Shura's Wrath

Chapter 320

Rampage (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Arghhhh!!!!!” This howl of rage sounded like it came from a demon, and it filled the entire Tian Yuan District. The sorrow and anguish contained in his howl caused many hearts to tremble… it was one filled with despair and pain, and no one could imagine what had happened for someone to scream out like that.

The battle temporarily stopped, as the howl had partially deafened many of them, and their consciousness had also been jolted by the emotions contained in that howl. The voice was so different that the Reapers didn’t even immediately realise that it was Ling Chen’s voice.

“This is… master’s voice?”


Another howl pierced through the night sky, completely halting the battle. Every single person stood in their place, unsure of what was going on. The howl was also accompanied by the crying of a young girl. At this moment, a figure emerged from the ruins, and walked towards them… in that moment, an aura of absolute malice and bloodlust overcame every person, and assaulted their body and mind.

The Reapers saw Ling Chen’s face filled with pain and hatred, as well as felt the terrible aura emanating from his body. Not a single person dared to look at him in the eyes.

“M-Master…” Gui Ya, who was a complete stranger to fear, spoke to Ling Chen with a trembling voice as his heart also quivered. He knew that something terrible had definitely happened… this was the first time in his entire life that he had felt such a terrifying aura from a person before. Even Hell didn’t make him feel so much fear. Gui Ya gulped, and stuttered, “T-they’re from the L-Long family…”

Long family… these two words caused Ling Chen’s anger to burst to a new level. The murderous aura around him once again grew, and his gaze was fixed on the Steel Dragon Corps soldiers. He howled like a beast into the night sky, “Wuaaaaaaah!!!!”

The howl caused every hearer’s heart to clench with fear. Ling Chen’s figure blurred, and he disappeared, then reappeared in front of the closest soldier… this caused all of the Reapers to stare in shock. Ling Chen was incredibly fast, but from memory, even Ling Chen at his peak wasn’t as fast as this. The movement just then… was comparable to teleportation!!


The overwhelming pressure and aura caused that soldier to become overcome with fear, and he couldn’t even react… in fact, with Ling Chen moving at such a speed, he wouldn’t be able to react in time anyways. Ling Chen howled in despair and hatred as he smashed his right fist towards the soldier’s head!


The sound was like that of a small cannon discharging, and blood splattered everywhere. The soldier’s head, which was wearing a helmet that couldn’t even be damaged by bullets, had been blown to smithereens. After taking that hit from Ling Chen, his head was completely gone, with his body still standing in place and blood spurting from the neck. Only after a few moments did the body fall to the ground.


The demonic howl continued, and Ling Chen appeared in front of another soldier. He grabbed onto the soldier with both hands, and pulled apart the incredibly durable metallic armour. The soldier’s face became pale as a sheet, and could only scream as he saw the demon plunging its hands towards his body…


Ling Chen ripped the soldier’s body in half, and then threw the two halves away. Seeing how the two soldiers had died, the other soldiers almost had a heart attack. However, the nightmare was about to descend onto them. The incredibly terrifying shadow appeared in front of them, and grabbed two of the soldiers by their necks. Ling Chen squeezed, and their throats, along with the armour, were completely crushed in his hands. He threw them onto the ground and stomped on them with either of his feet, causing cracks in the ground. Ling Chen stomped down with such force that his feet passed through not only the bodies, but also the front and back of the armour. Ling Chen continued to howl as he rained down punches on the soldiers on the ground, with each punch creating a mist of blood. His voice became more and more dreadful as his punches became fiercer and fiercer. Although he had not taken any damage at all, his body was completely dyed in blood… seeing the scene, no one believed that there was even a fragment of those two soldiers left.

“D-Demon… Demon!!!”

These incredibly tough soldiers had taken incredibly rigorous and strict training that normal humans couldn’t even imagine, and had faced death countless times. However, at this moment, their morale had been completely shattered. Whenever Ling Chen looked at a soldier, they would immediately scream and throw away their heavy machine guns, and sprint in the opposite direction.

However, they were unable to escape from this savage demon. A gust of wind blew past, and one soldier was punched in the heart, and he flew through the air. Another gust of wind blew past, and two arms filled with malice and hatred punched through another two soldiers’ bodies, crushing their hearts. Ling Chen then raised them up, and threw them onto the ground, mangling their bodies. The peaceful Tian Yuan District was filled with howling, screaming, sounds of explosions and blood. The howls caused all the residents to visibly shake with fear each time they heard it.

It was a complete nightmare.

The Reapers stood transfixed, looking at the crazed Ling Chen. No one could utter a single word. After being in ‘Hell’ for so long, they had become desensitized to blood and death, but none of them had seen such cruel killing methods before… Ling Chen ripping apart bodies, crushing them and sending them flying was fuelled by the bottomless pit of despair and anger within him.

Mu Bing Yao tightly hugged Tian Tian, and used her hands and body to cover her eyes and ears. Looking over at her comrades, Mu Bing Yao weakly said, “Ruo Ruo… is dead…”

This news was like a bolt of lightning that struck all of the assassins. They all trembled, and their hearts began to beat like crazy.

They knew that there could only be one possibility for Ling Chen becoming so berserk…

They all knew how much Ling Chen had loved Shui Ruo, as well as that he would never be able to leave her. The position she held within his heart had surpassed everything, including his own life.

Shui Ruo had died… was it because of that explosion… “These bastards, bastards!” Seeing how horrifically these soldiers were dying, Gui Ya originally pitied them. However, after hearing this, he was filled with only fury and hatred. Gui Ya tightly gripped his hands into fists, with his nails piercing his hands, but he couldn’t feel any pain. He knew that Shui Ruo dying was a massive blow to Ling Chen, and they were all similarly affected as well.

In the hot night air, their bodies all felt cold. The Steel Dragon Corps soldiers were dying in terrible ways… not a single one of them was left with a complete corpse. Before dying, they all experienced the greatest fear of their lives.

The last agonising cry came from a bit of a distance away. The fifteen armoured vehicles were still parked around the house, but not a single one of their original riders were still alive. Under the dim lighting, they could see that the entire ground was covered with blood, broken limbs and organs. It was a completely hellish scene.


With no more targets to unleash his rage on, Ling Chen stumbled around, blinded in his rage, until he had calmed down.

Tap… tap… tap… tap… Ling Chen walked over, his body looking as if he had just taken a bath in a lake of blood. He had just released such terrifying strength, and yet he was currently walking like an old person. He looked in front of him, but his eyes were completely lifeless.

“Master… Master…” Gui Ya walked over, and tried to talk to him. However, as soon as he got close, he could feel the icy aura of death all over Ling Chen.

Ling Chen did not respond at all to Gui Ya’s words. He slowly walked with heavy footsteps towards where Shui Ruo was.

“Big brother… big brother…”

Ling Chen’s appearance, as well as the stench of blood and guts completely terrified Tian Tian, but she felt even more sad and pained. Mu Bing Yao hugged her, not allowing her to get close to Ling Chen. Tian Tian’s words didn’t evoke any reaction out of Ling Chen either. It was as if all of his senses had been sealed, and he was just like an emotionless puppet. Ling Chen walked into the ruins of the house, and slowly knelt in front of Shui Ruo, then picked her up… his actions were incredibly gentle, as if he was dealing with an extremely precious but fragile treasure.

Ling Chen stayed like that for a while. With Shui Ruo in his arms, his expression and breathing became calmer and calmer. Gui Ya, Mu Bing Yao and the others all watched dumbly, and not a single one of them dared to go over, afraid that they would disturb Ling Chen… and Shui Ruo.

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