Shura's Wrath

Chapter 571

Li Xiao Xue’s Trump Card

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Yun Feng pushed Winter of That Year aside as he also rushed up, “Me too, me too! Ahhh there are actually such overpowered support-type passive abilities? If I join little sister Su’Er’s party, not only are there a lot of benefits… but I won’t even have to worry about goddamn dying anymore!”

Anyone in Su’Er’s party would receive a bonus 50% EXP and drop rate, as well as significant boosts to their Critical Chance, Pierce Chance and Luck. This was already incredibly shocking, and was much more powerful than all other support skills combined. Moreover, none of her party members would receive any penalties after dying. This meant that they would not lose levels, or have to worry about dropping their equipment. In fact, they would not have to fear death at all- the only disadvantage would be having to respawn at the revival point.

Even Xiao Qiu Feng and Hundred Miles of Ice looked quite stirred up, and gazed at Su’Er with a passionate look. Needless to say, this was the most overpowered support skill they had ever seen. It is not an active skill that had restrictions or consumptions; it is simply broken.

Also, the [Heaven’s Blessing] is an extremely powerful defensive passive skill. With that skill, unless Su’Er took the initiative to attack anyone, anyone trying to attack her would have wasted their efforts, and would simply be seeking death. Moreover, even if someone killed her, they would receive extremely cruel punishments. If Ling Chen was present, he would have found that this skill was quite similar to Tian Tian’s dying skill. However, Tian Tian’s dying skill’s punishments were much worse.

“Eh? O-Okay.” Upon seeing everyone’s burning gazes, Su’Er nervously created a party and added everyone present.. The limit for a party was 24 people. If there was no limit, Su’Er’s support skill would simply be heaven-defying and game-breaking.

Su’Er showed everyone the last page of her stats page:

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Chaos]: ……

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Disturbance]: ……

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Whirling Heavens]: ……

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Dragon Turning]: ……

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Dominating in Eight Directions]: ……

[Heaven’s Secrets Formation – Disorder in Heaven and Earth]: ……



On this page, 12 skills were listed. All of them were active skills, and all of them were formations!

Heaven’s Secrets Formations!

They saw the 12 formations’ names, as well as the descriptions for each of the 12 formations. After looking through the description of the first formation, a look of deep shock appeared on everyone’s faces, they almost couldn’t believe what they saw. After looking through the second formation’s description, they all gasped, and after looking through the third formation’s description, they couldn’t help but tremble… after looking through all 12 formation’s descriptions, all of them felt incredibly shocked and numb. No one spoke for a long time.

Looking through all of Su’Er’s information, there were no attack skills and her stats were mediocre... In other words, her profession had no attack power at all. Instead, her main focus lay in formations.

Any one of those formations were incredibly shocking.

“This… This is…” Yun Feng’s tongue wouldn’t listen to him, and he simply didn’t know how to describe these formations. These formations were almost useless for one on one battles, but on the battlefield, all of them were incredibly terrifying.

Right now, they were at a battlefield with more than 10 million people!

“Has this game world gone crazy? There’s actually such a profession and such skills… my goodness.” Winter of That Year’s eyes became large as saucers, his voice incredibly airy. Even now, he was so shocked that he still had not recovered.

“Unbelievable,” Xiao Qiu Feng slowly said.

“Su Su, you… you’re so powerful!!” Xiao Qi’s red lips were wide open as her eyes shone.

They were all so shocked that they didn’t even know how to describe how they felt. The words heaven-defying seemed to be made especially for these skills. Su’Er looked incredibly fragile and weak, and her stats were extremely unthreatening. However… if she could really use these formations then… then on this battlefield, she would be like a demon god!

Li Xiao Xue, who had thought that there was no hope, felt that stars had started to appear within the boundless darkness. She looked towards Yun Meng Xin, who was feeling the same way, and lightly breathed in as she forced herself to remain calm and said, “Su Su, can you use all 12 of these formations?”

“Mm!” Su’Er nodded, “There are 36 Heaven’s Secrets Formations in total, and I can currently only use the 12 of the lowest grade.”

36 formations in total… and these were the 12 of the lowest grade? Everyone felt like fainting. For the elementary formations to be so overpowered, what about the intermediate and advanced formations… would they be well and truly heaven-defying?

“In that case, what’s the largest range you can use these formations?” Li Xiao Xue seriously asked.

Su’Er raised her horsetail whisk, saying confidently, “With the Heavenly Star helping me, I can cover these entire plains when casting these formations.”

Su’Er’s words struck everyone’s hearts like a heavy hammer, causing their excited hearts to rapidly thump. The entire plains- that was the entire battlefield!

“It’s just that the difference in numbers is still too big. Even with these formations and their incredible range, we can’t change the outcome,” Yun Meng Xin said as she bit her lips.

“That’s right.” Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng’s expressions became serious as they nodded.

The Battle Alliance’s army still had 500,000 people, and adding on the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan that had returned, they had only 700,000 players. However, their enemies had over 10 million players! The Yan Huang Alliance even had further reinforcements on the way. There is nothing that could possibly bridge the gap between such a disparity.

“What if… we had 3 million reinforcements?” Li Xiao Xue asked as she looked off into the distance.

“What? 3 million players?” Everyone was quite shocked. Yun Feng almost jumped up, “Big miss Li, did you say 3 m-m-million? A-A-Are you joking? Where could we find such reinforcements? Apart from the Battle Alliance, almost all of the major powers in China are trying to attack us right now!”

“No, there’s still 1 more.” Xiao Qiu Feng turned to look at Li Xiao Xue, “The Skyfall Dynasty.”

“That’s right. The Skyfall Dynasty has roughly 3 million players,” Yun Meng Xin spoke. “However, Xiao Xue, hasn’t your Li family and the Skyfall Dynasty cut all ties? Moreover, even if you still had your partnership, the Skyfall Dynasty wouldn’t sacrifice so much for us. At most, they would send maybe 100,000 players as reinforcements as a gesture.”

“That’s right, and even Mo Gu Lin said that the Skyfall Dynasty’s hiding around here somewhere. If they were given a chance, they would have charged over here already. Why would they help us?” Yun Feng said as he gnashed his teeth.

“Don’t worry, I have a method.” Li Xiao Xue gave a relaxed smile, “This method is something I could have used from the very beginning; something I’ve kept as my trump card. It was just that in the beginning, even if the Skyfall Dynasty came to help us, we wouldn’t be able to change anything.”

Everyone nodded. What Li Xiao Xue had said was the truth.

“However, with little Su Su’s arrival, we’ve received a miracle from the heavens,” Li Xiao Xue smiled. She couldn’t help but marvel that at such a desperate and hopeless time, it truly seemed as if fate was taking care of them. Out of these 3 sisters, one had become the owner of the only player city in the entire Continent, one had destroyed 2 million players in an instant, and one had brought the ability to control the entire battlefield.

There was also herself.

It seemed that the new city was not fated to be destroyed.

“There is no guarantee, but I have an 80% chance of gaining the Skyfall Dynasty’s full support without any chance of betrayal,” Li Xiao Xue said earnestly. 

If anyone else had said these words, the others would have taken them to be words of comfort. However, it was Li Xiao Xue who had said these words. She was the Loulan Queen, the sole heiress of the Li family, and her words contained a great weight to them.

With her cautious personality, being able to give an 80% chance essentially meant that it would be certain.

“Xiao Xue, what is it? Could it be that there’s a secret agreement between the Skyfall Dynasty and yourself?” Yun Meng Xin hurriedly asked. Everyone became extremely excited, obtaining a chance at life after all hope was lost- who wouldn't be excited over such a thing?

Li Xiao Xue gave a slight smile, but did not answer. She turned as she made a call on her communication device, and very soon the call connected. Li Xiao Xue spoke in a cool and calm voice, “Wan Yu, how far away are you from the Gu family? …… Very good, immediately go to the Gu family. I don’t care how you do it, but I want you to hand the thing I told you about to Gu Qing Han as quickly as possible. Remember, you must deliver it to her personally. You must not let any third party know.

“Next, make sure that Gu Qing Han reads it in front of you. After she reads it, you can leave. Remember, this is incredibly important. You must not make any mistakes. Wan Yu, go now. I’m sure that if you go alone, Gu Qing Han will personally meet you.”

After talking, Li Xiao Xue turned off her communication device, her expression extraordinarily calm.

Everyone heard Li Xiao Xue. Xiao Qi couldn’t help but ask, “Big sister Li, the Gu Qing Han who you referred to- is that the Gu family’s amazing big miss? I heard that she wields incredible power within the Gu family, and the Skyfall Dynasty’s 3 Heavenly Kings don’t even dare to speak loudly in front of her… what did you tell that person to give to her? Is it some sort of information that can be used against them?”

Everyone looked at Li Xiao Xue, waiting for her reply. Something that could make the Skyfall Dynasty do something this unbelievable… what was it?

Li Xiao Xue gave a mysterious smile as she tapped a finger against her lips, “I can’t tell you right now.”

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