Shura's Wrath

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Little Sisters with a Brother are Blessed

“Oh?” Ling Chen’s gaze flickered with interest.

Yun Feng’s expression converged before he lightly sighed: "The thing is…. I have a sister like you, two years younger than me. Perhaps, you would think that wealthy people led lives of luxury and abundance…. Indeed, we can attain easily what others can only hope for. However, what others can get easily, we are fated to not own…. Like our marriage. Under the influence of numerous interests and interactions, it’s almost impossible for us to have freedom in this aspect."

Ling Chen: "...."

“My sister is called Yun Mengxin. Three years ago, the eldest son of a very powerful political family set his eyes on my sister, then swore before both fathers that he was definitely marrying her in this lifetime. That family is really powerful, if our family can have a connection with them through marriage, our family will benefit greatly. Back then, this was a pleasant surprise to our family’s elders, that my father agreed to marry Mengxin away on the spot….Thus, my sister’s marriage was decided upon, without feeling any necessity to ask her for her opinion…..”

“Your sister isn’t willing?” Ling Chen said. To be able to make Yun Family Financial Group value this marriage greatly to the point of being pleasantly surprised, just how powerful was that political family? He silently thought, if his own sister Shui Ruo was forced to marry….Stopping his thought, his gaze turned an icy cold, a murderous aura flashing by in his eyes.

A baffling chill of coldness led Yun Feng to shiver involuntarily, he touched his forehead, not putting it to heart: “ Not only unwilling, she’d rather die than marry. Initially, she didn’t react this strongly and as she observed this person over the years, she found that his looks, family background, ability, and his exterior behavior made him seem like a perfect human. But, he is very scheming, unscrupulous and ruthless in achieving his objectives…. Only viewing women as objects. My sister is indignant to spend half her life with him, toughly resisting to this marriage but my parents and family elders are set with their stand on this marriage….  If successful, it will bring many years of benefit to the family. But if unsuccessful…. It might even bring about retaliation from that family. Under this contrast, why would they care about my sister’s resistance…. At the end, they are only treating my little sister as an item in a deal to benefit from."

“What is the connection of this with the game guild in you want me to join?” Ling Chen asked.

“There is, there is a big connection.” Yun Feng hastily said: "Because, that guild is established by my little sister, that is her last hope of fighting against that marriage….  One that, before meeting you, was only a very slim hope."

“You are saying?"

“My sister had always been stubborn since young. Under her ever increasing protest…. A month ago, she made a bet with my father. A bet that is harder to win than seeing pigs fly. The conditions of this bet are set by my father, he said that if my sister can have reputation and wealth rivaling the Yun Family Financial group in two years, he will admit that she has the power to decide her own freedom and aspirations. No one is to interfere with her. But if she loses, she must accept the arrangement made by the family without any complaint or fight, to marry that person two years later.”

“For the Yun Family Financial group to develop to what it is today, took at least a hundred years. Yet your father wants a girl to reach that level in two years, to think there is such a shameless bet in this world.” Yun Feng laughed with disdain.

“Exactly, not only that, he doesn’t permit anyone in the family…. Including me, and all the economic and political friends to lend a hand to my sister whether in finance or convenience. Everything is on her alone. My father is doing this, so as to get my sister to give up on resisting. But, that stubborn nature of my sister…. Agreed. The family cut off all her money sources, which led her to her only option, that is the about to open world of .” At the end of his sentence, Yun Feng’s face showed an expression of pain. He could not forget how his closest little sister always showed a gaze full of determination and stubbornness….Yet what hid behind was one of confused and helplessness.

“You want me to help your sister?” Till this point, Ling Chen understood fully why Yun Feng approached him.

“That’s right.” Yun Feg nodded his head.

“Do you think just my help will suffice for her to have influence and wealth that rivals Yun Family Financial Group in two years?” Yun Feng said without expression.

“I believe you can….If there is only one person in this world who can, I believe it will be you.” Yun Feng said solemnly.

“You believe me that much? How much do you understand about me? Only basing on the match you saw between me and Eve three years ago?”

“I believe my eyes and even more so my ability to judge people. Actually, a secret wish of mine, by inviting you to join my sister’s guild…. Is to witness that heroic figure you showed back then, let everyone know that China has a high leveled player whose strength even rivals Eve, so western players will never look down on us again….It’s been three years, but my dream had not changed.” As he spoke, Yun Feng’s gaze became more and more eager.

Ling Chen’s sharp hearing caught the uneven breathing sound from the room beside. He knew that the fast asleep Shui Ruo had awoken. He said: " I understand, I will meet her at the right time. I will join her Guild and help her as you wished."

“Yes!!” Yun Feng nodded, heated palms sweating with excitement. He put his hands in his pocket and retrieved a sealed small metal box, then placed it in front of Ling Chen: " Inside contains the 13223 drug, the passcode is 08177180. I swear on my life and honor that this is not a fake."

Yun Feng observed that Ling Chen’s hands are trembling with agitation while he grasped the metal box with his utmost care as if holding a shard of fragile glass.

He sees his sister as more important than his own life….Though her father had passed away, herself terminally ill, she is still blessed with a brother like that. Yun Feng thought silently.

Ling Chen lifted his head, his gaze no longer hard as he looked at Yun Feng, then asked: "Giving it to me now, aren’t you afraid I will turn back on my promise? That I am a bad man, who returns good with evil?"

Yun Feng laughed,” A high leveled player that can rival Eve’s strength, one that stood by an Isrock infected sister side unleaving. How could he be a bad man that returns good with evil? I believe in you and believe in my judgment of people."

Ling Chen stood up, raised a hand towards Yun Feng, giving him a promise he would definitely realize: "You will not regret what you said today."

Yun Feng raised his hands before clasping Ling Chen’s, sealing the promise. His inner heart getting worked up: "I believe that I will not regret the decision I made today as well."

“But, before this, I have two conditions.” Ling Chen said.


Ling Chen’s expression turned stern,” Firstly, though I will join your sister’s guild, I will not meet her in real life.  In the game, I will not reveal my face, nor can you reveal anything about me. I don’t want me and my sister to be disturbed."

“This is not a problem at all.” Yun Feng said while hitting his chest, before coming here, he had thought Ling Chen would have such a request. He believe that with his ability, he will be famous within a short period after entering , which would disturb his privacy. Perhaps he will not mind, but with his concern for his sister, will not allow anyone to disturb them.

“Secondly, my sister and I will join the guild together.” Ling Chen continued.

“This…. This is even more not a problem.” Yun Feng let out a breath. The two conditions from Ling Chen is a trivial matter. He is excited with another person joining. “ Give me a strand of your and your sister’s hair or anything else with DNA, I will send the gaming equipment over in the afternoon. Right, do you prefer a necklace or a bracelet?”

’s gaming equipment came in two form, a necklace, and a bracelet. One can conveniently wear them as a piece of intricate accessory. It’s not tough to operate the game, one only needs to lie down flat, close their eyes before sending out instruction to enter the game. Similarly, even if one uses it 24 hours daily, the gaming equipment does not need to be charged with its internal power’s lifespan of more than 50 years.

“Bracelet.” Ling Chen answered.

“Okay!” Yun Feng agreed instantly. He came in with anxiousness but the process was much smoother than he expected. Not only did he gain Ling Chen’s agreement, he obtained his commitment….An agreement and a commitment were on two different levels. This commitment was all due to Ling Chen placing his little sister above everything and Yun Feng’s unconditional trust in Ling Chen.

“That, can I have your number?”

".....Don’t have one.”

“Oh, alright, then I will send two phones over in the afternoon. Don’t worry, it’s those kinds with a very minute amount of electromagnetic waves.”

Glancing at the time, Yun Feng took the DNA sample from Ling Chen and stood up: "Then, I will go prepare now. I trust that you can save my sister….and also let the whole world be moved by us Chinese.”

Ling Chen grinned: "Go on then.”

When sending Yun Feng off, Ling Chen held the metal box with great care as if it will vanish upon leaving his palms. Right when Ling Chen is about to turn back after sending Yun Feng off, Yun Feng suddenly turned around before leisurely saying: " Ai, having a brother is such a blessing.”

Ling Chen: "...”

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