Shura's Wrath

Chapter 536

A Faint Voice

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Ling Chen started to walk forward. The ground under his feet was cold, hard and smooth, and definitely wasn’t plain soil. It felt almost as if he was walking on a slippery piece of glass.

“Where is this??”

Ling Chen yelled towards the area in front of him. However, even after waiting for a while he heard no echo.

Not only was it dark, it was an incredibly vast area.

Qi Yue hadn’t responded, and Xiao Hui was unable to be summoned. Apart from himself and the darkness, there were no other creatures, living or dead.

Since he could come in, he could get out. However, he couldn’t find where the exit was.

After a few minutes of walking, Ling Chen stopped. He couldn’t tell where he was going in this jet-black world, and even if he walked for a year he might not achieve anything. He tried to call Qi Yue and Xiao Hui a few more times, but there was still no response.

If there was a special restriction on the space, such as being unable to summon pets, Ling Chen wouldn’t have been very surprised. However, Qi Yue resided in the Lunar Scourge, and they could communicate telepathically. There was nothing that could restrict such a thing. Thus, the only explanation was that Qi Yue still believed they were on the incredibly cold Godchild Peak, and was still sealed off, so she was unable to hear Ling Chen’s voice.

Thinking to there, Ling Chen calmed down and decided to log off. With the current situation, even if he stayed here he wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. The best choice was to log off and wait for Qi Yue to unseal herself, so that he could ask her what sort of place this was and how to get out. With Qi Yue’s knowledge, perhaps she would have a solution. Even if she didn’t know, at least he could bounce ideas off of her.

However, after giving the command to log off, everything remained exactly the same, with no change at all.

There wasn’t even a system announcement telling him that he couldn’t log off, or providing a reason!

This left Ling Chen greatly dismayed. He once again tried to log off... Then tried another 5 or 6 times in succession. In response, there was only silence and darkness.

Ling Chen gave up. He took in a deep breath and opened his eyes wide, trying to take a look at this strange world.

A completely dark world… with no sound at all… he couldn’t summon pets… he couldn’t talk to Qi Yue… Although it was strange, it was something he could accept.

But not being able to log off…

That was incredibly terrifying!

If he couldn’t summon Xiao Hui or talk to Qi Yue… and he couldn’t log off or find the exit…

The result was that he would be trapped in here until he died!

It seemed that not only could curiosity kill the cat, it could also kill humans!

Ling Chen once again calmed himself down and avoided recklessly advancing anymore. After thinking for a while, he remembered something. He lifted up his right hand as he said in a soft voice, “New Moon… Come out!”

Hearing this command from Ling Chen, a silver light shot out from the Lunar Scourge. This light should have been incredibly faint and weak, but in this pitch-black space, it seemed intensely bright. The silver light rushed into the air, becoming an eye-catching new moon.

With the new moon hanging in the air, the space Ling Chen was in became dyed by the flawless moonlight. The new moon’s light wasn’t very strong, but it was enough to enable Ling Chen to see the world he was in. What he saw was a boundless region of nothing, and further on, even more darkness.

That’s right, there was nothing here... not even a speck of dust. Ling Chen looked down and took in a breath of cold air; there was nothing under his feet either. He could feel himself standing on something solid, but under the moonlight he saw that in fact, there was simply nothing there. It seemed as if he was standing in mid-air within this dark space.

The light from the Lunar Scourge did not help Ling Chen answer any of his questions, and instead confused him even more.

What was this place?

Suddenly, the light from above flickered, causing Ling Chen to raise his head in shock. The new moon was released from the Lunar Scourge’s power, so it should continuously give off a steady light for as long as Ling Chen wished it. It shouldn’t be able to flicker, nor was there anything in this space that could block out the light. That flickering was extremely strange.

However, the unusual flickering did not stop. As Ling Chen looked up, the new moon in the air continued to fluctuate. At first, it would only flicker once every few breaths of time, but it became more and more frequent, until it flickered off and on about once every second. Seeing the new moon like this, seemed like a giant firefly.

The new moon had never done anything like this before. Ling Chen looked up towards the new moon’s changes, and his frown became deeper and deeper. He was certain that this strange reaction was related to this space. That was because after arriving in this place, almost nothing had been normal!

After the new moon flickered for another half a minute, it finally stopped… and then it went out completely.

The space was once again filled with darkness.

Under normal circumstances, unless Ling Chen put it away, the new moon should have lasted for at least 10 minutes!

Just as Ling Chen was feeling exceedingly confused, the Lunar Scourge suddenly lit up with a faint silver moonlight. At the same time, it began flying forward, dragging Ling Chen with it. Ling Chen subconsciously resisted, but found that he couldn’t resist whatever was attracting the Lunar Scourge, and was forcefully brought along with it.

“Are… you… here… to… save… me…”

Ling Chen raised his head in shock, and yelled while he was dragged along by the Lunar Scourge, “Who? Who is it?”

“Who’s speaking?!” “……” However, after waiting for a while, he received no reply.

“Who is it? Is anyone here? Answer me immediately!” Ling Chen loudly called out.

There was still no reply.

He had definitely heard a voice; it was an incredibly small and weak voice, and it wasn’t transmitted to his mind, but to his heart. After yelling for a while, the voice did not sound out again. However, he was certain that he had not imagined that voice!


As the profession with the longest range, Archers were undeniably the profession that was most suitable for kiting, and leading enemies around.

If one had enough Movement Speed, as well as good judgment and agility, an excellent Archer could kite a powerful Boss to death without taking any damage at all. Of course, it would take them a long time.

Winter of That Year was a professional at kiting. However, this kite was quite large… He was leading around a crowd of 100 people!

Winter of That Year used his inhuman Movement Speed to increase the gap between them, then turned and ran, after attacking. In just a few exchanges, he had killed more than 10 of the Mages from the Yan Huang Alliance, while they had yet to even injure a hair on his head. They could only scream in anger as they chased after him, wishing that they could catch up and destroy him.

“If you’re a man, don’t run!”

“If you’re a man, don’t run!”

“You turtle! If you’re a man, stop running and fight properly with us!”

“Good joke! There’s 100 of you and 1 of me, and yet you want me to fight properly with you? Do you think my head was crushed by a pig’s ass or something?”

“Go screw yourself!”

“Fudge, you dare to act so disrespectfully to your elder, you beast?!”

[email protected]#$%...”

A crowd of Mages ran after Winter of That Year, eating his dust. There were less and less people on their side, while they hadn’t hit him even once. After 20 people died, they finally became a bit smarter and stopped chasing him. With Winter of That Year’s speed, they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him even if they chased him for 100 years. Instead, they would only be slowly picked off by him. Perhaps the best thing to do was to call other members from the guild to block him off from the front, then bombard him. However, this was their time coming here, so how could there be anyone else from the guild here?

Seeing them stop, Winter of That Year also stopped and raised his Bow to shoot. He stopped in the perfect spot, where he was able to hit the Mages but they were unable to hit him, and could only endure the beating.

“Fudge… Retreat!!”

As the saying went, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. If they continued to give chase, they would only suffer more casualties without being able to deal with this Archer. The leader raised and waved his hand, ordering the Mages to retreat. Winter of That Year stared as he hollered, “Don’t run! Your elder hasn’t played enough yet!”

The situation was instantly reversed and became the Mages running away, with Winter of That Year chasing after them. However, there was a major difference. They couldn’t attack him while he was running away, but he could attack them; and now he was leisurely following behind them, attacking as he wished. When he was the one being chased, he was only able to attack once or twice after a period of running away. Now, he attacked much more frequently while giving chase. In just a short while, he had almost decimated the entire group of Mages. The Yan Huang Alliance’ players, who were all high-levelled elites, were being chased around by an Archer with trash equipment. Not only did retreating not reduce their casualties, but instead made them die off even faster. The leader was so depressed that he felt as if his internal organs were going to explode, so he stopped in his tracks, screaming, “The hell are we running for?! Hurry up and destroy this brat!!!!”

The escaping Mages all turned around and furiously roared, as they rushed towards Winter of That Year. Their vicious manner made it seem as if they wanted to skin him alive. Winter of That Year, who was having fun shooting, immediately turned and ran.

Winter of That Year’s battle plan was very simple:

You want to chase me? I’ll run. You can’t catch up to me, so you won’t be able to hit me, while I’ll be able to hit you. If you want to chase after me, then you’ll take a beating.

You don’t want to chase anymore? I’ll just stand here and hit you, while you still can’t hit me.

You want to run? I’ll chase after you and attack you. You think you can evade my handsome self's attacks with your speed?

 If they chased after him, they would be hit. If they didn’t chase, they would be hit. If they ran, they would be hit. Just like this, the Yan Huang Alliance’s powerful group of Mages was tormented to the point that they wished they could die.

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