Shura's Wrath

Chapter 410

Japan’s Blade Emperor

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Chinese players were sent into a frenzy.

All of their worry and anger had been completely blown away by what had just happened. All of them were laughing uproariously, and some of them were almost rolling around. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of them fainted from laughing too hard.

The battle between Japan’s 3rd ranked player and China’s top ranked player should have been an epic battle to watch. However, before they even started fighting, Cruelty Ichinawa had been scared into wetting his pants, and had scrambled away like a scared dog. What’s more, this was on his home soil, against a single Ling Tian. This was hundreds of times more hilarious than even the funniest movie in the world.

Almost instantly, the Mystic Moon Forums exploded into excitement:

“Extra! Extra! Japan’s 3rd ranked player, Cruelty Ichinawa, was scared into pissing himself by China’s Ling Tian. He actually pissed himself!!”

“This is Japan’s 3rd ranked player… wahahaha… I’m gonna die from laughing… I’m really gonna die…”

“As expected from Japan’s 3rd ranked player! He’s quite skilled at pissing and running away! He really displayed Japan’s might there! I’m never going to forget this in my life!”

“Could this be… one of Japan’s ninja skills?! So powerful! He instantly blinded countless eyes… Respect! Respect!”

“You lowly peasants can’t understand how great Japan’s 3rd ranked player is! That move he used at the end… it’s one of the most powerful ninja skills, ‘dog crawl’! That posture and speed were simply marvellous. How profound! How elegant! Even a real dog would be impressed! He must be… a professional! And that pissing skill! Look at the shape left on the ground… apparently it’s a teleportation channel that can summon the legendary Ultraman!”

Cruelty Ichinawa’s actions caused all of the Japanese players to feel incredibly ashamed… they simply couldn’t say anything in response to the mocking of the Chinese players on the forums. Was there anything more shameful and embarrassing than wetting oneself in public? Who could have thought that Cruelty Ichinawa, who was usually so proud and mighty, would act like this?!

All of the players at the Sunrise City Central Square stared, flabbergasted. All of them looked as if they had just eaten 10 kilograms of dung, and Ling Chen’s words were like savage slaps on their faces… if wouldn’t have mattered as much if Cruelty Ichinawa was just a normal player. However, he was Japan’s 3rd ranked player! He was someone who was famous all around the world, and had even challenged Ling Tian on behalf of all of Japan! What was even worse was that this was being broadcasted all around the world, and countless people were currently spectating what was happening. Japan’s shame had been shown to the whole world.

“It… It must be because Ling Tian bribed Cruelty Ichinawa!! Why else would he do such a thing? Ling Tian, you’re so despicable!”

“Cruelty Ichinawa is a weakling!! He’s not fit to represent Japan!!”

“Everyone, let’s kill Ling Tian! Let him know what the consequences of offending Japan are!”

Feeling incredibly humiliated, the Japanese players started to vent their anger on Ling Chen. After yelling all sorts of excuses for what just happened, they started taking out their weapons as they glared at Ling Chen. After all, they had no other way to unleash the anger inside them… naturally, their actions caused players around the world to look down on them even more. For so many people to surround a single person, at a location that was right next to their spawn and revival points, even if they killed Ling Chen, they would just bring more shame upon themselves.

The Chinese players all started cursing the Japanese players, calling them shameless and contemptible. The Japanese players began to close in on Ling Chen, and the area around him began to shrink. Ling Chen’s expression also darkened as he coldly smiled, watching the Japanese players come nearer.

“All of you, stop right now!”

Just as a battle was about to break out, a cold voice rang out. This voice sounded calm and serious, and was heard by every player despite how noisy it was. Immediately, every Japanese player stopped moving, and after looking in the direction from which the voice came, they all revealed expressions of delight.

“This voice… could it be…”

“It’s Yamazaki Jinichi! Yamazaki Jinichi’s here!”

“That’s right, it’s Yamazaki Jinichi’s voice! Heavens!! I never thought that I’d be able to see him in person!”

This voice caused all of the Japanese players to become extremely emotional, and the crowd quickly parted to make way for this legendary person. The first thing Ling Chen saw was a strong, white horse… it was pure white, without any blemish at all. It had short, white fur, and was much taller and powerful-looking than normal horses. The look in its eyes gave off the air of a king.

On the horse’s back was a man in white clothes.

He looked around 40 years old, was tall and well-built. From head to toe, from his helmet to his boots, all of his equipment was white. Even his skin looked exceptionally white. This caused his jet-black hair to look particularly striking. His eyes were calm and piercing, like a sword, and his gaze was extremely cold. When looking at Ling Chen, it seemed like he didn’t even see Ling Chen as human, but as a corpse.

Seeing this man, Ling Chen slightly frowned, and a name appeared in his mind…

Yamazaki Jinichi- Japan’s ‘Blade Emperor’!

He was publicly acknowledged all around the world to be Japan’s number 1 expert! In the virtual world, he was just as famous and respected as the ‘Sword Emperor’.

His entrance, and just one sentence from him, caused all of the berserk Japanese players to calm down. All of the players looked at him with an expression of worship and fervour, as if they had seen a god. It was almost as if they completely forgot about Ling Chen. Yamazaki Jinichi held an extremely high position within the hearts of all Japanese players.

Yamazaki Jinichi was a legend in Japan. To the Japanese players, he was an undefeatable god. After taking first place at Japan’s Martial Assembly 15 years ago, his number 1 position had never been taken from him before. He had never been defeated, and anyone who challenged him simply brought shame upon themselves. In the recent International Mock Battles, Yamazaki Jinichi had always been the soul and leader of the Japanese people. Because of him, Japan had always been able to stay in the top 10 rankings, and sometimes even entered the top 5 rankings… as such, Yamazaki Jinichi was a hero to all Japanese people.

No one could compare to him in Japan! His guild, ‘Heavenly Blade’ was a legendary guild to all Japanese players. Although they had less than 1,000 people, every single member was an expert among experts. To the Japanese people, to be able to join Heavenly Blade would be one of the most glorious events of their life.

The ‘Blade Emperor’ Yamazaki Jinichi always kept to himself. If he didn’t want to be found, no one could find him, and he rarely appeared in public. When Ling Chen had first intruded into the East Ocean Continent, the Japanese players thought of him first, but couldn’t find him… and now, when they were being humiliated, he had appeared.

His entrance caused the Japanese players to become so excited and emotional that they almost shed tears.

“Blade Emperor!! Blade Emperor!!”

“Lord Blade Emperor! Thank goodness you’re here! Kill Ling Tian! Only you can do it!”

“Ling Tian, prepare to die. No one can defeat our Blade Emperor!”

The Blade Emperor’s appearance caused the Japanese players feel like they went from hell into heaven, and they all excitedly shouted out. Ling Chen looked at Yamazaki Jinichi for half a second, before looking away.

“Our glorious Japan never does anything as humiliating as bullying people with numbers,” Yamazaki Jinichi said. All of the Japanese players immediately fell silent as they fervently listened to his words. Yamazaki Jinichi’s expression was cold, and his voice sounded even colder… as if he had walked out from an icy cave. He continued, “Cruelty Ichinawa was a scoundrel and a humiliation to the Japanese people, so please forget about him. Ling Tian, please have a fair 1v1 battle with me.”


A 2 metre long Daito, which was white as snow, slashed through the air as Yamazaki Jinichi held it above his head.

Ling Chen couldn’t help but laugh at Yamazaki Jinichi’s words, “Hoh! So Japan’s 3rd ranked expert is just a scoundrel and a humiliation to the Japanese people. Doesn’t that mean apart from the 2nd and top ranked experts, all of the other Japanese players are scoundrels and a humiliation to the Japanese people as well?”

Ling Chen’s words caused players all around the world to burst out laughing.

Yamazaki Jinichi’s eyes flashed in cold fury. He had wanted to belittle Cruelty Ichinawa in order to reduce the humiliation that he had brought. Who would have thought that Ling Chen would have turned his words against him, using them to humiliate the Japanese players even more. Yamazaki Jinichi jumped down from his horse, and a white tiger that was twice as tall as a person appeared behind him, causing the surrounding players to gasp. Yamazaki Jinichi coldly replied, “Ling Tian, let’s stop wasting words. Call out your pets and show me your strength.”

The tone Yamazaki Jinichi used was that of an expert talking down to a weakling. Ling Chen felt even more amused. He tapped his chin and he looked up and down Yamazaki Jinichi, saying, “Pets? Hm… I have quite a few, but I don’t have a battle pet right now. Hm… you look quite strong, so… how about you be my battle pet?”

 Ling Chen’s words caused the players to splutter.

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