Shura's Wrath

Chapter 327

Bloodbath (7)

Translator: Mr Voltaire
Editor: Chlocolatte

The Steel Dragon soldiers’ heavy armour didn’t delay their deaths by a single bit, but were able to slow down Ling Chen’s advancement. Of course, the price that they paid were their lives. By the time Ling Chen had massacred 50 of the Steel Dragon Corps, the Blood Wolves finally appeared.

If the Steel Dragons were humanoid tanks, the Blood Wolves were killing machines. They didn’t have the defence that the Steel Dragon soldiers’ armour provided, instead wearing light armour, but each person held swords that were one foot long. Their eyes radiated bestial madness… when facing off against enemies, they didn’t care about their own lives. The only thing that mattered to them was the death of their enemies.


The appearance of the Blood Wolves caused the entire Long family’s residence to be enveloped in bloodlust. The Blood Wolves roared and ran through the ranks of the Steel Dragons, charging towards Ling Chen. Their incredibly sharp swords swung towards Ling Chen’s chest and throat… Ling Chen’s heavy attacks could annihilate even the heavy-armoured Steel Dragons, let alone these Blood Wolves. The Blood Wolves bloodlust also spurred on Ling Chen’s berserk state, as he also swept towards them.

Facing Ling Chen, three of the Blood Wolves showed no fear at all as they ran into Ling Chen’s attacks, their swords piercing towards Ling Chen’s vitals… they simply didn’t care about their own lives.

Bang bang bang!

The three Blood Wolves were rendered into six halves by Ling Chen’s kicks, but all three of them drove their swords towards Ling Chen’s chest, and deeply pierced into it… three swords also whistled from behind him, as they slashed against Ling Chen’s back… in attacking the Steel Dragon Corps, every attack had consumed quite a lot of strength, and his reactions and agility had greatly suffered. However, the three swords could only leave cuts on his back, and were unable to cut into him. The pain caused Ling Chen to become even more berserk as he pulled out the three swords out of his chest, and flung them behind him. The swords spun as they chopped the three Blood Wolves behind him in half, and Ling Chen continued to charge at the Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves as he howled.

The entrance of the suicidal Blood Wolves caused the smell of blood to become even stronger. There was nothing within Ling Chen’s heart and mind but endless killing. He swung two swords that he had taken from the Blood Wolves, slicing all who approached him. The Blood Wolves fell one by one, but before dying, they would always use their opportunity to cut or pierce him.

Within the Long family’s hall, everyone silently watched the screen. The Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves had come quite quickly, and were also dying incredibly quickly. All the Steel Dragons could do was buy a bit of time, and waste a bit of Ling Chen’s stamina, whereas the Blood Wolves sacrificed their lives to injure him again and again. They weren’t normal soldiers, but the Long family’s seven main forces!

Those who had not been present six years ago finally understood how a single person had thrown the entire Long family into chaos.

The Steel Dragons and Blood Wolves were rapidly dying, but Ling Chen’s body was also covered in countless cuts and stab wounds. Gradually, his movements began to slow down. Murong Xiong Tian’s heart bled as he watched this, and his fists were tightly clenched into fists. Finally, he gave an order in a low voice, “He can’t last for much longer! Long Yu One, attack!!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

If the Blood Wolves were a group of bloodthirsty wolves, Ling Chen was a demon god.

Whenever Ling Chen attacked with his sword, the Blood Wolves soldiers would be chopped in half. Whenever Ling Chen attacked with his body, they would explode into pieces. Anyone who didn’t personally witness this scene wouldn’t be able to believe that such an ordinary-looking body could release so much power. Ling Chen sustained more and more injuries, but he simply didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t even try to protect himself. He would allow the Blood Wolves to cut him, but would use his sword or body to destroy them one by one.

At the back, a skinny man stood there, watching. He watched as the Blood Wolves died one by one, and his gaze became colder and colder. The murderous intent that his body was releasing also grew and grew.


The sword in Ling Chen’s hands finally broke as he sliced at a Steel Dragon soldier’s armour. The sound finally spurred the skinny man into action. Like a ravenous wolf, he charged passed all of his subordinates, and stabbed towards Ling Chen’s throat with his claw-like hands.

Shockingly, Ling Chen sensed the threat of death from this attack, and he met it with a punch.


A punch that would’ve been able to destroy both the armour and body of a Steel Dragon soldier had not been able to blast the skinny man away. Instead, the skinny man’s fingers in his right hand all broke, and his entire arm became numb. At the same time, five ‘claws’ also stabbed into Ling Chen’s fist, creating five bloody holes that pierced to his bones. The skinny man didn’t even frown as his fingers were broken, and his other hand immediately snaked towards Ling Chen’s throat.

Ling Chen instantly twisted his body, and the skinny man’s claws passed his throat, but sank into his shoulder. All five claws were deeply embedded, causing blood to quickly flow out. The pain from his left hand and shoulder caused Ling Chen to roar in fury as he heavily smashed his right fist into the man’s chest… Bang!!!

A spurt of blood rushed out from the skinny man’s mouth, landing on Ling Chen. His eyes started to dim, but still held a berserk look within them. He used his remaining strength to leap forwards and tightly grab onto Ling Chen, as he howled and a light shone from his back. All of the onlookers’ faces changed when they saw this.


“Get down!!!”


The light and shockwave from the explosion blinded and deafened everyone nearby. The entire Long family’s residence shook, and countless screams filled the air as the Blood Wolves and Steel Dragons who were nearby were blasted into the air. The Blood Wolves were all in pieces, whereas only half of the Steel Dragons had survived. Those who had survived were unable to move at all.


Seeing the devastating explosion, the remaining Blood Wolves cried out in grief. In order to take down this intruder, their leader had used the incredibly destructive bomb that he always had on his back. This explosion had caused all of the Blood Wolves and Steel Dragons nearby to be instantly killed or severely injured. They were all sure that Ling Chen was dead beyond a doubt.

All of the Blood Wolves knelt down as they howled in grief. This was the only choice they had left- although they had sacrificed many lives, the enemy was simply too powerful. However, the price was the Blood Wolves’ leader’s life.

After the light and shockwave had passed, everyone could clearly see a crater that was 30 metres wide and 10 metres deep. Within the crater and around it was filled with blood and severed limbs.

In the central hall, looking at the gigantic crater, Long Zheng Yang breathed out a sigh of relief, “It’s finally over…”

That explosion was definitely enough to annihilate anyone within its blast radius. Although he was sure that the intruder was dead, he simply couldn’t feel at ease. After all, the price they had paid was the lives of countless Long family soldiers, Dark Eagles, Blood Wolves and Steel Dragons… moreover, even the leaders of the Dark Eagles and Blood Wolves had died. To the Long family, this had been a pyrrhic victory.

This was a catastrophe on the level of the one six years ago. What’s more, these two catastrophes had actually happened because of a single person.

“Who would have thought that Owl Wolf would have been forced to use such drastic measures. Ai, he probably knew that he was definitely going to die, and although the explosion would kill many of his subordinates, it would be better than them all dying under that demon’s hands. No less than expected from the Wolf King. Wolves like him are incredibly rare- who knows when another like him will appear. Ai, if I had known that this would happen, I would have gone to take him down myself.” Murong Xiong Tian said in grief.

The back entrance of the Long family’s residence was opened, and people wearing different clothes poured in. It was the Long Yu espers. The scene that greeted them left them completely dumbfounded.

There were less than 50 surviving Blood Wolves and Steel Dragons combined. Half of them could not even fight anymore, while the other half had injuries ranging from light to severe. The Long family’s members were still in shock from what had just happened. Even after hearing that the intruder had been blown up, no one dared to venture outside. Just the sheer amount of blood was able to cause most of them to faint. The Steel Dragon and Blood Wolves soldiers began to be sent to the hospital, while Long Yu stayed back to clean up.

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