Shura's Wrath

Chapter 574

Heaven’s Secrets Absolute Formation (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

An hour and a half passed, but the [Heavenly Star Line] still hadn’t disappeared. Long Tian Yun started to feel a little nervous. He had thought that such a domineering defensive item that covered such a large range would only last 10 or so minutes. He completely did not expect it to last until now. No matter what he tried, there were no players who could cross over those traces of light.

Despite this, no matter if it was the Yan Huang Alliance or any of the other attackers, nobody retreated because those traces of light had to disappear at some point. Perhaps it could last 1 or 2 hours, but it surely couldn’t last for an entire day.

Elsewhere, Li Xiao Xue, who had been waiting for news, finally put down her communication device as a smile appeared on her face. She made a gesture to Yun Meng Xin and the others to relax, “The Skyfall Dynasty is moving out, and has moved out all of their forces. Not a single person has stayed behind to defend, and are currently moving here from the Azure Forest Village. They’ll be here shortly.”

“All of them? In order to help us, they’re not even defending their headquarters? Big miss Li, just what did you do? You couldn’t have promised to give over half of the Li family’s assets, right?” Everyone was completely dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

“Of course not, I would never make such a bad deal. I didn’t give anything or make any promises. All I did was ask Wan Yu to take a trip,” Li Xiao Xue casually said.

“This… This…” Yun Feng and the others stared.

“Xiao Xue, just what did you do? Is the Skyfall Dynasty truly helping us?” Yun Meng Xin still could not believe it.

“To put it simply, I used a method that I didn’t want to use unless I had absolutely no other options. This method didn’t have anything to do with bribery or blackmail, only ‘emotions’,” Li Xiao Xue explained.

“Yes, it’s actually quite easy to explain.” Li Xiao Xue turned to look at Xiao Qiu Feng as she asked, “Alliance Master Xiao, do you think you’re a calm and rational person?”

“Of course he is,” Xiao Qi immediately replied.

“This is undeniable. Otherwise, how would he be able to lead and support the Battle Alliance?” Yun Feng said confidently. They had been friends since they were young, and knew each other well.

Li Xiao Xue gave a slight smile, “In that case, Alliance Master Xiao, if your parents gave your little sister, Qi Qi, to you, but then you lost her on the very first day and heard that she died… what would you do if you suddenly learned 10 years later that she was alive? Even if you didn’t have the ability to rescue her, wouldn’t the usually calm and rational Alliance Master Xiao still give up everything and try to save her regardless?”

Everyone fell silent. Xiao Qiu Feng’s cold gaze dissipated as he looked over at Xiao Qi. No one doubted that he would indeed make that decision… after thinking about it, all of the people present would make such a decision… because that decision was not related at all to wisdom or logic. Anyone who possessed emotions would choose to become a madman or madwoman for their loved ones.

“It’s that simple,” Li Xiao Xue looked at them as she said while smiling. “However, don’t ask me for any specifics; I can’t tell you them right now. Perhaps one day you’ll know… mm, the Skyfall Dynasty is here.”

In the north, a black mass was moving towards them. The rumbling from millions of players marching together could be heard. Li Xiao Xue narrowed her eyes and turned to Su’Er as she said, “Little Su Su, can you control that [Heavenly Star Line] at will? Are you able to let anyone you want in?”

“Yes,” Su’Er nodded.

“Very good.” Li Xiao Xue’s smile became wider as she picked up her communication device and earnestly said, “Heavenly King Skyfall, let’s not waste words. You will be able to pass through the traces of light stopping the Yan Huang Alliance and other attackers. In order to move to the best defensive position, it’s best that you cross over that line and join with the Battle Alliance. We’ll talk about the specifics later.”

After the call ended, Skyfall changed to the guild channel and yelled, “Quickly advance!”

“Big bro, second bro, do any of you know what happened to big sister?” Judging Sky couldn’t endure it anymore as he asked.

“I want to know even more than you,” Against The Sky said as he rolled his eyes.

“Ai,” Skyfall gave a long sigh. Although he didn’t regret his decision, he was still nervous about the outcome of today’s battle, “You should have seen that big sister actually cried. I never thought that I would see big sister cry within my lifetime. Something big definitely happened, and it definitely has something to do with someone defending the new city. For big sister, who’s so wise and rational, to make such a crazy decision, this person must be incredibly important to big sister. As such, we need to do this no matter what. As for why…  we shouldn’t ask her about it or even think about it before big sister tells us willingly.”

Against The Sky and Judging Sky simultaneously nodded as their gazes became resolute. Looking at the massive attacking army in front of them, their eyes were filled with battle intent.

Very soon, the Skyfall Dynasty would face its most intense battle in its history. With 3 million players against 15 million players, they were fully resigned to their fate. Since they had burned all their bridges and cut off all retreat, they had to fight a world-shaking battle! They would let the entire world know how terrifying the Skyfall Dynasty was.

“Young master, it’s the Skyfall Dynasty. All 3 Heavenly Kings are present,” Flame Shadow reported to Long Tian Yun. 

“Oh? They can’t wait anymore?” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed.

“However, the situation seems a bit strange,” Flame Shadow frowned, “The Skyfall Dynasty’s numbers are unexpectedly large, and we estimated that they have around 3 million players. That’s almost their all of their forces. I don’t think the Skyfall Dynasty hid any forces from us, which means that the 3 Heavenly Kings seem to have moved out all of the Skyfall Dynasty’s forces and left nobody to defend! This… is very strange.”

“……” Long Tian Yun deeply frowned and didn’t say anything. He pondered about what the Skyfall Dynasty was trying to do. Had they gone crazy for the City Creation Token, and moved out all of their forces? He didn’t think that the 3 Heavenly Kings were so foolish as to do such a thing. In that case… what were they trying to do?

“Avoid contact with them, and keep an eye on them to see what they’re doing,” Long Tian Yun said in a low voice.

The Skyfall Dynasty started to advance faster, arriving at where the attacking forces were. The two forces were about 1,000 metres away, and neither side showed any intention of getting closer, as if they wanted to see what the other side would do. The Skyfall Dynasty’s army soon approached the Heavenly Star Line, but did not show any intentions of stopping. The attackers watched on in amusement, as they gleefully watched them draw closer and closer to those traces of light. 

Countless players watched on in wicked glee, waiting for the Skyfall Dynasty’s army to be smited, when the players at the front finally crossed over the line.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

Every second, the marching of 3 million players caused the earth to shake, producing booming sounds. However, that sound is evidently different from the sound of descending lightning. As the attacking forces watched on in disbelief, the Skyfall Dynasty’s players marched over the traces of light that were supposedly un-crossable, their speed didn’t even decrease as they continued to march forwards.

“What’s going on? They were perfectly fine when they crossed… goddamnit! Could it be that the light has lost its effects?”

Each of the leaders immediately sent another wave of cannon fodder to test it out… the results made them want to cough up blood. The Skyfall Dynasty’s army was still marching forwards, but no matter who they sent, as soon as they touched or crossed the line, the lightning would immediately smite them.

“I get it,” Mo Gu Lin stamped his feet. “The range of the line isn’t as long as we thought it was. It blocked our army, but everywhere else the line is just a feint! I knew there couldn’t be such a powerful defensive item with such a large range.”

A wave of players went out from the attacking forces towards where the Skyfall Dynasty’s army was. The Skyfall Dynasty continued to advance, completely ignoring them.

Because the other side was ignoring them, the attacking players didn’t try anything either. They followed behind the Skyfall Dynasty’s army and tried to pass through behind them.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack…

The sound of lightning once again rang out, and the bolts of lightning struck the attacking force’s player’s bodies accurately. Any player and mount belonging to the attacking force would be struck to death by the lightning, without exception. However, the lightning ignored the Skyfall Dynasty’s army. Let alone kill, the Skyfall Dynasty’s army was not even touched by the lightning.

Very soon, another wave of players charged over, this time wanting to mix in with the Skyfall Dynasty’s army. The Skyfall Dynasty’s players continued to march forwards, and continued to ignore them. The result caused the attacking forces to almost cough up blood… despite mixing in with the Skyfall Dynasty’s army, they were still struck by lightning when they stepped on or over the line. As for the Skyfall Dynasty’s players, not even a hair on their heads was harmed.

“Looks like there’s only one explanation,” Long Tian Yun said as his expression darkened. “The Skyfall Dynasty seems to know about that strange defensive item, and knows the method for avoiding it… they must have a special item similar to a ‘lightning rod’!”

Of course, the other possibility was that they were here to help the defenders, and had been granted access. However, this idea was almost instantly discarded by Long Tian Yun. Why would the Skyfall Dynasty muster their entire army to go help the defenders? Even if the 3 Heavenly Kings were complete idiots, they wouldn’t make such a decision.

“What should we do then?” Flame Shadow asked worriedly.

“What should we do? Heh…” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed. “Since they want to cross over, let them cross. That Battle Alliance isn’t a very big problem, but it isn’t very small either. Now, it looks like there’s someone who can’t wait to get rid of this problem for us for free.”

Without facing any obstructions, the Skyfall Dynasty’s massive army finished passing over the Heavenly Stay Line and gathered in front of the new city. By now, there were only a few minutes before the Heavenly Star Line’s effects ran out.

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