Shura's Wrath

Chapter 360

The Diverging Paths

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

“Please wait, little friend, please wait!!” Seeing that Su’Er was about to leave, Daoist Tian broke into a sweat. There were three sects left behind by the Night Demon Clan’s Three Sages: Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Earth Fiend Sect and Feng Chen Sect. As the leader of the other sects, even the Emperor had to give due respect to the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. To become the successor of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect was something that people didn’t even dare to dream about. If the Heaven’s Secrets Sect openly recruited disciples, the applicants would be enough to fill an entire mountain range.

The people of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect could find out Heaven’s Secrets- this meant that they could foretell the future, see back into the past and reveal the secrets of the present. Although their battle power wasn’t great, who wouldn’t want this sort of ability? Countless people had begged to become disciples of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. Even the most powerful experts, as well as the noble Emperor had to treat them with utmost respect. They never knew when they would require their assistance one day. Moreover, the revenge and retaliation from one who could see Heaven’s Secrets was far too terrifying if they were offended.

It was quite strange though- although the Heaven’s Secrets Sect and Feng Chen Sect were held in such high regard, they had to beg their successors to join. Ling Chen had initially refused, and now Su’Er was also refusing.

Daoist Tian Qing’s body blurred, and he reappeared in front of Su’Er. He once again bowed to her, “Little friend, please do not be afraid. We hold no ill intentions towards you. It is as I just said- I am the only one left in my generation in the Heaven’s Secrets Sect. I’ve spent a long time searching for a suitable successor, and I finally found this little friend. I hope that little friend can hear me out.”

Daoist Tian Qing’s voice was calm and amicable, and anyone listening to it would gradually relax. Su’Er became a bit less anxious, but immediately, a rowdy voice yelled out.

“That’s right, that’s right! We’re here to find a disciple! This old man’s the Sect Leader of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect! The Heaven’s Secrets Sect, I tell you! Lil’ girl, this is the best thing that will ever happened to you! If you join the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, you can know whatever you want to know. Even the strongest expert in the world will have to step to the side when you walk past, and even the Emperor will treat you with respect. When the time comes, you can have as much money as you want, and whatever man you want. Even if you want 72 male concubines, that’s absolutely possible! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call that old man your master and become the successor of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect! When this old thing is dead, you can do whatever you want! Look at me, and my sincere eyes! Everything I said was the absolute truth!!”

Saliva flew everywhere as Xiao Feng Chen rambled on while wildly gesticulating. His body language seemed to convey even more than his mouth was. His words caused her to become even more frightened, and her face was completely pale… this old man was the manifestation of madness. Su’Er retreated a few steps, and simply turned and ran.

“Xiao Feng Chen!!”

Daoist Tian Qing was furious at this point. Xiao Feng Chen just had to yell like that when the girl was finally calming down. Let alone a little girl like her, even a grown man would be scared away by him. He glared at Xiao Feng Chen as he yelled, “Do you even know how to speak!! Do you think this is like 10,000 years ago? The Heaven’s Secrets Sect has hidden away for such a long time- there’s barely anyone who knows about it anymore! That little girl’s evidently one of those people from another world, so it’s impossible for her to know about it. Everything you just said would make someone think you’re absolutely mad- who would believe you?! I finally found the perfect successor- what are you going to do if you scare her away?!”

Daoist Tian Qing looked over and saw that Su’Er had already taken out a teleport scroll, and his hair almost stood on end. He swished his horsetail whisk, and a semi-transparent light descended from the sky and covered Su’Er’s body. Su’Er immediately froze, unable to move at all. Only her eyes trembled, full of shock and fear.

Xiao Feng Chen sulked as he stood at a distance. He knew what sort of person Daoist Tian Qing was. As someone who cultivated in the Dao, he had gradually severed away his seven emotions and six desires. Only very rarely would he become extremely emotional- this was the first time Xiao Feng Chen had seen him so furious. Evidently, Daoist Tian Qing was very worried about this matter, as it concerned the extinction of his Heaven’s Secrets Sect. As such, he couldn’t hold back as he roared at Xiao Feng Chen.

Xiao Feng Chen rubbed his nose. That little girl was indeed scared off by him, so he could only mutter, “It’s not like you don’t know how my personality is. If it wasn’t because I also wanted you to find a successor, why would I have stayed in this crappy place for so long? That boy Ling Tian brought me out of that damn place, and fulfilled my greatest wish. In order to help him, I need to help you find a successor… goddamit, you convince her by yourself then. I won’t say a single word from now on.”

Daoist Tian Qing’s forehead was covered in sweat. He had finally found a suitable successor, and was now forced to bind her like this. If this little girl wasn’t willing…

He slowly walked forwards in front of Su’Er, and used his warmest and kindest voice and expression, “Little friend, please do not be angry or afraid. I had no choice but to bind you. We’re really not bad people, and don’t hold any ill intentions towards you. I just hope that you can listen to me first, and I will release you immediately. Afterwards, whether little friend wants to stay or leave, I won’t try to stop you at all. Please forgive me for doing this.”

Daoist Tian Qing was about to go into the details about the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, such as the powers and status she would receive. He was fully confident that after hearing the complete explanation, she would be willing to join. However, before he could start speaking, Su’Er blurted out a question, “You… You just mentioned Ling Tian… is he a player like me?”

Hearing the name Ling Tian, Xiao Feng Chen’s ears perked up, and he immediately jumped up, “Of course! What, do you know him? Right, he also comes from another world; maybe you’re friends or something. I’ll have you know that Ling Tian is my disciple, and is my Feng Chen Sect’s successor. He’s an absolute genius…”

Daoist Tian Qing glared at Xiao Feng Chen, who promptly stopped speaking. Daoist Tian Qing smiled amicably, “Little friend Ling Tian is indeed a ‘player’ from another world. Do you know him by any chance?”

“Then… then what did you say big brother Ling Tian needed help with? Is it something really difficult and really important, and might take a long time?” Su’Er hurriedly asked. Ling Chen had departed to do something in the game. When she heard Xiao Feng Chen and Daoist Tian Qing speaking, she suddenly thought of the reason why Ling Chen had left.  

Su’Er’s reaction caused Xiao Feng Chen’s eyes to light up. He let out a long sigh, and started to exaggerate Ling Chen’s plight, “He needs to find some things, which he says are more important than his life. Even if he searches every inch of the Forgotten Continent, he has to find them, no matter what. Seeing that he was serious, as his master, I decided to help him. The only person who can help Ling Tian is this old man. Who would have thought that this old guy isn’t able to help anymore; only his successor will be able to help Ling Tian. That’s why we’re looking so desperately for a successor for him.

“Ahaha, that’s indeed how it is,” Daoist Tian Qing said calmly, “Half a month ago, brother Xiao asked me to reveal the Heaven’s Secrets to help Ling Tian find some things. Using the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s methods to find objects is extremely simple. However, it’s a pity that I’m already at my limit. If I continue to reveal the Heaven’s Secrets, I will receive divine punishment, and immediately die. Only by finding a successor will I be able to help little friend Ling Tian. Little friend Ling Tian’s matter seems to be quite important, but it will be almost impossible for him to find what he seeks in the vast Forgotten Continent. If he doesn’t have the aid of the Heaven’s Secrets, he may have to spend his entire life searching. As such, brother Xiao and I have been searching for a successor for my Heaven’s Secrets Sect, and finally found little friend today.”

From Su’Er’s reaction, Daoist Tian Qing could see that she not only knew Ling Tian, but was quite close with him. As such, he didn’t bother talking about the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, but instead focused on Ling Tian’s quest. For the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, he would have to act selfishly. As soon as he finished speaking, he began to sweat even more.

“Look for some things… Heaven’s Secrets…”

Su’Er felt quite confused, but she knew that what they were talking about was related to Ling Tian leaving. As such, she asked, “If I join your Heaven’s Secrets Sect, will I be able to help big brother Ling Tian find what he’s looking for?”

“Indeed. The requirements for becoming the successor of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect are extremely strict- perhaps you are the only one in the entire world who can help him.” Daoist Tian Qing said. The scene of Ling Chen leaving surfaced in Su’Er’s mind, as well as Xiao Qi’s departure… Su’Er softly nodded her head. The weakness in her eyes were replaced with a look of determination, “Grandpa, I believe you. If I can help big brother Ling Tian, I’m willing to join the Heaven’s Secrets Sect.”

The binding had been lifted, but Su’Er did not leave. She looked at Daoist Tian Qing with determination in her eyes… she wanted to be able to help Ling Chen, even if it was a bit. Although she couldn’t confirm whether these two old men were good or evil, or whether they were telling the truth or not, she simply wanted to help him…

Daoist Tian Qing was overwhelmed with joy, but he did his best to keep it inside of him. He slowly nodded his head, but his voice still trembled, “Good… good... from today onwards, you are my Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s fifteenth generation disciple. When you have mastered the power of the Heaven’s Secrets, you will be the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s fifteenth generation Sect Leader!” ……………………………………………………………

The members of Heart’s Dream had been brought together by Meng Xin. Now that Heart’s Dream had been destroyed, their paths all diverged…

 For that sliver of hope, Ling Chen had embarked on an almost impossible quest; similarly, for a sliver of hope, as well as to help Ling Chen, Xiao Qi had gone to the Lava Purgatory; by a turn of fate, Su’Er had met Daoist Tian Qing, and joined the Heaven’s Secrets Sect to help Ling Chen… although she hadn’t understood what joining the Sect or becoming the Sect Leader really meant. Yun Meng Xin gave up on her battle profession and worked with Li Xiao Xue to develop the piece of land. Mu Bing Yao took Tian Tian to dangerous regions to train. Tian Tian originally never went to those sorts of places, but in order to become stronger and to hone her battle sense, Mu Bing Yao had no other choice. Mu Bing Yao wanted Tian Tian to unlock the full potential of her “strongest profession”. 

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