Shura's Wrath

Chapter 329

I Won’t Fall (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Having survived in ‘Hell’ for so many years, Ling Chen had killed countless espers. To those who had grown up in ‘Hell’, espers were actually the easiest type of experts to kill. After all, although these people had special abilities that they were born with or awakened, they often relied on these abilities, and neglected other areas. As a result, their bodies and speed were often quite unimpressive. Their sense of danger was also usually quite weak, and they simply couldn’t compare to those who had gone through rigorous training and countless life-and-death battles. Assassins could hide in the darkness or easily overwhelm them with their speed before the espers even had time to use their abilities.

As such, against Ling Chen, who had far superior speed and battle sense, using the Dark Eagles or Long Yu were terrible decisions. The Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves were much more effective.

Just as Long Zheng Yang had said, Ling Chen was almost out of energy. He had been expending huge amounts of strength, and much blood had leaked out from the countless wounds all over his body. However, his incredibly strong mental energy, despair from Shui Ruo dying and his bloodlust gave him the power not to fall. His consciousness was becoming hazy, but he squeezed energy from every cell in his body to defeat the enemies around him.

The espers’ abilities all required time to use, just like spells in games that required casting times. With Ling Chen’s terrifying speed and power, most espers were unable to even launch attacks in time, and none of them were able to lock on to him or withstand even a single blow from him.

The espers fell one by one, and very soon, Ling Chen had annihilated the majority of them. They were dying far faster than the Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves. Long Yu were one of the seven main forces of the Long family, and possessed abilities that the other six forces could never have. However, against Ling Chen, they had no advantage at all, and were even less effective than the Dark Eagles. The Long Yu espers fell like flies, causing onlookers to tremble with fear… these superhuman existences were like sheep waiting to be slaughtered by Ling Chen.

The door of the central hall was explosively pushed open, then heavily closed. Murong Xiong Tian marched out, and seeing the ground littered with the corpses of Long Yu espers, his face twisted as he yelled, “Get out of the way!!”

“Chief Murong!!”

“Chief… It’s Chief Murong! He’s come to save us! Thank god!”

Murong Xiong Tian was incredibly powerful, and his pride was proportional to his strength. When he faced off against enemies, he wouldn’t let anyone else help him. The Long Yu espers were already completely terrified by Ling Chen, and so they all breathed a sigh of relief and quickly left when they saw Murong Xiong Tian.


After suddenly losing his targets, Ling Chen’s rage quickly disappeared and a wave of pain passed through his head. He collapsed onto one knee and raggedly breathed as he coughed out pools of blood. He had countless wounds on his body: cuts, stab wounds, claw marks, burns and frozen areas from esper attacks… it was impossible to know just how many wounds there were, but he knew that he definitely had more wounds than when he had fought Instructor Hell all those years ago.

Seeing Ling Chen on one knee, completely unable to get up, Murong Xiong Tian’s emotions were quite complex. He hated Ling Chen, as he had caused severe casualties to four of his seven forces, and had caused him to lose much face in front of Long Zheng Yang. However, deep down within his heart, Murong Xiong Tian secretly respected and admired him… Murong Xiong Tian was sure that when he was at the same age, he wouldn’t even be worthy to put on Ling Chen’s shoes for him. If he was given the opportunity to grow, then his future would be limitless.

“Young man, you’re called Ling Chen, right?” Murong Xiong Tian slowly asked. Although Long Zheng Yang didn’t want him to waste any words, he simply couldn’t stop himself. Indeed, after he killed this young man, he might never meet another like him again. He continued, “Although I don’t know what you have against the Long family, but it shouldn’t be some kind of irreconcilable hatred. Seeing you like this, it doesn’t seem like you planned to go back alive. I’ll be honest and say that in my life, you’re the first young person to make me feel afraid. Just this alone makes you quite outstanding. In your current state, it’s not quite fair to go up against me, but it’s not that shameful to die by my hands.”

Ling Chen stopped raggedly breathing, and suddenly raised his head. The killing intent that shot out from his eyes caused Murong Xiong Tian to freeze, and a cold and hoarse voice that sounded like that of a demon’s travelled into his ears, “The person who will die… is you!!”

Ling Chen, who clearly looked completely exhausted, suddenly charged towards Murong Xiong Tian like a ferocious leopard. His right fist, which was covered with wounds and blood, streaked towards Murong Xiong Tian’s heart. Murong Xiong Tian could only watch in shock… where did this energy come from? With so many wounds and after using up so much strength and losing so much blood… he was still able to unleash such a blow.


Ling Chen’s fist savagely struck Murong Xiong Tian’s chest, and the sound of bones being dislocated sounded out clearly. Ling Chen flew backwards, and crashed into the ground. His entire right fist was mangled, and the massive pain that erupted from it caused him to almost lose control of it. Murong Xiong Tian’s upper body slightly leaned backwards, and there was a large hole in his clothes where Ling Chen had struck him. Bronze coloured skin could be seen within the hole, as well as a bright red fist print. The burning pain that the punch gave him caused Muong Xiong Tian to frown. Ling Chen was able to unleash such a powerful attack in such a weak condition- he was definitely qualified to be called a monster!

Ling Chen slowly stood up, with his left hand covering his right hand. He suddenly wrenched his right hand, and the bones in his right hand were forced back together with a “crack”. He roared, then charged towards Murong Xiong Tian, using his right hand to once again punch towards his heart. This time, Murong Xiong Tian did not stand still. He gave a low yell as he punched out to meet Ling Chen’s fist.



Murong Xiong Tian’s body swayed, whereas Ling Chen’s body was once again blasted away like a sandbag. He flipped over twice in the air before hitting the ground, and his entire body was in massive pain. His entire right arm hung limp, but he gritted his teeth and used his left arm to stand up again. Just as he stood up, blood spurted out from his mouth, and he fell down once more.

“Hmph, he wanted to compete with Uncle Murong in strength? How audacious.” Long Tian Yun said as he coldly laughed. Although the Long family had suffered great losses, but Ling Chen was evidently almost spent. Now that Ling Chen was so powerless, Long Tian Yun could finally relax again, and without Ling Chen, the greatest thorn in his side would be gone.

“If he was in his best condition… he might not lose.” Xuanyuan Dao calmly said.

Everyone fell silent.

Ling Chen once again stood up, and his aura was so weak that Murong Xiong Tian almost couldn’t feel it anymore. With another “crack”, Ling Chen’s dislocated right arm was pushed back into place by his left hand. From beginning to end, he had not let out a single cry of pain. Murong Xiong Tian frowned as he said, “Ling Chen, you should know that in your current condition, all of your struggling is useless. This will just prolong your suffering.”

“The one who will die… is you!!” Ling Chen rasped as he glared at him.

Murong Xiong Tian’s eyes narrowed, and he lifted up both hands, “Forget it, I’ll send you on your way now.”


Ling Chen stood up straight, and howled as he charged at Murong Xiong Tian and swung at him in the exact same way as the previous two times.

“Hmph.” Murong Xiong Tian coldly harrumphed as he gathered his strength into his right fist. He completely ignored Ling Chen’s attack, as he swung towards Ling Chen’s head… if this punch hit him, Ling Chen’s head would definitely be blown to pieces.

However, just as their bodies were about to clash, the figure in front of Murong Xiong Tian suddenly blurred, then disappeared. Murong Xiong Tian’s full-strength punch only hit an afterimage, causing him to fall forwards. From his side, an incredibly sharp knife came whistling at him… Ling Chen’s fist had opened into a knifehand strike, and stabbed towards his head… Murong Xiong Tian could only watch as it stabbed into his temple.


Being hit by Ling Chen’s knifehand strike made it feel like millions of wasps had suddenly flown into his head, causing Murong Xiong Tian’s world to blur. Despite the fact that he was a metal esper, the attack left him shaken. His consciousness was scattered, and his body lost its balance. Murong Xiong Tian fell forwards, smashing his head onto the ground.


Ling Chen hoarsely roared, and his blood-stained body leapt high into the air. He gripped both his hands into fists and used all the strength in his body to smash them downwards… BOOM!!!!

Stones and sand filled the air as the devastating strike shook the ground. Murong Xiong Tian’s entire head had been buried into the ground, and blood leaked from all seven of his orifices [TLN: eyes, nose, ears, mouth], dying the ground red.

After delivering that strike, Ling Chen weakly sat on the ground. Murong Xiong Tian’s body was twisted, and did not move at all. Even if he had a body that was as solid as metal, it was impossible to withstand two strong, direct hits to the head.


“Chief Murong!!”

All of the Long Yu espers stared in shock and fear. All of the people in the hall also gaped at the scene. Long Zheng Yang immediately turned and yelled, “Xuanyuan! Hurry and go!!”

“Roger!!” Xuanyuan Sheng did not hesitate at all as he yelled, “Move out!” He opened the door and quickly left with the eight people he had brought with him as he pulled out the Azure Edge Sword… that sword could cut through metal like butter. Six years ago, it was this sword that had injured Ling Chen countless times, causing him to flee, and almost die.

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