Shura's Wrath

Chapter 589

Shattering The Heavens And Shaking The Earth

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

After using a Spatial Orb to teleport from the Godchild Peak to the North of the Fairy Forest, the scene that greeted Ling Chen’s eyes gave him a big fright.

The grassy plains that he remembered were gone. Instead, it was replaced by a incredibly large city that seemed to stretch on forever. The city had mostly taken form, and there were Dwarves hurrying around, working tirelessly to finish construction.

The scale of the city as well as the style caused Ling Chen to stare, dumbfounded. In just a few glances, he couldn’t help but admire the Dwarves’ wisdom and skills in construction. The central administrative plaza was grand and impressive, and it was the first time Ling Chen had felt such an imposing might coming from buildings. The surrounding areas were beautiful and elegant, and one could tell at a glance that the marketplace gave off an air of temptation. There was also the Entertainment District, Residential District, and the Competition District… no matter where one looked, they would feel like they couldn’t look away. No matter where they looked, they would sigh and marvel within their hearts.

However, right now was not the time for appreciation.

Heaven-shaking roars came from the north, drawing Ling Chen’s attention. He looked over and saw a large expanse of yellow… the 20 kilometres of grassy plains had been treaded into dirt, and there was not a shred of green left, showing Ling Chen how devastating the battle had been. A dark mass of attacking troops was rushing towards the north of the city, while there did not seem to be any defenders in front of it.

“Great, I wasn’t too late… let’s go, Snow Cherry!”

Ling Chen changed direction and rushed towards the battlefield. Suddenly, a clear voice filled with delight sounded in his ears, “Big brother! Wow!! It’s really big brother!”

Ling Chen slowed down as the person who spoke flew over with her little wings in front of Ling Chen.

“Cai’Er, you…”

“Big brother, you’re finally back! Please go and help the big sisters,” Cai’Er rushed up and hurriedly yelled. “There are too many bad guys; big sisters can’t hold them back anymore. Hurry and go, big brother, don’t let those bad guys destroy our home… eh?” Cai’Er’s gaze was drawn over to Shadissika who was smiling at her. “Who’s this big sister? Wow, her hair is completely white! She’s so pretty and cute!”

The pure white girl was quite eye-catching, and she had a natural charm that could steal anyone’s soul – even Ling Chen had not been able to resist her. Ling Chen patted Cai’Er’s little hand that was holding onto his clothes as he nodded and replied, “She’s called Sha Sha, you can be good friends in the future. Cai’Er, help me tell the people in the Fairy Clan and the Dwarf Clan that the city will be fine, and that they can be at ease… let’s go, Snow Cherry!”


A clear and cold voice sounded out behind Ling Chen. Ling Chen turned around and saw an elegant and beautiful face that looked like the face of a goddess. Ling Chen hadn’t seen Ying Xue in a long time. She was just as incredibly beautiful as before, but the layer of iciness on her face still had not melted. She took out a few small wooden bottles and gave them to Ling Chen as she said calmly, “This is Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk collected from beside Fairy Fountain; their effects are much more effective than normal Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk. Take them.”

After saying this, she did not give Ling Chen an extra look as she left.

[Fairy Dew of Dawn]: Pure dew that is formed on the flowers and grasses near the Fairy Fountain at dawn. It contains a great amount of life energy. After consuming, restores 15,000HP every second, which persists for 30 seconds. Can be used continuously, but effects do not stack.

[Fairy Dew of Dusk]: Pure dew that is formed on the flowers and grasses near Fairy Fountain at dusk. It contains a great amount of life energy. After consuming, restores 6,000MP every second, which persists for 30 seconds. Can be used continuously, but the effects do not stack.  

The effects of the Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk are already immensely powerful, but the Dew of Dawn and Dew of Dusk that were collected near Fairy Fountain actually gave effects that lasted for 3 times as long. There were 100 drops in each bottle, which would be able to last Ling Chen for a very long time. Ling Chen did not dally, and after saying a few words of comfort to Cai’Er, he once again rushed towards the battlefield.

The onslaught of 4 million players could shake the earth and move mountains. In front of such a force, even the wall of vines created by the Fairy Clan was easily destroyed. If these players rushed into the city, they would cause a massive catastrophe. However, there was nothing Li Xiao Xue and the others could do against them.

The attacking forces came closer and closer, and the front line was now within 100 metres of the new city. In 10 seconds or so, they would reach the final weak defence. By now, Li Xiao Xue and the others had given up all hope, and no one went down from the platform to stop them. With their strength in this sort of situation, they would simply be dying for nothing.

After sighing, Li Xiao Xue looked at the 3 Heavenly Kings and said apologetically, “Gu family’s 3 uncles, if I had known that this would have been the result from the beginning, I wouldn’t have dragged you in. In the end, we’ve still lost, and asked you to suffer possibly the greatest loss in your lives. This was all my fault. In the future, I will do all I can to compensate you.”

However, Skyfall gave a hearty laugh as he waved his hand, “No need! We didn’t come for you, but for our big sister. As such, you don’t need to feel like you owe us anything. In fact, although we lost, we sacrificed 3 million players to take down more than 10 million players! This will be our eternal glory! Tomorrow, even if the Skyfall Dynasty is annihilated, the entire world will not forget our glory, hahaha!”


The attacking forces drew nearer and nearer, and soon, they were only metres away. At that moment, the clear sound of a sword being drawn sounded out. The Sword Emperor, who had sat silently under the platform, suddenly rose and charged forwards with 5 sharp swords, giving off icy lights as they circled around her.

In this massive battle, apart from Xiao Qi, the Sword Emperor had killed the most people. The players who fell under her swords numbered around 50,000-60,000, and she had not died a single time. Within the army of millions, wherever she charged to, corpses would litter the ground. The attacking players were all terrified of her, and whenever they heard that she was nearby, they would be scared out of their wits.

Seeing this terrifying deathgod rush towards them, the faces of the attacking players paled, their hearts trembling. However, before the Sword Emperor came close, a silver light exploded out, almost blinding their eyes.

The 5 swords by the Sword Emperor’s side rushed to the sky, flying almost 100 metres high. When everyone subconsciously looked up, their eyes widened… because there were not 5 swords in the sky, but hundreds… no, thousands… no, tens of thousands!

Countless sword lights filled the sky like stars, and no one knew just when they had appeared there. The sword lights hovered in the air for a few seconds before shooting downwards.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…

The descending sword lights looked like a meteor shower, falling towards the attacking force’s army. Countless attacking players screamed out, forming a terrible melody of death. The meteor shower of sword lights spanned over 100 metres, and countless red damage figures rapidly floated up… wherever the sword light passed, corpses fell to the ground without a single person left alive.

Everyone within 100 metres of the Sword Emperor instantly died without a single survivor. This sudden rain of swords caused the attacking force, which possessed an unstoppable momentum, to suddenly fall silent.

All of the players stared with wide eyes towards the mountain of corpses that had just appeared in an instant, their eyes filled with fear and shock.

“W-What sort of skill is this?!” Skyfall cried out in shock.

“My goodness, so powerful… is this the Sword Emperor’s true power…?” Yun Feng muttered with his mouth wide open.

“Unbelievable.” Even Xiao Qiu Feng was completely dumbfounded. The Sword Emperor had once been at the top of the Heaven Rankings, and yet this Sword Emperor was tens, if not hundreds of times more powerful than the old Sword Emperor. Her increase in power seemed to have happened after she left the Yan Huang Alliance. No one could imagine just what she had experienced to go through such monstrous growth.

Just that single attack buried thousands of people and shocked millions.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The 5 swords simultaneously fell and stabbed into the ground, but did not float back up. At this moment, the Sword Emperor’s body violently swayed and half-kneeled on the ground.

Li Xiao Xue frowned as she said worriedly, “Crap! She used up all of her mental energy in that attack, and she might not even be able to think anymore! Winter, Hundred Miles, quickly rescue her!”

The Sword Emperor had silently joined this battle, but had put in more effort than almost anyone else. In these last moments, she was still not willing to give up. Irrespective of the past, the current Sword Emperor was their most powerful and reliable ally. Adding on Li Xiao Xue’s guesses as to her identity… she simply did not want to see her die.

“It’s… too late.” Skyfall said in a low voice.

“Kill her!” Long Tian Yun gave the order in a low voice from behind the attacking army.

The attacking forces, which had frozen in shock, started to move again. The corpses in front of them caused them to shudder in fear, but the Sword Emperor looked completely defenceless, giving them the courage to advance. They roared as they quickly charged… Just the thought of killing the Sword Emperor alone caused them to tremble.

Although Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice were quite fast, it would be impossible even for them to save the Sword Emperor. They could only watch as the sea of players swarmed towards the Sword Emperor… her single figure among millions of players seemed extremely small.

When the attackers were just a few steps away, and the invincible Sword Emperor was about to fall at the hands of ordinary players… Li Xiao Xue sighed and raised her head, unwilling to see this scene.

“Screw off!!!!”

Just as the attackers’ weapons were about to fall on the Sword Emperor’s body, a blinding light suddenly flashed in everyone’s eyes as a deafening roar sounded in their ears. This roar came from a human, and yet it sounded like a peal of thunder, causing everyone’s blood to roil.

“Extinguishing… The… Heavens… And… Destroying… The… Earth… Tempest!! Hahhh!”


A heaven-shattering and earth-shaking explosion sounded out, making everyone lose their hearing.

The ground exploded, and everyone on that massive battlefield could feel the earth trembling under their feet as stones and sand were blasted into the air, covering the entire region. Countless people cried out as they were tossed around like sand bags. Some were even blasted a hundred metres away.

This sudden attack caused the attackers, who had finally started moving again, to once again stop and fall silent. The players at the back all covered their ringing ears as they stared in front of them… after the sand and dust cleared and they could finally see what had happened, their pupils contracted as a wave of iciness crept up their spines. This coldness spread throughout their arteries and veins, causing their heart, muscles, and every other part of their bodies to tremble.

A 30-metre-wide crater had appeared in the ground, and no one could see just how deep it was or how many bodies were buried within it. Countless long gashes extended out from the crater… as if the ground had suffered a heavy impact, causing it to split… some of the fissures were almost 100 metres long and half a metre wide. The area in between the fissures was incredibly dark, and no one could see how deep they extended.

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