Shura's Wrath

Chapter 283

Lovey Lovey Curse

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The entire sea of spectators watched in silence as their mouths hung open in absolute shock. Ling Chen had casually said that his right hand man was having an affair with his wife, and yet Black Flames Xuan Feng had immediately believed this, and became completely infuriated… what’s more, he even believed that his right hand man had actually seduced his mother. Before, most players had all respected him because he was the young master of the Black Flames Alliance, but now, they all looked at him like he was a complete idiot.

“Is this guy acting? It doesn’t seem like it. Plus, his old ma was killed a long time ago, wasn’t she?” Yun Feng tapped on his chin as he watched with interest.

“He’s either an Oscar-level actor or an absolute fool.” Xiao Qiu Feng coldly said.

“Oscar-level actor? What’s his motive for putting on such a show? There doesn’t seem to be any benefit to him- I mean, I doubt he would do such a thing just so we can have a good laugh. I’d actually respect him if he was willing to trample all over his dignity just to let the masses feel happy, hehe.” Yun Feng laughed.

“Young master, please calm down, calm down!” All of the other Black Flames Alliance members came up to restrain Black Flames Xuan Feng. There was one member who hurriedly said, “Young master, Wild Bow is completely loyal to young master. He definitely wouldn’t seduce the young mistress. Plus, the young master and young mistress are always together. Even if someone wanted to seduce her it’d be impossible. Young master, please don’t believe Ling Tian’s words.”

Seeing Black Flames Xuan Feng’s expression and actions, he definitely wasn’t acting. It seemed that he actually believed what Ling Tian had said… these things that even an idiot wouldn’t believe, he had actually completely and utterly believed! The Black Flames Alliance members felt that the collective IQ of the Black Flames Alliance had been singlehandedly dragged down by this young master. With so many people watching, their Black Flames Alliance’s reputation had hit rock bottom.

After being restrained by the other Black Flames Alliance members, Black Flames Xuan Feng yelled for a few seconds longer before settling down. He quickly looked around him, and realised that he had been completely lost to his anger from just a few words from Ling Tian. He inhaled and exhaled, and said in a cold voice, “Forget it, we’ll discuss this matter when we get back. We’re leaving.”

Ling Chen smirked. Black Flames Xuan Feng’s behaviour obviously wasn’t because he was an idiot. Rather, it was because Ling Chen had used a ‘Complete and Utter Belief Curse’ on him. The effects of this curse were quite strong- Black Flames Xuan Feng had even believed that someone had seduced his mother who died 3 years ago. However, it was a pity that the effects were quite short. After all, his Comprehension was only 12, so the effects only lasted for 12 seconds. The effects had already worn off on Black Flames Xuan Feng. However, he didn’t seem to notice the Feng Chen Curse that had been used on him… at most, he probably thought that he had suddenly lost his temper.

Seeing that they were about to leave, Ling Chen slyly smiled to himself. He looked towards Black Flames Wild Bow and Pink Rosa, and his eyes once again shone with a mysterious light. A ‘Lovey Lovey Curse’ fell on both people- after all it could only be used on two people.

Just as she was about to leave with Black Flames Xuan Feng, Pink Rosa suddenly stopped, and turned around, gazing at Black Flames Wild Bow, who was still on the ground. Her eyes revealed a look of deep pain and sorrow, to the point that tears almost started to come out. At the same time, Black Flames Wild Bow raised his head and gazed into Pink Rosa’s eyes. As the Black Flames Alliance members watched in dismay, Pink Rosa shrugged off Black Flames Xuan Feng and threw herself towards Black Flames Wild Bow. When she got to him, there were tears in her eyes as she helped him up, looking at him lovingly, “Big Bow, let me help you up. Seeing you suffer so much, it felt like a knife was cutting into my heart. I just can’t help it anymore. Even if I’m laughed at by others, or thrown away, I want everyone to know that the person I’ve always loved is you. I don’t feel anything towards Xuan Feng. You’re the one I’ve always loved; I just can’t hold it back anymore.”


Many peoples’ mouths were now wider than their heads. All of the Black Flames Alliance members stared in complete shock, and Black Flames Xuan Feng’s face once again twisted with horror and anger.

Hearing Pink Rosa’s words, Black Flames Wild Bow stood up and grabbed her hand. He deeply gazed into her eyes, and spoke as if they were the only ones in the world, “As long as I have you, even if I die, I’ll be content. You are the person I love most. To me, you’re even more important than my life. Even if you’re the young master’s wife, even if I have to give up everything, I still want to be with you.”

After speaking, the two of them tightly hugged together as their tears poured out.

Even Ling Chen’s expression was the same as every single onlooker- his jaw almost hit the ground… the effects of these curses were way too savage! The Lovey Lovey Curse had instantly created an adulterous couple who were deeply, madly, utterly in love with each other!

“Holy friggin crap, the world’s going crazy.” Yun Feng said with his neck stretched forwards and eyes as large as plates.

“So… moving… these two…” Even Xiao Qiu Feng’s eyes seemed to be a bit wet.

Instantly, a tabloid had already published this sensational story… the Black Flame Alliance young master’s most trusted man and his wife had been having an affair. What’s more, they had openly declared their love for each other in the Plains Region in front of masses of people… ah! What a story!

Ding, 12 seconds was up.

Black Flames Xuan Feng looked as if he had just eaten a thousand dead flies, and his entire face was dark green. Being cheated on by one’s wife was one of the most humiliating things that could happen to a man. Moreover, his wife… his beloved wife had actually, in front of him, in front of so many other people, said such things to his most trusted man. This was the most humiliated that he had ever felt in his entire life. His head felt like it was almost about to explode. He screamed, got out his weapon and charged towards Black Flames Wild Bow and Pink Rosa.

At this moment, Black Flames Wild Bow and Pink Rosa were staring at each other. However, now, their stares were filled with shock and bewilderment. Neither of them understood why they had been filled with such desire for each other. They simply didn’t know what to say. A wave of fear came over them, but it was too late.

“You adulterous couple, I’ll kill you both!! Arghh!!”

Black Flames Xuan Feng charged over while madly yelling. Pink Rosa, who was scared out of her mind, grabbed onto his legs, “Hubby! Hubby, let me explain, just then… just then… ah!”

How could Black Flames Xuan Feng possible listen to her explanation? Before she could even finish her sentence, Black Flames Xuan Feng’s flurry of attacks had already killed her, turning her into a ray of white light.

“Young master, I-I-I-…” Black Flames Wild Bow was so scared that he desperately tried to crawl and clamber away. He simply didn’t know how to explain what had just happened.

“Die, you traitor!! Die!!”

Black Flames Xuan Feng charged up and wildly slashed down at Black Flames Wild Bow. A few moments later, Black Flames Wild Bow cried out, and also turned into a ray of white light.

After killing this ‘adulterous couple’, Black Flames Xuan Feng’s chest heaved as he breathed in and out. The surrounding Black Flames Alliance members all watched in shock and fear, while the spectating players muttered among themselves. Some were pitying Black Flames Xuan Feng, others were laughing, and others were watching in silence. All of this was completely unexpected. This humiliation suffered by the young master of the Black Flames Alliance was bound to spread like wildfire. The young master was soon to become a complete laughingstock.

Clang! Black Flames Xuan Feng threw his weapon on the ground, then turned and ran away. All of the other Black Flames Alliance members all quickly left as well.

“You’re not going to chase after them?” Yun Feng asked.

“Hmph,” Xiao Qiu Feng replied, “I wasn’t going to let them go no matter what, but after seeing how pitiful he is, I changed my mind.”

“Hoh, since when did this Cold Magistrate start having feelings? This is rare~ But then again, we didn’t come here for nothing- after all, we got to watching something very amusing.” Not only was everything resolved for their side, but they also got to see a spectacular performance. Yun Feng was feeling incredibly refreshed. However, he suddenly realised that something was off, “Eh, where’s Meng Xin? It was her who called me here.”

A bit further away, the girls had surrounded Ling Tian and were laughing happily.

“Haha, big brother Ling Tian’s so cool. As soon as big brother Ling Tian appeared, the young master of the Black Flames Alliance’s face instantly went white as a sheet.”

“Seeing that funny scene made me feel so much better. That young master of the Black Flames Alliance is such an idiot. What’s more, his woman and his subordinate had an affair, and they actually… hahaha, so, so funny. Now that young master probably wants to live in a hole for the rest of his life. Well, as they say, what goes around comes around. Who told him to bully us?”

“But… but that young master was still quite pitiful…”

“Big brother, seeing as things have been settled here, you should probably leave. The Yan Huang Alliance definitely knows that you’re here, so if you don’t leave soon there might be problems.” Shui Ruo was becoming more and more worried as she looked around.

“They should arrive in 30 seconds at the latest.” Ling Chen casually replied.

“Ah?” The girls all stared at him in shock.

“If you stay away from here, they probably won’t go after any of you. Plus, if it’s just me, they won’t be able to stop me from escaping no matter what they do.” After saying this, Ling Chen turned around and walked in front of Xiao Qiu Feng and Yun Feng, “The rest of this is my personal matter, so I hope you won’t interfere.”

Before Yung Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng could even reply, a massive army of players rushed towards them like floodwaters from every direction, blocking all escape routes… they had evidently coordinated so that they would attack at the same time to prevent Ling Chen from escaping.

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