Shura's Wrath

Chapter 566

The Battle Alliance’s Army

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Mo Gu Lin, do you really think that by doing this you’ll be able to obtain the result you wish for?” Li Xiao Xue asked as she walked over while smiling.

Facing Li Xiao Xue, Mo Gu Lin subconsciously became slightly more restrained as he breezily replied, “Big miss Li, long time no see. That’s right, just like how you’re thinking that we’re fighting over meat with the Yan Huang Alliance. Although the chance of success isn’t very high, we’ve thought it over and formed a confederacy. When everything is over, who obtains the City Creation Token will rely on our luck. Although our success rate isn’t high, at least it’s not impossible. However, if we don’t do anything, we won’t have a chance at all.”

Mo Gu Lin’s eyes narrowed as a look of intoxication appeared in his eyes, “Creating the only player’s city and becoming the Lord of the city means that not only will one be able to control a large number of players, but they can also set their own rules and rule like an emperor… to a man, what could be more pleasurable and worth chasing after?”

Many of the leaders of the guilds standing behind him revealed expressions of hope and desire.

“Haha…” Li Xiao Xue coldly laughed, “Aren’t you afraid that in the end not only will you not be unsuccessful, but you’ll also feel so much regret that you’ll want to die?”

“Regret? Hahahaha,” Black Flames Wild Gale loudly laughed. “I heard that the Skyfall Dynasty has completely broken off their relationship with your Li family in the game. Without this big supporter, big miss Li, could it be that you want to use your little Snow Moon Loulan to make us feel regret?”

Li Xiao Xue remained calm and composed, “Indeed, the Snow Moon Loulan is something you can look down on. However… do you believe that I have enough money to hire the entire Dark Night in order to make sure you never feel at ease?”

As soon as they heard Li Xiao Xue’s words, Mo Gu Lin and the others’ faces became extremely unsightly. 

The Dark Night is extremely small and has less than 1,000 people. However, because of the influence it has, it is the second ranked guild. This guild is a nightmare that no one dares to offend. Even the Yan Huang Alliance’s Long Tian Yun was quite fearful of the Dark Night, let alone Mo Gu Lin and the others.. Although there are not many people within the Dark Night, all of them are deathgods of the night. None of the people that they have wanted to kill have escaped before. They have never failed a task before… never.

However, hiring the Dark Night required an extremely high price; ordinary people simply couldn’t afford their services. Even bosses of powerful guilds would feel quite a great deal of pain while hiring them. However, Li Xiao Xue… with her family’s immense financial wealth, she would be able to hire them for a lifetime.

If Li Xiao Xue truly went crazy…

The people standing in front of Li Xiao Xue involuntarily shuddered as they felt their scalps numb.

Mo Gu Lin replied, “Of course I believe you’ll be able to do that with your Li family’s finances. However, everyone knows that in order to not be exposed, the Dark Night will not continuously receive requests from the same person. Of course, as the saying goes, ‘if you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you.’ If big miss Li is generous enough, perhaps the Dark Night will make an exception. I can’t say for certain whether we’ll be hunted down by the Dark Night, but big miss Li as well as Yun Feng… against us, how certain are you that you’ll be able to defend the new city behind you?

“I might as well tell you another piece of bad news. We found traces of the Skyfall Dynasty around here, and if my guess is correct, they should be hiding nearby, waiting for an opportunity. It’s just that they’re able to wait longer than us. Now that the Yan Huang Alliance’s army has been destroyed, it’ll take them quite some time before they can prepare and return. This is the Skyfall Dynasty’s and our best opportunity. Although the Skyfall Dynasty isn’t our ally, be both share the goal of destroying the new city.

“You were able to unbelievably chase away a small part of the Yan Huang Alliance’s forces. However, the fate of this new city cannot be changed. With just the few of you, even if you struggle all you want, all you’ll be able to do is buy a few seconds.”

“And if you add us as well?”  

A cold voice travelled from the distance. Mo Gu Lin abruptly turned around and saw a person dressed in black with a heavy sword made of mystic iron on his shoulders. He wasn’t extremely tall or well-built, but his eyes were as cold and piercing as a carnivorous eagle’s. Anyone who saw these eyes would feel a bone-piercing chill.

“Xiao… Qiu Feng! Are…” Just as Mo Gu Lin was about to ask ‘are you here to join the party’, he suddenly realised something. When he looked at Xiao Qi, who was being protected by Yun Fend and the others, his expression fell.

“Big brother Xiao!” Yun Meng Xin called out in delight. He wasn’t alone. There was a large sea of players behind him- evidently, the entire Battle Alliance had moved out. Because of Xiao Qi, they wouldn’t attack the new city. As such, there was only one possible reason why they were here!

“You’ve finally come; I’ve been waiting for ages,” Yun Feng said as he grinned.

Xiao Qiu Feng coldly walked by Mo Gu Lin, completely disregarding his existence. He stopped in front of Yun Feng as he silently looked at the unconscious Xiao Qi and expressionlessly said, “If I didn’t come today, what would you have done?”

“What else could I do?” Yun Feng smirked, “I would find a time to have a fight with you. After being brothers for so many years, we can’t just end our friendship whenever we want. Even if you could, I wouldn’t be able to.”

After sighing, Yun Feng said in a low voice, “I know that you want to help me more than anyone else, but I also understand the burden you carry on your shoulders. As such, even if you didn’t come today, I wouldn’t have blamed you… Instead, I had hoped that you wouldn’t come. Even if you did come, you wouldn’t be able to change much and would drag in the entire Battle Alliance. However, because Qi Qi suddenly appeared, I knew that the Cold Magistrate would definitely come.

Xiao Qiu Feng’s lips twitched, as if he wanted to smile but couldn’t. He turned and stared at Mo Gu Lin and asked Yun Feng, “How’s Qi Qi?”

“I’m sure you already know about the terrifying news of her annihilating 2 million players with a single attack. For such a heaven-defying skill, there’s definitely a side-effect. Qi Qi will be asleep for a while.”

Xiao Qiu Feng nodded.

“Xiao Qiu Feng!” Mo Gu Lin, who was being stared at, finally spoke, “Looks like your Battle Alliance’s 600,000 troops have moved out. If I remember correctly, this is the first time your entire Battle Alliance has moved together, and you didn’t even leave anyone to defend your headquarters. You couldn’t be trying to stop us, right?”

Xiao Qiu Feng’s arrival caused the leaders of the large guilds to become wary. None of them wanted to become enemies with the Battle Alliance. This wasn’t because the Battle Alliance was a nominal subsidiary guild of the Yan Huang Alliance, but because the Battle Alliance was a special faction. Most of its players were in the Battle Alliance in the real world, which was the largest underground faction in Northern China. Within this underworld organisation, there are countless criminals and fugitives.

As such, the Battle Alliance’s members are all cruel, vicious, and unafraid to die. Although the Battle Alliance was quite large, what made everyone fear them was their discipline. All members in the Battle Alliance follow commands perfectly. Within the game world, the Battle Alliance’s Alliance Master, Xiao Qiu Feng, is called the ‘Cold Magistrate’. The term ‘cold’ is used because he never laughs or smiles, while the term ‘magistrate’ is used because he acts justly, but strictly. He never does things for his own selfish gain. He has pride, but not arrogance. He possesses an incredibly high standing within the Battle Alliance, and as long as he gives the command, the entire Battle Alliance wouldn’t even frown as they went to die for him.

This kind of standard is impossible for other guilds who are desperate to recruit players.

Fighting against the Battle Alliance, despite having the same numbers, is like a dog fighting a ferocious wolf.

Facing Mo Gu Lin’s question, Xiao Qiu Feng slowly raised his heavy mystic iron sword as he coldly spoke a single world.



As soon as Xiao Qiu Feng spoke that single word, the ground began to shake as 600,000 Battle Alliance players rushed towards the surprised attackers like awakened beasts. Their weapons ferociously pierced towards their targets, and corpses immediately fell to the ground.

Upon hearing Xiao Qiu Feng’s order to kill, the vicious killing began. Just this single word showed how disciplined the Battle Alliance’s army was. Before they had even realised what was happening, a large wave of the attackers had already fallen. Although they had brought around 1 million troops, because they were formed from 30 factions, it was almost impossible for them to coordinate and fight together. As such, the Battle Alliance plunged them into chaos and disorder. As for the Battle Alliance, they were like tigers that had rushed into a pack of sheep, taking life after life within the chaos.

“Xiao Qiu Feng, you!!”

Facing the heavy mystic iron sword, Mo Gu Lin quickly retreated. He wasn’t weak, but even if he was 10 times as brave, he wouldn’t dare to fight with the ‘Cold Magistrate’, who was on the Heaven Rankings.

“No less than expected from the Cold Magistrate. He doesn’t bother wasting a single word with the enemy,” Li Xiao Xue said in praise.

“Immediately tell the rest of the army to hurry over here!” Mo Gu Lin yelled as he quickly retreated. Even though they had 1 million players here, facing the Battle Alliance’s 600,000 wolves and tigers, he didn’t feel at ease at all. He suddenly thought of something as he yelled out again, “Fellow leaders, give the order to evade the Battle Alliance and attack the city! Our goal is to destroy the city!!”

The battlefield that had just fallen silent was once again filled with the sounds of battle. After a long period of chaos, the attackers finally calmed down, and the tide of battle began to turn as the attackers started to rush towards the city. The Yan Huang Alliance’s aim was to kill all of the defenders, while their goal was to destroy the city and obtain the City Creation Token. Comparatively, they were a much greater threat than the Yan Huang Alliance. If the rest of their armies came, the Battle Alliance would be completely overwhelmed. 

Following Xiao Qiu Feng’s quick commands in response, the Battle Alliance also quickly adapted. They formed a tight defence by using their bodies and fierce attacks to slow down the advance of their enemies… 600,000 Battle Alliance players stopped the assault of 1 million attackers. They did not allow them to advance even a single step for 15 minutes.


In the distance, at a high place.

“The Battle Alliance started fighting as soon as they arrived; the situation’s becoming more and more interesting,” Skyfall said as he put down his binoculars and gave a light smile.

“Big bro, when are we going to act?” Against the Sky also put down his binoculars as he asked.

Skyfall thought for a while before replying, “The Golden Age Alliance, Black Flames Alliance, Heavenly Blade Pavilion… none of these are easy to deal with. Nearly all of China’s powerful alliances are gathered within that confederacy, and added together, there are probably more than 10 million of them. Leaving out those who stayed behind to defend, there are at least 7 or 8 million who came to attack… heheh, even if it was the Yan Huang Alliance, they’d suffer quite a loss if they wanted to fight them. Big sister told us to wait until the most opportune moment. That moment isn’t right now… so we’ll continue to wait.”

“Speaking of which, does big sister support what we’re doing, or is she against it?” Judging Sky hesitantly asked.

“She’s not against it or supportive of it,” Skyfall rubbed his nose. “Big sister said that the chance of obtaining the City Creation Token is incredibly low, but we can still give it a shot. However, we need to wait for the best opportunity. If there isn’t such an opportunity, we are to immediately withdraw and not rashly act… those are the instructions big sister gave.”

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