Shura's Wrath

Chapter 550


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

It was the first time Ling Chen had seen a girl like this before: white clothes, white hair, white skin – everything was a pure white color, to the point that his eyes were bewildered. Rather than a girl, Ling Chen was much more likely to believe that she was a fox demon.

However, how could there be a girl here?!

Was she a creature of this strange world?

Ling Chen slowly squatted down gently, for fear of waking up this pure white girl. Although he was quite close to her, he couldn’t feel her breathing. All he could see was white; he could see any signs of life.

Could it be that this girl… was dead?

At the end of the dark world, within a blue crystal orb, was a completely white girl in a completely white world… Ling Chen felt like he was in some sort of movie because all of this seemed like more of a fantasy than a fantasy story.

Ling Chen stretched out his hand towards the girl’s face, wanting to see if she had any body temperature. As his finger touched the girl’s face, a gentle warmth traveled from her face through his finger to his heart, making his body feel incredibly relaxed and pleasant.

He couldn’t understand how someone could possibly have such soft and supple skin. A human’s skin couldn’t give off such a feeling – it felt like a jade sculpture that had been sculpted by nature over millions of years and gradually weathered and nourished by nature’s energy over millions of years.

Just a simple touch caused Ling Chen’s entire heart to tremble. He pulled his hand back and couldn’t bear to touch her again. This girl was simply too pure and flawless, and he felt that touching her would be akin to defiling her, a type of blasphemy.

At this moment, Ling Chen saw that the girl’s long, white eyelashes suddenly moved. Although it was a very faint movement, Ling Chen saw it clearly. He wasn’t sure what to do when her eyelids started to move as well, and her eyes slowly opened.

Everything was completely white, and only her eyes were incredibly dark but bright. They became the most eye-catching things in this white world and looked as stunning as the stars in the night sky.

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. He, who was never at a loss as to what to do, felt like his mind went blank when this girl suddenly opened her eyes, rendering him soundless. The girl, whose eyes had just opened, noticed him immediately. Her body remained curled, but she raised her head, looking at the dazed Ling Chen.

As the girl moved, a flowery fragrance wafted over, intoxicating Ling Chen. He watched as the girl gently raised her head, and he was able to see her face properly.


Ling Chen’s consciousness felt as if something had heavily hit it, and his mind went completely blank. Within this white world, he forgot to breathe and couldn’t feel his heartbeat. He felt as if everything had been cut off; all that his eyes, heart, mind, and soul could see and feel was this incredibly beautiful, and dream-like, face.

There had never been a lack of beauties around Ling Chen. Shui Ruo was incomparably beautiful and, after being with her for so many years, his taste for beauty had reached new heights. These years, only a few girls and women had truly moved his heart with their beauty. Before today, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was undoubtedly Qi Yue. He had always believed that she was already the pinnacle of beauty and that such a woman could only appear in the virtual world. It was impossible for such a beautiful demoness to appear in the real world. Yun Meng Xin was also magnificently beautiful and was the only girl in the real world who could compare to Qi Yue.

However, the face in front of him… This girl, who looked less than 10 years old, completely crushed his preconceptions towards beauty.

Qi Yue’s beauty was that of a seductive demoness’ and could cause him to blank out; it almost made him lose his self-control on some occasions. Yun Meng Xin’s beauty was that of a goddess’, and whenever he thought of her looks, he could only marvel in awe. And yet, this girl’s beauty… The instant he saw her, he lost control of his mind as if her beauty had stolen his soul.

The beauty and intricacy of this girl’s face made Ling Chen feel like there were no words for him to describe her. This was because no matter how elegant one’s words were, they would be unable to capture her beauty fully; instead, it would simply be an insult. If Qi Yue’s beauty was such that it could not appear in the real world, then this girl’s beauty… was simply impossible, and couldn’t even be dreamed of.

“How… could there be such a beautiful girl…” Ling Chen shouted inwardly. He had never thought that he would have such a strong response because of someone’s looks.

“Big brother, you’ve finally come to save me.”

The girl spoke in a tender voice, which sounded like it came from a heavenly waterfall. Her thin, white eyebrows were uplifted in delight as her dark eyes stared at Ling Chen.

The girl was smiling, and her smile was one of the most beautiful scenes Ling Chen had seen in his life. Looking at her smiling, crescent-eyes, Ling Chen’s vision became hazy. His mind trembled, as he started to fall into intoxication; he didn’t even hear what she said clearly.

Under Ling Chen’s gaze, the girl started to uncurl her body as she pulled at her white clothing and lazily half-sat up. Her expression still looked just as delighted, “Big brother, can you tell me your name?”


“I’m called… Ling Chen…”

Ling Chen had said this half-unconsciously. After giving out his name, he seemed to realize something as his body trembled and he wrestled back control of his mind, causing his head to become clear again. Looking at this girl, she still looked incomparably beautiful, but there were many questions within his heart.

Who is this girl? This should be within that crystal ball, so what is she doing here?

How could there be such a beautiful person in the world? She’s so young, so when she grows up, who under the heavens would be able to resist a single smile from her?

Her waking up caused me almost to lose control of myself, and when she saw me she didn’t look shocked or scared, instead, smiling at me happily as if I was her family…

“Ling Chen… What a strange name,” the girl muttered to herself in a small voice before blinking a few times and saying clearly, “Alright, I’ll call you Ling Chen in the future then.”

“Ah… What about you? What’s your name?” Ling Chen calmed himself down as he asked his first question.

“I’m… I’m called…” this was an incredibly simple question to anyone else, but the girl started to hesitate. After thinking for a while, her eyes lit up as she happily replied, “That’s right, my name’s Shadissika! Is Ling Chen going to remember it?”

Sha.. dis… si… ka…

What a strange name!

Ling Chen repeated it a few times and committed it to memory, as he asked in a gentle voice, “Shadissika… is this really your name?”

“Of course it’s my name! Is there something wrong with it?” The girl looked quite confused.

The girl’s face was incredibly white and tender, and Ling Chen felt like he wanted to touch and kiss it. Just suppressing this desire was incredibly difficult. Facing her question, Ling Chen hurriedly replied, “Of course not. Then how about I call you… Sha Sha? Shadissika is a bit long.”

The girl nodded unhesitatingly, “Sha Sha… of course you can! As long as Ling Chen likes it, you can call me whatever you want.”

For him to meet her in such a strange place, Ling Chen was very wary toward this girl, and yet, she spoke so affectionately with him. She seemed to like saying his name a lot, and whenever she said the words, “Ling Chen,” her eyes would always light up as if she was truly delighted to say this name.

“Alright, Sha Sha,… Can you tell me what this place is? And why you’re hiding in here?” Ling Chen asked as he averted his gaze from her eyes. He was afraid that if he stared for too long, he would simply lose his mind.

In response to Ling Chen’s question, a look of confusion once again appeared in the girl’s eyes. She looked around her, then looked back at Ling Chen as she suddenly smiled, and replied, “No idea.”

“No idea? Then, where’s your home? Where are your parents? And who brought you here?” Ling Chen asked.

After this barrage of questions, the girl still looked quite confused, and she smiled, “I don’t think I know the answer to any of those questions either.”

This girl was simply too pure and flawless, and doubting that she was telling the truth almost seemed like a sin. A word appeared in Ling Chen’s mind – amnesia? This was within the crystal ball, and a person wouldn’t just appear here. They were either brought in by some sort of power or person. Could it be that this girl had lost her memories after being brought in here?

However, she remembered her name.

“Then do you know? Can you tell me?” Ling Chen had wanted to gain some knowledge about this strange space, then find some way to escape. However, it seemed that this plan wasn’t going to work out.

“Hmm…” The girl thought earnestly, then gave an angelic smile as she replied, “I know my name, and that… and that… I knew that you would come to save me.”

“Save you?” Ling Chen was quite shocked, “How did you know that I would come to save you?”

 “Eh?” The girl’s smile disappeared as she looked at Ling Chen in shock, “Could it be that you didn’t come here to save me?”

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