Shura's Wrath

Chapter 324

Chapter 324- Bloodbath (4)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

A single person had broken through 3 defence lines in just 30 seconds…

No matter if it was Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun, or Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian, they were simply unable to believe it. Long Zheng Yang deeply frowned, and ordered, “Contact the control room!”

The video of the scene was soon displayed on the big screen in the hall. It was quite dark outside, but they could clearly see a man covered in blood, madly rushing forwards despite the barrage of bullets. He was hit by countless bullets, but he did not fall or even slow down. He wildly shot with two of the machine guns he had taken from guards, taking down scores of the guards in front of him. Behind him, he left a trail of corpses and guns. Whenever he ran out of bullets, he would simply exchange them for the ones corpses were holding.

The scene made everyone speechless.

“He’s… not afraid of bullets! Xiong Tian, could he be like you, a ‘metal’ esper, the strongest type of strength-based espers?” Long Zheng Yan asked as he breathed in a breath of cold air. Although he had seen much in his lifetime, and knew many strong espers, this scene chilled his blood. The only person he knew who could block so many bullets was Murong Xiong Tian. Murong Xiong Tian was called the strongest esper in China, and Long Zheng Yang believed that there was not a single person whose body could be compared to his. However, the person in the video was evidently braving the bullets as he charged forwards.

“Not only that, but his speed is terrifying… who is this person… this sort of person can shake the whole world- why haven’t we seen this person before?!” Xuanyuan Dao exclaimed.

Long Tian Yun stared at the person on the screen. Suddenly, he stepped forwards, zoomed in and stared at that person’s face. Seeing the person’s face clearly, his pupils contracted as he yelled, “Ling Tian! It’s Ling Tian!!”

Flame Shadow gaped in shock. Long Zheng Yang’s face darkened, “Ling Tian… the same Ling Chen who you sent people to kill?”

“That’s right! It’s him!” Long Tian Yun clenched his hands into fists, and nodded, “I’ve seen his photo before; it’s definitely him… he must be here for… revenge!!”

Seeing this person blocking bullets with his body and kill the guards with ease, he gritted his teeth as he trembled. That person was indeed Ling Tian… he was invincible in the game, and had shocked everyone again and again. However, in real life… he was even more of a monster! No wonder he dared to offend the Long family. Long Tian Yun was secretly pleased- it was good that he had discovered Ling Tian’s real life identity earlier, so they could get rid of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences could have been unthinkable. Even with such abilities, attacking the Long family could only result in death!!

 “Wait… master, young master… this person…” Flame Shadow stared at Ling Chen, as his expression and voice became even more shocked, “This person reminds me… of that person from six years ago! That person also blocked bullets with his bare body and had the speed of a demon!”

Everyone looked at Flame Shadow. Xuanyuan Dao asked in a low voice, “Are you saying that this is the same person who massacred many people in the Long family six years ago, and was only stopped by Xuanyuan Sheng?”

The events from six years ago were a shadow over the Long family. It was the shame of the Long family and Xuanyuan family. The powerful Long family had been stealthily broken into, and the intruder had killed many people, as well as escaped from all of the guards and the Xuanyuan family… this was a great humiliation!

However, back then, Long Zheng Yang, Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian all weren’t there, and the person had his face covered. After all those years, they had not been able to find a single trace of that person afterwards.

“It should be him. The feeling that he gives me is very similar to the one that person gave me… plus, how many people in the world can be this strong?” Flame Shadow replied. He was not present at the time, but he had watched the recording. The feeling of terror that he now felt was exactly the same.

Not a single person had forgotten about the events of that year. Flame Shadow’s words caused Long Tian Yun’s body to stiffen as he said, “If that’s the case, then that explains many things. I had always wondered why Ling Tian acted so antagonistically to me for no reason at all. So it seems that there is great enmity between him and our Long family!”

Long Zheng Yang’s frown became deeper. He turned around and looked at Long Tian Yun as he asked, “How old is this Ling Tian?”

“According to our information, he’s 22 years old.” Long Tian Yun replied. Just as he answered, an icy feeling passed through his entire body, and his eyes widened. Even Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian looked shocked.

Long Zheng Yang nodded, as he slowly said, “Indeed, 22 years old. That means that six years ago, he was only 16 years old. A 16 year old child entered my Long family and caused such an uproar, and killed and injured hundreds of our guards. And he had only been stopped by the leader of the Xuanyuan family, but still escaped… now, he’s 22, and can rip through our defence lines in a matter of seconds. Even the Chinese Army wouldn’t dare to attack our defence lines… Xuanyuan, Murong, could you do such a thing at that age? In fact, is there anyone in the world who can do such a thing?”

Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian fell silent. Only after a while did Murong Xiong Tian reply, “The only person who might be able to accomplish this feat at such an age would be the ‘goddess’ in the west, Eve. But that’s only if the rumours about her ‘godliness’ are true. As for this person, it’s impossible for him to be Eve. After all, Eve is a woman and can’t possibly be here.”

Long Zheng Yang continued to talk, “To be able to do such a thing at his age, if he grew to your age… moreover, this person seems to have a deep hatred for my Long family…”

Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian’s expressions became serious. Murong Xiong Tian replied, “Indeed, if he is allowed to grow, he will be a deadly threat to us. However, it’s good that he’s still young and impulsive, and came here by himself. Since he came today, he’ll have to stay here forever.”

Long Zheng Yang nodded. He didn’t know what sort of background this person had, as well as what caused him to hate the Long family so much. Despite this, Long Zheng Yang simply couldn’t allow him to live, after knowing what he knew. He had to die!

“Steel Dragon, Dark Eagle, Blood Wolves and Long Yu have all made preparations, and will arrive soon. Don’t worry leader, since he came today, he won’t be able to leave!!”



Ling Chen’s roar caused tremors through the air, causing all of the guards’ faces to pale. Along with the roar, a wave of malevolent aura and bloodlust exploded out from his body. The bullets that been embedded into his skin were sent flying away. Countless trails of blood flowed out from his body, but the blood then immediately stopped. Ling Chen looked up and savagely stared at the guards in front of him…

Looking at the bullets that Ling Chen had forced out from his body, the guards all trembled, and almost couldn’t hold their machine guns anymore. The cold feeling of death permeated through their entire bodies, causing them to shudder.

This was a monster… a demon!!

In their fear, most of the guards even forgot to shoot. A black shadow flashed before their eyes, and their bodies flew. Ling Chen once again grabbed their machine guns, and began to shoot, causing countless screams of pain. Before most bodies had even hit the ground, Ling Chen had already run past them. The distance between him and the main residence was getting smaller and smaller.

“Don’t let him get to the main entrance… Ahhh!!”

The main entrance to the Long family’s main residence was tightly shut. On top of the walls, many guards with machine guns and sniper rifles were stationed. However, not a single one of them had fired, as Ling Chen was simply too fast. No matter if it was the machine guns or sniper rifles, none of them could lock on to Ling Chen’s position. There was only one target, whereas there were many guards. If they opened fire, they might hit their own comrades, without even hitting the intruder… what’s more, the intruder didn’t even fear bullets!

By the time he had reached main entrance, Ling Chen’s entire body had been covered by his own blood. He had lost count of how many people he had killed, as well as how many times he had been shot. When one didn’t care about life or death anymore, the number of injuries, as well as the extent of their injuries, simply didn’t matter anymore. All that Ling Chen wanted to do was to create the biggest massacre of his life… to use his life to turn the Long family’s residence into hell!!

He had almost run out of bullets, and seeing the Long family’s high walls, Ling Chen roared and jumped up. By jumping with his full strength, he was able to leap more than 10 metres high, causing all of the guards to stare in shock… how could a human jump so high!!


 Ling Chen once again flung his machine guns forwards, causing them to smash into the bewildered guards on the wall. When Ling Chen landed, he was already inside the Long family’s main residence. The alarms began to ring even louder, and all of the Long family’s servants screamed as they ran away… looking at this familiar place, Ling Chen smirked, looking more and more demonic.

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