Shura's Wrath

Chapter 576

Heaven’s Secrets Absolute Formation (3)

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Editor: Modlawls123

“Meng Xin, how many more drops of Dew of Dusk do you have? Give them all to Su Su.”

“Okay.” Yun Meng Xin immediately took out all of the Dew of Dusk given to her by Cai’Er and gave them to Su’Er. Su’Er’s Heaven’s Secrets Formations required large amounts of MP to cast, and normal MP Potions were unable to sustain that sort of consumption. However, the Dew of Dusk would be more than enough.

“Su Su, make preparations to use the [Disorder in Heaven and Earth] Formation. I’ll let you know as soon as we need to change formations,” Li Xiao Xue said as she stood in front of Su’Er. She was now incredibly familiar with the 12 Absolute Formations that Su’Er could use. Although the formations Su’Er could use were not extremely powerful, they were incredibly strange and unpredictable. Once the battle began, they would use them to affect both sides’ morale. As such, Li Xiao Xue needed to use one of the most powerful formations from the very beginning.

“Okay, I understand.” Su’Er gripped the Heavenly Star horsetail whisk with both hands, with an earnest and honest look on her face.

“Heavenly King Skyfall and Alliance Master Xiao, immediately give the order that when the fighting begins, all players must face the north the entire time,” Li Xiao Xue said.

“Don’t worry. Even if we die, none of us will try to escape,” Skyfall replied. The enemies were at the north and they were at the south. When attacking, they would naturally be attacking towards the north, and would only face away from the north when escaping… that was how he understood Li Xiao Xue’s words.

“That’s not what I meant,” Li Xiao Xue shook her head. “I meant that when fighting, under no circumstances are they allowed to turn around, even if the enemy is right behind them. Unless I give an order to the contrary, they must always attack towards the North!”

Skyfall was utterly confused by this order, but Xiao Qiu Feng instantly understood. He picked up his communication device and rapidly gave the order. Skyfall looked at Li Xiao Xue and Xiao Qiu Feng and also did the same.

At that moment, the Heavenly Star Line finally disappeared.

When the traces of light had started flashing, Long Tian Yun’s eyes had been fixed on them the entire time. His entire body was burning with anger, and only by massacring the Skyfall Dynasty and destroying the new city would he feel better. The instant the light disappeared, his arm, which had been raised, chopped downwards as his voice travelled into every Yan Huang Alliance’s player’s ears.


Attack!!!” The other attacking forces also simultaneously gave the order.

The sounds of over 10 million players and their mounts charging forwards could shake the heavens and move the earth, causing the entire grassy plains to tremble. The dense waves of players rushed forwards like floodwaters, seemingly unstoppable as they charged towards the new city. In front of the new city, the Battle Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty’s players also roared as they charged up towards the attackers.

“Su Su, activate the formation! Attack towards the north!”

As Li Xiao Xue spoke, Su’Er, who had already finished preparations, waved her horsetail whisk. As the white strands of the horsetail whisk travelled through the air, countless tiny star-like motes of light floated down from the sky, covering the entire grassy plains. After covering the entire battlefield, the light gave a slight flash as it disappeared.

The attacking forces and defending forces came closer and closer to each other, but no one knew that a terrifying Heaven’s Secrets Formation had been placed where they were.

The 2 forces smashed together, and the massive sound that resulted was as if 2 mountains had crashed together. Countless blades, spells, and arrows attacked from each side, and within a few seconds, the ground became littered with corpses.

However, all of these corpses belonged to the attackers… not a single defender had died.

The defenders’ attacks landed on the attackers, resulting in innumerable damage figures rising up. However, when the attackers’ attacks landed on the defenders, no matter if it was an attack by a Warrior, Shield Bearer, Archer, Assassin, Mage, Priest, or Summoner, none of them dealt any damage! Even the type of attack didn’t matter!

When the attacking players, who thought that it would be a one-sided massacre, realised this, they were struck with fear and dismay.

When the defending players, who thought that it would be a one-sided massacre, realised this, they became delirious with joy and delight… when a person found out that their enemy could deal no damage to them, what did they have to worry about? More and more defending players rushed towards the attacking players while completely ignoring the attackers’ attacks. They mercilessly and crazily took life after life, while the other side couldn’t deal any damage to them at all.

More and more corpses became to cover the ground, but not a single one of them belonged to the defending players. After the attacking players died, they stared with wide eyes, unable to believe what they were seeing. The attackers had a 5 times numbers advantage, and the attacking players had thought that they would instantly destroy the defending players. It was unthinkable that the defending players would be able to stop them at all. However, after they charged over, the attackers felt as if there was an unmovable mountain stopping them… because no matter how they attacked, the defenders simply would not die.

The attacking force’s leaders were completely shocked, and even the Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 Heavenly Kings were dumbfounded.

“What… What’s going on? Why are their attacks useless against us? Is there some sort of incredible bug in the system?” They had thought that they would be completely suppressed, and yet this sort of inconceivable scene had unfolded. Incredibly, it was the attacking forces, who had 5 times their numbers, who were being suppressed. They all felt completely stunned.

“This is a formation called the [Disorder in Heaven and Earth] Formation,” Li Xiao Xue slowly said as she looked at the battlefield. “This is an indescribably miraculous formation that I’ve never even heard of. After laying down this formation and picking a direction, within the formation, only attacks towards that direction will be effective. Attacks towards all other directions will be wholly ineffective! This is why I asked you to give that order before.”

“Is… Is this true? Such a mystical formation exists?” Skyfall asked in shock. He suddenly thought of something as he became even more shocked, “Could it be that this formation is so big as to cover the entire battlefield?”

“That’s right.” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she looked at Su’Er.

The 3 Heavenly Kings also looked at Su’Er, and realised that this formation had come from this extremely cute girl.

“Holy crap… what sort of hidden profession has these sorts of ridiculous formations. With these sorts of skills, a person can control a massive battlefield!” The 3 Heavenly Kings simultaneously marvelled inwardly.

Skyfall now understood why Li Xiao Xue asked the defenders to be arranged in a winged formation. This incredibly strange formation made them almost invincible, but its weakness was that it could easily be seen through.

As more and more attacking players unwittingly attacked towards the north, the formation’s secret would be discovered. When that happened, the defenders would no longer be able to capitalise on this advantage. However, before this happened, this winged formation would be able to cause heavy casualties to the attackers, while also boosting the defenders’ morale and reducing the attackers’ morale.

“What an incredible ability. Su Su, you’re simply amazing,” Li Xiao Xue continuously marvelled. They faced an army that was much bigger than their own, and yet they were able to cause the other side to take heavy losses while suffering none themselves- no matter how wise or powerful one was, they would not be able to achieve such a thing. However, Su’Er had evidently accomplished this, causing Li Xiao Xue to become completely amazed.

At this moment, a loud cry sounded out as a grey shadow flashed past like a bolt of lightning, charging towards the battlefield.

It was the Sword Emperor! As well as her pet the Lightning Falcon!

“Ah!!” Su’Er cried out in shock.

Li Xiao Xue immediately reassured her, “Su Su, don’t worry. The Sword Emperor is now helping us. Looks like the Sword Emperor has fully recovered. What’s amazing is that the Sword Emperor took down over 10,000 people singlehandedly.”

“She’s… the Sword Emperor?” Su’Er’s eyes remained shocked, looking like she was quite scared. “But… but… she’s a woman…”

“Hm?” Li Xiao Xue looked at Su’Er in surprise. “How did you know that she’s a woman?”

“I have a special profession skill called Heaven’s Secrets Eyes that can see hidden things. Just then when she flew past, I saw that she was a woman, and… and…” Su’Er gulped as she spoke, “Her face is so scary…”

“Face? Scary? You can see her face?”

“Mm, I can see it… her face is so scary, like a demon’s… so scary… I’ve never seen such a terrifying face before.” As Su’Er spoke, she thought back to the face she had just seen, and her little face paled. It seemed that the face had given her a terrible fright.

“Are you sure… that’s her real face?” Li Xiao Xue asked.

“I’m completely sure,” Su’Er said as she earnestly nodded.

Li Xiao Xue fell silent as she frowned.

She didn’t doubt Su’Er’s words because she understood Su’Er’s personality. She simply wasn’t someone who would tell lies.

A woman… with a terrifying face… like a demon’s…

What was going on?

No way…

Could it be that her guess had been incorrect?


“Wait, the thing that I couldn’t understand before… if the Sword Emperor really is that person, she should have tried to meet him after knowing who Ling Chen was. And yet, it seems like she has been trying to avoid Ling Chen…

“Could it be because of this reason?”

Looking in front of her, Li Xiao Xue fell silent for a long time. The Sword Emperor charged into the battlefield, and when 5 silver sword lights shone out, everyone knew that the death god had reappeared. Her reappearance caused countless attacking players to have nightmares.

Within the formation, the battle was a one-sided massacre in the favour of the defenders. However, as expected, this sort of situation did not last, and the secret was eventually discovered… however, by the time they realised this, the attackers had already suffered heavy losses, and had lost a million more players than the defenders. Moreover, even after discovering the secret and ordering the attackers to change the directions of their attacks, it was still difficult for them to swing the battle in their favour.

The reason was very simple. The attackers were attacking from the north towards the south. As such, the vast majority of their attacks were aimed towards the south, while it was the opposite for the defenders. The 2 sides started to fight for better positioning. Although the defenders had the advantage of the formation, the other side had an absolute advantage in numbers. After the secret of the formation was exposed, the defenders’ advantage started to decrease, but their morale was so high that they continued to block the attackers, not retreating even a single step. 

“It’s about time,” Li Xiao Xue said in a low voice before turning around. ‘Heavenly King Skyfall and Alliance Master Xiao, give the command for magic professions to move to the east and for physical professions to move to the west. Make sure they’re fast, otherwise the formation will be broken.”

Xiao Qiu Feng and Skyfall immediately gave the orders. After their experience with the previous formation, they unhesitatingly gave this order that seemed completely mad.

At that moment, the [Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Disorder in Heaven and Earth] was deactivated as [Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Whirling Heavens] was activated.

 Formation effect: West: Magic Attacks become useless while Physical Attacks are empowered; East: Physical Attacks become useless while Magic Attacks are empowered.

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