Shura's Wrath

Chapter 518

The Rampaging White Tiger

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

“Fate?” Qian Gun Gun’s mouth twitched and his nose moved as he suddenly jumped up as if he had been pricked in the bottom by a needle, “How could there be such a strong smell of money on you? My goodness, it’s been hundreds of years since I’ve smelled so much money on a living person. You’re so young, and yet you have so much money!!”

Just by sniffing, Qian Gun Gun could roughly tell how much money a person had- this was something Ling Chen had experienced before. His smile grew wider, “That’s right, that’s right. In that case, are you interested in selling to me again?”

The first time he had met Qian Gun Gun, he only had a few ten thousand gold coins, and missed out on a heap of treasures. The same thing happened during their second meeting. This time, he had more than 10 billion gold, and was determined to buy everything Qian Gun Gun had.

Qian Gun Gun’s eyes shone, and looked at Ling Chen as if he was his own father. However, he patted his bag, and shook his head while looking depressed, “God-freaking-dammit, I’ve finally bumped into a super-rich person, but I’ve got nothing. I’ve already been out from the Underworld for quite a few months, and I’ve already sold everything… Hmm, how about I sell you information? You can ask me anything you want- there are very few things that I, Qian Gun Gun, don’t know about.”

“Sold… everything…?” Ling Chen’s face twitched… Could he be any more unlucky? When he had no money, Qian Gun Gun had a heap of items; now that he had money, Qian Gun Gun had nothing to sell!


Qian Gun Gun stared at him while saliva flowed out of his mouth. Facing this sort of wealthy person who only appeared every few hundred years, he was quite reluctant to leave. Since he didn’t have anything, Ling Chen could only ask in frustration, “When will you have new items then?”

“Well, I’m actually on the way back to the Underworld. When I’m back from the Underworld, I’ll have more items.” Qian Gun Gun had a disgusting smile on his face.

“Oh, alright then.” Ling Chen shook his head, then came a bit closer as he chuckled, “It doesn’t matter though, since we’re bound together by fate, when you come back from the Underworld, we’ll immediately meet again. Isn’t that right?”

As he spoke, Ling Chen cast a [True Lucky Hand] towards Qian Gun Gun.

“Ding… your [True Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received the special item ‘Moon God Palace Map’ from Qian Gun Gun, and were not detected.”

Ling Chen: “……”

It was that map from last time! The map that Qi Yue said he had to obtain no matter what!

Qian Gun Gun, who had no idea what just happened, eagerly nodded, “I, Qian Gun Gun, only do business with people who are brought to me by fate. If we don’t have fate, no matter how much money a person has, I won’t be willing to sell him anything. If you don’t want to buy any information, let’s meet again in future.”

“Oh, wait, wait,” Ling Chen stopped him, “I’m going to the White Tiger City, so I wanted to hear about…”

“What? You’re going to the White Tiger City?” Qian Gun Gun’s reaction was quite abnormal. He turned around with a ‘whoosh’ and said in a serious tone, “Since we’re tied together by fate, and you have so much money, I’ll give you some information for free: don’t go to the White Tiger City, no matter what! I just came from over there, and nearly died!”

“Eh?” Ling Chen’s eyes widened as he hurriedly asked, “Could something big have happened at the White Tiger City?”

The White Tiger City was one of the 4 main cities of the humans. What could have happened for a thousand-year old devil like Qian Gun Gun to nearly die?

“You want to know?” Qian Gun Gun stretched out his withered hand, “If you want information, bring out the money. All my information is completely reliable.”

“How much?”


“Holy crap! A piece of information for 500,000 gold? Are you crazy, or do you think I’m crazy?”

“You’re free to buy if you want. It’s completely up to you.” Qian Gun Gun smirked, and started to walk off.

“You sure are something!” Ling Chen gritted his teeth and took out 500,000 gold. Back at the Lonely Spirit Ridge, a piece of information had only costed him 10,000 gold. Evidently, seeing that Ling Chen had much more money now, this guy dared to charge a higher price.

After receiving the 500,000 gold, Qian Gun Gun’s old face beamed like a flower, “That’s right! A big incident happened at the White Tiger City. The guardian beast, the White Tiger… has gone on a rampage.”

“The White Tiger went on a rampage? How did this happen?” Ling Chen asked in shock.

“Because the answer’s fairly long, 800,000 gold.”

“Holy fudge…”

Ling Chen handed over 800,000 gold. Ling Chen had to obtain as much information as he could about the White Tiger. Qian Gun Gun’s expression became even more cordial as he spoke, “The reason’s a bit complicated. You know about the 10 ancient demon beasts, right? Yesterday, one of the 10 ancient demon beasts, the Ice Demon Beast suddenly appeared west of the White Tiger City. The guardian beast, the White Tiger, immediately sensed its demonic aura.

“As a guardian beast, what it hated most was this sort of demonic aura. Back then, the 10 ancient demon beasts agreed that they would obediently stay within their own territories, and would never enter human territory. As such, they were left alone for all that time. However, the Ice Demon Beast went crazy and entered into human territory. Not only that, it brought out an even stronger demon beast… the Tyrant Demon Beast. Both of them flew towards the White Tiger City.

“As such, the White Tiger became enraged, and locked them inside the Thunder God Barrier that it created, not allowing them to get any closer to the White Tiger City. It also started to launch destructive attacks. The Tyrant Demon Beast is the third strongest overall out of the 10 ancient demon beasts, and is weaker than only the Sky Demon Beast and Earth Demon Beast. However, the White Tiger’s the strongest out of the 4 guardian beasts, so even with the Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast working together, they were unable to defeat it. If the Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast obediently retreated, that would have been the end of the matter. However, they were desperate to break out of the Thunder God Barrier, and started to fight with the White Tiger…”

Ling Chen’s eyes widened. Listening to there, he understood what had happened.

That day, after the Ice Demon Beast had escaped, she had flown towards the west to find the hidden Tyrant Demon Beast! After finding the Tyrant Demon Beast, she told it about the Lunar Scourge, and they set out to alert the other demon beasts…

However, they were unable to leave the west before being discovered by the White Tiger.

“Are you saying that the White Tiger went on a rampage because it fought with the Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast?” Ling Chen asked.

“Of course not. There are 2 methods to breaking out of the Thunder God Barrier. The first is for the White Tiger to voluntarily unlock it, and the other is to kill the White Tiger. As the strongest guardian beast, how could the White Tiger be easily defeated? Seeing that neither of these two possibilities were available, the terrifying Tyrant Demon Beast created a third way.”

“What was it?”

“Soul stealing! The Tyrant Demon Beast doesn’t have a physical form; it always relies on possessing other beings! Possessing a body and soul stealing is its most terrifying ability! It possessed the White Tiger and used its demonic power to devour its soul, and stole its body to use. After succeeding, the White Tiger’s body and power belonged to the Tyrant Demon Beast!” Qian Gun Gun said in a serious manner.

“Could it be… that the Tyrant Demon Beast really succeeded?” Ling Chen asked as he frowned.

 “Not yet. How could the White Tiger’s soul be devoured so easily? If it was just the Tyrant Demon Beast, it would have no chance of succeeding, and might even suffer backlash. However, it also had the Ice Demon Beast with it! Under a barrage of powerful attacks, it was difficult for even the White Tiger to hold on. When I left, the White Tiger had already lost control Although it’s still resisting, at least half of its body has been controlled by the Tyrant Demon Beast. If the situation continues like that, it’ll be a matter of time before it is fully taken over. Perhaps the Tyrant Demon Beast has already succeeded. That would mean the White Tiger’s soul has been completely devoured, and that it is completely dead. In that case, the Thunder God Barrier would disappear.

“The White Tiger being taken over meant that it lost control over its lightning, resulting in many towns and small cities being destroyed. Even the White Tiger City was nearly hit. Right now, the White Tiger City has descended into chaos. However… heheh, they only saw the White Tiger rampaging, but didn’t know the reason. Only I, Qian Gun Gun know the true reason, and you’re the second person to know. Boy, if you want to go to the White Tiger City, you should pick a different time; it’s too dangerous right now.” Qian Gun Gun said as he grinned.

The White Tiger was being possessed? Such a shocking thing was happening?

The demon beasts were so desperate to leave that they would fight the White Tiger- it seemed that they were quite eager to obtain the Lunar Scourge.

Ling Chen didn’t hesitate as he jumped onto Snow Cherry’s back, yelling, “I must go! I need to find the White Tiger!”

 “So it’s like that.” Qian Gun Gun’s eyes lit up, “I just so happen to have a teleport scroll for the White Tiger City.”

“How much?!” Ling Chen immediately stopped as he roared out.

“3,000,00 gold! Take it or leave it!”

“Go screw yourself! I’ll take it!!”

After throwing out 3,000,000 gold to buy a teleport scroll that Qian Gun Gun had bought for a few silver coins, Ling Chen immediately crushed it and disappeared.

“Heheh, 3,000,000 gold for a teleport scroll. Who would’ve thought I would meet such a fat sheep.” Qian Gun Gun laughed.

With Ling Chen’s speed, even if he travelled day and night, it would take him many days to reach the White Tiger City. With the teleport scroll, he could instantly arrive. However, the teleport scroll didn’t teleport him within the White Tiger City, but right in front of the main entrance… Because Ling Chen did not yet have the right to enter the White Tiger City.

The air in the west was extremely dry, and the wind felt quite uncomfortable on one’s skin. The poor climate here meant that the White Tiger City was far less developed than the Azure Dragon City. As soon as he arrived, Ling Chen felt the ground under his feet shaking, as well as low roaring sounds. He looked up at the sky, and saw that in the west, there was purple lightning wildly crackling. The lightning came from the White Tiger.

The City Guards standing guard at the main entrance all looked pale as a sheet, and the hands gripping their weapons trembled. They stared at the sky to the west, as if they were looking at the apocalypse. After a while, one of the City Guards noticed Ling Chen, and quickly said after giving him a good look, “Hello, you must be an adventurer from another world. According to the rules, unless you have special permissions, you’re not allowed to enter the White Tiger City before you reach LV70. Moreover, the White Tiger City is currently facing a catastrophe, so it’s best if you left quickly.”

The current situation indicated that the battle was still ongoing, and that the White Tiger’s soul had not yet been completely devoured. Ling Chen immediately activated Broken Shadow as he shot towards the west on top of Snow Cherry like a wild gust of wind. Seeing Ling Chen’s incredible speed, the City Guards were completely dumbfounded, and they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

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