Shura's Wrath

Chapter 444

The Biggest Heist of the Century

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Saji Masao had just turned 30 this year, and his father was the richest man in Japan, Saji Akira. As someone who possessed massive amounts of wealth, what he desired was naturally not more wealth, but things greater than wealth… such as fame and reputation. If he could obtain this City Creation Token, as the lord of the city, he would be able to fulfil desires that could never be fulfilled in the real world.

He was also the Alliance Master of the number 3 guild in Japan: the Grand Alliance. Although he had enormous wealth, his guild was far weaker than the Unsetting Sun. As for Saji Masao, he wanted the City Creation Token more than anyone else. However, when Ling Tian stated the method for determining who would buy it, his heart had plummeted. Afterwards, he had become so delighted that he almost fainted. Yamamoto Michio didn’t bring enough money, and the same went for Shoi Fuku… the right to purchase the City Creation Token now fell on him.

It was the heavens’ will!!

As the richest Alliance Master, he always carried with him at least 5 billion gold. He definitely wouldn’t make the same mistake that Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fuku made. Today, in order to snatch the City Creation Token, he had taken all 10 billion gold at his disposal with him. He looked at the amount of gold he had as he gleefully walked up to the trade seat.

Ling Chen knew that the family of the Alliance Master of the number 3 guild in Japan was the richest family in Japan. Looking at the man swaggering up, he had definitely brought a lot of money with him. That meant…

An ultra fat sheep had come!

Just as Saji Masao came up, Ling Chen impatiently cast a Lucky Hand on him.

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, Lucky Hand’s cooldown time has been reset.”

“Ding… your skill [Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received 8,000,000,000 gold from Saji Masao and were not detected.”

Ling Chen’s heart trembled.

What the hell?! What just happened?!? 8… 8 billion gold?!

The instant he received the money and the system announcement rang out in his ears, Ling Chen almost jumped up in shock, and his hands trembled. 8 billion! A whole 8 billion gold! That was $8 billion in real life!

Ling Chen knew that he would receive a large sum of money from the son of the richest family in Japan, but he had never expected such a terrifying figure. Currently, Lucky Hand was at LV4, and could steal 60-80% of the gold on the target. With his incredibly high Luck compared to the Luck of normal players, not only would it succeed every time, but also, it would steal the maximum value of 80% every time as well. This meant that Saji Masao had brought 10 billion gold with him.

Even for someone from the richest family in Japan, carrying 10 billion gold on them was quite extravagant. If it was put in a bank, even a single day’s worth of interest would be a large sum of money.

Of course, Saji Masao wouldn’t normally carry around this much money. The reason he had brought so much today was to increase his chances of buying the City Creation Token as much as possible… but the result was Ling Chen becoming extremely happy. Ling Chen had never possessed so much money before, and this was enough to last him several lifetimes. Even if he was a god, he would be unable to remain perfectly calm. However, he quickly realised that since Lucky Hand could only steal a maximum of 80% of the target’s gold, Saji Masao still had 2 billion gold! It was enough to buy the City Creation Token.

Ling Chen had come to sell the City Creation Token, but he had no intention at all of actually selling it! Selling the right to create a city after stealing it? Ling Chen wasn’t that good of a person.

“Please transfer your 500 million gold to the transfer table. After confirmation, the transaction will be complete.”

Kato Masa repeated his words from before. Just as he spoke, Ling Chen sent out another Lucky Hand.

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, Lucky Hand’s cooldown time has been reset.”

“Ding… your skill [Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received 1,600,000,000 gold from Saji Masao and was not detected.”

The LV4 Lucky Hand only had a 5 second cooldown, but seeing that the Libra Orb’s effects had once again activated, Ling Chen did not hesitate in launching another Lucky Hand.

“Ding… your skill [Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received 320,000,000 gold from Saji Masao and was not detected.”

After using Lucky Hand 3 times and stealing 80% of Saji Masao’s gold each time, he had earned 9,920,000,000 gold.

This was definitely the biggest heist of the century.

Just like Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fuku, Saji Masao made a big deal of opening his gold window… and his smile froze and his face stiffened. His eyes widened to comical proportions as he looked at the remaining 80 million gold and felt his vision darken.

His 10 billion gold had suddenly become 80 million gold. Even a god would have spat out blood. Although Saji Masao’s family was the richest family in Japan, that was still 10 billion gold! Even to them it was a great fortune, and the 10 billion gold was the money his father had given to him to expand the Grand Alliance. It was incomparably important to him and his guild. “My money!! Where did my money go?! Who… who stole my money?! Who was it??”

After taking such a massive blow, Saji Masao lost all self-control and started to shout. His face was twisted in shock and anger and his entire body shook violently. Before coming up, he had confirmed that he had 10 billion gold in his account… and now he was left with only 80 million gold.

Saji Masao’s reaction caused everyone to stare in shock… it was impossible that this guy forgot to bring enough money as well, right?”

This was simply ridiculous!

“Ahem,” Ling Chen spoke, looking at him sympathetically, “Mr Saji, could it be… that you didn’t bring enough money?”

“No way! That’s impossible!!” Saji Masao continued to scream. He was still quite young, and was unable to stay calm after watching his 10 billion gold become 80 million gold, “I had 10 billion gold!! A whole 10 billion gold! I even checked just then, so I’m absolutely sure! Who!! Who stole my money!!”

Saji Masao’s face was twisted in anger, and his lips were purple. It was impossible that he was acting so shocked and angry. And yet, he was shouting that he had 10 billion gold, which was now gone… This time, none of the people laughed. Everyone felt that something was off.

Yamamoto Michio had gone up, but had left in shame because he did not have enough money. The City Creation Token was something that he dreamed about, so he definitely would have made sufficient preparations. It was almost impossible for him to make such a stupid mistake. When he left the trade seat, he had been yelling that he had 2 billion gold. Subsequently, the same thing had happened to Shoi Fuku, and everyone had laughed at them.

And now, the same thing was happening to Saji Masao… there was definitely something going on. With the precedents set by Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fuku, even if Saji Masao was a retard, he would still definitely check his gold before going up… and yet, he was yelling that he had confirmed that he had 10 billion gold when he had gone up.

What was going on? Could it really be that their money had been stolen? However, wasn’t it impossible to steal gold from someone in the virtual world? It was impossible to pickpocket someone like in the real world.

Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fuku, who were wondering what had happened, suddenly realised something. They looked at each other and Yamamoto Michio stepped up and said, “In order to obtain this City Creation Token, I prepared 2 billion gold! However, when I went up, I suddenly found that it had become 400 million gold. That 10 billion gold… it must have been stolen by someone using terrifying methods! Otherwise, how would I, Yamamoto Michio, make such a stupid mistake?” “That’s right!” Shoi Fuku also stepped forwards and furiously roared, “Before I went up, I had 1 billion gold. However, when I went up, I found that I only had 200 million gold! Even after racking my brains, I couldn’t think of where the money went… what just happened to Saji Masao was exactly what happened to us! This isn’t a coincidence! It’s not that we didn’t bring enough money, but that after we went up, someone stole our money! Only Ling Tian, who was close to us, could have done such a thing!!”

“It’s Ling Tian! It’s definitely Ling Tian… in fact, this entire trade was a trap! He used this as a trap to steal our money!!” Yamamoto Michio roared as he pointed at Ling Chen.

Under his mask, Ling Chen smirked… tch, looks like you guys aren’t that dumb after all. You worked it out.

“It’s you!!” Saji Masao took a few steps back, as if he was afraid that Ling Chen would steal the remainder of his money as well. He looked at Ling Chen vehemently as he roared, “Exactly! It’s you!! It must have been you who stole my money! Immediately return my money Or… Or the Grand Alliance will permanently put a bounty on you and will never let you have peace!”

All the spectating players were sent into an uproar, and they all stared at Ling Chen. For the leaders of the 3 biggest guilds to make such a stupid error was simply a bit too ridiculous. Moreover, all of their reactions seemed completely genuine. Could it be that this Ling Tian had some horrifying way to steal money from other players?

Ling Chen finally reacted. He looked at the countless players and said with sadness and fury in his voice, “What is the meaning of this? How could you say that I stole your money?”

“It must have been you! Who else could have done such a thing?” Yamamoto Michio retorted.

Ling Chen began to act more and more furious, “Very well! Very well! I’m quite impressed by you Japanese people… in that case, since you said I stole your money… where’s your proof? Who saw me steal it? What proof do you have that I stole your money?”

Yamamoto Michio, Shoi Fuku and Saji Masao were speechless. However, Saji Masao immediately showed everyone his gold window, which displayed 80 million gold. He howled, “Before I came up, I had 1 billion gold, but now this is all that’s left! When I came up, you were the one closest to me! Apart from you, who could have done this?”

“Hahahaha,” Ling Chen wildly laughed as he clapped, “What convincing evidence! Then… aiya! Before, I had 1 million gold, but now it’s all gone! Saji Masao, you were the one closest to me! It was definitely you who stole my 1 million gold! Immediately return it to me!”

“You… You…” Saji Masao’s face became bright red, and almost coughed up blood.

 “Bull crap! If this is evidence, then I could say that the entire world stole my money!” Ling Chen mocked, “Indeed, you have 80 million gold on you. Everyone can see that. But what proof do you have that you had 10 billion gold? Did anyone here see? Can anyone here bear witness to that? Heh, who can’t make up claims like that? I can say that before, I had 8 trillion gold on me!”

“Moreover, it’s common sense that only a player can transfer or spend their own money. Don’t tell me that you leaders of big guilds don’t know this? Just because you’re idiots doesn’t mean we’re all idiots as well… goddamn! This is the first time I’ve heard of players being able to steal another player’s gold. Alright, let’s say I stole your gold. In that case, try to steal it back. I’ll just stand here and you can do whatever you want. Let’s see how you’re going to steal my gold.”

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