Shura's Wrath

Chapter 421

Cherry Spirit Girl

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Hmm… little master could be right. The Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s power never fails- this is something everyone knows. Also, little Su Su is head over heels for you, so she definitely wouldn’t lie to you or give you incomplete information,” Ling Chen’s words reminded Qi Yue of Su’Er’s information. This definitely wasn’t the place that she referred to.

“Regardless, let’s go to the Celestial Cherry Valley.”

Ling Chen made his decision and put on a set of ordinary equipment. He took out the simple map of the East Ocean Continent and headed north.


Five days later

Ever since Ling Chen had faced off against countless Japanese players by himself in the Sunrise City, his fame skyrocketed in the virtual world. The waves that he created had a long lasting effect, reaching to the ends of the earth and most players elevated him to the same level as Eve. To be able to toy with thousands of players and even kill so many of them, he was worthy of such glory. As for the Japanese players, they had lost the respect of the whole world. The Chinese players relentlessly mocked them on the International Forums, but they could say nothing in response.

Their pride and joy, the Blade Emperor, had become a derogatory term. Although Cruelty Ichinawa’s sudden loss of reason and Yamazaki Jinichi’s sheep-act were quite suspicious, there was no denying that they had happened. Almost every player in the world saw what happened, and there was nothing they could say to preserve their dignity. A hat of shame was secured to every Japanese player’s head.

These days, the Japanese players had lived their days in utter fear, terrified that Ling Tian might appear out of nowhere to kill them again. Ling Chen had left too great of a shadow in their hearts. But quite a few days had passed, and there was no sign of Ling Tian, so they could slightly relax.


Northernmost East Ocean Continent, Mountain Region.

After passing through this mountain, he would arrive at the Celestial Cherry Valley… Ling Chen closed the map and hurried onwards. Compared to the map he had bought from Qian Gun Gun, the map he had bought from the Item Shop was much too simple and crude. There were many names on the map, but there were no descriptions. This entire trip, Ling Chen had run into more than 10 dead ends, and had to turn back. He also walked into many areas that were filled with high level monsters that were impossible for him to defeat. All in all, he had faced many perils in order to arrive here.

The northernmost region of the East Ocean Continent was bone-piercingly cold. Ling Chen simply couldn’t stand it, and eventually bought a fur coat at a town called Snowridge Town. Ling Chen was now wearing the fur coat as he walked through the snow. The layer of snow on the ground was too thick, and was impossible for evena horse to walk through.

“I hope this is the place Su’Er referred to, otherwise this would have been a great waste of time!”

This was a mountainous region, and there were countless mountains in sight, both large and small. All of them were covered with snow, and under the sunlight, Ling Chen’s vision was filled with white. The Celestial Cherry Valley was supposedly in the middle of this mountainous region.

Ling Chen started to quickly walk towards his final obstacle… more than one hour later, he had reached the summit. From there, he could see the entire view of the Celestial Cherry Valley, which left him completely dumbfounded.

In front of him was a completely white world without blemish. At the bottom of the mountain, countless cherry blossoms added to the beauty of the place. The snow lightly fell from the clouds, and countless Cherry Blossom trees proudly stood in the snow. The flowers were also pure white, making it difficult to distinguish whether they were snowflakes or flowers. Although Ling Chen was standing on top of a mountain, this scene extended as far as he could see and looking down from such a high vantage point, the scene below was also covered with mist which added a dreamy element to the enchanting scene.

This place was incredibly beautiful- impossibly beautiful, even. Even Ling Chen spaced out for a few moments while staring at this spectacle.

Cherry blossoms in the snow… he had reached the Celestial Cherry Valley!

“Xiao Hui, let’s go!”

Ling Chen yelled out as he started to run down the mountain.

Of course, running down a mountain was much faster than climbing up a mountain. With Xiao Hui in front and Ling Chen following after him, they quickly reached the foot of the mountain. Upon reaching the bottom, they stood before the cherry blossom forest.

‘The snowy gully under the cherry blossoms’- there were cherry blossoms and snow. All that was missing was the gully… was it a gully in between the mountains?

Now that he had confirmed his destination, Ling Chen started to look for small mountains in this cherry blossom forest!

“Ding... you have entered [Celestial Cherry Valley – Fallen Cherry Forest].”

Upon entering the cherry blossom forest, a system announcement sounded out. Ling Chen continued to walk forwards while marvelling at the cherry blossoms around him. It wasn’t that he had never seen cherry blossoms before, but that the scene of white cherry blossoms dancing in the snow was normally impossible to see. How could one simply go past with just one glance? However, it seemed that this sort of perfectly beautiful place could only exist in this sort of world.

After walking for about 2 minutes, Xiao Hui suddenly stopped walking, and called out with ‘awoo’ sounds. Ling Chen also stopped walking, took off the heavy and cumbersome fur coat and equipped weapons into his hands. When leaving the city, the old shopkeeper had told him that the cherry blossom forest had a type of spirit… a very dangerous type of spirit!

Multiple dangerous auras started to close on him. However, no matter if it was in front or behind him, or to the sides, there were nothing but cherry blossoms and snowflakes. Just as Ling Chen was about to walk forwards, information from Xiao Hui was sent into his mind.

[Cherry Spirit Girl]: Type: Spirit, Level: LV40, HP: 3500. Cherry blossom trees that were turned into demonic spirits by the Cherry Blossom God Representative’s power. They have the ability to conceal themselves. They look gentle and weak, but are extremely dangerous. Every cherry blossom petal is a deadly weapon in their hands. Any being other than the Cherry Blossom God Representative entering here will be chased out by them.

Passive Abilities: Immune to Physical Attacks, Damage taken from Water Element Attacks -30%, can only exist in the cherry blossom forest. Upon leaving, they

will immediately die.

Attack Skills:

[Cherry Illusion]: Uses the cherry blossoms on the ground to perfectly conceal themselves. They will only be revealed when attacking or being attacked.

[Cherry Petal]: Shoots out a cherry blossom petal, dealing a great amount of damage to a single target. The petals start slow but increase in speed, and carry a Tracking effect. After being hit, there is a 3% chance of one’s magic and skills being sealed.

Weaknesses: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Light Resistance -20%, Darkness Resistance -200%.

These were the spirits that the old shop owner had referred to! No wonder why he could sense danger, but couldn’t see anything… they could actually conceal themselves! And perfectly, at that! It was a pity that they had run into Xiao Hui. With Xiao Hui’s Eye of the Holy Spirit, all concealment techniques were useless.

At the same time as the information about the Cherry Spirit Girls were transmitted to him, their positions were also revealed. Currently, Xiao Hui’s eyes were like his eyes, and his body blurred as he used [Moment of Elegance] to flash forwards.

“Ding… Libra Orb’s effects have been activated, Moment of Elegance’s cooldown time has been reset.”

That’s right, over the past few days, Ling Chen had confirmed that the Libra Orb’s effects activated as soon as he used the skill!


-8186, -8175!

Amid the flash of bright light, two soft cries sounded out. Behind Ling Chen, two snow-white figures appeared… they had hair that was white as snow, and the pale faces of young girls. Their bodies were slim and willowy, which were covered by think white clothing. They looked like two delicate and fragile young girls. They pitifully cried out then fell down, then dissipated into two cherry blossom petals.  

Immune to Physical Attacks? In front of the Cancer Orb, that was simply a joke!

As the two Cherry Spirit Girls were killed by Ling Chen, more than 10 cherry blossom petals suddenly appeared in the air. They gently floated over towards Ling Chen, and soon, more than 10 Cherry Spirit Girls simultaneously appeared… they again, looked like completely innocent and harmless beauties with white hair.

The cherry blossom petals initially moved quite slowly, as though they were being blown by a soft breeze, and looked completely harmless. They suddenly accelerated when they reach four or five meters away from Ling Chen, and whistled through the air like sharp knives. However, Ling Chen did not panic. He turned, and used another Moment of Elegance, instantly travelling 15 metres and leaving the cherry blossom petals far behind him. He had reached the Cherry Spirit Girls, and sent out 2 Ling Tian Bursts.

In a wave of soft and lovely cries, five Cherry Spirit Girls were altogether instakilled, transforming into cherry blossom petals. It was a pity that Ling Chen did not hold back at all against these beauties, and showed no mercy. He locked onto each of the Cherry Spirit Girls, and killed them in turn. In just a moment, he had finished all of them off.

However, this was the Cherry Spirit Girls’ territory. Just as Ling Chen finished off a wave, before he could even take a breath, another 10 or so Cherry Spirit Girls around him, and started to attack.

The Cherry Spirit Girls’ main skill wasn’t in using cherry blossoms to attack, but in concealing themselves. Anyone would panic upon suddenly being attacked by an unseen enemy. However, this ability was useless in front of Ling Chen, and so was their immunity to Physical Attacks. As such, Ling Chen did not feel any pressure at all in dealing with the Cherry Spirit Girls. Ling Chen casually destroyed wave after wave, but their numbers not only did not decrease, but started to increase. What was even worse was that even though he had killed so many LV40 monsters, they had not dropped a single copper coin!

They were even stingier than the Buck-toothed Rabbits in the Novice Village!

Ling Chen stopped meaninglessly fighting, and after wiping out the new wave, he dashed into the depths of the forest. The ground was covered with snow, and the sky was blank and white. There were only cherry blossom trees in sight, and it was quite easy to lose one’s way in this sort of place. However, with Xiao Hui in the lead, Ling Chen didn’t need to worry about directions at all.

They continued towards, and walked even deeper into the forest. Along the way, countless Cherry Spirit Girls attacked him, but they could only harass them. With his ability to destroy them in one hit, the Cherry Spirit Girls were unable to stop him in the slightest.

45 minutes later, they were still in the forest, and there seemed to be no change in their surroundings. However, at this moment, Xiao Hui stopped walking, and some information from Xiao Hui appeared in Ling Chen’s mind.

 [Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation]: A chaotic formation created by the Cherry Blossom God Representative with cherry blossom trees as the foundation and her own power as the source of its energy. It stops all outside creatures without permission from entering the Cherry Blossom God Palace. The Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation is incredibly mysterious and ever-changing, as well as contains numerous mysteries. If one retreats from the formation, they will quickly be able to reach safety. However, if they forcefully advance, they will be destroyed by cherry blossom petals. Ever since the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation was constructed, no being has ever forced their way through.

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