Shura's Wrath

Chapter 318


Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Tonight, Long Tian Yun did not enter the Mystic Moon world. Instead, he drank tea as he waited for updates in the real world. Because there was a hidden force supporting Ling Chen, he had decided to send 70 elite soldiers from one of the Long family’s seven most powerful forces. Just this small force alone would be enough to crush an army of thousands of people. It was simply impossible for them to fail this mission. He looked at the clock and coldly smirked… it was about time.

As expected, Flame Shadow walked in, but what he said was unexpected. Flame Shadow looked downcast as he hurriedly reported, “Young master, things aren’t going too well.”

“What do you mean?” Long Tian Yun asked with his eyes narrowed. This wasn’t something he had wanted to hear.

“Our men have been suppressed, and close to half of them have died already!” Flame Shadow said, a layer of cold sweat on his forehead. Evidently, he was also shocked that such a thing could occur.

“What?!” Long Tian Yun shot to his feet, as his face darkened, “They’re the Steel Dragon Corps! Did they underestimate the enemy by not making sufficient preparations?”

“No! The Steel Dragon Corps would never underestimate their enemies. All of them went fully equipped… young master knows how powerful they are, but… but they said that their enemies are a group of demons!” Flame Shadow said as his voice quivered.

“…How many enemies are there?” Long Tian Yun was extremely clear about how powerful the Steel Dragon Corps were. He would only use them for the most important missions, and they had never failed before.

“F-fourteen.” Even Flame Shadow couldn’t believe this information. With only fourteen people, the enemy was actually suppressing 75 Steel Dragon Corps soldiers!

Long Tian Yun: “……”

This number was enough to make anyone speechless. Long Tian Yun’s face darkened even further, but he managed to calm himself down. He coldly ordered, “Use the heavy weapons to blow up that house and everyone inside!”

Flame Shadow already knew that Long Tian Yun would most likely give such an order. Long Tian Yun had grown up showered with praise and admiration. Ling Tian had given him the biggest humiliation of his life, causing Long Tian Yun to become consumed with vengeance. In order to kill Ling Tian, Long Tian Yun simply didn’t care about anything anymore. Flame Shadow deeply breathed in as he replied, “But young master, if we use such weapons, the consequences will be unthinkable. The best case scenario is that there is small-scale chaos and panic… however, the worst case scenario is that there could be international repercussions. After all, this is China’s capital, and the residents of the Tian Yuan District are mostly upper class citizens. Also, also, if master finds out, he…”

“I’ve already taken care of everything on my father’s side. Think about this: ten or so people are able to completely suppress 75 fully equipped Steel Dragon Corps, and yet we’ve never heard about these people before. Moreover, these people will always be our enemies, and will never be able to come to our side. Would my father allow these sorts of people to continue to exist? If they were allowed to live, even my father would be uneasy about it.” Long Tian Yun coldly replied.

Flame Shadow knew that he wouldn’t be able to change his young master’s mind. Moreover, if they didn’t act, it was possible that all of the Steel Dragon Corps would die there. Ling Tian was already a big problem for them in the virtual world; if they didn’t quickly get rid of him, they would also have a formidable enemy in the real world. Flame Shadow could only heed his young master’s commands as he went out from the room. He turned on his communication device and issued out the order, “Young master orders the house to be completely levelled! Young master will take care of the consequences!”

The Steel Dragon Corps had never failed before, and had never felt fear when facing an enemy before. However, that was against normal enemies. Against these fourteen people who did not even have any armour, they felt fear for the first time. Their comrades continued to fall to the ground, screaming in agony, whereas not a single person had fallen on the other side. In the darkness, they could move quickly and stealthily like shadows. Their speed could make even an Olympic sprinter marvel in awe, and their footwork was incredibly complex. Their attacks were also deadly; the soldiers never knew when they would be the next to fall to the ground.

Demons! They were simply a group of demons! They had originally thought that the Long family’s Dark Eagle Corps, which specialised in assassination, were the best assassins in the world. However, they were utter garbage compared to these ten or so demons! Against them, the morale of the Steel Dragon Corps quickly plummeted. They had never expected that there would be such terrifying enemies in the world. Even the best armoured troops they had faced off against in the past weren’t able to kill and injure them to such an extent.

Gui Ya and the others all had different levels of injuries. The most injured of them had more than 10 bullets in their bodies, and all of them were covered in blood. However, not a single one of them fell down or retreated. Their willpower, and resistance to pain was something that normal humans couldn’t even imagine. Although their wounds would be incredibly serious, even fatal, to most humans, this was nothing to them. They had focused all of their willpower into killing their enemies, and completely ignored the pain.


As Gui Ya howled in fury, the bones of two soldiers were shattered by Gui Ya’s punches. Bones were some of the hardest parts of the human body, and yet Gui Ya was able to simultaneously break the bones of two soldiers with two punches. The next instant, Gui Ya disappeared into the darkness, causing those who were aiming at him to lose their target… these soldiers began to wonder if they really were facing off against demons.

“The young master orders everything to be destroyed!!”

As they heard the order being issued, all of the Steel Dragon Corps shuddered inwardly. When they had arrived, they never thought that they would have to resort to such extreme methods. All of them threw away their heavy machine guns as they ran towards the armoured vehicles.

“Don’t let them get in!!”

Their actions caused Gui Ya’s eyebrows to shoot up as he suddenly realised something. He charged towards the soldiers nearest to him, but he was too far away. He could only watch as those people entered the armoured vehicle and slammed the door shut. The vehicle was started, and the top suddenly opened, as three dark metal pipes emerged, pointing at the house.


This scene cased everyone to stare in horror. Gui Ya madly rushed over, but the Steel Dragon Corps were too fast. The moment Gui Ya yelled out, three missiles were shot out from the barrels and exploded onto the house.


Everyone got down on the ground as the deafening explosion rang out. The beautiful house exploded, as sand, dirt and smoke filled the air.

“Master!! Master’s still inside, as well as Shui Ruo and the kid!!”

Mu Bing Yao didn’t say anything as she charged into the smoke.


Gui Ya furiously howled, and his body felt like it was burning with anger. He raggedly breathed and jumped onto an armoured vehicle that was preparing to fire, and once again yelled out as he punched onto the reinforced glass… blood splattered everywhere as many of the bones in his hand broke, but the reinforced glass also broke. Gui Ya’s fist broke through the glass and heavily smashed onto the soldier’s forehead, causing it to explode.

Just this was unable to relieve the fury within Gui Ya’s heart. The viciousness and savageness that the Reapers had suppressed after entering the human world exploded out, and they leapt towards the intruders. Even though their bodies were shot many times, they didn’t let out even a single cry of pain.

The massive explosion, as well as the demonic howls once again caused the District to erupt into cries of fear and horror. The residents were still desperately trying to call the police, but the police still had not arrived.

In their hurry, the three missiles had not been properly aimed, and taking into account that this was one of the most luxurious Districts in Beijing, the firepower had been reduced. After being hit by the missiles, 75% of the house had been reduced to rubble. Only one of the rooms in the corner of the house was still fine, which was where Ling Chen and the others were.

The massive explosion and shockwave caused Ling Chen to suddenly open his eyes as he sat up. His entire body was incredibly sore, and his memories of what had happened before he lost consciousness quickly came back to him. In front of him was a ruined house, as well as dirt and dust everywhere. The semi-destroyed walls and the bed he was sitting on told him that… this was his house. His pupils contracted.

What was going on?! Was he still in some sort of nightmare?

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