Shura's Wrath

Chapter 307

The Avenger from Hell (3)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo took out a barbecue, as well as a simple ‘table’, which was soon filled with food, drinks, condiments and cutlery. The ground was full of soft, green grass, so they didn’t even need their chairs. Very soon, they lit the fire for the barbecue and their first family picnic got underway. The two men who had brought them here had long since left their sights, so as to give them some privacy.

“Tian Tian, do you want water or juice?”

“Tian Tian, you can barbecue what you want to eat. This is beef, this is lamb, this is a mushroom…”

Although she was teaching Tian Tian how to barbecue her own food, it was still Shui Ruo doing most of the work. Seeing this scene, and remembering how it was him who had enjoyed this treatment in the past, Ling Chen felt a bit jealous. However, he could only smile and ask what Tian Tian wanted to eat as he also served this little ancestor.

“This is pepper, this is chilli powder, this is salt, this is mustard sauce. Don’t get them mixed up…” Shui Ruo said as she pointed out the different condiments to Tian Tian. “Actually, let’s take out the mustard sauce…”

“I think so too.” Ling Chen said as he put away the bottle of mustard sauce. They had already had enough mustard sauce for a lifetime.

To Tian Tian, this was one of the happiest times of her life. Sitting outdoors in between Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, breathing in the refreshing air, and smelling the delicious meat on the barbecue made her feel incredibly content.

She rubbed her hands together as she continuously eyed the barbecue, swallowing her saliva as she asked, “Can we eat yet… is it ready yet… why is it taking so long?”

“You need to be patient, Tian Tian. It takes a long time when you first start the fire, but it’ll be done soon.” Shui Ruo said as she smiled at Tian Tian. The last time she had come out on a picnic was a long, long time ago. She had suffered from the Isrock Disease for 3 years, and had missed out much during those 3 years. However, that horrible nightmare had passed, and with big brother and Tian Tian by her side, life was simply perfect. Seeing Tian Tian’s saliva leaking out of her mouth, she laughed and asked, “Tian Tian, do you want to hear about big brother’s past?”

Ling Chen tapped on his nose. He was sure that Tian Tian would be interested.

“Sure, sure, tell me, big sister! Did big brother often bully big sister as well?” Tian Tian’s interest was immediately piqued, and she looked from the food over to Shui Ruo.

“Actually, I was found by your big sister, just like we found Tian Tian.” Ling Chen said as he put down his bottle of juice.

“Eh?” Tian Tian looked at Ling Chen with her mouth wide open, “Big sister… found big brother?”

“That’s right, on the streets,” Shui Ruo glanced over at Ling Chen and smiled, “Did you know, Tian Tian, the first time I saw big brother, he was lying on the ground like you. It was very hot that day, and I felt very sorry for him. I went over and woke him up. His body was in terrible shape, and he was very thirsty, so I gave him some of my drink. He drank it all almost immediately.”

Ling Chen finished the bottle of juice in his hand as he listened. He knew that in this lifetime, he would never be able to drink such a delicious drink ever again.

“And then? And then?” Tian Tian grasped Shui Ruo’s hand as she asked.

“Big brother said he didn’t have a home, so we took him home with us. Dad was the best doctor in the world, so after being taken care of by my mum and dad, big brother recovered quite quickly. Did you know, Tian Tian, when I was younger, I always admired girls with big brothers. Big brothers could look after their sisters, play with them, and protect them. As such, I always wanted a big brother. When big brother got better, I asked mum and dad to let big brother stay, but they were against the idea. However, the day after that, when they got home, big brother had made a whole table of food for us to eat. The food big brother makes is incredibly delicious, and mum and dad said it was the best meal of their lives. They even asked big brother if he was a world-renowned chef.”

“World-renowned chef? What’s that? Is it something amazing?” Tian Tian asked with her head tilted.

“Mhmm, they’re very amazing. After big brother got better, every time mum and dad got home, he would have already finished cooking. When I finished school, big brother would always play with me and help me study. Big brother is really smart and knows a lot- as soon as big brother explains something to me, I can understand it almost immediately. With big brother by my side, even the subjects that I hated became fun. At the end of the year, I got the top marks in my grade. Over that period of time, I grew closer and closer to big brother, and mum and dad liked him more and more, and didn’t oppose him staying anymore.”

When recounting these things from the past, Shui Ruo’s face was filled with happiness and bliss. Ling Chen and Tian Tian silently listened… that year, he had failed at getting revenge, and had almost lost his life. When he recovered, he had prepared to once again carry out his revenge, to destroy the Long family, and nothing could stand in his way. However, Shui Ruo had changed all of that. In just a few short days, he had been smitten by this angelic girl, and his frozen heart began to thaw. In the end, he was unwilling to leave… and even began to give up on his revenge. Later on, through his extraordinary hearing, he heard Shui Ruo crying and begging her parents to let him stay, and he completely gave in, deciding to stay. He even began to think of ways to let her parents give permission for him to stay.

He had always believed that there was something magical about Shui Ruo that made people unable to resist her.

“Ah… so big brother was also found by big sister. Big brother, why were you lying on the ground when big sister found you? Did you also fall from the sky, like me?” Tian Tian grabbed Ling Chen as she asked.

Ling Chen opened a can of soft drink as he said, “That was because I was fighting with some people. They had a lot of people, and I was fighting them alone. After fighting for a long time, I couldn’t beat them, so I ran and ran until I collapsed.”

Although Ling Chen had casually described what had happened in a few sentences, Shui Ruo knew just how terrible that day’s events had been. She didn’t give Tian Tian a chance to ask for further details as she put a few kebabs on Tian Tian’s plate, “Tian Tian, the kebabs are ready for you to eat now. They smell good, don’t they?”

“Mmmmm they smell so good!” The starving Tian Tian ravenously devoured the kebabs in the blink of an eye. This was the first time she had been to a barbecue, and the taste of the barbecued food was like heaven.

Tian Tian’s appetite had always been extraordinarily large, so they brought  a lot of food. Tian Tian’s plate was heaped with food and Shui Ruo patted her on the head, “Take your time, there’s lots to eat. Big brother, you should eat too.”

“I want to hear… about big sister and big… brother in the past…” Tian Tian said, with her mouth full of meat.

“Mm, okay.”

Ling Chen closed his eyes as he listened to Tian Tian devour her food while Shui Ruo continued to tell their story. The time had passed very quickly, and although Tian Tian had ate most of the food, they all felt very satisfied. To Ling Chen, as long as Shui Ruo was healthy and safe, everything was perfect.

Most of the food that had been brought was now safely stored in Tian Tian’s stomach. Tian Tian looked at Shui Ruo, then Ling Chen, and smiled, “Big brother was found by big sister, and Tian Tian was also found by sister. Hehe, this is so interesting. Big brother was found by big sister, and will be with her forever, so since Tian Tian was also found by big sister, will Tian Tian also be with big sister and big brother forever?” Tian Tian asked, her face full of expectation.

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo laughed. Shui Ruo held Tian Tian’s right hand, and also pulled Ling Chen’s left hand over, with their three hands together as she said, “We’ve already become a family, so of course we’ll all be together forever.”

“En, forever and ever!” Ling Chen added.

Tian Tian could feel her eyes getting wet, and she vigorously nodded, “Then… it’s a promise! We’re all going to be together forever. Neither big brother nor big sister can ever leave Tian Tian!”

By now, Tian Tian had already become an important part of their lives. Who would have thought that this little girl who had barged into their lives would one day become so important to them?

After they finished their food, they were still unwilling to leave. Shui Ruo took out a small knife, and was about to peel an apple for Tian Tian to eat, but Ling Chen took it from her, “Let me do it.”

Shui Ruo knew that he was worried that she might accidentally cut herself, so she gently smiled and handed it over to him. Ling Chen’s control with knives was simply legendary- the peels from fruits that he had peeled could be called masterpieces.

“Tian Tian, are you tired?” Ling Chen asked as he peeled the apple. After having so much food, it was natural for one to feel tired and sleepy.

“Not at all.” Tian Tian shook her head then looked around her. She suddenly asked, “Big brother, where are those two uncles who came with us? Did they go home?”

“No, they’re not too far away. If you yell loudly, they’ll be able to hear you.”

“Eh? Why didn’t they have food with us then? I’m sure they’re hungry after waiting for us for so long.” Tian Tian asked.

“Don’t worry, they brought their own fo-“

Ling Chen suddenly stopped talking as his entire body shuddered. He momentarily lost control of them knife, and it cut towards his finger.

“Ah!” Seeing this, Shui Ruo cried out in surprise and hurriedly looked at Ling Chen’s finger, “Big brother, did you hurt yourself?”

There was not even a scratch, let alone a cut on Ling Chen’s finger. He casually replied, “Don’t worry, I can’t be hurt that easily.”

“That scared me.” Shui Ruo said as she breathed out in relief. This was the first time she had seen such a thing happen to Ling Chen.

Ling Chen silently finished peeling the apple, and he handed it to Tian Tian. However, he kept the small knife in his hands.

Tian Tian happily ate the apple as she pointed at the forest to the south, “Big brother, can we go there to play? Big sister says there are lots of cute animals there.”

Shui Ruo looked at him, waiting for his answer.

Ling Chen picked up his phone and pressed a few buttons, then shook his head as he calmly replied, “Ruo Ruo, it’s getting late, so you should take Tian Tian home.”

Shui Ruo could immediately tell that something was wrong, “What about you?”

“There’s… something I need to take care of by myself. You and Tian Tian go home first; I’ll head back later.” Ling Chen replied, before he softly added, “This is very important, please do as I say.”

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