Shura's Wrath

Chapter 484

Ice Woman

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

In 21 days, Ling Chen had covered 900 metres. On average, he had climbed less than 50 metres every day. Moreover, the higher he climbed, the slower his advance became. During that period of time, the incredibly valuable Spatial Orbs had been rapidly consumed by him like lollies. Although Ling Chen’s heart ached, he didn’t hesitate at all in using them.

This was because he only had this one chance. In future, obtaining things like the Azure Dragon Scales would simply be a dream. He was sure that if he didn’t have the Azure Dragon Scales protecting him, in this sort of incredibly harsh and freezing environment, his HP would last a few seconds at most.

Every time he lifted himself up, he would see himself getting closer and closer to the summit. This filled his body, which was almost like an ice block, to become filled with hope and motivation as he continued to climb. After a while, the coldness no longer seemed as terrifying- the freezing temperature that normal people couldn’t even withstand was completely forgotten about by him, and his eyes were solely fixed on climbing the ice above him.

Another 3 days passed.

During those 3 days, Ling Chen continued to spend all of his time on climbing the Godchild Peak. To Ling Chen, these last 100 metres was like walking in hell. However, even if it was hell, it wouldn’t be able to stop him from moving forwards. He continued to expend great numbers of Spatial Orbs. Every time he used one, he would be a bit closer to the summit. At this moment, he only had 5 Spatial Orbs left… the final 5!

As such, he did not have the option to retreat.

On the third day, from morning until the afternoon, he climbed 30 metres in total. He looked up and could clearly see where the ice wall ended. This indicated that he was nearly at the finish line, causing the blood in his body to boil.

He had spent much time, incredible numbers of Spatial Orbs and had suffered torment that was unimaginable to normal people… all of that had not come to a waste. The summit of the Godchild Peak, which no human had ever reached before, was right in front of his eyes.

He looked at the remaining distance, as his lips slightly curved upwards as his frozen face revealed a faint smile. In this world, there was nothing more rewarding than succeeding after attempting an arduous task filled with countless tribulations. At this moment, the freezing cold temperature was no longer terrifying. Ling Chen’s frozen hand lightly tapped the ice wall in front of him as he allowed his body to fall. At the same time, the Twilight Spear appeared in his hands…

“Let’s go… Moment of Elegance!”

As the light from Moment of Elegance shot out, Ling Chen’s body immediately traversed the remaining 15 metres, appearing at the highest point. When his body reappeared, a new world appeared before his eyes.

With the Feng Chen Technique controlling the direction he fell, his body lightly touched down on the ground. He was at the boundary of the summit, and half of his body fell into snow.

I made it… I finally made it… Xiao Hui, Qi Yue, I finally made it…

During that month, especially the time spent climbing the final 1000 metres, no one could imagine how much he had endured, nor could anyone imagine how much willpower he had. He had been climbing for every single day, and had never allowed himself to fall unconscious.

At this moment, he had finally succeeded, but there was no one to share in his delight with him. This was because Xiao Hui and Leng’Er could not be summoned in such an environment, and Qi Yue, with her damaged soul, couldn’t resist such a climate either. As such, she had sealed herself off and had no idea what was happening in the outside world.

Ling Chen had no idea how low the temperature was here. However, he was sure that it was monstrously freezing. Despite reaching the summit, he couldn’t relax just yet. Once he relaxed, his mind could easily fall into a chaotic state, causing him to fall unconscious without him realising. He didn’t return to rest, but instead shakily stood up and walked forwards with great difficulty… he couldn’t afford to waste the remaining 5 Spatial Orbs. During the final period of time, he had reduced the number of times he went back and rested as much as possible. However, the consequence was him enduring the bitter cold that normal people couldn’t even imagine for greater lengths of time. The summit of the Godchild Peak was quite vast, and was abnormally flat. As Ling Chen looked over, he could only see snow-covered ground, and nothing else. He couldn’t even see any rocks that stuck out of the ground. He turned around and saw clouds far below his feet, and even further below, the vast land was covered with countless mountains and rivers. However, none of the mountains were nearly as tall as the Godchild Peak.

Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky…

This was the Mystic Moon world’s peak- apart from this place, what other place had the qualification to be called the peak of the Mystic Moon world? In that case, where was the orb, and what did the ‘One Line Sky’ mean?

If Xiao Hui was out, with his treasure-seeking abilities, he would have been able to find the orb immediately. However, calling Xiao Hui out would simply be sending him to his death. However, in this vast, snow-filled world, where could Ling Chen go to find the orb… moreover, the ground was covered in thick snow, below which was a thick layer of ice. The orb had been separated from the Lunar Scourge around 10,000 years ago- it was possible that after 10,000 years, the orb was now buried within the incredibly thick ice. Without Xiao  Hui, Ling Chen was unable to even determine the approximate location of the orb- it was akin to looking for a needle in the ocean.

Ling Chen frowned and desperately resisted the draining of his physical strength and mind by the coldness. He raised his stiff right arm and continuously looked at the Lunar Scourge as he slowly advanced… right now, he could only rely on the Lunar Scourge to detect the orb. However, he knew that the orb had to be very close in order for this to work. If the ice was too thick, even if he was standing right above it, the Lunar Scourge would not have any reaction.

“Hahahaha… hahahahahaha…”

Ling Chen’s body suddenly stopped moving. His head, which felt incredibly heavy, suddenly became incredibly clear again. He widened his eyes as he stared ahead of him.

Laughter… why would there be laughter here?!

“Hahahaha… hahahaha…”

This time, Ling Chen could hear it even clearer. It definitely wasn’t his mind playing tricks on him, nor was it the sound of the cold wind. The laughter sounded piercing, as well as a bit wild and arrogant. Moreover, it was a woman’s voice!

At the same time, Ling Chen suddenly felt his body become even heavier. It wasn’t because his body had become completely frozen, but because an incredibly powerful aura had locked down on him.

After being locked on to by the pressure, even if he wanted to leave, he wouldn’t be able to anymore.

“Who… Who is it!” Ling Chen shouted out in a low voice. Just saying that short phrase gave the terrifyingly cold air enough time to rush in his lungs, causing his voice to sound hoarse and tremble.

“Hahahaha… hoh! You can actually speak. This little brother really knows how to surprise someone. After staying here for so long, this is the first time I’ve seen a human climb up to here. Who would have thought it would be such a youthful little brother? This is much too interesting, hahahaha…”

The voice sounded sharp and piercing, and sounded like 2 icicles colliding. As the voice sounded out, the snow in front of Ling Chen suddenly flew into the air. As the snow slowly drifted back down, an icy-blue figure appeared in front of him.

Ling Chen’s pupils contracted.

In front of him was a tall woman who looked around 30 years old. She was taller than him by half a head height. She had a crown of ice on her head, and was wearing a semi-transparent, thin-looking armour made of ice. She wore boots made of ice, and her figure looked voluptuous and enticing. Her bottom was round and wide, with a slim waist, emanating the airs of a cold and mature woman.

The blue armour made of ice gave off a faint, blue light, and even her skin was a faint blue colour. Her looks were gorgeous, able to captivate the hearts of most men, but the haze between her eyebrows could cause people to tremble.

A woman…

Wasn’t it said that no human had ever reached the summit before? How could there be a woman here… and from her words, it seemed that she had been here for a long time.

Wait, could it be that she wasn’t a ‘human’?

Her armour and skin’s colour were evidence that she had ice abilities, and were extremely powerful ice abilities.

The ice woman gave a coy smile as she strutted towards him. Her chest bounced as she walked, which could cause anyone’s blood to boil. However, Ling Chen did not feel aroused at all as he quickly thought… the way this ice woman looked at him was like a hunter looking at his prey.

“Eh?” After coming over to Ling Chen, the ice woman revealed an expression of surprise, “There isn’t any ice aura in your body. Not only do you not have any ice aura, your strength is pitifully weak. I’m very curious how you got up here. Ever since I arrived here, I’ve never seen any humans climb to the summit. Little brother, you’re the first one, you know~”

“You’re… not… a human.” Ling Chen struggled to speak as he spat out each word from between his teeth. The ice woman approaching brought out an incredibly dense ice aura. It was now even colder than before.

“Hahahaha…” The ice woman started to coyly laugh, as a strange blue light danced in her eyes, “Of course I’m not a human. Despite this, I’m able to do anything a human can. However, humans definitely aren’t capable of doing what I’m able to~

“Look at you, your body’s almost completely frozen; I’m sure you’re not able to even move your pinky. However, after so long, your gaze hasn’t become muddled, and you’re even able to talk to me. What shocking willpower.”

The ice woman was completely right. After being frozen for so long, Ling Chen’s body was almost as hard as a rock. He couldn’t even move a single finger. In the past, when he was nearing this state, he would always return to the town to recover. However, being locked down by the ice woman’s aura, he was unable to leave. Compared to his body, his mental energy was much, much stronger. Even if his body couldn’t stand it, his mind wouldn’t be destroyed so easily. Even staying 2-3 hours in this sort of environment which had a devastating toll on one’s mind would be no problem for him.

“As my first human visitor here, how should I welcome you… Should I directly eat you, or eat you after I’ve enjoyed you.”

The ice woman stretched out a slim and long finger, tapping on Ling Chen’s forehead, then slowly drew a line down his face, then his neck… her smile looked incredibly sultry.

 Ling Chen’s face paled.

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