional, as if he had met his long-lost father.

“And what about all of you?” Ling Chen looked to the other leaders.

“Yes, yes, yes… we’re all trash and scum… ah no, we’re worse than trash. Please… a person of great moral stature doesn’t quibble with those of lower moral stature. Please forgive us and give us a chance to change our ways. We definitely won’t do such stupid things again.”

“I’m a bastard; I’m worse than pigs or dogs. I’m the worst scum…”

“No, no! That’s me… I’m the worst scum; I’ve commit such blasphemy… I don’t have any face to continue living in this world anymore.”

“Ling Tian, I was wrong. I was deranged and am an imbecile, wuu… as long as you forgive me, I’m willing to use the rest of my life to atone for my sins.”

25 guild leaders yelled out in mournful voices, crying pathetically. Each of them fought to curse themselves more, their tears of repentance formed great puddles on the ground.

The grassy plains fell completely silent, and only sobbing and self-deprecating cursing could be heard.

“Is that so?” Ling Chen immediately released a second Deity Curse as he yelled, “Since you know you’re in the wrong, tell these people to piss off!!”

As if they had heard an imperial edict, the leaders kneeling on the ground trembled as they desperately grabbed their communication devices and yelled their orders into them.

“Yan Huang Alliance, heed my orders… everyone who’s still here get the hell out of here! Piss off as far as possible right away! If I see anyone here within 5 minutes, I’ll destroy his entire family!” Long Tian Yun roared with a dark expression.

“Hear that? All of you scram! Not a single one of you is to stay! Go!”

“… I’ll give you all 5 seconds to all return to the Black Flames Alliance’s headquarters… what are you all standing around for? Hurry up and piss off!” 

“All troops retreat! Got it?”


The yells from 25 leaders filled half the grassy plains, and this was the strictest order that all of the troops had heard. Looking at the high and mighty figures kneeling subserviently in front of Ling Tian, even kowtowing and weeping, all of the players felt that their entire alliance’s face had been completely trampled upon. Hearing these orders, looks of derision and condescension appeared on countless players’ faces. They simply couldn’t watch their leaders act so shamefully. Countless white lights flashed on the grassy plains. Within 10 seconds, the 3 million attacking players had all left. Only the 25 leaders were left kneeling on the grassing plains.

Upon seeing their players leave, they showed expressions of satisfaction and relief as they looked up towards Ling Chen in the sky.

The grassy plains that had been filled with a sea of people was instantly vacated, and the people on the platform were dumbfounded. Skyfall, Against The Sky and Judging Sky grabbed the railings on the platform as they leaned forwards, their eyes larger than even a cow’s.

“Am… Am I seeing things?” Skyfall whispered as he rubbed his eyes.

“We’re definitely seeing things,” Judging Sky replied as he sucked in a breath.

“Would anyone believe that we’re not seeing things?” Against The Sky said as he stared.

“What’s… going on?” Xiao Qiu Feng glanced at Yun Feng. He definitely didn’t believe that the leaders of these guilds would be willing to kneel down to Ling Tian and act so shamefully. While Ling Tian is indeed ridiculously powerful, even if he was 10 times more powerful and could wipe out all of the attacking troops in a second, suppressing them to such an extent that they couldn’t breathe just isn’t possible… they would rather die.

“No idea, no idea at all,” Yun Feng said as he shook his head.

“Feng… Chen… Curse.”

Yun Meng Xin subconsciously muttered this, but Li Xiao Xue heard this with her acute senses and asked as she looked over, “Feng Chen Curse? What’s that?”

Yun Meng Xin smiled as she replied, “Ling Tian mentioned it to me before. He has a skill that can affect other people’s minds. Back then, I didn’t pay it much mind, but now I’ve seen just how powerful it is… we’ve gone through so much pain and effort to defend the new city until now, suffering countless casualties. In the end, we still would not have been able to protect the new city. And yet, he… without shedding any blood and with just a few words not only destroyed the other sides’ reputation, he also sent those 3 million players packing.”

“Ling Tian has such an ability?” Li Xiao Xue asked in shock. She turned and looked at the figure in the distance as she said, “I suddenly pity them. I’m sure that they’ll regret appearing here for the rest of their lives… moreover, based on my understanding towards Ling Tian, this is not his true revenge. The true revenge, their nightmares, has not yet begun.”

After the attacking players all left, the crisis of the new city was averted. Although Ling Chen and Xi Ling’s attacks were incredibly powerful, they could not do much in protecting the new city. What was truly useful was the Feng Chen Curse.

A single Feng Chen Curse sent 3 million players packing – in fact, it would have been just as effective against 30 million players. This was just how terrifying the Feng Chen Curses were for even the apex experts to be terrified of them.

With the crisis averted, Ling Chen didn’t feel like watching these leaders continue to make fools out of themselves. The Deity Curse’s time was also nearly up. Ling Chen tapped his chin as a sinister smile appeared on his face. He flicked a finger, cancelling the Deity Curse as he activated an Irreconcilable Hatred Curse.

The expressions of all the bosses and leaders froze. After the Deity Curse was cancelled and they thought back to what they just did, they felt incomparable shame. Logically speaking, they should have felt so angry towards Ling Chen that they wanted to rip him into shreds… that’s right, they were furious to the extreme, and their eyes became red like those of a savage beast’s. However, they were not glaring at Ling Chen. It was almost as if Ling Chen did not exist.

“Long Tian Yun!! You bastard!! I want to rip off your skin, tear your tendons, and rip you apart to feed the dogs!!!” Mo Gu Lin shrieked as he sprang towards Long Tian Yun, his hands gripping onto Long Tian Yun’s neck. He then opened his mouth and bit his shoulder, causing Long Tian Yun to howl in pain.

“Black Flames Wild Gale! You dared to screw me over in poker last game! I’ll friggin’ kill you! I’ll definitely kill you today!”

“Mo Gu Lin! Do you remember the 30 cents you owe me for ice cream from 28 years ago? You’ve owed me for 28 years, and I’ve hated you for 28 years. Today, you’ll be paying it back with your life! Go die!!”

“Bastard! Why’s your wife prettier than my wife? If I don’t cut you into 8 pieces and grind your bones to dust, I’m not a human!!”

“You bastard!! I personally heard you saying that Mars Gravity isn’t handsome! You dare to say that Mars Gravity isn’t handsome? I’ll fight you to the death!!”


25 leaders furiously fought each other like rabid dogs, using their hands, feet, and teeth… finally, they took out their weapons and started swinging them around. Their expressions were all extremely savage, their movements incredibly brutal. Their throats were all hoarse from yelling, as if everyone around them were their archenemies who could not be forgiven no matter what.

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