Shura's Wrath

Chapter 369

Shura’s Death Domain

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Shura’s… Death… Domain!!!” 

Ling Chen roared out the three words. In order to destroy the barrier around the Fairy Realm, he used the most powerful skill he had. His goal was very simple, but even he didn’t know what would happen after he yelled out “Shura’s Death Domain”. 

The moment Shura’s Death Domain activated, Ling Chen’s mind rumbled, and his vision changed. The world in front of him instantly became crimson red, as if everything had been stained by blood. A terrifying and overwhelming murderous aura had burst out from within, flooding his body and mind. He felt as if he’d been possessed by a demon, and the killing intent released shocked even himself. This aura surged and began to eat away at his mental energy, trying to destroy his mind. 

This feeling surprised Ling Chen, but with his abnormally strong mental energy, it still would have been incredibly difficult for him to lose his sense of reason. He lifted up the Great Ravager, allowing the ocean of energy to fill his body, and sent every bit of his strength into his downwards swing. 



Blood-red light burst out from within Ling Chen’s body, making it look as if his entire body was bathed in a pool of blood. The Great Ravager was also dyed by the light, making it look pure red. A terrifying wave of energy swept around Ling Chen’s surroundings, and the originally clear sky instantly became dark as boundless black clouds covered the sky. 

Both Greenwood and Granny Witherwood gaped in fear and shock, and Granny Witherwood’s walking stick clattered to the ground. She didn’t hesitate as she grabbed Greenwood and yelled, “Hurry and leave!” 

Their bodies flashed, and they teleported hundreds of metres away. And yet, that monstrous pressure still covered their bodies, causing them to tremble. This was true terror. It was the first time they had felt such terror in their lives. What was shocking was that the one who had caused this, was the human who they thought to be insignificant. Blood-coloured energy swirled around Ling Chen, and the pressure it released caused them to tremble uncontrollably…  

“What… What sort of power is this!!” Greenwood stuttered. Was this really a LV20 player?! Was this really the same human who they had forced into the Lunar Sky Hell? How could this aura, enough to freeze his blood, come from a mere human?! 

This is an extremely cruel and merciless energy, but it’s not the same as the evil energy from Demon Clans. This sort of energy exists solely to destroy and massacre. I even smelled the scent of death just then. This human, who… who…” Without her walking stick, Granny Witherwood stood with her back hunched, shivering uncontrollably. It was the first time she had felt such fear in her life.  

The Great Ravager was surrounded by a crimson red grow that was five metres long, and it smashed into the barrier. 



The instant the Great Ravager collided with the barrier, the incredibly tough barrier that had sealed the Fairy Clan for thousands of years was blown open like a sheet of thin ice. A three-metre-high hole appeared in front of Ling Chen. 


The ground of the entire Fairy Realm shook, and the air trembled. Countless Fairies cried out in shock as they saw innumerable long cracks appearing in the sky above them. The cracks grew longer and spread out at a blinding speed, and soon they covered the entire sky. Following that, was the sound of glass shattering. 

Like a popped balloon, the barrier that surrounded the Fairy Realm was destroyed in seconds, and completely disappeared. 

“The barrier!! The barrier has been destroyed! We can go out!!” 

When the ground stopped shaking, the Fairies all started to cry out in joy. More and more voices joined the cheering, and soon, the ordinarily quiet Fairy Realm was filled with cheers of excitement and jubilation.  

“It’s broken… it’s really broken!!” 

A gigantic hole had opened up in the barrier, and the cracks had spread all over the barrier, causing it to shatter. Greenwood’s jaw dropped to the ground, unable to be closed, and he stared at Ling Chen fixedly. It was his greatest wish that the barrier would be broken. Now that it had been destroyed, he should be uncontrollably shouting and yelling for joy… but the shock and terror in his heart completely covered all the joy that he felt. 

At that moment, to them, Ling Chen was no longer a “human” or a “player, but a “monster”. 

A monster who had been able to destroy the barrier that the Fairy Clan had been trying to destroy for thousands of years! 

“This is… a miracle.” Granny Witherwood whispered. 

After the barrier had been destroyed, the blood-red light still swirled around Ling Chen. Only now did it start to grow fainter and fainter until it disappeared. 

The Great Ravager in Ling Chen’s hands vanished. Ling Chen did not turn around, but fell to his knees on the ground, with one hand on his head and the other clawing the ground. 

Fury, bloodlust and brutality… all sorts of negative emotions and thoughts chaotically swirled around within his mind, developing the greatest killing intent Ling Chen had ever felt in his entire life. Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he did his best to suppress those feelings, his body covered in cold sweat. If he could see his eyes, he would find that they had become a dark crimson colour. 

“Little master, control your emotions. Don’t let those negative emotions and thoughts affect you. The Shura’s ultimate moves all require killing intent to fuel them. The Shura’s killing intent is boundless, but little master is not a Shura. After forcefully using that skill, a lot of the remnant negative emotions and killing intent is still within you. If you can’t contain it, you’ll become an out-of-control killing machine!” Qi Yue quickly said in his mind. In reality, she was not too worried. After all, Ling Chen’s mental energy was simply too powerful. Even the Lunar Scourge couldn’t destroy his mind, much less these negative emotions and thoughts. 

Sure enough, not too long after, Ling Chen’s body stopped trembling. He looked up, and his eyes had recovered their original look and colour. He deeply breathed in and out, then stood up. He looked at his hands, trying to calm down his heart. 

This was the power… of a Shura. 

With his power at LV20, using one of the Shura’s ultimate skills was able to release such damage… how powerful would a true Shura be? 

Ding… you forcefully activated the limited use skill ‘Shura’s Death Domain’, your level will be decreased by 9 levels, Strength-30, Constitution-30, Agility-30, Spirit-30.” 

“Ding… your level has been decreased to LV11. The bonus stats from Wind Chaser Bandanna, Purple Crystal Armour (Lower), Ghost Cloak, Four Spirit Ring have been invalidated. Your Strength is lower than 200, so you cannot equip the Great Ravager. Your pet Xiao Hui’s level has decreased to LV11, with no changes to the level of its skills. Your pet Leng’Er’s level has decreased to LV11, with no changes to the levels of its skills.” 

“Ding… Shura’s Death Domain remaining uses: 1” 

Using an incredibly overpowered and broken skill like Shura’s Death Domain had incredibly harsh repercussions. Ling Chen’s level had fallen by nine levels, and wasn’t able to equip his strongest weapon anymore. Furthermore, although he still had on his equipment, he could not receive the benefits from the bonus stats from the four strongest ones. If he removed them, he wouldn’t even be able to equip them again. He had suffered a loss of 120 points of stats in total. If it wasn’t for Ling Chen’s professions, “Ling Tian Battle Soul” and “Feng Chen Curse Zanni”, which gave him many stat points, some of his stats would have fallen into the negatives. 

However, this was worth it. 

In front of him, there were no more distortions in the air. The barrier was gone. After hearing those announcements, Ling Chen didn’t look crestfallen at all, but rather, smiled. Levels could be gained back and stats could be earned back. In order to protect Shui Ruo’s safety and her last bit of hope, as well as repay the Fairy Clan, this wasn’t much of a loss for him. 

After completely calming down, Ling Chen took a deep breath, then turned and walked to Greenwood and Granny Witherwood, saying, “The barrier has been destroyed. My only request is that you allow my little sister to safely stay within the Fairy Fountain until I come to wake her up again.” 

No matter if it was Greenwood or Granny Witherwood, they looked at Ling Chen in a completely new light. That overwhelming, horrifying pressure that felt like it would devour their souls… was like the aura of Demon Gods only heard of in legends. 

“That girl… we will guarantee that no one disturbs her…” Greenwood said with difficulty, as his throat was completely dry. In his ears, the joyful shouts grew louder and louder, but he still couldn’t believe what had happened… a LV20 human had destroyed the barrier that had sealed the Fairy Clan for thousands of years. 

Granny Witherwood recovered much faster than Greenwood. She stepped forwards as she sincerely said, “Young human, you’ve created a miracle. This miracle has saved our entire Fairy Clan.” 

“I only did it for my little sister. Moreover, I didn’t want to owe you anything. I never feel at ease owing people.” Ling Chen replied in a casual tone. 

“Regardless, you are our Fairy Clan’s saviour and great benefactor. By destroying this barrier, you have saved our entire clan, as well as our descendants. This cannot be repaid simply by allowing your little sister to rest in the Fairy Fountain. Our Fairy Clan does not like to owe other people either; we will remember what you have done forever. We definitely will not allow anyone to disturb your little sister. Moreover, you can request anything of us. As long as it is within our power and conforms with our morals, we will do our best to fulfil it.” Granny Witherwood earnestly said. 

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