Shura's Wrath

Chapter 321

Bloodbath (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

What is death?

When a person dies, one will never be able to see their smile, hear their voice, feel their emotions or touch them again. After dying, one becomes ignorant of everything. The person leaves behind the people around them in agony and pain… the greater their feelings towards the person, the greater the sadness and hurt.

Under the moon and stars, Gui Ya sat on the ground, gritting his teeth as he treated his own wounds all over his body. Every Reaper was covered with wounds, with many of them just centimetres away from their vitals. When fighting, they did not pay their wounds any attention. However, after their enemies had all been killed, the pain hit them at once, causing many of them to almost faint. Much of the blood on the ground had come from them. Even the strongest out of them, Gui Ya, was hit by 9 bullets. One of the bullets had passed through his thigh, and he sat on the ground, unable to stand up from the pain.

After all, they were only human. They had been able to suppress the Steel Dragon Corps, but they had also received many injuries. After all, their enemies were one of the seven most powerful forces the Long family had! They had been completely outclassed in terms of both equipment and numbers.

“Gui Ya, it’s too dangerous to stay here.” Gui Dao, who was wrapped in bandages, limped over. Even though he was in quite a lot of pain, he didn’t allow himself to rest. The danger was far from over.

Shui Ruo’s death had made them all feel incredibly guilty and useless. They all felt that they had contributed to Shui Ruo’s death by not being able to protect her properly.

Gui Ya punched the ground as he resolutely replied, “If master doesn’t leave, we won’t leave either. However, within a short period of time, we should be safe here. Seeing their 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers being destroyed, the Long family won’t dare to act recklessly.”

Gui Dao turned around and looked over to where Ling Chen was… a half-destroyed room within the ruins of the house. Ling Chen was hugging Shui Ruo, unable to accept that she was dead. He didn’t move at all, and didn’t make any noise. No matter how much they yelled or tried to plead with him, there was no response. Seeing that they couldn’t do anything, they all retreated outside the house and stood guard. About an hour had passed, and there was still no movement from Ling Chen. They could only wait for Ling Chen to walk out of his pain.

“Master is incredibly strong, and even defeated Hell. He’ll definitely be able to recover from this.” Gui Dao said as he gritted his teeth.

Gui Ya looked forwards as he muttered, “If it was anything else, I’m sure master would be able to take it. But Shui Ruo’s death…”

Gui Dao fell silent. Six years- they had been watching over them for a whole six years. They all knew just how much Ling Chen loved Shui Ruo, as well as how important she was to him.

Suddenly, a cry of shock rang out.

“Ahh!! Big brother… big brother… big brother!!”

Gui Dao and Gui Ya suddenly stood up, their bodies covered in cold sweat as Tian Tian ran out from the ruins, crying, “Big brother… have you seen big brother… big brother’s gone!!”


Everyone’s eyes widened. Mu Bing Yao rushed into the room, and saw Shui Ruo lying peacefully on the bed, but Ling Chen was not there.

“Master… where did master go? Did any of you see master?” Gui Ya shouted as he stared down each of the Reapers… all of them had very good senses, and had surrounded the house in order to protect Ling Chen. However, not a single one of them had sensed Ling Chen leaving.

Pa! Gui Ya slapped himself in the face, and rushed to where Ling Chen had been kneeling. He touched the ground, and found that it was icy cold. His face darkened and he got up, “Crap! Master has left for quite a long time already. Goddamit, we’re all trash! We didn’t notice at all when he left.”

With Ling Chen’s abilities, it was indeed possible for him to leave without any of them noticing.

“Big brother… where did big brother go? Quickly find big brother… I want big brother!!”

Shui Ruo’s sudden death had left Tian Tian incredibly distraught, and she simply couldn’t lose her big brother as well. She grabbed Mu Bing Yao’s hands as she began to bawl.

“Everyone… listen up…” Gui Ya calmed himself down as he clapped his hands, “I’m going to look for master right now… I think I know where he is. I want to tell you all that if you want to go with me to find master, the chance of surviving will be less than 1%!! Moreover, if you die, you might even die for nothing. As such, if you still have important tasks you haven’t carried out, or if you have dreams you haven’t fulfilled, or if you just don’t want to die, then don’t come with us. You all have the right to choose for yourselves! I can’t make this choice for you. If you are willing to die for master, stand behind me!!”

Not a single person hesitated as all of the Reapers, covered with wounds, stood behind Gui Ya.

“Gui Ya you bastard, are you trying to insult us? Are you trying to say that some of us might be cowards who are afraid of death?!”

“If it wasn’t for master, we would be living lives that are worse than death. Because of master, we were able to live as humans! Even if we die a hundred times for master, we’d be willing to!”

“What a joke! If I didn’t go, I’d hate myself for the rest of my life. Gui Ya, stop spouting nonsense.”

“Good!!” Gui Ya vigorously nodded, as he looked as his comrades. All of them were in terrible shape, but their eyes were resolute, without even a trace of fear, “Then I won’t waste any more words. Master left in such a manner because he probably didn’t want us to go with him… I’m sure he was worried that we would die if we went as well. In this sort of situation, the only place he could be is the Long family’s territory!! The Long family has countless experts, and six years ago, master attacked there once. That time, he had nearly died, whereas this time, master evidently doesn’t care about living anymore…”

Because of the suffering that he and Dia Wu had gone through, Ling Chen completely hated the Long family. Nevertheless, after meeting Shui Ruo, he had let go of much of this hatred.

However, because of Shui Ruo, his hatred towards the Long family had increased a thousand-fold… Shui Ruo’s death caused him to lose his motivation for living. He would create a bloodbath in the Long family, even if it cost him his life!

“Immediately contact everyone heading over here, and tell them to head towards the Long family’s territory… let’s go!!”

The moment all of them set out, none of them expected to return alive. They existed solely to protect Ling Chen. If Ling Chen wanted to use his life to take revenge, they would do the same. After taking a few steps, Gui Ya stopped, then turned to Mu Bing Yao and said, “Bing Yao, don’t come with us. You have a more important job, which is to protect Tian Tian. Take her and go to somewhere safe… even if it costs us our lives, we will bring master back safely.”

Mu Bing Yao looked at him, her eyes quivering… finally, she nodded, and walked away while holding Tian Tian’s hand. After walking for a bit, they turned around and watched as the rest of the assassins walked off.

At this moment, no one noticed a hazy shadow appear next to Shui Ruo.

The shadow reached out, and pressed against Shui Ruo’s body from her neck to her stomach. It then drew its hand back, and muttered to itself, “Her body isn’t damaged at all from the outside… it must have been… poison!

“This is interesting… but at this point, the cause of death doesn’t matter anymore. This is a golden opportunity, Ling Shui Ruo, to have someone who loves you so much, you must be happy even in death. Let’s see if his feelings for you will create a miracle…”

The shadow pressed its hand against Shui Ruo’s chest, and a dark silver light appeared. It covered Shui Ruo’s entire body, and after a flash, Shui Ruo’s body was gone… not a trace was left.

The hazy shadow also disappeared. It was as if all of that had never happened.

Only Mu Bing Yao and the extremely worried Tian Tian were left. Mu Bing Yao picked up Tian Tian and softly said, “Tian Tian, let’s go stay next to Ruo Ruo for a bit.”

“Wuu… Wuuuu… big sister… did big sister really leave us… will I never see big sister again… wuuu….”

Mu Bing Yao: “……”

They entered the ruined room, but Shui Ruo was no longer on the bed.

Mu Bing Yao’s pupils contracted, and she raced over. However, no matter where she looked, Shui Ruo’s body was nowhere to be seen.


A figure covered with blood walked under the streetlights, looking like a vicious demon. It had been six years since he had last been to that place, but he still remembered exactly where it was.

Far away, he looked at that place, which was lit up with lights, and he smiled… that smile was incredibly sinister and malevolent.

Long family… you took away my first life… and caused me so much pain… and now, you’ve even taken away from me the most important thing in my life… all of you… must… die!!! 

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