Shura's Wrath

Chapter 273

The Demon Queen who walked out of the Novice Village

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The two hidden professions that Ling Chen had were indeed ranked second and third, and as he had expected, Yun Meng Xin, Su Er and Shui Ruo’s three hidden jobs were not listed. Moreover, the name of the top ranked hidden profession left him dumbstruck.

If not for him talking with Shui Ruo beforehand, he would have been puzzled over the identity of this secretive expert who gave him or herself such a second-rated name, blatantly tarnishing such a hidden profession.

But, this name…… its obviously Tian Tian’s nickname!

The top ranked profession… the profession named “Demon Queen” belonged to none other than Tian Tian!

This simply didn’t make sense!!

“It’s really Tian Tian’s in-game name. Big brother, the list that you saw just now, Tian Tian was actually placed first! Her profession seems to be even better than big brother’s professions, and the name of the job also seems to match Tian Tian’s style. Tian Tian must have had a mysterious encounter when she was at the Novice Village.” Shui Ruo laughed as she replied.

Indeed, the name “Demon Queen” indeed matched Tian Tian’s nature very well, and she had been self-proclaiming to be the Demon Queen ever since she met them. However, the ranking of this job was unexpectedly placed ahead of Ling Tian Battle Soul and Feng Chen Curse Zanni… What was going on? Was there some sort of mistake?

“Oh right big brother, why is it that mine, Meng Xin, and Su Su’s job were not reflected on the list? Ours were indeed hidden professions.”

“This is inevitable.” answered Ling Chen, “It was stated very clearly in the system announcement that the hidden profession must be obtained by the player themselves. So to speak, if the hidden profession isn’t obtained through hard work or one’s own abilities, but through scrolls, they will not be recognised. The Ling Tian Battle Soul is the power that was refined and passed on, named by myself, and also my own unique job, while the power of Feng Chen Curse Zanni was also passed down to me, making me the successor of the Feng Chen Sect. But the scroll of yours, Meng Xin and the others were obtained from me and not through your own hard work, therefore not being recognised.”

Returning to the topic, Sword Emperor’s “Blade Spirit” profession was definitely a hidden profession, so why didn’t it make it to the list then?

Could it be because her “Blade Spirit” is actually not a true profession? It’s true that what she uses are not abilities from the game, but the real world’s sword techniques……

“Ahh, if that’s the case…… it seems that I will need to put in some hard work then. So that means, Tian Tian’s job was also obtained by herself? She didn’t even mention this to me before.”

“Let’s wait till later to properly interrogate her when it is time to pick her up.”

Demon Queen… only Tian Tian would give a profession such a name.

In the meantime, while Ling Chen was still being puzzled and surprised, the name “Tian Tian Tian Tian” had already spread throughout all of China.

There were two hidden professions that all the people in China knew of: one was Ling Tian’s ‘Ling Tian Battle Soul’, the other one was the Sword Emperor’s ‘Blade Spirit’, so the ‘Blade Spirit’ not making it into the list caused an innumerable number of players to discuss among themselves. However, all this could not be compared to the wave of sensational reactions caused by the unfamiliar name with the top ranked profession… and the reason why there was such a big reaction was solely due to the name being that unfamiliar; if it was Ling Tian’s Battle Soul being ranked number one, then nobody would be surprised. Similarly shocking everyone was how the terrifyingly strong Ling Tian, who completely defeated the Sword Emperor, his Ling Tian Battle Soul was only ranked third, and no one had even heard of the ‘Feng Chen Curse Zanni’ before.

A mere Hidden Profession Rankings had led players to deeply feel the existence of hidden talents in such a big country like China.

It was time for a “break” again. As Ling Chen finished up with his preparations, he returned to Azure Dragon City and found Shui Ruo who had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Meng Xin and the rest are not here yet?” Ling Chen asked as he was surprised to see that Shui Ruo was alone. It was already 4 in the afternoon, and during this time of the day in the past, there was never once where they were not online before.

“En, they’re not here yet; maybe something came up for them. Tian Tian said that she will be out of Novice Village soon, so let’s go over to the Azure Dragon Square to pick her up first.”

Suspicion aroused in his heart as he nodded after hearing what she said, pulling Shui Ruo’s hand. Wearing a normal mask, he said, “Let’s go. After we pick her up, I will interrogate her properly.”

Very soon they were at the Azure Dragon Square. While waiting, Ling Chen looked at Mu Bing Yao’s status…… she was not online either. After thinking for a while, he picked up the phone, dialed up a person, and asked in a low voice, “Where is Bing Yao?”

“Doing her normal weekend mission. Do you need her?”

“Contact her and tell her to go back to Yun Meng Xin’s side and quickly see if something has happened.”


Just as the phone call ended, notifications of Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, and Su’Er being online appeared almost at the same time.

“Big brother, big sister Meng Xin and the rest have come.” Shui Ruo informed Ling Chen and immediately contacted Yun Meng Xin, “Big sister Meng Xin, why did all of you arrive here so late? Did something happen over at your side?”

“…En en, it’s okay, me and big brother are at the Azure Dragon Square.A fter a while, we will be bringing back a new member for Heart’s Dream. I’m sure all of you will like her. Ah, she is already out; wait for us, we will be heading back immediately.”

Ending down the call, Shui Ruo pulled Ling Chen, smiling as she walked over towards a little girl who just appeared at the revival point and was currently glancing around.

Tian Tian was wearing a whole body of beginners’ equipment…… that’s right, beginner’s equipment from head to toe, exaggeratingly plain and simple, with a light yellow butterfly mask on her face, and also cleverly concealed her name. However, Shui Ruo could still recognise her from a glance. Being together from dawn to dusk, she would always be hugging her while she goes to sleep. The way Shui Ruo treated her was the same as how a mother would treat her daughter. Tian Tian also noticed them, and it was obvious that she recognised them immediately. Of course, even if Shui Ruo didn’t expose her face, the aura that she released could not attained by normal people.

“Big sister!” Tian Tian unhesitatingly jumped onto Shui Ruo, hugging her waist as she happily laughed. Shui Ruo smiled while saying, “Tian Tian, how did you know it was me, aren’t you scared that you will hug the wrong person?”

“That’s impossible!” Tian Tian replied confidently, “I will never be mistaken of big sister’s smell. Ah, and also big brother big bad guy, big sister told me that you are that Ling Tian who is the strongest, so you have to protect me in the future and not let anybody bully me- this was what you said.”

Ling Chen shrugged his shoulders, sarcastically replying, “Your Great Demon Queen Highness, it’s already very good if you do not bully other people; who would even dare bully you? Once you show your name, who wouldn’t revere you. I bet that the whole world already knows that you with name of “Tian Tian Tian Tian” has the most powerful job in the whole of China.

“Aiya!” Tian Tian got out of Shui Ruo’s embrace, slanting her head while saying, “I’m also a bit confused. Before, the voice told me that I owned the strongest job …… how strange! It even allowed me to give my own job a name. But all of this differed from what big sister told me; she said that I must go over to Azure Dragon City to choose a profession, and that there are only warrior, archer and so on, up to seven types of professions. However, when I just reached LV10 and still had not left the Novice Village, my profession appeared by itself, and the name was also different from what big sister had mentioned. Big sister, why is it like that?”

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo were both stupefied.

Ling Chen glanced around him, and lowered his head as he asked, “So this profession of yours, how did you get it? Was it because you received some special mission, or because some special person gave you this profession to change to?”

“Nope,” Tian Tian shook her head, “It really just appeared suddenly by itself. It was not long when I reached LV10, a voice told me that I already changed to a special job and allowed me to name my job, after that, I just name it “Demon Queen” because I really am a Demon Queen!”


Ling Chen was unable to understand and accept what she had just said. The normal rule was that one had to go to a main city or Royal City’s Class Change Hall to undergo a change of profession. As for special and hidden professions, both required a medium- either an event or a NPC- to do the job change. It was impossible that a hidden profession would appear automatically once a certain level is reached. If that were the case, then hidden professions would be extremely common all over the world.

“Try to recall, when you received your hidden profession, what were you doing? Was there anything special that happened in your surrounding? Or when you were at the Novice Village, did anything special happen?” Ling Chen asked as he frowned.

Tian Tian thought about it serious, but after thinking for a long time, she still shook her head, “I was fighting goblins, but I never left the place because I needed more than 100 goblins to complete the mission. After a short while, I received my current job. As for anything special that happened, there was none. I always follow what big sister tells me to do; if she doesn’t allow me to go certain places, I would definitely not go there.”

“En, Tian Tian is so obedient” Shui Ruo smiled lightly as she stroked Tian Tian’s face.

“Hehe, of course, I listen to big sister the most.” Tian Tian’s eyelashes curled up as she started laughing.

This is strange, I have never heard of someone automatically receiving a hidden profession, furthermore this profession is actually stronger than my Ling Tian Battle Soul and Feng Chen Curse Zanni; no matter how I think about it, it is just not possible. What’s going on? Could it be that the creator of Mystic Moon has suddenly gone mad? Or could it be that Tian Tian hit the jackpot unknowingly?

“Tian Tian, I will bring you over and introduce to you the few big sisters that I have told you about, they are all very pretty and gentle. Tian Tian will surely like them, and they will surely like Tian Tian as well.” Shui Ruo smiled lightly as she held Tian Tian’s little hand. The Azure Dragon Square was bustling with noise, so Shui Ruo didn’t like this place, and she was also afraid that the overly dense crowd would knock the little Tian Tian over, so she hoped to leave this place as soon as possible.

“En, sure, sure.” Tian Tian would never reject anything that Shui Ruo says, even if it’s bringing her to meet unfamiliar people.

Ling Chen and Shui Ruo were walking on both sides of Tian Tian, protecting her as they continued down the path, with Ling Chen staying in a state of deep thought throughout. Once they reached the residential area of the north district, the place was more quiet, and Ling Chen finally stopped in his tracks, unable able to hold it in anymore, “Tian Tian, can you show me your profession?”

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