Shura's Wrath

Chapter 305

The Avenger from Hell (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Very good, it looks like you’ve made your decision. Not only is her Flame Soul at its peak, but she’s also free of wickedness. She is the ideal candidate for inheriting my clan’s flames. However, I want to remind you that once we begin the inheritance, you cannot leave at all- not even to your own world.

“Eh?” Xiao Qi and Ling Chen both looked at the Vermillion Bird in shock.

“How long will it take to finish the inheritance then?”

“Under normal circumstances, 3-5 years. However, since your Flame Soul is at its peak, it’ll take less than 1 year. If your talent is exceptional, and you fully cooperate, it’s possible that the inheritance can take half a year.” The Vermillion Bird replied.

“Ah… such a long time.”

Ling Chen frowned, as he asked, “Vermillion Bird, if it takes that long, then…”

“I know what you’re worried about. Don’t worry, saving the Golden Crow’s descendant requires my Origin Flames, as does the inheritance. They can happen simultaneously. During the inheritance, both she and the Golden Crow’s descendant will bathe in my Origin Flames. When the inheritance has finished, she will be saved and the Golden Crow’s descendant will not only be revived, but will also be more powerful than before.”

This answer allowed Ling Chen to let go of his worries. He looked at Xiao Qi… if she made this decision, she would have to stay here for a long time. It was possible to stay online for a whole year, with the current technology. However, only the most crazy players would do such a thing. In the end, humans were meant to exist in the real world. Staying online for a whole year would make one’s family worry unceasingly about them. Moreover, not moving around for such a long time could even damage one’s body…

“If I inherit the Vermillion Bird’s flames, will I… become more powerful?” Xiao Qi asked as she raised her head.

“After inheriting my Vermillion Bird’s flames, you will become the first Daughter of Vermillion Bird. Like I said before, if you can attain mastery over the Vermillion Bird’s flames, you will be unparalleled among the humans in terms of wielding fire. Moreover, the biggest benefits you’ll receive is that you’ll no longer be plagued with the pain from your Flame Soul, but instead will be able to use it as you please. Moreover, you’ll receive a lifespan far longer than that of normal humans’.” The Vermillion Bird replied.

On earth, the longest a human had ever lived was 126 years old. Even though technology and medicine had advanced by so much, humans had never been able to break this record. The Vermillion Bird had said that if someone with a Flame Soul inherited its flames, they could live up to tens of thousands of years… who could believe such a thing? However, Ling Chen suddenly remembered what had happened when he had first touched the Lunar Scourge.

The memory of the Lunar Scourge trying to devour his consciousness was still vivid, and that realistic feeling was something he couldn’t forget. At that time, he had felt that there was something different about this game. It was because of this that he didn’t completely undermine the Vermillion Bird’s words.

As such, he put his hands on Xiao Qi’s shoulders, and looked into her eyes, as he said, “Qi Qi, in this world, there are many inconceivable things. Many things that seem impossible, are actually quite possible. The Heavenly Sun Arteries has never been successfully cured before, but there’s now a solution that can potentially perfectly cure it for you. Although it sounds too good to be true, but we have no other choice. Perhaps… a miracle will happen, and you really do get better… of course, this is your own decision. I will support whatever choice you make.”

“I… want to believe that a miracle will happen. But, but…” She hesitated, and looked at the Vermillion Bird, “Can you give me some time to think about it and let my family know? If I stay online for such a long time, my family and friends will worry about me. I want to have some time to properly think about this and explain to them.”

“Of course. However, you must decide within one month. If you don’t appear within one month, we’ll pretend none of this happened.”

A red light flashed, and a crimson red feather floated down into Xiao Qi’s hands, “When you’ve made your decision, come to this place and shout my name to this feather. I hope that you will make your decision quickly.”

The Vermillion Bird’s voice faded as its phantasm also disappeared.

“Big brother Ling Tian, if… if I really only have half a year left, I want to spend it will all of you. That way, even if I pass away, I won’t be lonely, and I’ll definitely pass away happily. If I stay here, I might never be able to see you all again, I…”

Although she was hoping for a ‘miracle’, but in the end, everything they had just heard was said by a beast within a virtual game. Any rational person would find it difficult to believe such a thing could happen. Moreover, this disease had never been cured, and yet now she was being told it could be easily cured just from staying inside the game, and that she would be able to live for thousands of years if successful. Xiao Qi didn’t want to risk wasting the rest of her lifespan here, without her friends and family.

Xiao Qi’s words told Ling Chen her answer. If the inheritance only took a few days, then she would be willing to try it out. But at the very least, it would take half a year, which was difficult for her to accept. Ling Chen patted her on the shoulder and smiled, “I said that I would support your decision, no matter what. Don’t worry, you’re our important friend- we definitely won’t let you leave us like this. It’s just a little disease, so I’m sure there’s some way to cure it. We’ll definitely find it! So in future, you’re not allowed to talk about things like passing away, alright?”

“Okay!” Xiao Qi replied as she smiled.

“Alright, let’s go then!”

Since Xiao Qi was unwilling to stay here, the Vermillion Bird would not save Xi Ling. Ling Chen didn’t tell Xiao Qi about Xi Ling, so that she wouldn’t feel any guilt or indecision. He would have to find another way to save Xi Ling.

Xi Ling had lost her life because of him, so he couldn’t give up no matter what. He also didn’t want anything to happen to Xiao Qi either.

After they returned to the Azure Dragon City, Xiao Qi went to the Forest Region to find Shui Ruo and the others. Ling Chen went to an empty alleyway and spoke into the communication device.

“Have you heard of the disease ‘Heavenly Sun Arteries’ before?”


“Look for information on this disease, and see if there’s any way to treat it. I want results as soon as possible!”


Afterwards, Ling Chen thought for a moment before contacting Yun Feng and asking him the same question. After all, Yun Feng was the successor to the Yun family, so he might have access to information normal people didn’t.

“Heavenly Sun Arteries… oh, did you find out about Xiao Qi?”


“Ai,” Yun Feng sighed as he spoke, “Actually, this isn’t a secret anymore within the high-ranking circles in China. As such, no one dares to bother the big miss of the Xiao family, including Long Tian Yun. Because of her disease, she won’t live past 20, and so Xiao Zhan and Xiao Qiu Feng are extremely doting towards her. It is said that offending Xiao Qi is even worse than razing down the entire Battle Alliance. Even now, the leading medical experts have not been able to find a cure for the disease. One possibility is that it’s simply incurable, as it doesn’t affect a single region of the body, but every cell. Unless every single cell in her body is replaced… it’s simply impossible…”

“I see, thanks.” Ling Chen said as he prepared to hang up.

“Ahhhh don’t hang up, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” Ling Chen asked.

Worried that Ling Chen might hang up on him at any moment, Yun Feng quickly talked, “The Yan Huang Alliance’s celebration concluded on a brilliant note, and the attendance was overwhelming. From tomorrow onwards, the Yan Huang Alliance will start expanding to towns and villages near the Azure Dragon City, slowly extending their reach… oh, this isn’t the point; what I was going to say is that it’s getting closer and closer to one month since Heart’s Dream was established, and the protection period is almost over. Although Heart’s Dream has been keeping a low profile, and has not been actively recruiting members, it’s still sitting in the number 1 position on the Guild Rankings The Yan Huang Alliance definitely won’t be satisfied with be ‘number 2’. As such, Long Tian Yun will immediately move to destroy Heart’s Dream, so his Yan Huang Alliance can once again rise to the top spot. Even if the 9 other guilds of the 10 largest guilds formed an alliance, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to them… so please be careful.”

Even though Ling Chen could easily escape from an army of thousands of people, if the Yan Huang Alliance wanted to destroy a guild, even 1,000 Ling Chens would not be enough to protect it.

Of course, Ling Chen had thought about this in the past, and he replied, “Yep, got it.”

“Also, your level…”

“Will rise very quickly.” Ling Chen said as he hung up.

The Heavenly Sun Arteries was a disease of diseases, and Yun Feng’s response very clearly told him that it was simply incurable. If there was a person who could cure Xiao Qi though…

Ling Chen thought of a person, who he had also thought of when Shui Ruo contracted the Isrock Disease- the Mad Scientist!

That Mad Scientist was a genius of geniuses. Although he called himself the “mad” scientist, he also called himself the “god” of humans. Humans still had not found a way to cure the Isrock Disease, and yet the Mad Scientist had easily found a cure.

He simply didn’t know where the Mad Scientist was hiding, or if he had already died.

Over the past few years, he had tried to forget about the Mad Scientist’s existence, because he was simply too terrifying. He didn’t have any fighting abilities, and was incredibly weak and skinny, but his existence was like 100 nuclear bombs that could go off at any moment. This made it difficult for Ling Chen to relax without having confirmed whether he was dead or not.

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