Shura's Wrath

Chapter 377

Mountain Giant!

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Ling Chen now understood why Xiao Hui was reluctant to continue forwards. The first time it was because of the 5 Rock Devils and Rock Devil King. But the second time was because he could sense an even greater danger – which was the awakening of this Rock Giant.

Obviously, the Rock Devil King was the protector of the area which Ling Chen had just destroyed. The step he just took, crossed into the domain of this Rock Giant and made it regain consciousness. Now, its incomparable size towered before Ling Chen.

“B…b…b… its so big, wh… what is this…” Tian Tian was so scared she was trembling, unable to speak. This Giant even made Ling Chen scared, let alone Tian Tian.

“Lets… get… out… of… here…”

There was a loud sound of a thunderclap that could be heard from the sky, which sounded like a loud bell by their ears. Ling Chen’s whole body felt really uncomfortable and Tian Tian’s face went pale.

That sound, it came from the Rock Giant! To their surprise it could make human sounds.

At the same time the Giant also started moving, slowly lifting its right foot and moved it towards Ling Chen and Tian Tian’s location, stepping with immense force. “Waaaaaaaa!” The sky suddenly went dark as the Rock Giant’s head covered the rays of light as it drew closer. Tian Tian called out in alarm and tightly held onto Ling Chen’s body. Ling Chen clenched his teeth, he didn’t spend any time thinking, grabbing Xiao Hui with one hand and holding onto Tian Tian’s waist with the other, loudly exclaiming, “Hold onto me!”

“Broken Shadow!”

Ling Chen wildly dashed away like lightning while grabbing onto Tian Tian and Xiao Hui, travelling tens of meters in an instant.


The ground shook, making Ling Chen nearly lose balance as he continued dashing. Hearing the earsplitting sound, Ling Chen turned his head to find a cloud of dust in the air and the Giant’s foot on the ground which split the earth around it. He couldn’t help but gasp in a breath of cold air.

Could it be that this what Qian Gun Gun labelled on the map as “A formidable natural soul”?

This motherf was way too crazy!!

This kind of overpowered… how could players even deal with this? With one casual step, you’d be crushed to death!!

“Xiao Hui, give me its information!!” Ling Chen frantically continued to dash around while yelling loudly. Behind him, the Giant hadn’t stopped moving and continued forwards. Its footsteps were very slow, but just one step covered tens of meters of distance. If Ling Chen didn’t have Broken Shadow, it would have been impossible to get away from it.

Judging from Xiao Hui’s response, the item that he sensed… was definitely an orb that he had to obtain. That Rock Giant was clearly the protector of that region, preventing anyone from entering the area… which also meant, ‘if you cannot defeat or trap this Giant, then you shouldn’t even think about progressing forwards.’

Xiao Hui’s eyes glittered lightly, and all the information about the Rock Giant immediately appeared in Ling Chens’s mind.

[Mountain Giant]: Category: Soul, Grade: Heaven’s End, LV33, HP: (Forehead and Body: 5,000,000 HP, Right arm: 1,500,000 HP, Left arm: 1,500,000 HP, Right leg: 2,000,000 HP, Left leg: 2,000,000 HP). At first it was just an ordinary mountain range in the nameless range. Trillions of years ago, an Earth God Titan died here, releasing its weak soul into the mountain range. After countless years this mountain range then transformed into the Mountain Rock Giant. With an unparalleled body size and incomparable strength, it could throw mountains and demolish the Earth. It slumbers in the centre of the nameless ranges, protecting what the Titan left behind. It will not permit anything from entering, and will ruthlessly destroy anyone who tries.

Talents: Completely immune to Earth attacks, immune to any status effects, immune to any stat drop effects and extremely high defense. 40% immunity to the wind element and all other attacks. Immune to knockback, knockdown and knockups. Cannot be stunned when attacked and its skills cannot be cancelled once cast.

Attack Skills:

Head and Body: 5,000,000 HP

[Light of Extermination]: A scary skill which involves the release of the old Titan spirit. It is cast every time the HP of the Head and Body drop by 1%, the soul of the Titan spirit will cover everything in a 100m radius. Any targets within the radius of any grade or level will have its HP and MP set to 1.

[Titan Ray]: The eye on its forehead fires a high density rock beam, which can turn a single target to ashes. The Rock beam’s damage is 48,000 and it costs the Forehead and body 1% HP to cast it. There is no cast warning. Once it is locked onto a target, it is guaranteed to hit.

[Titan's Shield]: Whenever the Head and Body’s HP drops 10%, the surface of the body will form a magic shield that will protect it from all physical and magical damage. This shield will disappear after 30 seconds.

[Titan’s Anger]: When the Head and Body’s HP drops below 30%, each part of the body will summon a Rock Devil and will also increase in magic attack by 30% [Rock Devil Summon]: At a verbal command, a LV 30 2 Star Elite Rock Devil can be summoned anywhere within a 50 meter radius of its body. When the Head and Body HP drops below 95% it will summon two, when it drops below 90% it will summon four, when it drops to 85% it will spawn six and so on… By 5%, it will summon 38. There isn’t a limit to how many Rock Devils can be alive at once. Left arm: 1,500,000 HP

[Titan’s Hammer]: Hits the ground with the strength of the Titan, causing the ground to collapse. All targets in a 50 meter radius will be crushed by the debris. The initial damage is 32,000 with a 15% chance to stun for 2-3 seconds. It is obvious when this spell is about to be cast, but it is very fast and the range is huge. There is almost no chance of avoiding this skill. Cast Frequency: High

[Earth Prison]: Opens its massive hand, and fires 3 to 5 Earth Rays, if the Earth Rays hit, the target is locked in place for at least 10 seconds. The rays also deal 18,000 damage. It is obvious when this spell is about to be cast, but the rays move extremely quickly and thus is extremely difficult to avoid. Cast Frequency: High.

Right arm: 1,500,000 HP

[Petrifying Aura]: Release a large amount of thick earth smog, covering a 30m radius. The smog persists for 3 seconds and anything that touches the smog will reduce their physical defence to 0 and Earth resistance to 0 for 30 seconds. There is also a 30% chance that the target will be petrified for 3-5 seconds. No damage. Cast Frequency: High.

[Rock Spirit's Aura]: Absorbs the dust in the surrounding area, restoring its own health. Every 5 seconds it will regenerate 50,000 HP.

Left Leg: 2,000,000 HP

[Destructive Stomp]: The strength of the Titan gathers in the Leg and it stomps on the ground below ruthlessly. This causes a wide range of the ground to crack and shake in a 30 meter radius. This deals 15,000 physical damage and 15,000 earth damage. Cast Frequency: High

[Hatred Shield: 30% of all physical and magic damage is reflected back to the source.

Right Leg: 2,000,000 HP

[Sand and Stone Hurricane]: Dust and sand is raised everywhere in a 100 meter radius from itself, dealing 2000 damage per second. This severely impairs sight and movement and lasts for 10 seconds. During battle this will be cast every 20 seconds.

[Destructive Trample]: … (same as the Left Leg)

Hidden Skill: [Earth God’s Sigh]: Effect unknown, cast condition unknown.

Weakness: Very slow moving, weak against wind attacks (resistance against Wind element attacks -50%). You only need to destroy the Forehead and Body to kill it.

Ling Chen took a long time going through all the information about the Rock Giant. During that time, the fear in his heart increased more than a dozen times over.

LV33 Heaven End… Compared to the Heaven End that he faced in Forest of Bones, this one is so much stronger. If the Heaven End that he faced in the Forest of Bones was a low level Heaven End, then this Rock Giant was without a doubt a high level Heaven End… Because it is harbors the spirit of a true God of Earth.

Compared to other living things, this Mountain Giant had a special attribute: Its legs, arms, body and head were all separate with their own HP values. But amongst these, the strongest was the Head and Body. The skill named ‘Light Destroyer’ could make everything within the skill range have 1 HP and MP. It was truly terrifying… Although the Head and Body’s characteristics were remarkable, all its skills require the Head and Body to be damage to active them. In other words, if the Head and Body were not attacked, then it would not attack back.

If the Head and Body were killed, then the Mountain Giant would be killed as well. But once the Head is attacked then the feared Light Destroyer would be released and the Titan Shot would also start and summon more and more Rock Devils. All of this would be in addition to the attacks of the Arms and Legs. The conditions were almost similar to hell.

But, even if you wanted to attack the Head and Body first, it would be impossible. The Leg of the Mountain Giant was tens of meters high, which means that the lowest part of the Body would be at least dozens of meters high and the Head at least hundreds of meters high. Even if a long-ranged attacker were here, they would still be unable to directly attack it.

But it wasn’t only the Body, the Arms and Legs still had power that was terrifying. With such large attack range and damage, even if he was hit by just a random attack, he would be dead… in fact the damage would have been enough to kill him several times or even dozens of times over.

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