Shura's Wrath

Chapter 392

New Skill- Moon Grief!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The fifth Mysterious God orb- Virgo Orb! It had given him a bonus of 150% HP and MP!

That’s right, a bonus 150%! Ling Chen was once again blown away by the Mysterious God orbs.

Every time he obtained an orb, he became significantly stronger. This was true for the Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer and Aquarius Orbs, as well as this new Virgo Orb. With this orb, Ling Chen’s HP reached almost 7,000! 7,000HP at LV25 was simply ridiculous. It meant that Celestial grade Bosses around his level wouldn’t be able to kill him without using their ultimate skills, which he could reflect back at them with his Evil God’s Mask… it meant that with the Virgo Orb, he could easily kill Celestial grade Bosses.

“Esteemed visitor, we’ve taken out this shard for you. Oh? Could it be that what you’re holding is what you’re looking for?” Dwarf Chief Dilo asked as he saw Ling Chen staring at the orb in his hand. The Shura Emperor Sword Shard had finally been dug out, and was lying next to his feet. It was simply too heavy to hold, so they had left it on the ground.

“That’s right, it’s this orb… by the way, where did you find it?” Ling Chen asked as he turned around.

“Oh, it was also left behind by our Progenitors. Like that sword shard, it was also found around here. There’s only one sentence about it in our clan records… ‘Let it forever sleep in the palace; no one is allowed to touch it. One day, if an outsider wants to take it, do not stop them.’ As such, this orb was always hidden away in that inconspicuous area. It’s likely that only the Chief and I know about it,” Elder Dita said. He was quite curious as to why Ling Chen was looking for this orb.

Ling Chen, “……”

It seemed that the Dwarves’ Progenitor knew about the Virgo Orb. After all, at that time, almost every creature knew about the Lunar Scourge. When the Dwarves went into hiding, the Shura had not appeared yet, and the Lunar Scourge had not been destroyed yet. Perhaps finding this Virgo Orb came as a shock to the Dwarf Progenitor.

After all, they must have known that the Lunar Scourge was one of the evilest items in existence.

“It seems that this sword shard and orb belonged to you humans. No wonder our Progenitors left behind instructions not to do anything with them. Our Dwarf Clan hates to steal from others. We’re glad that these items have finally returned to their rightful owners,” Dwarf Chief Dilo said while chuckling. No matter if it was the sword shard or the orb, they had more or less been forgotten by the Dwarf Clan. In exchange for giving them away, the Dwarves were given the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and Spatial Stone to forge… they were simply ecstatic.

Ling Chen took the Intermediate HP Crystal out of the Lunar Scourge and replaced it with the Virgo Orb in the sixth slot. A faint light flashed, and the Virgo Orb was perfectly socketed into the Lunar Scourge.

“Ding… the Virgo Orb has been successfully socketed into the Lunar Scourge. Your Maximum HP and MP have been increased by 150%.”

After the system announcement sounded out, Ling Chen’s HP rocketed to 6,772… while he was only LV25!

“Ding… Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill [Moon Grief] has been unlocked.”

After socketing the fifth orb, a new Lunar Scourge skill was unlocked. Moon Shadow and Moon Flare were both incredibly powerful skills that had saved him countless times. This new skill, Moon Grief, was sure to be powerful as well.

[Moon Grief]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive skill, when cast it will release moonlight that affects the minds of all targets in range, causing them to forget all of their skills. Effects: Forcefully seals all targets’ magic and skills, range= (2 x player level) metres. Lasts for 10 seconds, no MP cost, Cooldown Time: 60 seconds.

Moon Shadow froze targets; Moon Flare blinded targets; and now, he had Moon Grief, which had a large range and locked the magic and skills of targets!

That’s right! They were all Crowd Control skills that ignored level, grade and resistances. As soon as the moonlight flashed, anyone and everyone was affected. When using Moon Grief, all targets would be unable to use their magic and skills, meaning that they could only use basic attacks! This was especially devastating for professions that relied on their active skills! As soon as they were affected by Moon Grief, it was as if they had lost their hands and feet: they were unable to use their powerful skills, and their physical attacks were negligible. What was especially terrifying was that they also lost all escape skills for 10 seconds, making them like defenceless lambs!

Not only did this powerful skill last for 10 seconds, but its Cooldown Time was as short as Moon Shadow and Moon Flare’s: 60 seconds.

If he used Moon Shadow, Moon Flare and Moon Grief in succession on a target, they would probably just beg him to kill them. Even if it was a Moon God, they would be toyed around with these skills!

This showed just how powerful the Lunar Scourge was! Only the Lunar Scourge had powerful Crowd Control skills like these ones. Right now, the Lunar Scourge only had 5 God Orbs. If he could gather all 12, as well as the 3 Saint Orbs… the complete Lunar Scourge would be absolutely heaven-defying.

Ling Chen looked at the Lunar Scourge in satisfaction. The first orb after Ruo Ruo had left had been obtained so easily… no! It wasn’t easy at all- with his own power, it would have been impossible to defeat the Mountain Giant. This was a wonderful beginning, and also showed just how much of a help Su’Er’s “Heaven’s Secrets” would be. Evidently, it was for him that Su’Er had resolutely left with a stranger and went to an unknown place. In the future, he would have to rely on her to find the other Lunar Scourge orbs. If, one day, he really could gather all of the Lunar Scourges’ orbs, Su’Er would be the MVP… as well as his great benefactor.

The forthcoming journey was going to be difficult, but Ling Chen now felt much more confident. With Su’Er, Xiao Hui and Tian Tian, as well as Shui Ruo’s blessings, and himself… there was definitely hope.

As for meeting the Dwarf Clan, that was a complete coincidence.

He had fulfilled his goal in coming here, so Ling Chen now completely put his attention onto the Dwarves. He was the first human who had met the Dwarves in thousands of the years, and had given them Mysterious Red Sun Gold and a Spatial Stone to forge. How could he just leave like this…

He thought of the gold token that the Mountain Giant had dropped, and an incredibly ambitious plan formed in his mind. It was a grand and impressive plan, but making it reality would be incredibly difficult.

“Esteemed visitor, now that you’ve achieved your goal, we are quite happy for you. Then…” Dwarf Chief Dilo swallowed a large mouthful of saliva as he held the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and said with a look of anticipation, “What would you like us to make for you with this holy metal? No matter what it is, we are confident we can make it.”

“Hmm,” Ling Chen said as he thought, then shook his head, “I haven’t decided yet. Plus, having just a piece of Mysterious Red Sun Gold isn’t enough to forge a high quality piece of equipment. You’ll need many other high quality materials as well. How about this: I’ll leave the Mysterious Red Sun Gold with you here, and when I’ve thought of what equipment I want, I’ll tell you. Next time I come, I’ll bring more high quality materials. I just hope you’ll let me enter your home again.”

 Ling Chen’s words nearly caused Dilo and Dita to kneel down in reverence… bring more high quality materials? Just the Mysterious Red Sun Gold and Spatial Stone were already incredibly high quality materials; the Mysterious Red Sun Gold was even called a holy metal.

My god, could this be the start of a new golden age for the Dwarves?!

“Sure! Sure! No problem! No problem at all! You are our Dwarf Clan’s most esteemed visitor and closest friend! Don’t worry, we’ll keep everything you have given us safe; we definitely won’t take any of it for ourselves! All we have is the right to forge it for you. Everything else is up to you. We welcome you back any time,” Dilo said emotionally.

“Now, with the Spatial Stone, it’ll be incredibly easy for you to get here,” Dita said, “If you draw out the Spatial energy from a Spatial Stone and put it into a spherical rock, you can create a “Spatial Orb”. Using a Spatial Orb, you can instantly teleport to any place you’ve been in the past! With a Spatial Orb, even if you’re thousands of kilometres away, you can instantly come here, and instantly go back.”

“Instantly teleport to a place you’ve been in the past?” Ling Chen stared at them with wide eyes, “Does such a thing really exist? Can you make one?”

 Elder Dita looked up as he proudly said, “It’s extremely simple! With this Spatial Stone you have, we can make up to 1,000 of them! If we start now, we’ll finish by tomorrow midday at the latest!”

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