Shura's Wrath

Chapter 399

Selfish and Stupid!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Granny Witherwood and the ten elders soon arrived together. It was silent within the wooden room in the Central District of the Fairy Realm. Yun Meng Xin faced the 12 most powerful and respected Fairies of the entire Fairy Clan, but was exceptionally calm, which in turn earned their respect. They were all surprised and curious towards Yun Meng Xin and her reason for being there.

Yun Meng Xin greeted them all individually, and didn’t waste any words as she got to the point, “Granny Witherwood, Chief Greenwood, ten elders, I’m sure you have many questions. I’ve heard much about the Fairy Clan from Ling Tian. Can I ask you all a few questions?”

Granny Witherwood smiled, “Young human girl, Ling Tian is our whole clan’s benefactor. Since you’re his friend, you are a distinguished guest. Feel free to ask any questions.”

The Fairies saw that Yun Meng Xin was not only incredibly gorgeous, but had a remarkable aura around her as well, which caused them to marvel at her. Within the human world, she was definitely extremely exceptional, and she most certainly had a purpose in coming here.

Yun Meng Xin slightly nodded, and said, “The Fairy Clan had been sealed by the barrier for thousands of years. It was because of this that the Fairy Clan went into decline, and desperately searched for a way out. Not too long ago, this barrier was destroyed by my friend, Ling Tian. What are your plans from now on? Will you once again join the human world?”

After Yun Meng Xin finished talking, the room lapsed into silence. This question was something they had been considering for a while.

Greenwood replied, “The answer to this question is something we’ve been thinking about and seeking for these past few days. Our clan has low fecundity, so if we rely on reproducing within the clan, our numbers will continue to dwindle. After being sealed for thousands of years, our clan fell into despair, until Ling Tian appeared and destroyed the barrier. Before that day, we, as well as many of our ancestors, had dreamed of leaving the Fairy Realm, but after the barrier was destroyed, we became uncertain.”

“Oh? Can you tell me why you’re uncertain?” Yun Meng Xin looked slightly shocked, as she adjusted her body to show that she was paying attention.

“There are many reasons,” Greenwood said. With Yun Meng Xin’s beauty and aura, no male could resist answering her, “The first is the reason why our ancestors led our clan to live here originally. There are countless battles in the Forgotten Continent, and my clan hates conflict. Our ancestors witnessed many battles, and in the end, helped destroy the Demon Beast Clan, causing much loss to our clan.

“After destroying the Demon Beast Clan, our ancestors thought that the fighting would cease… however, what caused our ancestors much grief was that the humans, who no longer had the fearsome Demon Beast Clan as their enemies, did not value the peace, but instead erupted into internal conflict over power. The battles were fierce, and many people died. In fact, because of their greed, they started to plot against their friends, the Fairies who had protected them… Adding on a few other things, our ancestors lost faith in the humans, and didn’t want to be tainted by them, so they decided to hide away.

“Before, while we were sealed, we would often complain that our ancestors had been too rash. However, now that the barrier is gone, we realised that the ancestors would have foreseen the consequences of being sealed away. And yet, our ancestors still did what they did. Back then, out of the Fairy Kings and Queens, only one rejected this idea, and the others all approved… could it be that all of the Fairy Kings and Queens had been rash? Of course not! Rather, if they didn’t choose to hide away, and remained in the Forgotten Continent that was filled with evil and conflict, the Fairy Clan would have declined even faster! Who knows, perhaps we would have been eradicated already. Even if our clan still remained, we would have been tainted by the world, becoming evil, and corrupting the Nature energy we receive from the Nature God. We would no longer be Fairies, and our great Nature God would leave us… it would be better for our clan to go extinct than for that to happen.”

“As such, after considering these things, you started to doubt whether you should leave the Fairy Realm?” Yun Meng Xin calmly asked.

Greenwood nodded. What he said was what every Fairy in the room was thinking. When the barrier was there, they wished that it was gone. After it was gone, they had considered many things that they had not considered before, and the more they thought, they more hesitant they became… and the more they wanted to stay within the Fairy Realm.

Yun Meng Xin looked up, and gazed at each of the Fairies in turn as she said, “If this is really what you and your ancestors believe, then please excuse my rudeness, but there is something I must say… your ancestors, and all of you… are selfish and stupid!”

Yun Meng Xin’s words caused the atmosphere to freeze, and every Fairy’s face stiffened.

The head elder jumped up, yelling furiously, “Girl! You… You can insult us, but you can never insult our ancestors! Our ancestors made great sacrifices for the peace of the Forgotten Continent; how can you call them selfish?! And our ancestors were wise and intelligent; how can you call them stupid? We can accept you being rude to us, but saying such words about our ancestors, even if you’re Ling Tian’s friend… you are not welcome here!”

In response, Yun Meng Xin gave a light smile as she continued to speak, “Am I wrong? No one can deny that the Fairy Clan is the kindest and most beautiful race that values peace the most. Back then, the Fairy Clan played a great role in exterminating the Demon Beast Clan… but that’s all. You hate conflict, and the conflict between the humans caused you to become disappointed and fall into despair, resulting in your ancestors deciding to hide away. Well, do you know why there was conflict among the humans? And what the result was?”


 “Back then, the human race was incredibly weak. Humans were intelligent and wise, but had very little power, so they would often be oppressed and bullied. After the Demon Beast Clan was destroyed, they could finally breathe. However, without an advanced civilization, and without unified beliefs and ideologies, everyone acted in their own interests. In order to continue living, they lived like beasts; they didn’t strive to improve, nor did they try to develop their clan- they just wanted to survive. As such, conflict erupted… the thing that you hate most!

“However, does conflict only bring about death and evil? Not at all. Back then, the humans needed conflict to unify them as a people. Without any conflict, the human race would have always been a pile of loose sand. After engaging in conflict for a long time, and before it concluded, your clan hid away. Many people died, and many heroes emerged. From the conflict emerged ‘tribes’, then ‘kingdoms’, until the entire human race was unified under one Emperor.

“Although humans were weak, but currently, more than half of all creatures in the Forgotten Continent are humans. It can even be said that the Forgotten Continent belongs to the humans. The Forgotten Continent has a Royal City created by humans, as well as four Main Cities, which have Mysterious God grade beasts acting as their guardian beasts. These five cities show the power of our human race, as well as how much our civilization has advanced.

“As the humans developed, the Forgotten Continent has also changed. It has become prosperous and beautiful, and there are barely any beggars anymore… all of this is because of the conflicts that happened back then. Without conflict, the Forgotten Continent would not have been able to develop to what it is now. Moreover, our human race is now unified, and most, if not all, people live happily. There is no reason for any more conflict; even if you wanted to see conflict, it is already impossible. What I need to ask is…”

Yun Meng Xin paused for a moment, and her tone became softer, “After thousands of years, the humans that you were disappointed in and didn’t want to come into contact with have made such great contributions to the Forgotten Continent. As for you Fairies, who are no less intelligent than the humans, and are much more powerful than humans, and even have the Nature God protecting you… what have you done for the Forgotten Continent since you’ve gone into hiding?”

Yun Meng Xin’s words caused all of the Fairies to stare in shock. When she asked that final question, all of the Fairies felt as if they had been struck by lightning, and their bodies stiffened.

What had they done for the Forgotten Continent since they went into hiding?

“The answer is nothing! No contribution at all! All you’ve done is hide and run! You were afraid that your hearts and energy would be ‘polluted’, and you wanted to protect your bloodline from becoming extinct… that’s right! It was all to protect yourselves. You think that you’re noble and dignified, because of the energy the Nature God has given you, and so you don’t want to be contaminated by humans. However, all you’ve done is protect yourselves, whereas the humans have been improving and developing the Forgotten Continent, making life better for all those who live in it. Don’t you think this is laughable? Am I wrong in calling you selfish and stupid?”

Greenwood stood up from his chair, and opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything… there was no rebuttal available for him.

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