Shura's Wrath

Chapter 408

Incredibly Shameless

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The furious Japanese players searched around for Ling Tian for a long time, but couldn’t even find a shadow of him. As such, they decided to force him out by issuing a challenge. Moreover, it was issued by one of their strongest pros.

The Region Announcement was broadcast to every corner of the East Ocean Continent, and it was soon spread to China, as well as the rest of the world. Players all over the world were infuriated.

“Goddamn!! This place and style… you call this fair?”

“Those Japanese scum are shameless, pshaw!”

“Cruelty Ichinawa is ranked 3rd on the Player Level Rankings, and has represented Japan twice in the International Mock Battle. He’s incredibly strong. However, he’s lost to the Sword Emperor many times, so challenging Ling Tian would just be bringing shame upon himself. But he actually set the location at the Sunrise City Central Square! Is that face of his on his ass or something?”

While he was in the Mountainous Forest Region, Yun Feng suddenly jumped up when he heard of this news, and he began to profusely curse, “Are you frickin’ kidding me? Can they be even more shameless? These guys are famous for their shamelessness, but I didn’t think it would be to such a degree. A fair 1v1 battle? Go screw yourselves!”

“Indeed, this is an extremely shameless trap,” Xiao Qiu Feng was also appalled.

For the battle to be at such a place, they were evidently planning to trap Ling Chen. By stating that it was a “fair 1v1 battle”, and that he would be a “coward” if he didn’t go, it was unlikely that he wouldn’t go. Moreover, if he didn’t show up, the Japanese players would be able to say that the Chinese players were all “cowards”. However, if he really did go, even if Ling Chen defeated Cruelty Ichinawa, he would be surrounded by a profuse number of Japanese players… Most players were gathered in the Sunrise City Central Square, and any player could reach there using a teleport scroll… even if the Japanese players all died, they would respawn there as well.

As such, although Cool Ishinawa issued out a battle invitation for a “fair 1v1 battle”, what about after that? If Cool Ishinawa won, it would be a great humiliation for Chinese players- the 3rd ranked Japanese player defeating the top ranked Chinese player. If he lost… the battle would be over, but the surrounding players would be able to attack, and it would have nothing to do with Cool Ishinawa’s battle invitation. And if Ling Tian didn’t go, the Japanese players would say that China’s number 1 player, as well as the rest of the Chinese players, were spineless wimps.


“Even though everyone knows it’s a trap, he can’t not go,” Xiao Qiu Feng sighed in frustration. Even if the Chinese players wanted to support him, they had no way of going over. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been in a such a predicament. If this was in a place that was accessible to all players, the Chinese players would have been able to overwhelm the Japanese players with sheer numbers.

Yun Feng couldn’t deny what Xiao Qiu Feng said. He worriedly asked, “What should we do then? If Ling Tian really does go, he’ll be completely screwed! The Japanese players are pretty much invincible there, and once they get into formation, even if he’s 10 times as powerful, he’ll still be doomed. Its’s possible that they already have many traps set up, waiting for him.”

Xiao Qiu Feng sank into silence as he deeply sighed, “Let’s see what he decides.”


“Incredibly shameless!” Yun Meng Xin angrily cursed.

“Well, it’s expected of them,” Li Xiao Xue was surprisingly smiling. She looked at Yun Meng Xin’s expression and said, “After all, for him to go there by himself and cause all of the players there to be negatively affected, what else could they do? Meng Xin, based on your understanding of Ling Tian, do you think he’ll go?”

Yun Meng Xin blinked, and said in a soft voice, “He… will definitely go…”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be Ling Tian.


This challenge from the 3rd ranked Japanese player was cursed at by almost all the Chinese players and attracted the attention of players worldwide. Of course, apart from China and Japan, all the other countries were grabbing popcorn. China’s number 1 expert had somehow entered into the East Ocean Continent by himself, and was forced into a battle by a Japanese player- this wasn’t something that happened every day.

When Cruelty Ichinawa sent out the Region Announcement, it was already 10:30am. Within minutes, multitudes of people had flooded into the Sunrise City Central Square. The location was set at the Sunrise City Central Square, as opposed to in the wilderness. Even an idiot could tell what they were planning. Only they could be this shameless. All of the players gathered at the Sunrise City Central Square were grinning maliciously and rubbing their hands together in glee… they didn’t feel ashamed at all, but instead felt jubilant.

The players in China were unable to calm down either. There were less and less people training. Instead, most people were discussing whether Ling Tian would show up or not. They all knew that if Ling Tian went, he was dead beyond a doubt. He was at an overwhelming disadvantage in terms of numbers, and there was even a revival point there… even a god would not have been able to get out of there alive. However, they all secretly hoped that Ling Tian would go. Even if he died, they wouldn’t be called cowards.

At 11:45am, Cruelty Ichinawa appeared at the Sunrise City Central Square. He was tall and well-built, and looked ferocious. There was a long scar on his face, and he carried a large golden machete on his shoulders. He looked incredibly impressive and majestic as he stood there with an aura befitting the 3rd ranked player in Japan. Countless Japanese players cheered when they saw him, causing the atmosphere to become quite lively.

Many of the players were taking photos of the scene, and countless media outlets started to broadcast what was happening. The number of people spectating this battle far exceeded what anyone expected. After all, this was the first “International Battle” since the opening of Mystic Moon. Moreover, it was between the 3rd ranked player in Japan and top ranked player in China.

As the time crept towards 12pm, the Sunrise City’s Central Square was crammed with people. Even a fly wouldn’t have enough space to fly out. However, all of the clamouring had died down. The China Region had also calmed down, and countless players were staring at the broadcast, nervously awaiting what was going to happen… they all hoped that Ling Tian would go, but also hoped that he wouldn’t either.

When there was just one minute left until 12pm, Ling Tian still hadn’t appeared. There was no sign of him at all. Cruelty Ichinawa, who had been standing there for a long time, lost his patience. He looked around him before suddenly hefting the large machete around while coldly laughing and shouting, “Ling Tian! It seems like you really are a coward! China’s number 1 player, my ass! Looks like you were too scared of me, your granddaddy, and didn’t even dare to come, hahaha! Ling Tian, hurry up and piss off back to China. Don’t lose too much face in our East Ocean Continent, hahahaha!”

Cruelty Ichinawa’s words caused the rest of the players to loudly jeer in response. The Sunrise City was instantly filled with mocking and sneering, while the spectating Chinese players could only stare and clench their fists, wishing that they could punch through the screen into the Japanese players’ faces.

However, there were some people who were still feeling completely calm, such as Long Tian Yun.

“Heh, how interesting. Ling Tian, are you going to show up, or are you going to be a coward? Hahaha.”

Long Tian Yun laughed cheerfully, and he felt the happiest he had been in a long time. He hoped that Ling Tian wouldn’t appear, because he would be termed a coward by the entire world, as well as be mocked by countless players. In fact, even many Chinese players would curse at him and insult him, calling his reputation to fall.

If he did show up? Even better… I’ll watch how you die! I’ll see just how pitiful you’ll be! Even with a god protecting you, you’ll be as good as dead… after all, every single player there is your enemy.

To Long Tian Yun, both of these situations were ideal. He was so pleased that he would probably be able to smile while sleeping.

The silent China Region also exploded with noise, with countless players cursing back at the Japanese players. They simply couldn’t bear with the Japanese players’ shamelessness anymore. It was a pity that their cursing and anger couldn’t be transmitted over to the East Ocean Continent, but the Japanese players’ mocking and jeering could be broadcasted to the Forgotten Continent.

Cruelty Ichinawa coldly smiled. It seemed that Ling Tian wasn’t coming. That wasn’t surprising, though. If he came, it would be equivalent to committing suicide. No one wanted to die for nothing, even if it was the top ranked player in China. However, even if they couldn’t kill Ling Tian, they would be able to return the humiliation and anger they felt. Although it was Ling Tian being mocked, but it was as if they were slapping every Chinese player in the face.

As for Cruelty Ichinawa, he was the one who had made all of this happen. Thinking this, he almost began to laugh heartily…

At this moment, a cold voice sounded out from in front of him, “Hah, you’re that eager to die? Alright, I’ll grant your wish.”

Although there were masses of people squeezed in the Sunrise City Central Square, there was a space that was left empty in the centre, approximately 50 metres in diameter. Cruelty Ichinawa was standing in the centre of that area, meaning that the 25 metres around him was empty. However, this voice sounded extremely close- less than 5 metres away. Cruelty Ichinawa jumped backwards in shock, and hurriedly swung down with his machete,

“Ling Tian! Get the hell out!”

His shout sounded as loud as thunder, causing the surrounding players to fall silent. All eyes stared at him, wondering what had just happened.

They knew that Cruelty Ichinawa had yelled out Ling Tian’s name, but there was not a single person near him.

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