Shura's Wrath

Chapter 334


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The wind howled as Gui Dao furiously ran with Ling Chen on his back. The blood on Ling Chen’s body had dried, and barely any had dripped off his body. However, his lifeforce was still extremely weak… this was the sole motivation and driving force for Gui Dao while he pushed his body to the limit as he ran and ran.

The Reapers did their best to stop the Long family’s people, but after all, they only had 20 or so people. It was impossible for them to block all of the Long family’s forces. The Long family’s gates were opened, and crowds of soldiers swarmed out, chasing in the direction that Gui Dao went. Behind them, the Long family’s residence was filled with the sounds of killing. Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun had been evacuated already, and were sent to the safety of the Xuanyuan family. Despite this, as long as Ling Chen was still alive, they were unable to be calm. Due to Long Zheng Yang’s orders, more than half of Beijing had been affected. Soldiers from the national army, as well as police officers, patrolled the streets. Many of the residents were curious about what had just happened for the Long family to do such a thing.

Gui Dao knew that the area he was in would definitely be locked down, so he followed a complex route and headed towards an area where there were no soldiers or police officers. Under normal circumstances, he would be like a gust of black wind, and be completely undetectable. However, due to him carrying Ling Chen, as well as the injuries he had previously sustained, his speed was reduced to almost half. All of his clothes were wet from his sweat, but he gritted his teeth and continued to run at his full speed.

Gui Dao didn’t know how long he had been running for, but behind him, he started to hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Very soon, guns started firing at him, a bullet whistled past his ear.

The darkness could hide his body, but it couldn’t hide the smell of blood on them. Gui Dao was quickly running out of strength, and was becoming slower and slower. His pursuers were getting closer and closer… These bastards… scum!!

Master’s life depends on me… I can’t stop… I can’t be caught!!!


Gui Dao roared, and his body, which seemed like it had reached its limit, somehow exploded with more strength. He somehow began to run even faster, and started to pull away from his pursuers.


From the sound of the gun, Gui Dao could instantly tell that it was a sniper rifle. Under normal circumstances, snipers posed no threat to him at all. Outside the 50 metre range, it was impossible to even graze his clothes. However, he could tell that the sniper was only 20 metres away. He twisted, and threw Ling Chen, so that he would not be hit.

The bullet smashed into Gui Dao’s left shoulder, and waves of pain crashed through his body as blood spurted out. Gui Dao crashed to the ground and rolled a few times before he stopped. Ling Chen’s body also fell heavily onto the ground.

The massive pain from his left shoulder caused his entire left arm to become paralysed, making it useless. His entire body was in pain, and there was a large wound on his forehead. Despite this, Gui Dao desperately tried to get up, but found that he couldn’t even stand anymore. The footsteps behind him came closer and closer. If they were normal humans, he wouldn’t have to worry. However, in his current condition, it was impossible for him to defeat anyone from the Long family’s seven main forces or from the Xuanyuan family. Looking at Ling Chen lying in front of him, and remembering that if he died, Ling Chen would also die, Gui Dao’s determination flared up. He bit his tongue, and the pain caused his mind to clear. He shakily stood up, and rushed towards Ling Chen. Behind him, there were already many soldiers within 50 metres of him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, the sound of gunfire erupted. However, Gui Dao’s senses told him that it was not him who was being shot at. Cries of pain came from behind him, and he suddenly turned around. In the dim moonlight, he saw a group of people dressed in black blocking his pursuers. They used guns and bullets to form a wall as they started to fight. Because they had superiority in numbers, even the people from the Long family’s seven main forces were not able to quickly break past them.

Who… were they?

“Quickly leave… We can’t hold them back for long.”

A low voice spoke out from next to him, and he suddenly saw a man standing about 20 metres to his left. The man was completely covered in black clothing, and his face could not be seen. It was also very likely that he was using a fake voice. Gui Ya used his right arm to carry Ling Chen as he said a “thank you” filled with gratitude, then gritted his teeth as he continued to run.

The man in black watched as Gui Dao ran, until he completely disappeared with Ling Chen. He gave a low sigh as he muttered to himself, “Ling Tian, don’t die… otherwise, Qi Qi will be incredibly sad… this is the first time she has begged me to help someone while crying… you… must treat her well…”

“I can’t help you anymore than this, otherwise I’ll drag the Xiao family into this matter. I wish you well…”

He didn’t want to watch the horrific battle, so he instead looked up into the sky, “I hope… the Long family won’t be able to find out that we helped him…”

Gui Dao’s activities usually led him to the outskirts of Beijing, so he knew of many deserted and quiet places. However, with his espionage and counterespionage skills, he knew that the smell of blood on him would make it difficult to shake off the Long family’s people. As such, he did not stop running. He could only hope that as he ran, the smell of blood would dissipate, until they wouldn’t be able to track him anymore.

His comrades were using their lives to give him time to escape, and there were even people who unexpectedly came to his rescue. Gui Dao continuously told himself that his master’s fate was on his shoulders. Although his body was becoming numb, his vision becoming hazy and his consciousness beginning to fade, he still continued to run.

He didn’t know how long he had been running for, and the only thing that kept him going was the bit of life that was still inside Ling Chen. He ran past barren areas, trees, hills… he had not seen any light in a long time. His hazy consciousness told him that he was already outside of Beijing, and was in a deserted region to the north of Beijing.

“He’s in front of us! We’re getting close!! Don’t let him get away!!”

A voice from farway rang out clearly, causing Gui Dao’s body to go cold. He knew that after avoiding them for so long, he had once again been found. He then heard the hum of a car engine, causing him to fall into despair.

Right now, he definitely wasn’t able to outrun a car… and moreover, since these soldiers had arrived by car, they would be at their peak, whereas he was completely exhausted. He definitely wouldn’t be able to beat them in a fight either.

The sounds of the cars and people came closer and closer. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake them off. Suddenly a slim, black figure appeared in front of him. His eyes shone, and as his mind relaxed just a little bit, his body gave out. He fell to the ground as he said, “Bing Luo… Bing Luo!!”

The black figure stopped in front of him, and picked up Ling Chen. Under the moonlight, her cold, but beautiful face could be seen- it was Mu Bing Yao!

Her body trembled and her tears fell as she held Ling Chen in her arms. Gui Dao almost didn’t have the strength to breathe anymore, and he weakly gasped, “Bing Luo… great… don’t worry… master is… still alive… quickly take him… and leave… don’t worry about me… go!!”

In the Tian Yuan District, not long after Gui Ya and the others had left, masses of soldiers poured into the District. The disappearance of Ling Shui Ruo’s body completely stunned Mu Bing Yao and Tian Tian. They were discovered by the soldiers, who wanted to take them away. To protect Tian Tian’s safety, Mu Bing Yao did not clash with them, but instead quickly took Tian Tian and left. They escaped to a deserted area where no one was around. However, she simply couldn’t be at ease, and she decided to head to the Long family, where Ling Chen was. However, she had stumbled upon Gui Dao and the severely injured Ling Chen.

Hearing the voices in the distance, Mu Bing Yao put Ling Chen on her back, but looked at Gui Dao, unwilling to leave. Gui Dao roared in fury, “Hurry up and leave!! Do you want master to die here?!”

Mu Bing Yao took a few steps backwards, then turned around and started running. Behind her, came Gui Dao’s last words, “Master, Bing Luo, don’t die! Live… live, and get revenge for me and all our other brothers and sisters!!!”

The sound of cars and people came closer and closer, until they were only about 30 metres away… 20 metres.. 10 metres… Gui Dao reached out with his right hand, and slowly opened a fold in his clothes, revealing a fuse… he took out a match from his pocket, and struck it against his special belt, lighting it up. He brought it against the fuse, and savagely laughed, “Heh… accompany grandpa to hell, hahaha!!”

As he madly laughed, the fire began to burn down the fuse as the cars came closer and closer. In his hazy vision, he saw five vehicles driving towards him. The closest one was less than a metre away from him when the explosion burst out… BOOM!!!

The flames from the explosion rushed to the sky, and all five vehicles were caught in the blast. The vehicles were all badly damaged and flipped over, as the people inside screamed. The flames gradually spread to the surrounding grass and plants, transforming that area into a sea of fire.

 Mu Bing Yao did not stop or slow down. She continued to run as two lines of tears streaked down her icy-looking face.

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