Shura's Wrath

Chapter 319

Rampage (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Ah! Big brother, you’re finally awake!”

Tian Tian’s joyful, yet fearful voice sounded out beside him, causing Ling Chen to become fully awake. Smoke and dust filled the air, and half the room had collapsed. He could see that the rest of his home had already become a pile of rubble. He looked at Tian Tian, and saw that she was trying to shake Shui Ruo awake.

“Big sister! Big sister… please get up! Big brother’s awake now! Big sister!! Big sister!!”

Tian Tian shouted at the top of her lungs and used all of her strength to shake Shui Ruo. Despite this, Shui Ruo remained asleep. Ling Chen forced his mind awake, and immediately went to pick up Shui Ruo. The moment his hands touched Shui Ruo’s body, his entire body froze.

This feeling…

What was going on… why was her lifeforce so weak… it was even weaker than when she had the Isrock Disease? What had happened?

Shui Ruo’s condition resulted in a deep feeling of fear in Ling Chen, so much that his hands started to tremble. He propped Shui Ruo up, and saw her incredibly pale face… as well as the blood that had come out of her mouth.

It was almost as if something had exploded within him as Ling Chen began to yell, “Ruo Ruo! Ruo Ruo!! Are you alright, Ruo Ruo? Open your eyes! Ruo Ruo…”

From when the Steel Dragon Corps had appeared, Tian Tian had been trying to wake up Shui Ruo the whole time. However, no matter what she did, Shui Ruo did not wake up. As Ling Chen continuously yelled, her eyelashes twitched, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Big sister!”

“Ruo Ruo!” Seeing Shui Ruo opening her eyes, Ling Chen’s voice became calmer. However, his heart sank as he saw her eyes. Shui Ruo’s eyes were even more beautiful than stars, but currently, there was not a bit of light in them. He tightly hugged Shui Ruo as he cried out in a trembling voice, “Ruo Ruo… tell me… what happened? What’s going on? Are you hurt? Are you feeling unwell somewhere? Is Hell back… quickly tell me what happened!”

After destroying Hell’s organs with his mental energy and eyes, Ling Chen fell unconscious. When he woke up, he was still unaware that Hell had already been killed by him.

Seeing his face and hearing his voice, Shui Ruo’s pale face lit up with a weak smile. She stretched out her hands as she stroked Ling Chen’s face, saying, “Thank goodness, you’re awake… that’s great…”

“Ruo Ruo… are you alright? What’s wrong? Quickly tell me.” Ling Chen worriedly asked. He could feel no warmth at all from her body- in fact, her temperature was slowly dropping. Tian Tian also noticed that there was something strange about Shui Ruo, and she clutched Shui Ruo’s hand as she worriedly exclaimed, “Big sister… what’s wrong… don’t scare me like this… wuu…”

“Big brother…” Shui Ruo’s voice was incredibly soft, and even though she was quite close, it was difficult to hear her, “Can you… promise me… a few things? They’re very… important…”

All around them was the sound of guns, yelling and screaming… and within his arms, lay Shui Ruo, looking incredibly weak and sick. It was as if he was in a terrible nightmare. Ling Chen pulled Shui Ruo even closer, “Don’t talk, I’ll take you to a hospital… you’re going to be fine, you’re going to be fine…”

Ling Chen’s voice was still trembling. Tian Tian had never heard Ling Chen speak in such a voice before, and she started to worriedly cry.

“N-no… big brother… promise me… you have to…” Shui Ruo managed to say before she started to cough.

Shui Ruo’s voice had become panicked, and blood started to flow from her mouth again. Ling Chen felt as if he had been struck with thunder, and he carefully held Shui Ruo in his arms, as he nodded, “Alright… alright… we’ll stay here… I’ll agree to anything you say…”

Shui Ruo calmed down, and within her hazy vision, she could see that Ling Chen’s eyes were trembling, and his face was filled with fear… she knew that in his world, the only thing that could make him so worried and anxious was herself. She smiled as her vision became even more blurred, “Big brother… big sister Dia Wu… loves you so much… even as much as I do… she did so much for you… big brother… you must find her… and be with her…”

“Ruo Ruo, I…”

“As well as Qi Qi and Su Su… they’re all so cute and kind and pretty… they’re all good enough for big brother… and all like big brother a lot… big brother can’t give them… to other people… I’m sure big brother will like them as well… and also big sister Bing Yao… I’m not dumb, I could tell that… she loves big brother so much… and she can also protect big brother… so big brother can’t leave her either…”

Shui Ruo’s words caused Ling Chen’s heart to become even more agitated, as he said in a pained voice, “Ruo Ruo! Ruo Ruo… don’t say these things… I’m only going to be with you for the rest of my life…”

“No… you promised… you can’t go back on your word… big brother… already promised me…”

Shui Ruo’s voice became panicked again, and seeing her pale face wrenched Ling Chen’s heart. He didn’t resist anymore and nodded, “Alright I promise… when Ruo Ruo gets better, we’ll make them ours… as long as Ruo Ruo gives her approval, I’ll snatch them over…”

“En…” Shui Ruo smiled, then said in a weak voice, “Big brother… the second thing… big brother looks the best when he’s smiling… so no matter what happens, big brother has to live smiling every day… and has to be happier than anyone else… this is my biggest wish… big brother will fulfil this, right…”

Ling Chen nodded- he could only nod, “With Ruo Ruo by my side, I’ll be the happiest person in the world… as long as I can see Ruo Ruo every day, I’ll be happier than anyone else in the world… Ruo Ruo, Ruo Ruo…”

Shui Ruo reached out with her hands and held one of Ling Chen’s and Tian Tian’s hands, and put them together. Seeing Tian Tian’s tear-stained face, Shui Ruo gently said, “Tian Tian, don’t cry… you’re a big kid now, so you shouldn’t cry easily. In future, you need to be obedient to big brother and take care of big brother… alright?”

“Big sister… big sister…” Tian Tian began to bawl her eyes out. All she could do was cry out ‘big sister’. Shui Ruo used the last of her strength to squeeze their hands as she said, “Big brother… make sure you take care of Tian Tian…”

Ling Tian vigorously nodded, “Tian Tian is part of our family, so I’ll definitely take good care of her together with Shui Ruo… Ruo Ruo, you like Tian Tian the most, so you have to hurry up and get well, so you can look after Tian Tian and watch her grow up, right?”

Shui Ruo tried to maintain the smile on her face, so they wouldn’t have to painfully watch her pass away, but tears started to stream down her face. She simply didn’t want to leave them, and she spoke in an incredibly soft and wispy voice, “Big brother… Tian Tian… we said that we’d be together forever… but… but…”

“RUO RUO!!” Ling Chen cut her off, his face filled with pain, “Don’t say such silly things!! We’ll definitely be together forever! Definitely! We’ve been through so much, and we even defeated the Isrock Disease, what could possibly stop us from being together… don’t say such things! You’ll definitely get better!”

More and more tears flowed out from Shui Ruo’s eyes, falling onto Ling Chen and Tian Tian. Her vision became more and more blurred, and she couldn’t even see their faces anymore…

“Big brother… Tian Tian… I’m sorry… sorry…”

“……… I’m sorry………”


As Shui Ruo breathed her last breath, her eyes closed, and her hands lost their strength and let go of Ling Chen and Tian Tian’s hands.

At that moment, Ling Chen felt like this entire world was collapsing, and that his heart was being ripped to shreds…

“Big sister…” Tian Tian was shocked out of her wits, and started to cry again, “Big sister!! Big sister… quickly wake up… big sister…”

Death was something Ling Chen was incredibly familiar with, and he could instantly tell that there was not a bit of life within Shui Ruo.

No… this wasn’t real… this wasn’t happening!!!!

Ling Chen’s senses fell into disarray, and he couldn’t even hear Tian Tian crying next to him. Everything turned into a bleak grey shade of despair. A hot gust of wind blew past, but it felt icy cold to him. He suddenly shook Shui Ruo’s body, yelling, “Ruo Ruo… don’t sleep… open your eyes!! I know you’re trying to scare me… quickly open your eyes!! I don’t want to play this game anymore… Ruo Ruo!!”

“Ruo Ruo!!!”


Mu Bing Yao had been standing behind Ling Chen for a while, and she watched in shock, her face completely pale. The only part of her that was moving were her hands, which were shaking.

Everyone knew that Shui Ruo’s ‘death’ had nothing to do with the Long family’s attack. However, Long Tian Yun had chosen this time to attack, and whether it was truly his fault or not, he would be the one to shoulder the blame.

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