Shura's Wrath

Chapter 314

The Awakened 13223 Drug (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

In this world, the only ones who were able to harm Ling Chen to such a degree were Hell, and Eve, who couldn’t possibly have been there. When they saw Hell lying in the pool of blood, they all gasped in surprise. They thought back to 6 years ago, when Hell had fallen into the sea. They had not seen his body, and though none of it were willing to say it, but they all knew that it was possible he was still alive. After all, they had been taught time and time again that without seeing the corpse, they should never believe that a person was dead. Today, their worst fears had been confirmed. Although 6 years had passed, and it was only his corpse, they all shivered as they looked at him. Hell was simply too powerful- although they all hated him, none of them had the courage or strength to fight against him back then.

Gui Ya walked over, and checked all over Hell’s body, before slowly standing up and saying, “The corpse is already cold, and the skin has a tinge of green. He’s definitely dead.”

“This demon actually came back from hell… no less than expected of master! He actually defeated him by himself!” Gui Ya exclaimed as he gripped his hands into fists, his forehead covered with cold sweat. He was aware of just how powerful Hell was. Back then, Ling Chen had fought with Eve by his side, and even then, they were unable to kill him. However, this time, Ling Chen had actually defeated Hell by himself. He could only imagine how fierce and dangerous the battle was.

“In this whole world, only master would be able to kill Hell. Now that Hell’s dead… there’s nothing in the world that can threaten master.”

After confirming that Hell was dead, all of them felt slightly better. Although Ling Chen had been severely injured, they knew how strong his recovery was. Thinking to the fact that he had singlehandedly killed Hell, their faces all revealed expressions of deep respect and admiration.

“Since he’s already dead, there’s no need to waste anymore time here. Let’s go.” Mu Bing Yao coldly said as she walked towards the remaining car.

Gui Ya nodded, “Let’s go!”


After Shui Ruo and Tian Tian had been safely sent home, one of the men immediately left, while the other one stood guard outside the door. After getting home, Shui Ruo simply couldn’t calm down.  Almost every minute she would glance at the clock… 4pm… 5pm… Ling Chen still wasn’t home. She gripped her phone in her hands, but didn’t dare to call Ling Chen, in case she disturbed him while he did something important.

Tian Tian stayed by her side the entire side, and kept comforting her. However, without Ling Chen, Shui Ruo was unable to keep calm. They had only separated for a few hours, and yet she felt so uncomfortable.

Finally, at 6pm, the door was suddenly opened, and the sound of people rushing in could be heard. Shui Ruo rushed out of the bedroom, and saw a group of people coming in. Apart from the two men who had drove them to and from the picnic, all of them were strangers to her. Before she could ask who they were and what they were doing, she suddenly saw Ling Chen being carried in on a stretcher.

The shirt he had been wearing had been completely stained with blood, and so was every part of his skin.

Shui Ruo’s stumbled as she felt the world spinning around her. She rushed over as she cried out, “Big brother… big brother!!”

For the past 6 years, these people had always been staying with Ling Chen and carrying out his orders. Every one of them knew why he had stayed in Zhong Zhou, then came to Beijing. This was all for Ling Shui Ruo. Ling Chen and Shui Ruo’s feelings for each other had grown to the point that they both considered the other person’s life to be more important than their own. As such, they knew what sort of reaction Shui Ruo would have upon seeing Ling Chen.

Severe shocks could harm one’s body and mind, and they definitely couldn’t allow Shui Ruo to come to any harm. Mu Bing Yao quickly walked over, and hugged Shui Ruo, preventing her from getting close as she quickly said, “Ruo Ruo, don’t worry, master’s fine. He’s a bit injured, but he’ll be fully recovered soon. We all need to calm down so we can properly look after him.”

Shui Ruo was much too worried about Ling Chen to ask Mu Bing Yao any questions. Seeing the condition Ling Chen was in, it felt like her whole world was crumbling. Hearing Mu Bing Yao’s words, she froze as tears of worry and anguish flowed out.

“Big sister… Ah!!! Big brother!!”

Tian Tian also ran out, and gave a cry of surprise when she saw Ling Chen. Shui Ruo pulled her over and wrapped her arms her as she said, “Don’t cry, Tian Tian, big brother’s just a bit injured, and is sleeping right now… he’ll be fine soon… please, all of you… please save him…”

They could see that although Shui Ruo had taken some shock, she was desperately trying to stay calm and collected. Seeing this, they were able to breathe out in relief. Gui Ya gritted his teeth as he paced around. Unable to contain himself anymore, he barked out, “Why aren’t Yao Ying and Qian Mo here yet!! Master’s life is on the balance!!”

“We’re here!”

The door was suddenly opened, and two women in their twenties ran in, and the other people stepped aside. Many top-notch assassins were also highly skilled doctors. In order to be skilled enough to quickly kill their enemy, one required in-depth knowledge about the human body. Moreover, in order to stay alive, one was also required to know how to treat their own wounds. Within their group, Yao Ying and Qian Mo were the experts. While they were all in Hell, these two had treated most of their injuries.

“Big sister Yao Ying, big sister Qian Mo…”

These two women were the ones who had helped her level up to LV10 in the Novice Village. Now, she finally understood why they had suddenly appeared and helped her. Shui Ruo had already stopped crying, and bit her lips to prevent herself from making any noise… Mu Bing Yao’s words had woken her up- only by staying calm could she help big brother.

Yao Ying and Qian Mo began to examine Ling Chen’s body, as everyone else held their breath in anticipation. No one dared to say anything, afraid that they would disrupt the two women. Most of them were strangers, but all of them had expressions of deep worry and anxiousness. Shui Ruo knew that they were definitely the people Ling Chen told her about… the ones who were always silently watching over them.

With them watching over Ling Chen, Shui Ruo felt much better. At this moment, Yao Ying and Qian Mo simultaneously stood up, and Shui Ruo rushed over as she asked with a trembling voice, “Big sister Yao Ying, big sister Qian Mo, how is big brother? He’s not injured too badly, right…? When will he get better?”

Everyone else also anxiously looked at them.

Yao Ying and Qian Mo also felt pained as they looked at Shui Ruo’s tear-stained face. Yao Ying gently smiled, “Ruo Ruo, don’t worry. To other people, these injuries would be life-threatening, but they’re no problem to master. Big sister promises you that master will definitely wake up within 3 days, and his injuries will be mostly healed by then. He’ll be completely fine within a week.”

“Yep! We swear on our hearts!” Qian Mo also walked over as she smiled at Shui Ruo.

Hearing this, every person’s face immediately lit up. The Reapers who rarely talked and even more rarely smiled all hugged each other as they laughed and yelled out, “Hooray… hooray!”

Shui Ruo vigorously nodded. Although her heart still hurt, but she was not despairing anymore. She grabbed Yao Ying and Qian Mo’s hands as she said, “Please… please heal big brother, I… I…”

“Don’t worry, we were telling the truth. In fact, master’s life is more important to us than anything in the world. We wouldn’t let anything happen to him.”

Yao Ying quickly turned around and said, “Fill the bath with cold water, and help master into the bath. Be careful when you’re moving him.”

After she finished issuing out commands, Yao Ying rushed into the bathroom. Qian Mo went outside, and retrieved a heavy-looking box from the car, and also went inside the bathroom.

Ling Chen’s body was carefully lowered into the bath, and the door was shut. Unable see Ling Chen, Shui Ruo’s heart once again began to wildly beat as she hugged Tian Tian.

“The person who hurt him was called Hell. He was the only person in the world who could harm him to such an extent.” Mu Bing Yao softly explained as she sat down next to Shui Ruo.

Seeing Mu Bing Yao here, Shui Ruo finally understood who she was. She realised that the Frozen Hearted Man-eater joining Heart’s Dream was probably arranged by Ling Chen. All along, none of them had known the relationship between her and Ling Chen.

“Hell…” Shui Ruo repeated this name. She remembered that Ling Chen had told her about this person before. It was the person he had killed 6 years ago with Eve, “Didn’t he… die already?”

Mu Bing Yao looked slightly surprised, “It seems that master has already told you about some of this. We thought that he had died, but he actually came back to life. Master sensed his aura, and quickly got you all to leave, and wouldn’t let any of us go there… because master knew that if it was actually Hell, us going would simply be suicide. Gui Dao felt that something was wrong, so he contacted Gui Ya… by the time we had arrived, it was too late.

“Luckily, Hell had already died- he’s definitely dead this time. After being killed by master, there’s no one in the world who can threaten master’s life anymore. This thorn in our side has finally been eliminated, and although the price was great, this can be said to be a good thing. After all, Yao Ying and Qian Mo just said that master will recover very quickly… so, don’t worry, alright? What he needs the most is your care.”

Shui Ruo looked up and nodded, looking at Mu Bing Yao with tears in her eyes. She smiled gently, “Big sister Bing Yao, I never thought you’d be able to talk so much… and be so comforting as well.”

Mu Bing Yao: “……”

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