Shura's Wrath

Chapter 429

Harassment (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Ling Chen’s eyes widened and he bit his tongue. Using superhuman willpower, he shook off Qi Yue’s hand, then hurriedly ran away. Behind him came Qi Yue’s flirtatious laughs, and he knew that he had once again been toyed with by this witch.

That’s right, she was definitely a witch. She was naturally seductive, and even without doing anything, she could make almost any man go crazy for her. Even Ling Chen looking at her would cause his mind to waver. He had taken advantage of the Cherry Blossom God Representative, and had enjoyed the stimulation. However, if he really touched Qi Yue’s body… he believed that he would lose his mind and would jump on her like a beast.

This witch knew just how sexy she was, and knew that Ling Chen didn’t dare to touch her. As such, she liked to tease him now and then… causing much mental anguish to Ling Chen. If Ling Chen really couldn’t control himself and leapt on her, she would definitely disappear, and Ling Chen would have to suffer the torture like a crazy beast.


The Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation in the Celestial Cherry Valley had been greatly changed by the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s Moon God power. Of course, it would be impossible for Ling Chen to follow the same route. However, with Xiao Hui, even if it was twice as complicated, Ling Chen could still pass through it easily.

The first thing Ling Chen had done after logging on was heading towards the Celestial Cherry Valley and directly appeared in the Central District. With the Spatial Orb, the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation was completely useless. After appearing next to the Cherry Blossom God Palace, Ling Chen immediately activated Vanishing Shadow. After entering undetected the previous day, Ling Chen was confident that he could do the same today.

Ling Chen silently crept around in the Cherry Blossom God Palace, but didn’t find the Cherry Blossom God Representative. He was dumbfounded… could it be that she had been scared off? However, it simply didn’t seem possible that a Moon God Representative would be scared off by a player.

Finally, Xiao Hui nudged him, and led him deeper inside.

Ling Chen saw the Cherry Blossom God Representative next to a small waterfall. However, she was no longer calm and relaxed like she was before. Instead, she was frowning, evidently in a bad mood. What happened the previous day would cause her to be unable to smile for a long time, and could even leave a permanent shadow in her heart.

The water fell from the mountain cliff, creating a mist. The Cherry Blossom God Representative stood in the midst of the mist, as if she wanted to use the coldness of the mist to wash away her frustrations and to calm herself down. Standing in the mist, the Cherry Blossom God Representative looked every bit like a goddess who was untainted by the world.

After all, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was a Moon God Representative, and had an aura which could not be compared to by ordinary women. Ling Chen couldn’t help but stare for a while, unwilling to destroy this beautiful scene.

However, in the end, he wasn’t here to admire the scenery.

“Hallo! Beautiful Cherry Blossom Goddess, good to see you again,” Ling Chen walked out, loudly greeting the Cherry Blossom God Representative.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative looked up, and slowly turned around. The instant she saw Ling Chen, her beautiful eyes turned icy cold. Her expression displaying deep shock. She had completely changed the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, and it had become incredibly complex. And yet, this person had appeared here without her detecting him at all.

The Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation that no one had been able to pass through in hundreds of years was like nothing to him!

How could she accept this?

At the same time, the fury that she had gradually suppressed erupted. This was the first time she had ever wanted to kill a person so much. Even she was shocked at how much killing intent she was releasing. However, when she thought of how he violated her, the killing intent that she should have been suppressing became even stronger.

 “I’m sure that the intelligent Cherry Blossom Goddess knows why I’m here again. In that case, will the merciful Cherry Blossom Goddess agree to my request? After all, that orb is useless to you, but it can help me fulfil my dream. At the same time, you’ll be able to get rid of trouble for yourself- isn’t this perfect?” Ling Chen said while grinning. However, this time, he did not take out the photos, and didn’t even directly mention them. He realised that showing them would probably have the opposite effect that he wanted.

The temperature of the air rapidly fell; the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s killing intent was already bone-piercingly cold, causing Ling Chen to shiver. At least on the surface, the Cherry Blossom God Representative looked quite calm. She looked at Ling Chen as she calmly said, “Tell me why you’re so desperate to obtain this evil orb!”

Back when the Goddess Order had given this evil orb to her, she hadn’t told her what it could be used for, or why it was called an ‘evil orb’. It seemed that she didn’t want to mention it, but only told her that she couldn’t let it fall into anyone else’s hands. Women were naturally curious, and evidently, Ling Chen wanted to obtain this orb at all costs. Adding on his despicable actions, she could tell that this orb contained some sort of evil power. If this despicable person obtained it, he definitely wouldn’t use it for good… it was possible that he would use it to create some sort of catastrophe.

“Well…” Ling Chen thought for a moment before replying, “It’s to save someone.”

What he said was the truth. He wanted to obtain this orb no matter what it took in order to save Shui Ruo, even if there was only a tiny bit of hope.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative coldly laughed. If the things from the previous day had not happened, and Ling Chen directly said these things, she might have believed him. However, after being violated by him, she wouldn’t believe anything he said, “To save someone? Her ladyship said that this orb represents utmost evil, and that I can’t allow it to fall into anyone else’s hands… especially not into the hands of a scoundrel like you. Even if I die, I won’t give it to you, so give up… moreover, even if you don’t come to find me, I’ll come to find you. Your blasphemy cannot be forgiven! Not only will I kill you, but I will also gather all the lords and mayors so that it will be impossible for you to remain in the East Ocean Continent!”

“Aiya!” Ling Chen acted as if he was greatly frightened, “No way! Didn’t I just touch your breasts? Do you really have to be so extreme?”

“You!!” the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s body shook, and in her fury, she sent three cherry blossom petals shooting towards Ling Chen.

Ling Chen dodged them with a Moment of Elegance as he arrogantly yelled, “You think I’m afraid of you because you’re a so-called goddess? You want to kill me? Heheh, if you’re able to kill me, why am I still standing here? Go and gather the lords and mayors if you want, it doesn’t matter. After all, I’m not from the East Ocean Continent, and if I don’t like it here, I’ll just leave. What are you going to do about it?”

If it wasn’t the Cherry Blossom God Representative, but the Moon God Representative of the Forgotten Continent, he wouldn’t have dared to act like this. After all, not only would he be hunted down, but he would also be unable to enter any towns or cities in the Forgotten Continent. As soon as he went in, he would be attacked by the villagers and residents. Moreover, he would never be able to upgrade his profession, do any quests, join any guilds, visit any shops, do any forging, enjoy any of the recreational facilities, participate in any of the competitions, use teleport scrolls or revival points… he would not be able to touch anything even slightly related to towns or cities.

However, this was the East Ocean Continent, so he simply didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t even bother to go into any of the towns or cities.

Doubtlessly, Ling Chen’s words only served to fan the flames. Every word undermined the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s dignity as a Moon God Representative. She finally lost control, and attacked in fury, causing a wild wind to blow… however, just as the wind rose, it suddenly died down, because Ling Chen used Moon Shadow at that moment. With a ‘whoosh’, he rushed to the frozen Cherry Blossom God Representative, whose face fell, with his nose just millimetres away from her face. He stretched out his hand, and like a hooligan harassing a woman, he lifted up her chin and slowly said, “Are you going to give me that orb or not? Think carefully… disobedient girls will be spanked.”

After saying this, Ling Chen ran off with a gust of wind.

Moon Shadow’s effects ended, and the Cherry Blossom God Representative who regained her freedom almost went crazy as she released all of the murderous intent within her. The air became incredibly chaotic as she coldly stared at Ling Chen, her snow-white hands shining with a white glow…

“Cherry Heart Fury!!”

Cherry Heart Fury: Combines the fury in one’s heart with Moon God Power, filling the sky with cherry blossom petals saturated with killing intent. Savagely attacks and shreds all targets within 3,000 metres, causing 90,000 base damage per second. Severely limits targets’ vision and movement, lasts for 30 seconds. Can only be activated when furious and cannot be ended early.

Ling Chen, who had been preparing to reflect this attack, was given a big fright when he received this information from Xiao Hui… Ling Chen loved powerful single-hit attacks, as the result of attacking him with those would be the attack being reflected. However, this Cherry Heart Fury… dealt damage for 30 seconds! The Evil God’s Mask could only prevent him from taking damage once.

Ling Chen didn’t even think as he quickly raised his right hand and activated Moon Grief.

“Ding… the Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, Moon Grief’s cooldown time has been reset.”

Currently, Moon Grief had a range of 60 metres around Ling Chen, and easily reached the Cherry Blossom God Representative. She suddenly forgot how to cast her skills again, and the attack quickly dissipated. Ling Chen started to swagger towards her, looking at her like a wolf looking at a little lamb, “I’ll say it again: give me the orb. Otherwise, disobedient girls really will be spanked.”

“You’re looking to die!!”

Let alone the Cherry Blossom God Representative, even a buddha would be infuriated to the point of exploding. The Cherry Blossom God Representative stretched out her hands, and found that while her power still remained, she simply couldn’t remember how to release her skills. In her panic and anger, she balled her hands into fists and shot towards Ling Chen.

Although the Cherry Blossom God Representative was unable to use any skills, her stats had not changed. Although her hands looked quite small and delicate, if they hit Ling Chen, he would die without a doubt… however, who was Ling Chen? His agility and speed was something that the skill-less Cherry Blossom God Representative could not contend with. The Cherry Blossom God Representative’s teleportation and spatial distortion could allow her to move at monstrous speeds, but none of those were currently available to her.

What was even more shameless was that against the Cherry Blossom God Representative in this state, Ling Chen even used a Broken Shadow.

With a ‘swish’, Ling Chen easily evaded the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s attack. With Broken Shadow activated, his body left afterimages as he passed by the Cherry Blossom God Representative like a gale and slapped his hand onto her round bottom…


 The sound of this slap was incredibly clear and crisp.

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