Shura's Wrath

Chapter 311

The Avenger from Hell (7)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Although Ling Chen had taken a very complex route while running in the forest, that feeling of being watched had never disappeared. It turned out that what he had felt wasn’t him being paranoid… from the beginning, he had never shaken off this monster at all!

This meant that not only did Hell have terrifying tracking abilities, but his speed was also comparable to Ling Chen’s. Although Ling Chen had been running for 2 hours, he had not increased the distance between them at all. It seemed that if Hell wanted to catch him, it would be incredibly easy.

He didn’t have the ability to kill Hell, and neither was he able to run away!

Was he really going to die here?

“Oh? You’re not going to run anymore? That game of cat-and-mouse was quite amusing. In the end, you’re the strongest Reaper that I trained, and was the first person who almost killed me. How could I let you die so easily?” Hell started to coldly laugh before releasing an extremely malevolent and baleful aura, “Before you die, I’ll let you taste pain and despair 10 times, no, 100 times that of what I felt!”

“Really?” Ling Chen asked as he smirked, “In this lifetime, I’ve already experienced 1,000 times as much pain and despair as you have. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to survive in ‘Heaven’. Because I was unable to truly kill you that time, I’ll have to accept your revenge. Although you may be able to kill me, but you’ll never be able to make me feel fear and despair… in fact, it won’t even be that easy to kill me!”


Ling Chen roared out. He didn’t try to escape anymore, but rather shot straight towards Hell. His right hand formed a fist, and rocketed towards Hell’s chest. Hell coldly laughed, but didn’t move at all, seeming to allow Ling Chen to freely attack him.

Ling Chen frowned, and when his hand was just half a metre from Hell’s heart, his fist suddenly changed direction, and became a knifehand strike aimed at Hell’s throat… the current Hell was not the same Instructor Hell as back then. Instructor Hell wouldn’t have looked down on any attack, no matter how weak it was, and wouldn’t have allowed someone to freely attack him.


Ling Chen’s right palm smashed into Hell’s throat, and the impact caused both his right hand and right arm to become completely numb. Hell slightly leaned back, and his eyes slightly widened, but that was all. He coldly laughed, and smashed his chin downwards.


The sound of bone cleanly breaking rang out, causing Ling Chen’s face to twist. His right hand was trapped by Hell’s neck, and many of the bones had been broken. He tried to pull it back, but wasn’t able to… just the power of Hell’s neck and chin was incredible. Ling Chen could only raise his left hand and smash it onto Hell’s face.

Again, Hell did not dodge, because he knew just how strong his body was. In this world, there was almost nothing that could damage him… even though this person in front of him was a monster.


Ling Chen’s left fist smashed heavily onto Hell’s mouth. Even Hell’s mouth felt like an indestructible steel board, and Ling Chen’s left arm also became numb. Ling Chen gritted his teeth, and the moment his left fist hit Hell, a cold glint flashed in between his fingers.


This howl of pain was not from Ling Chen, but from Hell.

A drop of blood was spat out by Hell, and the pain caused him to release his grip on Ling Chen’s right hand. By now, Ling Chen almost couldn’t feel anything in his right hand. Ling Chen kicked Hell a few steps back as he coldly smiled, “Looks like your body isn’t so perfect after all. Although the outside has been modified, but the inside seems to be the same.”

More and more blood flowed out of Hell’s mouth. He reached inside his mouth and pulled out a fingernail-sized shard of the broken knife from inside his mouth.

When he attacked Hell, Ling Chen held a piece of the broken knife between his fingers, and upon hitting Hell’s lips, he had flicked the knife shard into Hell’s mouth. Ling Chen’s fingers were incredibly powerful, and the knife shard had pierced through Hell’s tongue, and embedded itself into the top of his mouth.

A human’s tongue was one of the most sensitive parts of their body, and having his tongue pierced was enough to make even Hell howl in pain.

Hell easily crushed the knife shard in between his fingers, and wiped his mouth with his hand. His expression was no longer as aloof and arrogant, but rather like that of a mad beast’s, “You… made my perfect body bleed…”

“Heh, if it was you from back then, you wouldn’t have even given me this opportunity, and even if you were hurt, you would be scarily calm, instead of outraged like this. Looks like not only was your body modified, but your mind was warped as well. I wonder if this change came from yourself, or if the Mad Scientist did it to you.” Ling Chen retorted.

“Hmph,” Hell released more of his killing intent as the surrounding pressure grew heavier and heavier, “Looks like many years of not fighting and having this perfect body have caused me to become careless. You were able to successfully damage my body, as well as anger me. I was going to let you live for a few more hours, but I’ve decided to kill you immediately!”

From the change in Hell’s expression, Ling Chen could tell that he had finally decided to kill him. Ling Chen breathed in, and his mind became blank as he cleared all distracting thoughts… all of his willpower and thoughts were gathered on survival… if there wasn’t Shui Ruo, he wouldn’t have minded dying, but he was determined to live on for Shui Ruo!

Hell stretched out his right hand, which detached and once again revealed the black hole. He aimed towards Ling Chen as he spoke, “Don’t worry, I’ll find Eve soon and send her to be with you! If you two had behaved well back then, you could have witnessed the creation of a new kingdom, and become a Reaper, standing on top of millions of people. However, you were foolish and made a huge mistake. Now, die.”

Witnessed the creation of a new kingdom? What did he mean?


With Ling Chen’s body, any normal bullets that were shot outside of 10 metres would be unable to harm him. However, the weapons on Hell’s body were all created by the Mad Scientist. Nothing made by the Mad Scientist could be taken lightly. As the fire within the black hole ignited, the feeling of death came over Ling Chen.


The projectile shot through Ling Chen’s afterimage, and exploded on a tree. The half-metre thick tree had been completely snapped in half, resulting in a ‘boom’ as it fell to the ground. Ling Chen had been able to dodge that attack, but both his arms were still numb, and it was difficult for him to maintain his balance. If he hadn’t crashed into another tree, he would have already fallen onto the ground. He didn’t have any time to breathe as he felt himself being aimed at again, and without thinking, he pushed off the tree and jumped away.


Ling Chen never expected that he would one day face off against a cyborg that only appeared in sci-fi movies. Hell was simply too powerful- his body was incredibly tough and he had even been given ridiculously strong weapons.

Although there was only one of him, but he could singlehandedly create catastrophes!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ling Chen was incredibly agile, and had incredible senses and reaction speed. Even after attacking more than 10 times, Hell had not hit him even once. Although Ling Chen was not hit, but he would be hit by the shockwaves each time, damaging his organs.

Seeing this, Hell became impatient. He coldly laughed, and stopped firing temporarily. The fiery light within the black hole quickly grew, and was fired 3 seconds later after locking on to Ling Chen’s position.


Ling Chen had dodged incredibly quickly as the red light exploded where he had been standing. The moment it exploded, massive shockwaves radiated from the area. To Ling Chen, who was still in the air, it felt like he was hit with a sledgehammer in the back. Blood spurted out from his mouth, and his body flew out like a broken kite, then slammed into the ground.

The Mad Scientist’s weapons were simply terrifying. It was hard to believe that such weapons were embedded inside a human’s body. Even though he had not been directly hit, the shockwaves had almost blown apart Ling Chen’s body. Intense pain spread throughout his body, and his head was spinning. He didn’t have any strength to run, and even his vision began to blur. Ling Chen stretched his hand out to a tree trunk and dragged himself up. The figure in front of him blurred, and Hell almost instantly arrived in front of him. His pincer-like hand grabbed Ling Chen around his neck, and easily lifted him up.

With Hell’s hand around his neck, Ling Chen lost all strength in his body. He was unable to struggle at all, and could not even make a sound. Within his blurring vision, he could almost see a deathgod raising its sickle at him as he heard in his ear, “No less than a body experimented on by the Mad Scientist. You’re still alive after taking that attack. Heh, let’s see how long the monster who could resist 15 times mental energy shock can last.”

Hell savagely threw Ling Chen, causing him to smash through a thick tree trunk and continue to fly. In the end, he smashed through 6 trees, and heavily crashed into the seventh tree. The tree shook, and Ling Chen fell onto the ground, unmoving. The only thing he could do at the moment was keep his eyes open. However, his eyes had lost their focus, and couldn’t even see anything.

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