Shura's Wrath

Chapter 539

This Trash Is The Flame Emperor?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Although Long Tian Yun’s offer was spoken in a few short sentences, it was something that almost no one could resist.

As the largest guild in the world, becoming the President of the Archers would mean that one would have millions of players at their command. Moreover, their name would be known by almost everyone. How many people had this sort of glory? Who could refuse such a thing?

Long Tian Yun was sincerely recruiting Winter of That Year. After being turned upside down by Ling Tian, the East Ocean Continent still had not fully recovered and most Japanese players didn’t’ dare to even mention Ling Tian’s name. This caused Long Tian Yun to realise how terrifying Ling Tian was… He could bring disaster to entire cities… how much more so to a guild?! Against Ling Tian, numbers were essentially meaningless; what Long Tian Yun needed were super experts!

The Archer in front of him was one such person.

After speaking, Long Tian Yun put his hands behind his back as he stared at Winter of That Year with a bright gaze, waiting for his reply.

“What? Yan Huang… Yan Huang Alliance? You’re from the Yan Huang Alliance?” Winter of That Year’s face was full of shock, as if he was scared by the Yan Huang Alliance’s name. Suddenly, he started yelling out as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! No wonder why you looked so familiar… Yan Huang Alliance… Yan Huang Alliance… Aren’t you the Alliance Master, Long Tian Yun?!”

The Yan Huang Alliance’s players all sneered… He only just recognised the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance? Just how ignorant and stupid could this person be?

Although Long Tian Yun was quite surprised that Winter of That Year hadn’t recognised him immediately, seeing him react like this made Long Tian Yun feel quite pleased. He smiled as he replied, “That’s right, I am Long Tian Yun. As such, what I just said represents the entire Yan Huang Alliance. There’s not a single word of falsity.”

In actuality, when this army of people had arrived Winter of That Year had already recognised Long Tian Yun. Although he wasn’t very in touch with the rest of the world, he still wasn’t so ignorant as to not even recognise Long Tian Yun. When Winter of That Year saw him, he realised that the Flame Wizard who he had killed belonged to the Yan Huang Alliance! After failing twice, the Flame Wizard actually asked Long Tian Yun to come… There was only a single Flame Wizard who could make Long Tian Yun come out here.

And that was the Flame Emperor!

“Oh, my goodness! It’s actually Alliance Master Long, err, this…” Winter of That Year pretended to look at a loss, with a slight trace of fear in his expression. He stretched out his finger as he pointed at Cang Yan, “Then that person… he… he’s…”

Long Tian Yun looked at Cang Yan as he replied, “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Flame Emperor before, right?”

“What?! Flame Emperor?” Winter of That Year started to yell as if he had heard the most incomprehensible thing in history. He started to furiously shake his head, “He’s the legendary Flame Emperor? What a joke! How could you, as the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance, try to trick a pure-hearted person like me? How could that guy be the Flame Emperor? I heard that the Flame Emperor is ranked 4th on China’s Heaven Rankings, and is the number 1 Mage in China… No, the whole world! I heard that he could fight a hundred people at once… No, he could probably incinerate an army of a million people!”

“A peerless, invincible existence like him is someone who a tiny figure like me doesn’t even have the right to look up to. He’d probably be able to annihilate me with a pinky finger. Sure, this guy’s a Flame Wizard, but before when he fought my handsome self he was reduced to a pitiful state where he couldn’t even get up from the ground, and even called me his ‘dear father’, trying to beg me to show mercy.”

“Moreover, he has an incredibly vile mouth, shaming his entire family. If I was his father, I’d slap him to death. You’re saying trash like this is the Flame Emperor? Could the Flame Emperor be beaten like a dog by me, who just hit LV50 and has only trash equipment? Sure, I’d believe you if you said his mother’s a pig, but him being the Flame Emperor! No way! That’s an insult to the Flame Emperor’s great name! Are you trying to trick me? I won’t believe you, no matter what!”

Winter of That Year spoke incredibly emotionally, and with an indignant tone. His spittle flew everywhere. He praised the ‘legendary Flame Emperor’ like there was no tomorrow, and insulted the real Flame Emperor as if he was less than a dog. The Yan Huang Alliance’s players all stared with wide eyes and opened mouths, and simply couldn’t process what was happening… Afterwards, they realised that the Flame Emperor must have been pitifully beaten by this Archer, and this Archer was evidently using the Flame Emperor’s fame to humiliate him even more.

In other words, he had defeated even the Flame Emperor to the point that ‘he couldn’t even get up from the ground’. No wonder why the Alliance Master had offered him such favourable terms in trying to recruit him.

“You… You… You… Bastard, I’ll kill you!!!”

All of the pores on Cang Yan’s body were letting out smoke, and even if he had 10 more lungs, they would have all exploded from anger. All of his rationality disappeared as he instantly went crazy. He teleported out as his entire body erupted with flames, and a ‘Devouring Firestorm’, which was channelled incredibly quickly, was about to be launched out towards Winter of That Year.

A cold light flashed in Winter of That Year’s eyes. Just as Cang Yan roared out, he made sufficient preparations. The instant Cang Yan teleported out, Winter of That Year shot out a ‘Crippling Feather Arrow’. No one saw him draw his Bow or shoot the arrow; they could only see a hazy blur of motion as the arrow rushed out.


The instant the ‘Devouring Firestorm’ was about to be unleashed, the ‘Crippling Feather Arrow’ hit Cang Yan in the middle of his forehead, causing him to fall to the ground and roll as the flames around his body disappeared. Winter of That Year inwardly gave a cold laugh as he raised his rattan wood Bow and used normal attacks to unhurriedly shoot at Cang Yan. Cang Yan, who was furious to the extreme, tried to stand back up but was continuously shot down by Winter of That Year’s arrows. He looked like an animal repeatedly kowtowing on the ground. It was an extremely unsightly scene, but no matter what he did he simply could not stand up. Moreover, Winter of That Year’s voice continuously sounded out in his ears.

“Look! Look! Doesn’t he look like a dog? You’re saying this trash is the Flame Emperor? This is the Flame Emperor?? Look at my equipment! The best I have is Copper grade, and none of them have any skills! If this guy’s the Flame Emperor, then I’m the Emperor of Heaven!”

Long Tian Yun’s face fell, his mind overwhelmed by shock.

His shock wasn’t from the Flame Emperor being humiliated like this… It was because he personally saw every single one of Winter of That Year’s arrows hitting the exact centre of Cang Yan’s forehead! Every single arrow was incredibly precise! 

Compared to Cang Yan’s narrative, seeing this sort of thing personally shocked Long Tian Yun much, much more.

If an Archer’s arrows hit the exact centre of their target’s forehead, there was a 100% chance of knocking them down and interrupting any spells or skills they were about to cast. Normally, even if an Archer shot 10,000 times, it was unlikely they would be able to make even a single shot. Even for godly Archers, it was almost impossible for them to hit that point, even on a stationary target. And yet, this Archer in front of him was hitting that point on every single shot! What monstrous abilities! This was something that no one had ever seen or even heard about before.

This was a feat impossible for ‘humans’.

Let alone retaliate, the Flame Emperor couldn’t even stand up! If it was that Ling Tian… If he was hit even once, he would never be able to make a comeback!

Long Tian Yun became tens of times more desperate to recruit Winter of That Year. He walked up as he said in a loud voice, “This friend, please stop now. Cang Yan, immediately come back.”

Hearing Long Tian Yun say this, Winter of That Year stopped attacking and put away his Bow as he gave a polite smile, “Hmph. Although this trash tried to attack me first, since Alliance Master Long has spoken, my handsome self will give him some face… Ai! Alliance Master Long, you can’t do this! How could you say that trash is the Flame Emperor? How could the Flame Emperor be so useless! Even though he’s Alliance Master Long’s subordinate, my handsome self doesn’t think this sort of joke is funny. No, this sort of joke is a humiliation to the real Lord Flame Emperor. Alliance Master Long, please don’t make this sort of joke again. If the real Flame Emperor heard about this, he’d definitely be furious, right?”

Cang Yan finally stood up, and his face was bright red as his body let off smoke. He deeply breathed in and out… The first time, only Winter of That Year had been there when he had been humiliated. This time, there was Long Tian Yun, as well as more than 1,000 other players. The humiliation he felt was much, much greater. His head buzzed, and he couldn’t even hear what Long Tian Yun was saying. He stood in his place as he pointed at Winter of That Year, his entire body trembling. He couldn’t even speak as his vision darkened and he fainted on the spot.

Winter of That Year rolled his eyes… He fainted again? This guy’s mental endurance was way too low. How could the boss be ranked below this guy on the Heaven Rankings?

Long Tian Yun’s expression did not change as he motioned for people to carry Cang Yan away. When he turned to look at Winter of That Year again, his expression was incredibly calm, as if nothing had happened. As he spoke, “Are you willing to join our Yan Huang Alliance? Also, I know you have a friend called Hundred Miles of Ice. If he is willing, we wholeheartedly welcome him to join us as well.”

Winter of That Year was not at all interested in joining the Yan Huang Alliance. However, he did not immediately refuse, and instead stalled for time as he desperately thought… The army in front of him was not something that he could deal with, but escaping would be a piece of cake. However, if they passed through the area he was guarding and continued forward, the new city would be exposed. It would be exposed to the Yan Huang Alliance, who could not find out about it, no matter what!

In that case, he should pretend to join the Yan Huang Alliance, with one of the conditions being that they couldn’t step into his territory.

After making this decision, Winter of That Year excitedly and nervously rubbed his hands together, “The Yan Huang Alliance is China’s biggest guild, and although I haven’t played any virtual games before, I’ve long since known of it. Joining the Yan Huang Alliance is an extremely glorious matter, and becoming the President of all Archers is something that I don’t even dare to dream about. It’s just that once I join, I’ll have to obey all of Alliance Master’s orders and won’t have my freedom anymore. I’ve become used to having my freedom, so I’m not sure if I should accept or not… How about… How about…” as he spoke, he suddenly made his decision, as he straightened up and said, “Mm, I only have 1 condition for joining the Yan Huang Alliance.”

“Oh? What is it?” Long Tian Yun asked.

“Give me 10 days. After 10 days, I’ll come join the Yan Huang Alliance,” Winter of That Year said sincerely.

“Why do you need 10 days? If it’s to do anything, my Yan Huang Alliance will help you,” Long Tian Yun unhurriedly replied.

“I don’t need to trouble Alliance Master Long with this. I just need to stand guard here for 10 days and not allow anyone to pass,” Winter of That Year said, “That’s my condition. I hope that within these 10 days, Alliance Master Long will not try to pass by this place. 10 days later, I’ll come to join the Yan Huang Alliance.”

 “So, in other words, the new city will be complete in 10 days?” Long Tian Yun said as he smiled.

“New city? What new city?” Winter of That Year looked perplexed.

Winter of That Year looked like he had no idea what Long Tian Yun was talking about, causing Long Tian Yun to feel surprised… Was he wrong? After all, Winter of That Year had been guarding this place for a long time, refusing to allow anyone to pass through. Evidently, he didn’t want anyone to see what was happening to the south.

Moreover, for him to stay here for so long, and be so wary, the only possibility was that some faction had obtained the City Creation Token and was secretly building a city! This was because unless one held absolute power, they couldn’t risk letting anyone else find out. The weaker the faction was, the more they needed to protect this secret. There was only a single City Creation Token in an entire region, and it was something that every powerful guild desired. If they found out that someone was building a city, and was weaker than them, they would definitely go to fight them in order to steal the City Creation Token.

Long Tian Yun was sure that for him to suddenly say this, if this really was the case, Winter of That Year would certainly have become flustered, giving away the secret. However, seeing him look so confused, it seemed that it really might not be a new city.

However, apart from a new city, why would he stay here for so long?

 Long Tian Yun became more and more curious, and deeply desired to know what was hidden towards the south. The Sword Emperor was only a minor part of the reason why he had come. The main reason was because he wanted to personally confirm just what was happening here.

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