Shura's Wrath

Chapter 322

Bloodbath (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“What did you say?! Say it again!!”

Long Tian Yun’s expression was extremely dark, and his face twisted in anger. Facing Long Tian Yun’s savage eyes, Flame Shadow gulped, then stuttered, “Y-young master, it’s true… the 75 Steel Dragon Corps… h-have all disappeared… the last we heard from them were their screams. It’s possible that they… they’re…”


Long Tian Yun smashed his fist onto the table. The pain in his fist simply couldn’t be compared to the shock and anger in his heart. He hated Ling Tian to his bones, and in order to ensure his death, Long Tian Yun had sent out 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers. Even he thought that this was overdoing it. Moreover, he had even ordered them to use the heavy weaponry.

He had never thought that the outcome would be like this!

75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers... facing ten or so people!

The Long family had invested unthinkable amounts of time and money into the Steel Dragon Corps. Although the Long family had been around for hundreds of years, they only had 1,000 Steep Dragon Corps soldiers. Losing 75 of them in a single night was a massive blow to the Long family. Moreover, he had made the decision to send them himself. His father would be unimaginably angry when he found out about this.

“Also, master has been alerted of the incident at the Tian Yuan District, and is currently heading home. He will arrive after 1 hour. Young master, what should we do? Do you… do you want to call Xuanyuan and Long Yu? If they help out, I’m sure…”

Long Tian Yun waved his hand. The 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers were like 75 humanoid tanks. Losing all of them had given him an uneasy feeling, “Since it’s already like this, let’s not make any more rash decisions. Since father is coming back… very well, I’ll leave it to father. Perhaps he’ll punish me, but I’m sure that he’ll be even more desperate than me to destroy Ling Tian’s forces. Flame Shadow, keep stalling the police. We definitely can’t allow any police to get to the Tian Yuan District before dawn!”


In the remaining time, Long Tian Yun sank deep into his thoughts. The information network that he controlled was spread across all of China, as well as some of its neighbouring countries. He struggled to think of which force could possibly defeat 75 of his Steel Dragon Corps with just 10 or so people. However, there was not a single force that came to mind. What was even more terrifying was that he did not even detect that these people were in China.

It was already quite late into the night, but the Long family residence was bustling with activity, as everyone prepared for the arrival of Long Zheng Yang. All of the guards also stood at attention, fully awake. Long Zheng Yang was the highest-ranking political figure in China, and almost didn’t have any holidays. He would rarely come to the residence, and even when he did, he would only stay for a short period of time. In the one hour of preparation time that they had, the Long family residence had been completely cleaned up, and the number of guards had tripled.

Finally, a fleet of cars drove in, and a deafening chorus of “Good Evening Leader” sounded out. Long Tian Yun shook himself awake and walked out. As he walked out, he saw Long Zheng Yang expressionlessly walking towards him through a group of people.

Long Zheng Yan was in his fifties, but looked like he wasn’t even forty yet. His face was extremely calm, and his eyes were like those of a hawk’s. Behind him walked two people who looked around his age. Long Tian Yun hurriedly went up and greeted up, “Welcome back, father. I hope you’ve been well, Uncle Xuanyuan and Uncle Murong.”

‘Uncle Xuanyuan’ and ‘Uncle Murong’ nodded towards him. In this world, apart from Long Zheng Yang, only these two people could cause Long Tian Yun to be so respectful to them- Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian.

The Xuanyuan family were simply legends. All of the upper-class circles held a deep respect towards them. The Long family had three main guardian families that protected them, and the Xuanyuan family was the head of these three. In fact, the strength of the Xuanyuan family surpassed even that of the two other families combined.

In an era when guns were prevalent, cold weapons and martial arts were being used less and less. However, the Xuanyuan family had been using swords for hundreds of years. Their sword arts were their pride, and their soul. No one knew just how powerful the Xuanyuan family’s sword arts were, and not many people in the world had even the right to experience them. Despite the advancements in technology, the Xuanyuan family was still the Long family’s most powerful guardian, and whenever Long Zheng Yang appeared, there would always be at least one member from the Xuanyuan family with him. Long Zheng Yang had faced countless assassination attempts over the years, but he had not even come close to harm every time… everyone knew just how powerful the Xuanyuan family and their swords were.

‘Uncle Xuanyuan’, Xuanyuan Dao was the older brother of the Xuanyuan family’s leader, and was also the most powerful person in the Xuanyuan family. With his status as the strongest and eldest of his generation, he was more than qualified to be the family leader. However, he had no interest in power, and wanted only to protect the Long family. Another reason was that he only had a daughter, and did not have any sons. As such, the rest of the family did not mind him rejecting this post. Over the years, he had protected Long Zheng Yang from countless dangers, and had never allowed him to come to any harm. There was even a rumour that out of all those who had been killed by him, not a single one had even seen his sword before. The speed of his sword was incredible- even bullets couldn’t compare to it.

Xuanyuan Dao’s daughter, was called Xuanyuan Dia Wu.

The Xuanyuan family had always been a small family. Currently, they only had 500 people or so. Although they had so few people, they were all monstrously strong. In the Xuanyuan family, no matter if one was male or female, they would be trained to use a sword. Every single member was an expert swordsman or swordswoman. Even with a normal sword, they would not even be phased when facing off against guns and grenades. Although there were only 500 of them, trying to get through them to attack the Long family was simply impossible.

Another of the Long family’s guardian families was called ‘Long Yu’. It was a force that the Long family had created, and were all espers. Espers were incredibly rare, and were either born with, or developed, rare powers and abilities. Long Yu aimed to find people like this, and add them to their ranks. If they were unwilling, they would be ‘dealt with’. Over the years, many espers had been added to Long Yu, creating a terrifying force of espers. The head of the seven main forces of the Long family was, of course, Long Yu. Long Yu’s Chief, Murong Xiong Tian was a strength-based esper. His strength was simply inhuman, and his body was incredibly tough. His body could block bullets without even being scratched, and he could easily crush boulders. He could even heavily damage reinforced steel with his bare fists. Even the Xuanyuan family’s Xuanyuan Dao would have trouble dealing with him.

Long Zheng Yang stood in from of Long Tian Yun as he slightly frowned, then emotionlessly said, “Give me an explanation.”

Long Zheng Yang had always been very satisfied with his son. Whether it was his capabilities, charm, intellect, methods, ambition or decisiveness, Long Zheng Yang felt that Long Tian Yun was well-equipped. However, his greatest shortcoming was that he could be impulsive at times- this was something that affected all young people. However, tonight’s events had caused Long Zheng Yang to be furious- while he was on his way, he had also heard that 75 of his Steel Dragon Corps were missing or killed in action. Despite this, he still gave Long Tian Yun a chance to explain. He knew that his son wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing without thinking.

Long Tian Yun did not panic, and nodded, “Let’s talk inside, father. I apologise for not telling father in advance, but I had my reasons.”

They walked into the room and closed the door. Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian stood on either side of Long Zheng Yang with their eyes closed. Long Zheng Yang sat in his chair, looking at Long Tian Yun.

Long Tian Yun poured some tea and gave it to Long Zheng Yang, before talking, “Father, do you remember the Ling Tian that I talked to you about?”

Long Zheng Yang replied, “Ling Chen is Ling Tian?”

Seeing as Long Zheng Yang knew about the name ‘Ling Chen’, he must have more or less known what was going on. Long Tian Yun nodded, “Indeed. In the virtual world, he antagonised me, and humiliated me many times… he even defeated Xie Yu [TLN: Sword Emperor] and Cang Yan [TLN: Flame Emperor].” Hearing this, both Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian raised their eyebrows.

“He antagonised me again and again, but was not afraid of my retribution- he definitely had a reason for this. As such, I investigated his real life identity, and found it. Originally, I sent a few people to stealthily assassinate him. However, before they even got close, we lost contact with them. From this we gathered that there were definitely strong people protecting him. As so…”

“And so you mobilised the Steel Dragon Corps?!” Long Zheng Yang thundered.

“Indeed! And even with 75 of them, none of them made it back. What was terrifying… was that there were only fourteen enemies!!”

“What?” Long Zheng Yang’s face changed, and even Xuanyuan Dao and Murong Xiong Tian looked shocked. All of them knew how powerful the Steel Dragon Corps were.

“That’s right, only fourteen people!” Long Tian Yun gritted his teeth as he continued, “Fourteen people were able to destroy 75 fully equipped Steel Dragon Corps soldiers!! And we didn’t even know that there were such people in Beijing. Moreover, they’re evidently hostile towards our Long family. Father, would you be able to have peace of mind knowing that there were these sorts of people around?”

Long Zheng Yang’s face darkened. Fourteen people had actually destroyed 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers. Even if it was fourteen Long Yu espers, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat.


At this moment, a gunshot broke the silence. It came from the entrance to the residence, and the alarms began ringing. Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun shot to their feet, and Xuan Yuan Dao and Murong Tian looked outside, an icy glint in their eyes.

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