Shura's Wrath

Chapter 281

Suffering a Heavy Loss (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Heaven Ranking experts were all legendary existences. They all stood in a place that normal players could only look up to, but could never get close to. Every single player on the Heaven Rankings was known by almost every player in China, and were not existences to be trifled with. When the name “Frozen Hearted Man-eater” was yelled out, all of the Black Flame Alliance members all stared with wide eyes, and started to let out cold sweat.

Once fifth-ranked, now sixth-ranked, Frozen Hearted Man-eater: Mu Bing Yao!

Indeed, only the Frozen Hearted Man-eater could release such an icy and stifling aura. All of the spectators became more and more excited, and quickly told other people that the Frozen Hearted Man-eater had appeared in the Plains Region District 3. Gradually, the crowd of spectators increased to the point that they outnumbered the Black Flames Alliance members.

Black Flames Wild Bow retreated to where Black Flames Xuan Feng was, and asked, while wiping the sweat off his forehead, “Young master, what should we do? This person is definitely the Frozen Hearted Man-eater! I’ve met her before, but didn’t recognise her just then.”

“Frozen Hearted Man-eater? So what? She’s just a single woman, but we have 300 people. Are you saying we should be afraid of her?” Black Flames Xuan Feng’s expression did not change in the slightest as he nonchalantly replied.

Within the Black Flames Alliance, Black Flames Xuan Feng was like a god. Everything was according to his whim, and his father never put him in charge of anything… because he simply had no talent in anything. As such, he had developed an incredibly self-centred and self-absorbed personality since he was young, and only viewed the Heaven Ranking experts as ‘players who were stronger than other players’. In light of his Black Flames Alliance, which had more than 100,000 people, any Heavens Ranking experts could be destroyed in an instant. As such, he did not have much of a reaction when he heard Frozen Hearted Man-eater’s name.

Black Flames Wild Bow quickly replied, “Young master, of course our Black Flames Alliance isn’t afraid of her. However… it’s not best to offend a Heaven Ranking expert. Otherwise, we might bring trouble on ourselves.

In the early stages of the game, the Heaven Ranking experts didn’t have much of an advantage over normal players. After all, everyone started at the same point and they hadn’t had much time to develop yet. However, after upgrading their profession at LV50, they would become incredibly powerful existences. When that happened, the Ranking Competition for Earth and Heaven Rankings would be arranged again. For a Heaven Ranking expert, defeating a hundred people by themselves wouldn’t be a very difficult task. If one offended a Heaven Ranking expert, that expert would be able to get revenge even if that person had hundreds of people protecting them. Moreover, how was it possible for someone to keep hundreds or thousands of people around them constantly as bodyguards? Furthermore, every Heaven Ranking expert had countless fans and admirers. As the highest ranking (publicly known) female on the Heaven Rankings, more than half of all female players were her fans and admirers.

As such, Heaven Ranking experts definitely couldn’t be offended- this was something that all players knew. However, this self-absorbed young master of the Black Flames Alliance wasn’t able to comprehend such a thing.

From the reactions of the other Black Flames Alliance members,  Black Flames Xuan Feng could clearly tell that they were all quite afraid of this ‘Mu Bing Yao’. Seeing that there were more and more spectators, he gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice, “A bunch of trash. A single woman can scare you all like this! I’m the young master of the Black Flames Alliance, and we have more than 100,000 players in our guild- are you all going to retreat because of this woman? We would become laughingstocks!

“No, no, no, of course not.” Black Flames Wild Bow quickly shook his head, “I just meant that because she’s the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, we should use some gentler methods, so as to avoid conflict.” He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and he said in a soft voice, “Young master, you haven’t paid much attention to outside affairs, so you might not know how scary Heaven Ranking experts are. You definitely must not view her as an ordinary woman. Three years ago, in the Third International War, she killed over 500 Russian players in an hour in the Western Battlefield. On average, that’s about 1 player every 7 seconds, and she maintained that for 1 hour… this was the highest record for number of players killed in the Western Battlefield, and it hasn’t been broken ever since. Even though we have 300 people, maybe… it won’t be enough.

Actually, Mu Bing Yao was only LV21, and had not developed much yet. Against 300 players, she definitely had no chance of victory. However, Black Flames Wild Bow knew that invoking the wrath and hatred of a Heaven Ranking expert over such a trivial matter definitely wasn’t worth it, so he tried to urge Black Flames Xuan Feng to resolve things peacefully. He continued to speak, “Also, everyone knows that the Frozen Hearted Man-eater is part of a mysterious guild called Heart’s Dream, and the creator of Heart’s Dream is Ling Tian, who doesn’t take even the Yan Huang Alliance seriously!”

“Heart’s Dream… Ling Tian? So they’re all part of Heart’s Dream?” No matter how self-absorbed and ignorant Black Flames Xuan Feng was, he wouldn’t not know Ling Tian’s name. His father had very seriously warned him before that under no circumstances was he to offend Ling Tian.

Against someone who even his father took seriously, even he wouldn’t dare to act too arrogantly.

Goddamit, I knew that women of this quality definitely wouldn’t have simple backgrounds. They’re actually part of that guild that dad told me not to offend… could they be Ling Tian’s women?” Thinking to here, Black Flames Xuan Feng’s eyes burned with jealousy. However, Ling Tian’s name was enough to keep him in check. After all, he wasn’t that much of an idiot. He smiled, and said, “So it’s the famous Frozen Hearted Man-eater. To be able to meet such a legendary figure is my fortune. If I had known it was Frozen Hearted Man-eater earlier, we definitely wouldn’t have had this misunderstanding. Since this was all a misunderstanding, I hope these beauties won’t take offence.”

Afterwards, he made a signal and all of the players surrounding the girls moved back behind Black Flames Xuan Feng.

Seeing that Black Flames Xuan Feng was going to let these girls go so easily, Pink Rosa was incredibly displeased, “Hubby, are you going to let them go just like this? What about my dress? They’re just 5 girls, but we have so many people, and there are so many people watching. If we just let them go like this, won’t people laugh at us… hubby, you’re the young master of the Black Flames Alliance.”

Of course, Black Flames Xuan Feng wasn’t willing to let them go like this either, but he had to endure, “I’ve got no choice. Dad told me that Ling Tian is way out of our league, and that I wasn’t to offend him no matter what. These women might all be Ling Tian’s women… but don’t worry, I’ll try to get that dress for you in future.”

With Mu Bing Yao being recognised as the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, the Black Flames Alliance decided to back off. The girls finally let out a sigh of relief. Xiao Qi looked at Mu Bing Yao in admiration as she said, “Big sister Bing Yao, you’re so incredible. You didn’t even fight or even speak, but still scared them stiff. No less than expected from the woman big brother respects the most! Heheh, if I didn’t already have a sister-in-law, I’d definitely get big brother to chase you.”

Mu Bing Yao: “……”

“Let’s go,” Shui Ruo held Tian Tian’s hand as she patted her chest, “Luckily things turned out well. I’ll let big brother know that we’re fine.”

The girls quickly left together, but the anger within their hearts wasn’t so easily quelled. Moreover, their prime training area was now going to be the Black Flame Alliance’s. However, they had to silently endure because they didn’t want to risk what had just happened happening again.

“Let’s go!” Black Flames Xuan Feng called out as he reluctantly watched the girls leave. Just as he finished speaking, a cold voice rang out, causing everyone to fall silent.

“Go? Ha… you’re not going anywhere.”

This voice… Xiao Qi suddenly turned around, and excitedly said, “Big brother! Ah! And also sister-in-law!”

The crowd of spectators parted, and a man carrying a large, bronze sword slowly walked in. The man was tall and strong-looking, but his looks were average. Apart from the massive sword he carried on his back, there wasn’t much else exceptional-looking about him. However, his eyes were as sharp and cold as an eagle’s.

Behind him was a troop of around 1,000 people. Although there were so many of them, they marched in orderly rows in perfect unison. Furthermore, all of these people gave off an aura that made it clear that none of them were ordinary players.

The man stopped walking, and without requiring any further orders, his subordinates got into formation, blocking off any escape for the Black Flames Alliance. Seeing the emblem of the group, the spectators started to yell out, “It’s the Battle Alliance!”

Black Flames Wild Bow stared at the man at the front, and thought back to what he had said not too long ago, and his face instantly paled.

It was obvious that this group didn’t carry good intentions for them. The Black Flames Alliance only had 300 people here, but were facing off against more than 1,000 people. Moreover, all of the Battle Alliance members were part of the Battle Alliance in the real world, and a large portion of them were connected with the mafia. As such, no one was willing to get into conflict with the Battle Alliance. If the Black Flames Alliance wanted to go against the Battle Alliance, the result would be the complete annihilation of the Black Flames Alliance. Black Flames Xuan Feng went up and greeted them, “I am the young master of the Black Flames Alliance, Black Flames Xuan Feng. There doesn’t seem to be any grievances between us, so I’m not quite sure what your intentions are.”

“No grievances?” The eagle-eyed man coldly laughed, his piercing gaze caused Black Flames Xuan Feng to inwardly shudder, “You bullied my little sister, then insulted me, and yet you say there are no grievances between us?”

“H-h-he’s the Heaven Rankings expert, the Cold Magistrate who kills without blinking, Xiao Qiu Feng!” Black Flames Wild Bow retreated behind Black Flames Xuan Feng as he babbled, “It’s over… just then, that chick… she was really Xiao Qiu Feng’s little sister! It’s possible that her communication device was on the whole time and he heard what we were saying!”

“Xiao… Qiu Feng?” Black Flames Xuan Feng’s face sank, and his mouth twitched.

It seemed that this time he was going to suffer a heavy loss!

“Goddamit, quickly summon people, as many as possible!” Everyone knew about Xiao Qiu Feng, the ‘Cold Magistrate’. Black Flames Xuan Feng knew that the outcome of today’s events wouldn’t be a peaceful one.

“Big brother, you finally came!” Xiao Qi skipped over to him, with the other girls following behind her. She pointed at Black Flames Xuan Feng, “We’ll introduce you guys… he’s the one who was bullying us! Especially that person over there, he also insulted big brother! Plus, the way he looked at us… I wanted to rip his eyes out.”

Xiao Qiu Feng nodded as his face darkened. He raised his hands and took out the massive sword, and dragged it on the ground as he slowly walked towards Black Flames Xuan Feng.

The crowd instantly fell silent.

There was no fury, no questioning, no ridiculing. It was just a single man silently dragging a massive sword towards Black Flames Xuan Feng.

Black Flames Xuan Feng immediately knew that this sort of silent advance was even scarier than being mocked or ridiculed, or having Xiao Qiu Feng charging at him while yelling. As Xiao Qiu Feng expressionlessly walked closer and closer, Black Flame Xuan Feng’s face remained unchanged, but his heart began to beat faster and faster.

When the Cold Magistrate wanted to kill someone, he wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest or waste any words.

Only after a few steps, Black Flames Xuan Feng felt like his heart was about to explode. He had never felt so suffocated by the pressure from a Heaven Ranking expert. As he watched Xiao Qiu Feng walk closer and closer, he felt that his feet weren’t walking on the ground, but rather on his heart. This sort of terrifying feeling caused him to want to turn around and run immediately. However, under the gaze of the crowd, he gritted his teeth and endured it. He inhaled, then yelled, “Alliance Master Xiao, I think there might be a misunderstanding between us.”

If Xiao Qiu Feng replied, no matter what he said, the pressure would definitely decrease. However, Xiao Qiu Feng stayed silent, and continued to walk forwards. Black Flames Xuan Feng began to sweat, and reached his limit. He yelled out, “Goddamit! My Black Flames Alliance isn’t afraid of your Battle Alliance! Go, destroy this Xiao Qiu Feng for me!”

Wanting to destroy Xiao Qiu Feng, who had more than a thousand players behind him was simply ridiculous. The spectators all sniggered among themselves.

The Black Flames Alliance members had no choice but to comply. The raised their weapons and charged forwards. At this moment, a violent gust of wind blew past, causing many players to cry out in shock. When the wind stopped blowing, a person was standing in front of Xiao Qiu Feng. He was facing away from Xiao Qiu Feng, and stretched out his hand, “This idiot wanted to cause trouble for my Heart’s Dream, so I’ll be the one to deal with him. After I’ve dealt with him, it’ll be Alliance Master Xiao’s turn. How does that sound?”

The Plains Region District 3 exploded with noise. Countless players started screaming and shouting…

“Ling Tian!!!!!”

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