Shura's Wrath

Chapter 280

Suffering a Heavy Loss (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“I won’t sell this dress to anyone!”

Although Black Flames Xuan Feng’s words seemed to be quite magnanimous, the way he looked at her and the other girls disgusted Shui Ruo. She also knew that even if she sold the dress to them, he still wouldn’t let them go. This was the first time she had despised someone in the game so much- he had actually gone to such lengths to use so many people to surround just a few girls.

“My big sister’s pretty dress will never be yours! Hurry up and get out of here, otherwise when my big brother comes, he’ll teach you guys a lesson.” Tian Tian stood in front of Shui Ruo, doing her best to protect her, as she shouted at the people surrounding them.

Another member of the Black Flames Alliance, Black Flames Wild Bow, stepped forwards, and arrogantly laughed, “Hoh, this little brat is pretty fierce. You intruded on our territory, and our young master is generously giving you guys a chance to redeem yourselves. Our young mistress likes that dress, and we’re only asking to buy it, rather than take it by force. Not only do you not thank our young master, but respond in such a way. Aren’t you guys provoking us… to take it by force, heheh.”

“You guys wanted to take it by force from the very beginning,” Xiao Qi said as she coldly laughed, “Even if you want to take it by force, we’re not afraid of you guys! You’re all just a bunch of trash who rely on numbers to bully a few women. The Black Flame Alliance’s reputation is definitely going to be destroyed by this dog crap young master!”

“You… you actually dared to insult our young master!” Black Flames Wild Bow’s face immediately darkened. It was almost as if Xiao Qi had just insulted his parents.

“Pei! All your so-called young master has is backing from his dad. With his character, without his dad, he’d be even worse than a beggar! I look down on these sorts of people the most.” Xiao Qi didn’t hold back as she insulted Black Flames Xuan Feng again and again. Xiao Qi only admired men who had their own strength- those who simply relied on their parents were simply trash to her. Moreover, she especially despised men who liked to take advantage of and bully women. Today, Black Flame Xuan Feng’s actions caused her to view him as something lower than trash. When she saw the way he looked at her and the other girls, she wanted to rip out his eyes.

As one of the 10 largest guilds, the Black Flames Alliance was quite famous. Xiao Qiu Feng had told her about the Black Flames Alliance in the past. The Alliance Master was a very powerful and capable individual, but his son was absolute scum.

“Wah! Big sister Qi Qi’s amazing! Insult him to death!” Tian Tian voiced her support as she clapped in delight.

“You…” Black Flames Xuan Feng never thought he’d receive this sort of treatment from the girls. Even Long Tian Yun gave him proper respect whenever they met. It was the first time Black Flames Wild Bow had heard his young master being insulted in such a way. He immediately asked Black Flames Xuan Feng, “Young master, this woman actually dares to insult you. Would you like me to capture her so you can punish her?”

Normally, if he was insulted like this, Black Flames Xuan Feng would fly into a fit of rage. However, being insulted like this by Xiao Qi, he actually felt a sense of satisfaction… she was so young, and had not only a fiery body, but even her voice when insulting others was so pleasant… she was simply a treasure! He was determined to make this girl his, otherwise he would definitely die with regrets!

Hearing Black Flames Wild Bow’s words, he narrowed his eyes, and slowly replied, “It seems that you want to take advantage of that girl. Aren’t you afraid you’ll use the system lightning to strike you?”

Black Flames Wild Bow grinned, “With that sort of body, if I can grope for a bit, being hit by the system lightning would be worth it. Plus, that chick over there who hasn’t spoken yet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful woman… apart from the young mistress, of course. If I can grope that woman even once, dying a hundred times would be worth it. The only thing is that I keep having this feeling like I’ve seen that chick somewhere before.”

Pink Rosa was indeed beautiful, but in reality, she couldn’t compare to any of the girls of Heart’s Dream. The sort of dignity and refined air about them was something she could never possess. Pink Rosa grabbed on to Black Flames Xuan Feng’s arm as she asked in a sultry voice, “Hubby, if they don’t want to give it to us, then just take it by force. I really, really want it… don’t you want me to wear it for you?”

Black Flames Xuan Feng was extremely loving towards his wife- this was one of his only good points. Of course, this was also to do with his wife’s background with the mafia. How could he, the young master of the Black Flames Alliance, find an ordinary woman to be his wife?

“Alright!” Black Flames Xuan Feng clicked his fingers, and arrogantly looked at them, “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you guys insulting me just then. This young master won’t stoop to your level. I’ll give you guys one last chance: give us the dress that my wife wants, and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, if we take action, we won’t hold back. As for your big brother, you can yell as much as you want. If he wets himself when he gets here, we won’t be giving him any diapers, hahaha!”

“Hmph! You bad guys! My big brother’s going to be here soon. Big brother’s the most powerful guy in the world. He’ll destroy you all in just a few seconds!” Tian Tian was still standing in front of Shui Ruo as she yelled in fury. The response she got from the Black Flames Alliance was just raucous laughter.

“Laugh all you want. When my big brother gets here, we’ll see who’ll be wetting themselves.” Xiao Qi said as she pulled Su’Er behind her.

“Oh? Which b-b-b-b-big hero is your big brother? Could he be someone on the Earth Rankings, or even the Heaven Rankings?” Black Flames Xuan Feng once again burst into laughter, as did the other members of the Black Flames Alliance.

“That stupid head of yours actually guessed correctly. My big brother’s the Cold Magistrate, Xiao Qiu Feng.” Xiao Qi said confidently.

As soon as she said this, the members of the Black Flames Alliance fell silently, then once again erupted into laughter.

“Haha… haha… hahahaha…” Black Flames Xuan Feng laughed with his face raised up to the sky, “Xiao Qiu Feng is your big brother? If that’s true, I’m Xiao Qiu Feng’s dad! Are you trying to say you’re the princess of the Battle Alliance? Hahaha… why would the princess of the Battle Alliance be training herself? The super experts in the Battle Alliance would all be fighting to boost her up. No matter where she goes, she’d have at least a hundred or so experts protecting her. Go and call the Battle Alliance for me to see, hahaha.”

All of the Black Flames Alliance’s members took this as a complete joke. Xiao Qi lifted up her communication device, and said, with a slight hint of delight, “Big brother, did you hear that? These people are insulting us! Hurry up and teach them a lesson!”


“Aiyo, so it’s Your Highness, the princess of the Battle Alliance! No wonder your looks are so… tantalising.” Black Flames Wild Bow’s words became even more daring. He definitely wouldn’t believe the princess of the Battle Alliance would train by herself, and wouldn’t be surrounded by an army of bodyguards. He wolf-whistled, then turned to Black Flames Xuan Feng, “Young master, it seems that we’ll have to start using some force. How about I go and invite the esteemed princess of the Battle Alliance over?”

“Don’t be too rough on her; bring her individually to me first.” Black Flames Xuan Feng said as he grinned.

Black Flames Wild Bow immediately agreed, and laughed inwardly. Taking advantage of women gave him great delight. He raised his hand and 10 or so people began to advance with him towards the girls. The other Black Flames Alliance members all grinned, and began to shrink down the circle.

However, what disappointed them was that none of the girls looked scared at all. Instead, they all seemed to have a slight look of derision on their faces. When they were about 5 metres apart, Mu Bing Yao stepped forwards. As she looked into their eyes, it was almost as if a cold blade had been stabbed into their eyes, causing their entire bodies to feel cold.

The Black Flames Alliance members all stopped laughing, and looked at Mu Bing Yao in shock. A single movement had caused such a disturbance in their hearts. Even their Alliance Master, Black Flames Savage Gale, wasn’t capable of releasing such an aura. Seeing this extremely cold beauty release such an aura, they no longer dared to laugh or even mock the girls. They could only stare in shock and fear. Even idiots would be able to tell that this woman was incredibly scary.

Black Flames Wild Bow, who was at the front, felt the effects the strongest. The cold aura Mu Bing Yao had released made it hard for him to even breath. He looked at her with trembling eyes… Suddenly he remembered why she looked so familiar to him.

“S-s-she… she’s the Frozen Hearted Man-eater! The Frozen Hearted Man-eater on the Heaven Rankings!!”

Black Flames Wild Bow dashed backwards, as he pointed to Mu Bing Yao and yelled out.

The Plains Region District 3 was a prime zone for training. As such there were many players around, who came over to watch the show. What Black Flames Wild Bow had just shouted was almost like a bomb going off in the ears of all the onlookers.

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