Shura's Wrath

Chapter 301

The Shining Vermillion Bird’s Feather

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The atmosphere between Ling Chen and Su’Er completely changed.

From that day when he had saved her onwards, he could always feel there was something hidden in Su’Er’s gaze when she looked at him- it seemed that he had not been mistaken. Before, when he heard Xiao Qi saying that Su’Er couldn’t stop thinking about the person who had saved her, and that she was head over heels for him, he would always smile. However, this was now problematic for him. After all, Su’Er was engaged to Xuanyuan Xue Yi, and her personality was quite weak. She was simply unable to resist like Yun Meng Xin. As such, she had always silently accepted her fate. But now, when he saw Su’Er looking at him, he felt a bit flustered, as well as pained that she would have to go through such a thing.

The atmosphere was shattered almost immediately as a light flashed and a figure appeared next to Su’Er. Ling Chen immediately put his mask back on before the person could fully appear.

“Ha! Su Su, you didn’t even wait for me to finish showering and logged on by yourself. Morning, big brother Ling tian.” Xiao Qi waved at Ling Chen as she smiled. She couldn’t feel that there was something different between Ling Chen and Su’Er. She came up to Ling Chen as she said, “I was actually going to find you- my big brother wanted me to tell you something.”

“Oh? Your big brother? What did he have to say?” Ling Chen asked curiously. He was not very close with Xiao Qiu Feng, but he knew that there wasn’t any enmity between them at least, despite the fact that the Battle Alliance was a subsidiary of the Yan Huang Alliance.

“It’s very important,” Xiao Qi earnestly said, “Today is the day of the Yan Huang Alliance’s celebration, so he told you not to go there no matter what. Long Tian Yun has made many preparations, and not only is he not afraid of you going, but he even hopes that you fall into his trap. Apparently there are many scary machines and high level Guards. There’s even a trap that can prevent people from escaping- if big brother Ling Tian is trapped by that, and is attacked by high level Guards, it’ll be much too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go.” Ling Chen casually replied. When Gui Ya had given him the warning either, he hadn’t been planning on going either. The Yan Huang Alliance was the Yan Huang Alliance after all. They had just been officially established, and yet they had spent so much money on their defences. If he wanted to destroy their headquarters, it would be almost impossible at this point.

“Good! That day, you said that you would pay them back, so I was worried that you would actually go and attack them today.” Xiao Qi breathed out in relief as she patted her chest. She continued to speak, “There’s something else that big brother told you to be careful of.”

“What is it?”

“Long Tian Yun cancelled the kill-on-sight order for you, but has instead focused his efforts on finding your real life identity. Big brother said that they’ve gotten close, so you should definitely be careful. If Long Tian Yun discovers your real life identity, then… then he’ll immediately attack you. With the Long family’s power, as well as how much he hates you, if he really does find you in the real world, it’ll be hard for you to even live in China anymore.”

Xiao Qi was extremely anxious as she said this, and Su’Er also looked incredibly worried. Being chased down by the Long family in the real world was much scarier than being chased down in the virtual world. Since the Long family held so much political power in China, wanting to find someone was incredibly simple for them. The girls were all worried that Ling Tian’s real life identity would be found out by Long Tian Yun. Long Tian Yun definitely held irreconcilable hatred towards him because of all the things he had done.

“Hahaha,” Hearing Xiao Qi’s words, Ling Chen did not seem worried at all, but instead laughed, “There’s no such thing as an absolute secret. My real life identity is bound to be discovered by Long Tian Yun sooner or later. Even if he finds out my real life identity, he can’t do much to me. He had best pray that he doesn’t find me though.”

When it came to espionage and counter-espionage, there was no one more skilled than him… alright, apart from that red-haired woman. If his real life identity really was discovered by Long Tian Yun, he would know immediately.

“Heheh, I wonder where all that confidence came from, that you’re looking down on even the Long family.” Xiao Qi laughed, “Hehe, but then again, only our big brother Ling Tian can say such words without seeming overly arrogant. I believe in big brother Ling Tian, but please be careful.”

“En, got it, please thank your big brother for me.” Ling Chen nodded as he smiled. Xiao Qiu Feng was called the Cold Magistrate, but deep down, he didn’t seem too cold.

“No need to thank us- big brother is very curious about you. If it’s possible, he wants to secretly get to know you and become friends with you. You’re the first person he’s been so interested in getting to know.” Xiao Qi said as she gazed at him, “Oh, by the way, what have you been doing these days? Your level hasn’t risen at all, and everyone’s been talking about that. You were heading to Vermillion Bird City before, so what have you been doing in the last few days?”

Ling Chen thought to the Vermillion Bird’s third condition, he shook his head in annoyance. If he couldn’t find a person with a Flame Soul, all of his efforts until now would be for nought. He helplessly replied, “I’ve been trying to find someone, so I’ve been running around the city.”

“Finding someone? What sort of person are they? If you want, I can get big brother to help. Big brother has lots of people, so finding a person shouldn’t be too hard.” Xiao Qi immediately said.

Ling Chen shook his head. If it was a certain person, then he would have sent his subordinates to look for them. However, he didn’t even know who the person was, and the Vermillion Bird had only given him a single feather, “It’s alright, right now I’m the only person who can find that someone. Alright, Shui Ruo and them are at the boundary of the Forest Region if you want to meet up with them. You can also go have some fun at the Yan Huang Alliance’s celebration if you want. I need to go and try to find that person now, so I’ll see you guys later.”

As he spoke, Ling Chen took out the Vermillion Bird’s feather. As soon as the crimson red feather appeared in his hand, a strange warmth came from it, startling him.

“No way, I don’t want to go to anything to do with Long Tian Yun. Right, Su Su?” Xiao Qi never liked Long Tian Yun to begin with due to Meng Xin’s circumstances. Now, due to the enmity between him and Ling Tian, as well as her admiration for Ling Tian, she despised him even more.

“En, en!” Su’Er vigorously nodded.

It was as if Ling Chen didn’t hear them, as he stared intensely at the Vermillion Bird’s feather in his right hand. The feather was currently letting out a flame-red light.

This… Could this be…

“Wah! What a pretty feather! It’s red like flames and even shines.”

The beautiful feather attracted both girls’ attention. The feather that came from a god beast radiated a sense of dignity and beauty that normal birds’ feathers simply could not possess. Ling Chen looked closely at the feather as his heartrate sped up.

It was shining… that meant the person he needed to find was within 10 steps of him!

Within 10 steps was… Xiao Qi and Su’Er!

No way…

Ling Chen held the feather in front of him and walked towards Su’Er. The light became dimmer, and Ling Chen immediately walked towards Xiao Qi. This time, the light began to shine even brighter. Ling Chen looked at Xiao Qi in surprise.

Ling Chen’s actions caused Xiao Qi to feel a bit strange. She embarrassedly asked, “Big brother Ling Tian, why are you looking at me like that?”

He had spent so much time walking around in the Azure Dragon City, and had never thought that the person he needed to find was someone by his side.

However, Qi Qi was a player, not a resident of the Forgotten Continent. According to what the Vermillion Bird said about people with Flame Souls, that meant…

Ling Chen immediately put the feather away and calmed himself down, while saying, “Su Su, you should go over to the Forest Region for now. Shui Ruo and them are waiting for you. Qi Qi, I need you to go somewhere with me.”

“Oh? Where are we going?”

“The Vermillion Bird City, let’s go.”

Without giving Xiao Qi any opportunities to ask more questions, Ling Chen took out a teleport scroll for Vermillion Bird City, and shattered it. He had already given every member of Heart’s Dream many teleport scrolls to the Vermillion Bird City, so they wouldn’t have to go through everything that he did in order to get there.

“I wonder what it’s about? Hmm, it’ll just be me and big brother Ling Tian…” Thinking to here, Xiao Qi giggled to herself, took out a teleport scroll to Vermillion Bird City, and also shattered it.

Even though it was the Vermillion Bird City’s Central Square, there were not many people around. Up until now, the only players who had been to the Vermillion Bird City were the people from Heart’s Dream;

When she arrived, Xiao Qi saw Ling Tian standing in front of her. She walked over as she asked, “Big brother Ling Tian, why did we come here? Could it be that… you wanted to have a date with me? Hehe.”

“Haha, more or less. To be able to have a date with a cute girl like Qi Qi, I’m sure all the other boys would be jealous to death.” Ling Chen mischievously replied.

Xiao Qi smirked, “Hmph, you’re such a liar. Big brother Ling Tian has the beautiful Shui Ruo always by his side, and big sisters Meng Xin and Mu Bing Yao are much prettier than me. Why would big brother Ling Tian like me?”

Although she said that, her cheeks still became pink, and a small smile of delight formed on her face.

“Why not? Qi Qi’s very charming and pretty as well. Alright, let’s stop joking around, I’m going to take you somewhere.”

“Where?” Xiao Qi excitedly asked as she muttered to herself, “Who’s joking around with you. It’s not like I’d reject a date with you, hmph!”

“You’ll know when we get there.” Ling Chen said as he summoned his Cloud Stepping Mare.

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