Shura's Wrath

Chapter 534

How Low Is Your IQ?!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Winter of That Year followed through with his words. The fourth shot once again hit the middle of Cang Yan’s forehead, causing him to lose his balance.

“Arghhh!!!” Cang Yan roared out in anger as he cursed, while trying to get back up, “You goddamned piece of trash…”


Another arrow flew over, accurately hitting him in the middle of his forehead and causing Cang Yan, who had nearly stood up again, to fall back down.

“The person who’s repeatedly falling down has the nerve to call someone else a piece of trash? Why don’t you take a piss and take a look at yourself? Hahaha!” Winter of That Year raised his Bow as he laughed with glee.

This time, Cang Yan tried something else. He quickly turned around and stood up with his back towards Winter of That Year, covering the back of his head with his hands as he did so. However, while he was doing this, Winter of That Year rushed up and kicked his bottom, causing him to fall flat on his face.

“Why are you raising your butt so high in the air?! Goddamn! Are you a gay prostitute or something? I’ll have you know I’m a straight guy who only likes pretty ladies! Piss the hell off! Take another arrow!”

Winter of That Year’s ability to insult was unparalleled, and his cursing almost caused Cang Yan to have a heart attack. However, he no longer had any chance to counterattack, and even his roars of anger were cut off. Winter of That Year continuously shot normal arrows at him, and no matter how Cang Yan tried to sidestep or roll around, every arrow would find the middle of his forehead, causing him to repeatedly fall to the ground. This was so for every single 1 of the 10 or so arrows. These 10 or so arrows made publicly-acknowledged strongest Mage, and the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Mage Alliance, look like a clown as he repeatedly fell over.

All Cang Yan could do was drink Advanced Potions over and over to recover his HP. He didn’t want to die… How could the Flame Emperor die to a fameless player in such a pitiful manner? However, by now, even if he was a stupid pig he could see that this was no simple person, but a complete monster… No! He was clearly inhuman!!

More than 10 arrows had all hit him in the forehead without fail. With a human’s eyesight and control, this was simply impossible! The only explanation was that this person was a mental esper… and an incredibly powerful esper at that!

However, this was no longer important. Cang Yan’s mind was completely overcome by the humiliation and rage he felt. Before today, only Ling Tian had made him feel so humiliated. However, Ling Tian’s strength was absolute; even the Sword Emperor had been defeated by him, and he had turned the entire East Ocean Continent upside down by himself. As such, it wasn’t too embarrassing that he was insta-killed by Ling Tian. However, what he experienced today was hundreds of times more embarrassing. After being knocked over again, he gnashed his teeth and hollered, “Give out your name, if you dare!!”

After first starting their guard duty here, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice had concealed their names to avoid any trouble. As such, Cang Yan had no idea who he was. Winter of That Year smirked, as he said in a serious tone, “You want to know this handsome self’s name? Alright. My given name is Deer – yes, I know it’s strange – my middle name is Far, and my surname is Derr. Got it?”

“Deer… Far… Derr…” Cang Yan repeated.

Winter of That Year grinned, “Ayy! Good son! Say it a few more times!”

“I’ll kill you!!!”

“Ahhh! You unfilial son! As your father, I have no idea what went wrong with you, but you dare attempt to commit patricide? And you dare to be a gay prostitute, as well? You think I can accept that? There’s no use in keeping a son like you, so your elder will get rid of you now. Take some more arrows!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A second profession upgrade skill, ‘Triple Rapid Star’ shot out, stopping Cang Yan from saying whatever he was trying to say. A ‘Crippling Feather Arrow’ followed, once again hitting Cang Yan in the forehead as he fell, emptying out his HP bar.

Cang Yan finally died and fell to the ground, unable to curse back.

Despite having incredibly high HP and Winter of That Year using a trash weapon, as well as consuming so many Advanced Potions to buy more time, he had still died. In the end, all he had done by using those potions was prolong the humiliation he had suffered.

Watching Cang Yan’s corpse disappear, Winter of That Year shrugged as he put away his weapon and muttered to himself, “That Flame Wizard looked pretty strong and was probably a fire esper. It’s a pity that his mouth was so foul, calling me a piece of trash and an idiot… Bleh! You want to compete with the my handsome self in insulting? Heh!”

From the flames Cang Yan used, Winter of That Year was able to guess that he was a powerful Flame Wizard, but he didn’t know that he was the famous Flame Emperor. If he had known this, he would have paraded this around all day.

After dealing with the ‘intruder’, Winter of That Year once again comfortably lay down on the grass and closed his eyes.

Azure Dragon City:

Currently, the Forgotten City was not completely opened, as only players who were higher than LV50 had the right to enter. As such, it was not possible to set it as a revival point. When more than 40% of players in the Region completed their second profession upgrade, the city would be completely opened. Thus, Cang Yan revived in the Azure Dragon City.

This was the second time Cang Yan had died in the Mystic Moon world. The first time was because of Ling Chen, and everyone knew that he had not died a dishonourable death. However, this time, he, the Flame Emperor, was killed by a fameless person like this. He simply couldn’t stand this humiliation!

“You bastard! I’ll kill you! Kill you!! Kill your whole family!! Wipe out your 18 generations of ancestors!!”

The instant Cang Yan appeared at the revival point, he started cursing out loud, causing all the other players to run away in fear. Everyone knew that the Flame Emperor had a terrible temper, and being dragged into his anger was no laughing matter.

“I want a hundred people who have done their second profession upgrade to come to the Azure Dragon City revival point. Right now!!!!”

After roaring into his communication device, Cang Yan’s body flashed and disappeared, reappearing at the town nearest to where he had been before.

When venturing through dangerous regions, players would only buy potions and other important consumables, as opposed to teleport scrolls. This was because there were countless towns and villages across the Forgotten Continent; it was impossible for one’s bag to contain a teleport scroll from every place they passed by. However, luckily Cang Yan had bought a teleport scroll from that town… The town was less than 20 kilometres from where he was humiliated by Winter of That Year. If he rode on a mount, it would take him less than half an hour to arrive.

However, in order to get there, one had to pass through a monster territory filled with LV70 to LV80 monsters, which wasn’t something ordinary players could pass through.

After buying more than 100 teleport scrolls, Cang Yan returned to the Azure Dragon City where a team from the Yan Huang Alliance was waiting for him. There were exactly 100 of them, and all of them were above LV50. Cang Yan gave out the teleport scrolls as he yelled, “Come with me!”

As the crowd shattered their teleport scrolls, they all appeared in the town that Cang Yan had been earlier.

“Flame Emperor, where are we?” the leader of the 100 man team looked around as he cautiously asked.

“There’s a territory filled with LV70 to LV80 monsters; if you don’t want to die, follow me carefully!” ………………

Half an hour later.

Winter of That Year, who had taken a short nap, opened his eyes and stretched out before sitting up. He tried to call Hundred Miles of Ice to ask how his profession upgrade quest was going, but received a notification that he was unable to connect. Evidently, Hundred Miles of Ice was still within the special quest’s amp. Winter of That Year could only unhappily grumble and prepare to go over to the new city to have a look.

Just as he took 2 steps, his ears twitched. After standing silently for a moment, he suddenly jumped up as he exclaimed, “Holy fudge! 101 people!”

Despite the people being quite far away, Winter of That Year could detect exactly how many of them there were. This was simply astounding. He turned towards the direction the sounds were coming from. Very soon, a large crowd of people appeared, and the person at the front was evidently that Flame Wizard who he had humiliated!

Winter of That Year instantly realised that this guy had brought his gang to deal with him.

There’s a monster territory about 10 or so kilometres wide filled with LV70 to LV80 monsters between this place and the nearest town, and yet so many people arrived here alive!! What’s going on?! Winter of That Year stared with wide eyes.

It was impossible for these people to pass through that dangerous territory by themselves. However, Cang Yan had discovered a hidden path, which meant that they only needed to pass through a few kilometres of monster territory. By going along the hidden path, Cang Yan had brought his entire party here.

“Oi!! This is my road and these are all my trees. If you want to get past, go screw yourself!”

Winter of That Year jumped out from behind a rock as he spread his legs apart, put his hands on his hips and raised his head, facing the 101 intruders. There was no fear in his eyes, as if he didn’t put these 101 people, who were around the same level as him, in his eyes at all. As soon as he appeared, a wave of killing intent swept towards him.

Cang Yan had never wanted to destroy a person so much before. He savagely gazed at Winter of That Year as the scenes of him being humiliated flashed in his mind, causing him to tremble with anger.

“You piece of trash! You’re going to discover the consequences of angering me!” Cang Yan roared.

“Ai, you actually came back…” Winter of That Year gave a long sigh, then looked at Cang Yan with a strange expression as his gaze became serious, “There’s a very serious question that I want to ask you. I hope you’ll take this question seriously.”


“How low is your IQ?! Eh?? How long is your IQ?!” Winter of That Year roared with an expression of pain.

 Cang Yan immediately exploded as he shrieked, “Screw your ancestors!! Attack!! Kill him!! Reduce him to scraps and feed him to the dogs!!!”

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